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German Shepherd Puppies Florida Rescue

German Shepherd Puppies Florida Rescue

German Shepherd shot in face in Palm Beach County

Many aspiring German Shepherd owners would prefer to adopt their dogs from a shelter rather than buy. While this is an ethical decision, there are a few things you should know.

German Shepherds are strong dogs that can get out of control if youre inexperienced. This isnt an issue when you buy from reputable breeders, as theyll make sure all of their dogs have undergone proper dog training and socialization from an early age.

However, when you adopt a dog, you have no way of knowing their history and whether they mightve been abused. This can be a problem if you dont know how to handle such a large dog.

Also, if you adopt, you likely wont know the health background of your dog. Unfortunately, GSDs are prone to a number of health problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis, progressive retinal atrophy, and gastric torsion .

While dog breeders conduct health tests on their breeding stock, you wont have the same data for an adopted dog. This might mean that your future pup is in danger of contracting severe genetic conditions that youre not aware of.

If youre okay with that, then you should go for it and adopt a German Shepherd puppy. There are many purebred dogs left at shelters, so youll certainly be able to find one at your local humane society or animal rescue.

Some good online spots you can look at are Adopt-a-Pet and PetFinder. Both have extensive lists of various pets placed up for adoption.

What To Expect If You Adopt A German Shepherd From A Rescue

The German Shepherd is a very special breed that requires a special kind of adopter. German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, fiercely loyal, and driven to work.

Unfortunately, some of these characteristics are why German Shepherds often end up being rehomed.

People may buy a German Shepherd puppy because they like the way the breed looks, they want a protection dog, or they are unaware of the special needs of this breed.

Faced with a powerful breed dog with high drive, who can often outsmart their person, many people end up surrendering this breed to a shelter or rescue.

German Shepherds often dont do well in the shelter environment, which is why rescues like the ones on this list are so important for saving these dogs from euthanasia.

Most German Shepherds face a significant adjustment period when they are rehomed.

This loyal breed often experiences significant anxiety when they find themselves without the owner they have known, even if that owner didnt necessarily provide them with the best care.

When you adopt a German Shepherd, its important to understand the breed characteristics that may have caused the dog to be rehomed in the first place as well as how responding to being without their family may affect this sensitive breed.

Make sure that you have the time and energy to give your rescued German Shepherd plenty of exercise, training, and structure as they adapt to their new life with you.

Daytona Beach German Shepherd Rescue

Daytona Beach German Shepherd Rescue is a foster-based rescue organization dedicated to saving homeless German Shepherds.

The rescue was started in 2013. They operate out of Daytona Beach but also cover Titusville, Cocoa Beach, the Palm Coast, St Augustine, Jacksonville, and Orlando.

If you would like to adopt a German Shepherd from Daytona Beach German Shepherd Rescue, its best to submit an application even if you dont currently see a dog that you are interested in.

It can take as much as a month from when your application is received for it to be approved and you to be considered for adopting a dog.

Typically, the rescue receives multiple applications for every dog in the rescue.

Applications are not considered on a first-come-first-serve basis, but rather, dogs are matched to the best possible home for them based on their particular needs.

Application review involves a check with your veterinarian and employer and a mandatory home visit in which all members of your family must be present.

You must own your home to adopt a German Shepherd from Daytona Beach German Shepherd Rescue.

If you want to adopt a puppy under six months of age, you must work part-time or work from home so that you will have sufficient time to care for the puppy.

Fenced yards are required and crating is highly recommended.

Fosters are provided with everything they need to care for the dog, but they are asked to exercise, train, and generally provide rehabilitation for rescue German Shepherds.

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Can I Have A German Shepherd In Florida

The American Kennel Club features a list of all banned breeds in the US. There is no ban on German Shepherds in Florida, and State Law adds restrictions to dangerous dogs. This includes dogs that have previously bitten, attacked, or inflicted severe injury on a person on public or private property.

Big Cypress German Shepherd Rescue

German Shepherd Puppies Florida Rescue

This non-profit organization is completely devoted not only to the rescue, but also to the rehabilitation of the German Shepherds that they save.

Every pup deserves a second chance to be loved and cared for. In return, the future owner will get a best friend thatll be fiercely loyal and thankful for the chance to have a family again.

The owners and volunteers at this center are committed to bringing back the faith in humans after these dogs abandonment. Just because canines dont speak the language we understand doesnt mean they dont have any emotions.

Dog Adoption Process

If you wish to adopt a German Shepherd from this rescue center, youll be required to complete the application form.

You might need to be a bit more patient about the whole process, as it might take 10 to 14 days until your application is reviewed.

If you have already owned canines or other pets in the past, you probably took them to the same vet. Therefore, it would be good to add the vets contact as an additional reference.

