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How Do German Shepherd Ears Stand Up

German Shepherd Ear Health

How to make German Shepherd ears Stand Up?

Like all other purebred dogs, German Shepherds are prone to certain genetic health problems. This breed doesnt suffer from any inherited ear problems, however German Shepherds that have allergies can experience recurring ear infections.

If this is the case, the most important thing is to discover the allergen and limit your dogs exposure to it. By doing so, you will also minimize the chance of painful ear infections.

Is It Bad To Touch A German Shepherd Puppies Ears

Protect Your German Shepherd Puppies Ears from Trauma A good rule of thumb is to keep any hands off your pups ears. That means no bending, rubbing, or folding. I know its not easy to leave those cute, soft ears alone, but its best for healthy, perky ears not to play with them.

Is It Bad If German Shepherd Ears Dont Stand Up

Erect and pointed ears are considered a breed standard by kennel clubs such as the AKC. This is the main reason that owners are concerned about their German Shepherds ears.

Does it matter if you dont show your dog or enter them in competitions?

For the most part, folded over German Shepherds ears are nothing to be worried about. They can, on occasion, indicate a health condition or a lack of nutrition. If your puppys ears arent erect by the time they are five months old, it is a good idea to take them to the vet.

Your vet will be able to run various tests to determine if your dog is suffering from parasites, developmental issues, or deficiencies. If any of these exist, treating the problem may allow your German Shepherds ears to stand up.

It isnt uncommon for some dogs ears to not stand up. It is simply a matter of genetics if your dog comes from a long line of German Shepherds with pricked-up ears, he or she will follow suit as well. In case their lineage is more mixed, the results may be unexpected.

As long as your vet is certain that there is nothing wrong with them, this isnt something to be concerned with.

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German Shepherd Ears Ultimate Guide And Information

German Shepherds are well known for many different characteristics, one of them being their big ears. Whether you are new to owning a German Shepherd or just curious about them, this article is for you. Below we will be going over the most common questions people ask about German Shepherd Ears.

Calcium For German Shepherd Ears

German Shepherd Ears

To meet your pups daily calcium needs, you may want to give them chicken necks once a day.

Chicken necks have an excellent bone to meat ratio they are enough to supply your pups calcium needs without needing any additional calcium supplement.

Contrary to popular opinion, you dont need to supplement your puppy with an additional calcium supplement. Excess calcium can potentially cause a permanent skeletal problem.

Calcium also wont help German Shepherd puppies ears to go up because calcium does not affect the ears cartilage.

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When Do German Shepherd Puppies Ears Start Standing Up

When your puppy is finished teething , his ears should start to stick up or should be all the way up. Why does it take five months for this to occur? As a puppy, the German Shepherds cartilage is not strong enough and cannot hold up the weight of their big ears.

When will my German Shepherds ears stand up? If your puppys ears stand up when he gets excited, they probably will stand permanently by the time he is 6-months-old. Conversely, if your German Shepherd still has floppy ears at 9 months, he probably always will. Another way to tell if your pups ears are likely to stand is by observing where they are set on the head.

When do German shepherds start teething? 5 to 6 months: Teething is usually complete by the time your pup is around five months old. By this time, your German Shepherds ears may already be standing at attention. However, if theyre not standing strong just yet, now is a common time for those ears to start perking up.

How long does it take for German Shepherd ears to stand up? Some dogs may take up to seven months. If their ears do not stand up by the time they are eight to nine months old, they are probably never going to stand up because this is the time when most German Shepherds ears take permanent form.

Vitamin D For German Shepherd Ears

Unlike vitamin C, vitamin D is a different story. Your pup can produce some of their own vitamin D by basking in the sun, but thats not enough to meet their nutritional requirements.

To help meet their vitamin D requirements, you need to add vitamin D to their foods. Most commercial dog foods nowadays add vitamin D to their formula to ensure that dogs get the required amount of vitamin D that they need.

If you resort to feeding your pup with 100% natural diet foods, you need to add vitamin D to your pups diet since vitamin D deficiency is quite common in German Shepherds that eat home-prepared foods.

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Your German Shepherds Ears

Anyone who remembers Rin Tin Tin, the canine hero of 1950s television, recalls that famous German Shepherds regal silhouette head erect, muscular body ready for action and, most notably, ears standing straight up. But as many shepherd owners learn, it can take a while for pups to acquire that signature pointy-eared look.

While the floppy ears of a playful pup are cute, you may wonder if your shepherds ears will ever stand up. If he is a mixed breed, youll have to wait and see.

