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German Shepherd Dry Flaky Skin

How Is Seborrhea Treated

How to Cure Dogs Itchy Skin! 8 Natural Remedies for Itchy Dogs, Cure Skin Irritation!

Treatment is aimed at the underlying cause. If no underlying cause can be found, then a diagnosis of primary or idiopathic seborrhea is made. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for primary or idiopathic seborrhea.

In general, treatments that help manage seborrhea include:

  • Omega-3 fatty acid supplements
  • Antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections
  • Antifungals if yeast infections are present

Symptoms Of Scaly Skin In Dogs

  • Scratching, chewing, licking at skin
  • Scabs
  • Dandruff in dogs bedding, your home
  • Uncharacteristic hair loss, bald patches
  • Hot spot, or localized area your dog keeps itching/biting
  • Scales on face and paw pads
  • Dog rubbing against furniture

There are a few breeds where the condition is reported more often, these include:

  • West Highland White Terriers

German Shepherd Itching Constantly

None of us want to see our German Shepherd itching like crazy and constantly in discomfort.

Or, worsein pain from their own skin!

But there are solutions for German Shepherd allergies and dry skin that you can use right now to help your dog from itching like crazy.

Ill show you the exact things I do to help keep my German Shepherd from scratching and itching her dry skin that gives her quick relief. And you can do them right now, too!

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Introduction To German Shepherd Skin

German Shepherds have double coats. Their outer coat tends to be thick and straight while their inner coat can be wiry and soft. Originally, they were bred as working dogs that can withstand harsh weather. Thus, having a double coat. But having a double coat is the reason why they are considered as great shedders. And as shedders, GSDs tend to have more sensitive skin than other dog breeds.

How To Fix Crusty Scabs On Dog Skin

Dry Skin On German Shepherd

For long-coated dogs, finding problems on your dogs skin might be a hard thing to do since you might not spot it right away. Through careful observation, you might have spotted these crusty scabs on your dogs skin and wondered about the causes and solutions to this skin problem.

In this post, we will be going over each general cause of this skin condition, and as you can see down below, the pictures are not pretty but very disgusting to look at up close. Take a look at our list down below, and the solutions are listed right underneath, so try to match your dogs symptoms with one of the causes listed right here.

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Do German Shepherds Get Cold

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  • Do German Shepherds Need Coats in the Winter?
  • German Shepherds tolerate cold weather better than many other breeds. Despite this, they will get cold after a certain point. Here is your guide to discovering just how well German Shepherds hold up in the winter and how to ensure that they remain comfortable and safe in the colder months.

    Causes Of Scaly Skin In Dogs

    Scaly skin in dogs can be caused by a wide variety of underlying issues, including:

    • Nutritional deficiencies: Vitamin A or Zinc deficiency, or general malnutrition
    • Abnormal skin and/or hair follicle development
    • Stress or excessive boredom
    • Seasonal, food, topical or flea bite allergy
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Parasitic infections: fleas, cheyletiella mites, demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange, ear mites, or lice
    • Fungal infection: ringworm
    • Inflammation of sebaceous glands
    • Skin tumors

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    Itchy German Shepherd Here Are The Most Common Causes Of Constant Itching

    Do you know what the most likely causes of a German Shepherds constant itching are?

    Use this list to see if your dog might have an allergy to one or multiple items that causes them to itch like crazy:

    • Food Allergy
    • Parasite Allergy
    • Environmental Factors
    • Seasonal Allergies
    • Medicine Allergy

    You cant usually tell why you now have an itchy German Shepherd just skin problem just by looking. So, its good to rule out what you can at home to help your vet make a better diagnosis. Always seek vet advice when in doubt.

    You can also provide temporary and sometimes long-term relief using the process of elimination and the home treatments for skin problems previously listed.