When this step is completed, youll receive a home visit, which will be the deciding factor for the adoption.

How Can I Help?

There are several ways in which you can help the rescue center, from contributions to volunteering, depending on what youre up for.

The main mission of this organization is to save, heal, and rehome these German Shepherd dogs which have been through a lot.

Sponsorship Program

Rescue Details:

Contact number: N/A

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Best German Shepherd Rescues In Florida

July 3, 2022 by Garrett Yamasaki

German Shepherds are a loyal dog breed that is naturally protective of their territory and family. Moreover, they bond with their owner for life. Therefore, your decision to adopt a German Shepherd in Florida shouldnt occur on impulse.

If youre serious about rescuing a German Shepherd in Florida, you should know that they need mental stimulation and their energy needs can be high. Its also worth noting that this isnt the kind of dog breed to leave in your yard, isolated, away from the family, or deprived of attention and touch. German Shepherds need exposure to the external world as well as regular exercise. Without appropriate socialization, theyre likely to exhibit aggression towards other dogs, strangers, and may become destructive around your house.

Nevertheless, German Shepherds make great companions and guard dogs. If you feel youre capable of taking care of this breed, we have a list of the best German Shepherd rescues in Florida to help you find a dog. Below are some of the rescue shelters you can visit to adopt a German Shepherd.

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Shepherd Help And Rescue Effort

Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort exists to save German Shepherds in the south Florida area, primarily in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach County.

These areas have some of the highest concentrations of homeless dogs, making a rescue like this absolutely essential to save the lives of German Shepherds in need in this area.

Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort primarily rescues dogs from shelters, many of which are high kill shelters.

Many of these dogs might otherwise be euthanized. Frequently, they need medical treatment because they have heartworm disease or orthopedic issues.

Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort is run entirely by volunteers. When dogs come into the rescue, they are treated by a veterinarian, given essential vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and given whatever medical care they need.

Many of the dogs they take in have serious conditions like mange, heartworms, orthopedic issues, malnutrition, etc.

All too often, these dogs have been abused or neglected by a previous owner and require not only medical but emotional rehabilitation.

If you would like to adopt a dog from Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort you can feel confident that they will do everything they can to match you to the perfect dog for your needs.

The adoption process is designed to match potential adopters to both the requirements and temperament of rescue dogs.

However, they will consider placing a shepherd with even novice owners in some situations.

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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Orlando Florida

Named simply Florida German Shepherd Puppies, this is a small yet outstanding German Shepherd breeder in Orlando. They raise balanced German Shepherd puppies in a family environment to make sure all dogs have been properly socialized.

In addition, all of their dogs have been DNA tested and licensed by a veterinarian. Their dogs come microchipped and registered with the AKC, so youll know youre dealing with high-quality, purebred dogs.

They focus on giving their pups high-quality dog food and try to make sure all dogs have enough mental stimulation by giving them the best toys possible.

All of their dogs come with a health warranty, so youll be able to talk to the breeder about cashback if your dog gets any health condition before a certain age.

Website: Florida German Shepherd

Why Get A Mixed German Shepherd Dog Breed

Our Pack at German Shepherd Rescue of Central Florida

You might be considering adopting a German Shepherd mix puppy or dog if you are having trouble finding a full-blood German Shepherd puppy or dog. German Shepherd designer dog breeds typically have much of the same qualities as pure blood German Shepherd and can be even healthier in some cases. With many designer German Shepherd mixes to pick from, one is sure to be right for you and your family.

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Southwest Florida German Shepherd Rescue Inc

The Hoffer Family Foundation Inc. founded South West Florida German Shepherd Rescue in 2007. Our Rescue implemented its program in early 2008. To date in the past 14+ years as of Jun. 24, 2022, we have adopted out 1571 pure bred German Shepherd dogs and about 16 not so pure bred, but tremendous 3 and 4 legged friends. We operate the rescue with dogs received from shelters and from owner turn-ins. We have had some great press on our rescue and foundation in Harbor Style Magazine. –

These dogs primarily come from an area just south of Tampa, to just South of Naples Florida including DeSoto and Sarasota County and the Hendry County and LaBelle and Clewiston areas, although we have taken some from Miami we do not work with the MD Shelter because they consistently lie about the animals in their care resulting in wasted trips or problem dogs. Our Facebook page is SWFLGSD-RESCUE. OUR PHONE IS 941 740 0074. We post all info on the rescue there as well as on the site.

Our Mission:

To take in discarded or turned-in German Shepherd Dogs, give them a positive environment, healthy food, medical attention, socialization and lots of love and understanding in order to find them new forever homes in our local communities and throughout the State. We are breed specific but at times fall in love with a dog or two that are mixes of GSD’s, but that require and are deserving of our help.