If youve seen them up, theyll stay up.

Most breeders and veterinarians will tell you that floppy ears are common while your German Shepherd is teething, which usually ends between 16 and 20 weeks. By then, the cartilage in the ear has become hard and strong enough for the ear to stand permanently.

During the teething months, you might notice the ears going up naturally for a day or two, or when your dog barks, gets excited, or hears a sudden noise. If youve seen the ears go up on their own for any amount of time during that first five months, you can be pretty sure that they will stand permanently when the teething period is over.

Keep an eye on his ears

If the ears of your German Shepherd are not erect after his fifth month, and this is the look you desire, you may want to contact your veterinarian or breeder. Between the 5th and 7th month the ear cartilage is still soft enough to encourage the ear into an upright position. By the 8th month, the ears will usually take on their adult form.

Repeat The Process With The Other Ear

When Will My German Shepherd’s Ears Stand Up

Once youre done with one ear, you can get started on the other. If your German Shepherd is fairly calm, they may allow you to do this without any problem. If your pup is more sensitive about their ears, they may be fussy.

If your dog moves around too much, you may want to pause the process and try again on the other ear a little later. Just remember which ear you cleaned out.

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Does It Matter If Your German Shepherds Ears Never Stand Up Naturally

Not at all!

Its not unhealthy for them to have one ear flopped over and even adds to their fun personality.

And, most of the time, this isnt a problem. You should take your dog to the vet to have them complete a thorough vet exam if youre worried. This gives you some reassurance there arent any underlying issues.

Generally, there is no need for concern and your GSD is still totally healthy.

Why Does It Take So Long For A German Shepherds Ears To Stand Up On Their Own

A German Shepherd puppy must develop the cartilage and muscle structure to help its ears stand upright. Having their ears stand up takes properly developed muscles and strong cartilage

Young puppies bodies simply arent mature enough to have the strength that keeps their ears upright.

You might notice that sometimes your GSD puppys ears stand up when they hear an interesting noise.

But, then the ears go down after a bit. This is all part of their ear development stages.

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Ears Standing And Relaxed:

This German Shepherd Ears Meaning is most common. One of the reasons German Shepherds are recognized and highly regarded is because of their big pronounced ears. Before they are a year old those big floppy ears start to stand up. People even go as far as taping their German Shepherds ears to get that familiar look we have all grown used to.

The most common position for a German Shepherds ear to be in is standing up and relaxed. This normally means that they are calm, friendly and relaxed in their environment. This is a good sign that your dog is comfortable with his surroundings and happy in general.

Floppy Eared German Shepherd 3 Easy Fixes

At what age do German Shepherds ears start to stand up ...

A floppy eared German Shepherd dog is an adorable sight to see. With one ear upright and the other down cuteness abounds!

But you might worry about when will your German Shepherds floppy ears stand up?


How can you fix those floppy ears?

Dont worry

Its natural and Ill tell you exactly how to help fix a German Shepherd with floppy ears.

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Can Purebred German Shepherds Have Floppy Ears

German shepherds are born with floppy ears. Puppies have not yet developed their cartilage, and so, their ears are still not matured enough to hold up their ears weight. The German shepherd floppy ears are also referred to as a result trait of the domestication of dogs since their wild counterparts have straight ears.

When Should Your Dog’s Pricked Ears Stand Up

Dear Cathy,

My wife and I recently purchased our fourth German shepherd. Two have passed, and we have one who is 11 years old. Our previous puppies ears stood up at about two to three months, but our new addition turns four months tomorrow, and her ears still droop. We feed her a brand of puppy chow, she has had all her shots, and is otherwise healthy. Is this a normal progression, or do some dogs take longer to develop? Bruce, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Bruce,

A German shepherd puppys ears can take up to six months to stand erect, and generally occurs sometime after teething. You are still well within that time frame for it to happen naturally. Her ears may be a little further apart on her head compared to your other dogs, which may contribute to the slower progression. Too much play with other dogs and too much head petting by you and your family can also break down the cartilage some and keep the ears from standing erect.

For now, I wouldnt worry too much, but I suggest visiting your veterinarian between her fifth and sixth month to discuss options. Your veterinarian may recommend taping her ears at this point to help things along. You can also add a teaspoon of cottage cheese or plain yogurt to her food daily to provide a little extra calcium, which helps in the formation of cartilage.

Dear Cathy,

Dear Nancy,

Dear Cathy,

Dear L,

Dear Cathy,

Dear Barbara,

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Why Does It Take Five To Eight Months For Your Gsds Ears To Stand Up Naturally

German Shepherd puppies need time to develop healthy cartilage that can hold up the weight of their ears. When they are finished teething, usually, youll start to see their ears beginning to perk up and flop down back and forth.