    Feed A Hypoallergenic Sensitive Diet

    German Shepherd With HUGE Tumor Starts A New Life | The Dodo

    An itchy German Shepherd is a sight for sore eyes. If you think your dogs scratching might be from their diet, then switching to hypoallergenic, sensitive dog food is your best and least expensive option to test out first.

    Although food is rarely a cause of dry skin or allergies, in many dogs a change in diet dramatically decreases itchy skin.

    There is such a wide variety of allergies to foods its best to begin with a sensitive diet formula and to watch for improvements.

    While there are plenty of sensitive diets on the market you should try Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Formula which has no soy, wheat, peas, or corn. Its the best dog food for German Shepherds with allergies.

    German Shepherd itchy skin might also happen if your current feeding routine lacks proper nutrition. Deficiency of vitamins and an imbalance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can cause disturbances in the skins protective layers.

    Choosing a sensitive or hypoallergic dog food is a quick way to help your German Shepherd from itching like crazy. If your dog has special medical conditions, check with your vet first to make sure a change in diet will help with their scratchy and itchy skin issues.

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    How Is Seborrhea Diagnosed

    Tests that can aid your veterinarian in diagnosing your dog’s seborrhea include:

    • Complete blood cell count , serum chemistries, and electrolytes to look for subclinical or hidden underlying conditions or imbalances
    • Skin cytology and skin biopsy to assess for inflammatory cells, bacteria, yeast, fungus, or abnormal cells
    • Skin scrapings and hair pluckings to check for external parasites
    • Skin culture to test for bacterial and fungal infections
    • Hormone tests to check for hormonal imbalances

    Increased Dandruff Has Several Causes

    The culprits behind dandruff and flaky skin in dogs include:

    • Climate
    • Grooming, either too much or too little
    • Allergies
    • Poor nutrition, especially a lack of essential fatty acids
    • Skin infections
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Cushings disease

    Even if you suspect that your dogs dandruff is caused by the dry winter weather, its a good idea to talk with your veterinarian in order to rule out more serious issues. And if you notice your dogs dry skin is accompanied by other troubling signs, a trip to the veterinary clinic is definitely necessary.

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    Causes And Treatments For German Shepherd Skin Problems

    German Shepherds are a popular breed. And for good reason! They are characterized by not only their smarts, loyalty and courage, but also the thick fur coat that protects them. However, their coat makes them very susceptible to developing skin issues.

    If you are a parent of a German Shepherd, stay informed by being knowledgeable about why they get skin allergies and what you can do for them.

    Whether its paarsites like fleas, their food or other environmental irritants, there are steps you can take to help your shepherd live a more comfortable life and isnt that what its all about!?

    German Shepherds With Skin Allergies

    Dry Skin on German Shepherd  What May This Mean?

    The versatile German Shepherd is one of the most popular and recognizable dog breeds. Eye-catching and impressive, this breed is smart and capable with an unmatched penchant for courage and loyalty. The German Shepherd has a wide range of capabilities, including military and police service, guide and therapy work, search and rescue, herding, drug detection, and competitive show and obedience. Despite the German Shepherds incredible aptitude and quality companionship, the breed is prone to allergies that often manifest in uncomfortable and painful skin conditions. Genetic, environmental, and food-related allergies can put a damper on your German Shepherds quality of life.

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    Develop A Regular Brushing Routine

    Regular brushing distributes the oils on your dogs skin and helps to remove dead hairs that may cause itching.

    Use soft strokes and a brush with rounded tips.

    Specifically, try a rake brush that removes the dead undercoat. My GSD loves the rake brush, and this helps her to have the excess dead hair removed so that her skin can breathe more.

    The rake brush I use has rounded tips so they dont irritate her sensitive skin or aggravate her itching. Plus, you want a double row brush to ensure youre getting the most hair off with the least amount of time and effort.

    See the best brush to remove dander and itchy hair here: The Double Row Undercoat Rake

    If you arent brushing your GSD, they can develop a thick blanket of hair that forms over their skin which prevents air from reaching the skin. This reduces the efficiency of the oil glands and causes your GSD to itch constantly and like crazy.