Adoption Process:

RELINQUISHING Fees and Details:

Florida German Shepherd Clubs

Keeping pace with local German Shepherd clubs could also be an excellent idea for you on your journey to adopt and raise a rescue German Shepherd.

Its an opportunity to meet other like-minded German Shepherd owners, get referrals for service providers like trainers, groomers, vets, and pet-sitters and attend or participate in local events.

Here are 3 German Shepherd clubs in Florida and their websites:


Heres my pick of the best orthopedic beds for German Shepherds, and you can find out which bed my German Shepherd Willow sleeps on. Also, click here for a list of the best dog crates.

Thinking of moving to nearby Alabama, or do you want to search for a rescue GSD further afield? Look no further than German Shepherd Rescues in Alabama.

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Cost Of German Shepherd Mix Puppies

Adopting German Shepherd mix pups or dogs can cost anywhere from $100.00 from a local Florida animal shelter to $500.00 from a specialized dog rescue. What is included in this cost depends on the organization and how much they have spent on the particular German Shepherd pet you are adopting. Cost includes food, boarding, vaccinations, de-wormings, nail clippings, grooming, and more.

Can German Shepherds Handle Florida Heat

German Shepherd Puppies Florida Rescue

During the hot and humid summer months, when temperatures can reach the high 90s, your GSD should be indoor with air conditioning. Keep your GSD with you during hurricanes, flooding, and severe thunderstorms, as with all-natural disasters. Your GSD should have shelter, plenty of fresh water, and shade if outdoors.

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Can You Train A Rescued Pet

This is a common question among those who are still indecisive about the adoption of rescue canines. The answer would be yes rescued GSDs are trainable, and theyre even better at some exercises than pups from kennels.

Remember, the majority of rescued canines have been a part of a family once, so they already know the drill . All you need to do is remind them of the house rules and the owners commands.

Of course, it might not seem so simple in the beginning, but as time passes, itll become easier to work with them.

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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Miami Florida

Miami is home to one of the oldest and the most reputable German Shepherd breeders in Florida, but also in the entire U.S. Yes, were talking about Redland Vom Schaferhunde.

This breeder imports dogs, usually DDR German Shepherds but sometimes also West German ones, to make sure they have only the best of the best in their breeding program. All of the parent dogs have passed the Schutzhund, Koerung, and IPO tests, so you know youre only getting top quality.

Many of their dogs come from champion bloodlines. To make sure everything is transparent, they encourage potential buyers to visit their kennels and meet the parent dogs.

Other than breeding and selling dogs, they also offer exporting and importing services, selling AKC registered dogs, male stud services, and microchipping.

While they are located in Miami, theyll also sell to all parts of Florida, from Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood to Coral Gables and West Palm Beach.

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German Shepherd Breeders In Florida

German Shepherd Rescue of Central Florida Rescue Puppy

Finding reputable German Shepherd breeders in Florida is very important for anyone who wants to get a healthy, good-looking, and well-behaved GSD puppy.

Many breeders might appear great at first glance, but there are a few traits that will set reputable breeders apart from backyard breeders.

Most importantly, no good German Shepherd breeder in Florida will agree to sell their puppies to pet stores. Only puppy mills and backyard breeders sell to pet stores, so if the breeder tells you that you can buy their dogs elsewhere, this is a huge red flag.

Specialty GSD breeders will be members of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America , and youll always be able to find them on the clubs website.

Good breeders will allow you to visit their kennels in fact, theyll encourage this. It is in their best interest to have you meet the parent dogs, especially the mother. This is also a great opportunity for the breeder to meet you, as theyll want to know that you are a good fit for their dog.

Once at the kennel, you need to inspect it. The rooms have to be clean, and all the dogs should look happy and healthy. If there is an unpleasant odor or dirt and feces where they shouldnt be, this isnt the right breeder for you.

Responsible German Shepherd breeders in Florida will also make sure their dogs have been vetted before they leave to their forever homes. This includes up-to-date vaccinations and deworming, as well as other health tests.

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Browse thru thousands German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption in Florida, USA area listings on to find your perfect match. If you are unable to find your companion in our Dogs for Adoption sections, please consider looking thru the directory of Rescue Organizations, to see if they have any current dogs for adoption listings. And don’t forget the PuppySpin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption in Florida, USA area. – also known as: German Shepherd, Alsatian, Alsatian Wolf Dog, Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund is secure, simple and efficient way to find a puppy, sell a puppy or addopt dogs via internet.

Our tools such as Breed Selector future puppy owners with the weath of needed information to make the right choice when buying a puppy.

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