If their ears can permanently become straight just before the end of the five months , then their ears will be straight and pointy otherwise they might get floppy ears for the rest of their life.

When Do German Shepherd Ears Stand Up Heres What You Should Know

When Will My German Shepherd’s Ears Stand Up?!

The large erect ears make every German Shepherd remarkably unique. It is a physical trademark that makes them quite noticeable among all the other large breeds. Whether you own a German Shepherd or not, those ears could be one of the distinct traits youll first see.

But if you are reading this article right at this very moment, you probably have got a German Shepherd of your own and youre wondering when those ears really stand up.

How long should you wait before their ears stand up? Should you worry too soon or should you do something about right away? Dont worry. Weve got you covered.

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    Provide Them With The Proper Chew Toys

    Chewing helps to strengthen the muscles that surround the ears.

    Its natural for your puppy to chew things and you should offer them the appropriate chew toys early on to prevent bad behaviors from developing.

    Choose the proper chew toy for a German Shepherd that is durable and the right size for your dogs age and chewing habits.

    Why You Should Never Touch Your German Shepherds Ears

    You can accidentally damage the ears cartilage and make your puppy has partially or floppy ears if you touch their ears.

    Therefore, you, your kids or other puppies should never ever rub or touch their ears during the teething period as any significant trauma that the ears get during this period can cause permanent damage and droopy ears.

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    What Age Do Puppies Ears Stand Up

    In breeds with a typical wolfish look, like the German Shepherd, puppies usually have their ears up by the time they have finished teething, at about five months. With the right nutrition, this is about the amount of time it takes for the cartilage to grow strong enough to hold the pinnas weight.

    German Shepherd Puppy Ear Stages

    When Will My German Shepherd

    Dont you love the quintessential look of a German Shepherd? Bright eyes, strong profiles, and of course, those perky, attentive ears!

    When you first bring your German Shepherd puppy home, its ears will probably be floppy and droopy at times, those ears may try to make a stand, only to fall back down again. What gives!?

    A dogs ears are made of cartilage, and that cartilage must grow strong enough to hold up the weight of those big ears. As your German Shepherd grows and gets the right nutrition , the cartilage gets stronger and stronger. And voila straight, pointy German Shepherd ears!

    But is it really that simple? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

    Many GSD owners worry their puppys ears just arent doing the right thing and wonder if theres anything they can do to help. This article covers all you need to know about your German Shepherd puppys ear stages and what to do if those ears arent standing up.

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    Does Taping German Shepherd Ears Work

    When ears are taped at 7 and 8 months there is very little chance of it working. This is an unfortunate fact of life. German Shepherd puppy ears can come up between 8 weeks and 6 months. In fact a lot of times a pup will have both ears up and all of a sudden they will come back down when the pup starts to teeth.

    How Can I Get My German Shepherds Ears To Stand Up

    Its completely fine for them never to stand up. However, many German Shepherd owners often still want them to look like the ideal version of the dog breed. You can try working out your puppys ears at home to help strengthen them.

    You can do this by stimulating their ears. Make plenty of noises at them and call for your puppy during the day. When they hear you, your puppys ear should go up. This motion helps to strengthen their ears and makes them start to stand up naturally.

    You dont want to clip their ears- many vets consider this inhumane, and there could be complications from the surgery. Think about how important it is to you that your Shepherd has upright ears first. You can try taping as a safer alternative to clipping. Keep in mind that your puppy wont want the tape on- so distract them with plenty of love and treats.

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    Keeping Your Puppy In Good Health

    The overall health of your German Shepherd puppy will play in important role in the strength and development of his ears. One simple step that you can take is to make sure that your puppys vaccinations are up-to-date. Also, make sure that your puppy has been de-wormed on schedule.

    Overlooking these simple things can not only lead to delayed or improper ear development in your puppy, but they can lead to more serious and irreversible, or even fatal health problems down the road.

    In addition to making sure that your puppy is caught up on his vaccinations and de-worming, it is also important to make sure that your puppy is eating a well-balanced and high quality food. Never feed your puppy a generic dog food, or a blend that is intended for adult dogs. It is vital to your puppys overall health that he is being fed a mix that is specifically formulated for puppies.

    Royal Canin produces a mix that is crafted specifically for GSD puppies, but you can opt for any number of other reputable brands. Just make sure that it is a large breed, puppy specific mix.


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