    Learn a complete brushing routine that keeps your dog healthy and happy using this guide here: How to Brush a German Shepherd Like a Boss.

    What Is Flaky Skin

    It is perfectly normal for your dog to shed dead skin cells, and usually your dog will groom these dead cells away before you even have a chance to notice them. However, sometimes something causes the skin to shed in larger quantities than normal, resulting in dry flaky skin patches on your dogs coat which indicate there is a problem.

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    When Should You Call The Vet

    Mild itching every now and then usually isnât a sign of serious health conditions, but if your dog starts to develop other symptoms, frequent or persistent itching or licking, difficulty getting comfortable or restlessness from itching, loss of appetite, or depressed mood talk to your vet ASAP. Itâs important to treat the underlying cause of its severe, chronic itchiness to avoid developing more open wounds and infections in the skin. Depending on the cause, your vet will treat as appropriate.

    If your dogâs itchiness is occasional or mild, however, there are plenty of totally safe, all-natural ways to treat occasional or mild itching at home. In fact, you probably already have most of the remedies in your pantry! Read on for seven simple remedies that can give your itchy pooch some real relief.

    Consult your vet before starting any skincare regimen for your dog, and stop the treatment if your dogâs symptoms remain the same or worsen.

    The Connection Between Skin And Food Allergies

    German Shepherd Mom Has Her Paws Full With 3 Cheeky Pups | Too Cute!

    German Shepherds are at a high risk of developing food hypersensitivity, and if your dog does develop a food allergy, the skin is often where chronic inflammations appear. A cutaneous adverse food reaction can be responsible for a multitude of skin issues. If those skin disorders are also accompanied by excessive scratching, itching, or biting, or if your dog rubs his face frequently, a food allergy may be the reason why. Chronic allergic reactions and self-trauma can lead to secondary bacterial or yeast infections accompanied by crusting, seborrhea, or alopecia.

    Often the source of food allergies in canines is an animal protein like beef or chicken. Sometimes dogs develop food intolerances to other food sources such as milk, corn, and eggs. Your German Shepherd reactions to a food allergy may not be limited to his skin he may also develop gastrointestinal issues that can make life doubly uncomfortable.

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    How To Prevent German Shepherd Dry Itchy Skin

    The best way to get rid of skin problems is to fight it before it appears. Here are some tips to avoid German Shepherd dryness:

    • Do not give the animal poor-quality food.
    • Keep the area where your German Shepherd is located clean.
    • When injuries occur, these should be treated immediately.
    • Do not take natural oils. Use them to eliminate dry skin.
    • Make regular vet appointments.
    • Bathe the dog regularly, but dont overdo it.
    • Know your dogs limits. Avoid giving him food that his stomach is not able to tolerate.
    • Give oral medications or vitamins. This is to prevent or avoid the worsening of diseases. It has to be especially rigorous.

    Having a pet is definitely not an easy task due to the great commitment required, especially if it is a German shepherd. Skin problems are more common in this breed, but this beautiful creature should not rule out.

    There may be many reasons why skin problems manifest themselves, but there are also many ways to combat them. Please get to know your pet and watch over his welfare and interests. You will notice how the bond with him will be much stronger.

    Allergies Food And Environmental

    Your vet will work with you to determine the allergen either a protein in your dogs food, or an environmental allergen In both cases, avoiding the allergen where possible is important to prevent flare-ups with food allergies this means feeding only safe foods, and with environmental allergies, avoiding the allergen as much as possible. Further treatment may be indicated, such as itch relief through topical products +/- drugs or immunotherapy. Instigating a general dandruff treatment regime in addition will benefit your dog.

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    Allergy Locations On The German Shepherd

    Allergies that manifest externally can occur anywhere on a German Shepherds body. Frequent locations for allergic inflammations in this breed are the face, ears, paws, sides, hind end, legs, and stomach. Dandruff, flaky skin, dry skin, hot spots, hair loss in patches, and sores are symptoms of skin allergies that can be found in any of the previously mentioned areas of the dogs body.

    Allergies that affect the eyes and ears must be monitored and addressed with care. These are common allergy locations, so look out for irritated, red, teary eyes and ears that are itchy, smelly, and red. The ears, in particular, can lead to painful secondary infections if the allergies are not resolved.

    What Helps A German Shepherd With Dry Skin

    Dry Skin On German Shepherd

    How to Treat a German Shepherd With Dry Itchy Skin

  • Give the dog a bath once every six months.
  • Change the dogs diet.
  • Add fish oil, vitamin E and vitamin C to the dogs diet to help combat dry, itchy skin.
  • Add extra fat to the dogs diet.
  • Wash the dog in oatmeal shampoo.
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    What To Do If Your Dog Has Flaky Skin

    As we have demonstrated in this blog, flaky skin in dogs can be caused by a wide variety of conditions. Luckily, most of these conditions are able to be successfully treated, but only if a correct diagnosis is obtained. Therefore, if you notice that your dog has flaky skin, you should book an appointment at the surgery so that you can be seen by Dr Rachel Caines who has an Advanced Certificate in Dermatology.

    Getting an early diagnosis will ensure that the problem does not develop into something more serious. It will also give your vet the chance to identify if your dog has another more serious illness that could be causing the flaky skin.

    Flea Dermatitis Or Flea Allergy In German Shepherd

    Flea dermatitis is one of the most common skin problems in German shepherds and this becomes a flea allergy in this breed because shepherds are allergic to fleas and flea saliva.

    When your pup is bitten they will develop symptoms of inflamed skin and itchy skin that they will constantly lick, bite, chew and rub. They can end up with open sores which can, in turn, lead to a secondary infection.

    Prevention is the key to avoiding flea dermatitis by using flea products to repel fleas such as a collar, drops, or pills. Discuss this with your pups veterinarian first to make sure the products you choose are safe.

    If you end up with a full-blown flea infestation, your whole house will need to be treated preferably by an exterminator. Your shepherd will need a flea bath to rid them of the fleas and dont forget to wash your pups bedding as fleas gather there. Eliminating all fleas is essential.

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    As well as skin problems, fleas can cause bacterial infections, anemia, and tapeworms.

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    What Can I Put On My Dogs Dry Flaky Skin

    Dogs with Dry Skin: Treatment

  • Keep your dog on a flea and tick preventative.
  • Feed your pet a high quality diet and address any food allergies.
  • Use a mild shampoo specifically designed for dogs, as well as a conditioner.
  • Use a gentle hypoallergenic conditioning shampoo and spray on conditioner.
  • Brush your dog regularly.
  • Bathing Your German Shepherd With A Coconut Oil Treatment


    A coconut oil treatment leaves your dogs skin velvety smooth and helps create a healthier skin protective layer.

    These treatments also improve the health of your dogs nails and paw pads.

    • Apply coconut oil straight to the skin. Let the oil absorb for about five minutes. Massage the oil into dry areas prone to itching.
    • With your double-coated GSD, its difficult to get down into the skin through the thickness of the furinvest in a Zoom Groom tool for better results and ease of use. The Zoom Groom brush is soft and gentle.
    • After five minutes of massage and letting the oil sit, apply this moisturizing coconut-based shampoo and work the shampoo in with the Zoom Groom massaging brush. This removes dead hair and loosens dry, flaky skin.
    • Finish with a thorough rinse to remove all traces of the shampoo and coconut oil. Any shampoo left on the skin leaves your dogs skin more irritated if not rinsed completely.
    • Over washing your German Shepherd can lead to more skin dryness and irritation, so dont bathe them more than once a month.

    Maybe you want to use coconut oil, but dont want to provide a full spa experience for your dog. If youd rather avoid bathing your dog, follow the easier recommendations below.

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