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How To Get My German Shepherd To Stop Shedding

Stress And German Shepherd Shedding

How to manage German Shepherd shedding

While Normal Shedding is healthy, excessive shedding is usually a sign of trouble. If you have been a German Shepherd owner for a while, or if you have owned another large dog thats also a heavy shedder like a Golden Retriever or a Husky, then you know what a normal shedding for a heavy shedder looks like.;

However, if the shedding is too much to the point that your dogs coat is actually becoming thinner, then thats a sign of a problem.;

The most common cause of excessive shedding is stress, and stress is a very real problem in German Shepherds as it is in humans.;

What can cause Stress in German Shepherds?;

  • Too little Exercise
  • German shepherds need lots of exercises and they need it daily, not getting enough exercise can cause your dog to be stressed and start shedding excessively.;
  • Too Many Changes
  • Moving cities, areas, or houses can stress a dog out just like it can to a child. Some dogs can be too stressed by such moves that they become very stressed and start shedding excessively.;
  • Loud Noises;
  • Storms, car noises, and other loud noises can stress a dog out. Maybe your neighbors renovations have gone on for too long that your dog is now shedding, or maybe living near a highway or an airport is taking its toll on your dogs psyche.;
  • If your dog is spending a lot of time alone, it could stress them out very easily. Try spending more time with them and see if this reduces the shedding.;
  • Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me To The Bathroom

    If your German Shepherd has a habit of following you to the bathroom then it could be because it wants to protect you but it could also be due to separation anxiety. This is where it doesnt like being left alone so it follows you to the bathroom because you normally shut it out and it doesnt like it.

    Why You Should Consider A High

    If you’re going to follow the bathe and blow method to groom your GSD for summer, you’ll need a high-velocity dryer.

    Sure, you can try this method with a regular hairdryer.


    No human hairdryer is made to dry the thick fur of an 80 lbs German Shepherd that originated in Europe!

    You can try, but your efforts will fail. ;And youll still end up with a damp dog!

    High-Velocity driers make de-shedding your dog a lot easier and quicker. ;The air from the dryer lifts and blows right in under the guard hairs. ;

    This loosens and removes those millions of undercoat hairs.

    But be warned, using an HV dryer might make de-shedding easier, but it’s no less messy!

    Yes, de-shedding is a messy business no matter how you look at it.

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    The Bottom Line: Shedding Is A Way Of Life

    At the end of the day, German Shepherds shed for their entire life no matter what you try to do about it. As a German Shepherd owner, you can only do your best to minimize it, but theres no stopping it. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a handful of tips for that matter.

    If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them with us in the comment below.

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  • Why You Should Use De

    5 Effective Ways To Decrease German Shepherd Shedding ...

    De-shedding tools are your best chance to;remove the dead undercoat from your German Shepherd. ;

    Without a de-shedding tool, you’ll be brushing until the cows come home. ;But you’ll be getting nowhere.

    De-shedding tools are a must-have when grooming a German Shepherd for summer or you’ll have a collection of fur balls all over your home. ;

    And a very hot and unhappy pooch.

    There are a ton of de-shedding tools that both professional groomers and pet owners use.

    And de-shedding tools are a must unless you want your house filled with tumbleweeds of hair.

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    Coat Maintenance: The Essentials

    To wrap up, here is a quick list of the four most important things to have to ensure your German Shepherds coat stays healthy.

    • High-quality topcoat brush
    • High-nutrient diet
    • Delicious treats to reward good behavior while grooming or bathing

    If you have a German Shepherd, how do you deal with their shedding. Please share in the comments below what you do to keep your German Shepherds shedding under control while also keeping their coat healthy.;


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  • Combine Fish Oil Into Their Daily Diet

    If your dog is lacking in fatty acids, then adding fish oil may help be a simple solution to reduce their shedding.

    Fish oil contains omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, which significantly decreases hair shedding. Fish oil also contains long-chain omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA that help promote skin and coat health.

    Given daily fish oils can help aid in excessive shedding. Look for a natural supplement that also contains other proven skin-healthy oils, like flaxseed oil.

    Zesty Paws;contains both salmon and hemp seed oil and is great for a healthy coat. Moreover, a blend of wild Alaskan salmon and refined virgin hemp seed oils work together to pack a powerful punch of nutrients and omega fatty acids. These ingredients may improve coat health, joint mobility, heart health, stress levels, and immunity.

    A strong coat starts with supple skin that prevents excessive hair loss and protects your GSD from irritations. If youre seeing excessive hair loss try the blend of fish and hemp oil.

    Keep in mind that positive effects take a few months to notice. So stay consistent with daily use for the best results.;

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    Make Sure Your German Shepherd Is Hydrated

    Dehydration is one of the sneakiest but most common causes of excessive hair loss, since most people dont pay super close attention to how much water their dog drinks and therefore cant identify it as the culprit.

    According to PetMD, your German Shepherd should drink about one ounce of water per pound of body weight, per day. So, if your German Shepherd weighs 70 pounds, he should be drinking 70 ounces or 8.75 cups of water per day.;

    If that sounds like a lot, consider that an adult human is supposed to drink 11.5 to 15.5 cups of water per day. Let this be a reminder to us all, human and canine alike, to hydrate all day every day!

    Anyways, if you provide 10 fresh cups of water each morning and most of it is gone by the next day, your German Shepherd is probably well-hydrated.

    Best Ways To Deshed A German Shepherd Tips And Tricks

    German Shepherd Shedding – My Dog is Blowing her Coat Here’s What I Recommend

    Use these shedding tips for an overview of the best ways to de-shed a German Shepherd.

    Shedding Tip
    De-shedding sprays reduce hair fall by keeping the skin moisturized and adding nutrients to the skin.
    Give a stress-reducing massage. A calm, relaxed dog is a pet that sheds less. And, using massaging and grooming gloves packs a double-punch of hair removal power!
    Feed a shed control supplement. Modern shed control supplements help ensure your dogs nutritional needs that maintain supple skin and strong hair are met.
    Combine fish oil into their diet. A daily dose of fish oil keeps your companions skin healthy, while also preventing hair fall, by providing a moisture boost that is more than skin deep.

    Use this helpful table to find the best ways to de-shed a German Shepherd.

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    What Does It Mean That The German Shepherd Blows His Coat

    When a dog blows his coat, this means that at least twice a year, the dog will undergo a huge shedding during which all his hair will be shed at once.

    Now, this does not mean that the dog will be hairless. What that means is that all the winter fur will be shed as new spring and summer fur replaces the old coat.

    Some individuals refer to this as getting a new coat. Again, the German Shepherd will not be without fur during this time. However, you will notice much more hair than usual on your furniture or maybe on your clothes.

    How Much Do German Shepherds Shed

    A German Shepherd dog does not shed anywhere near the level of a normal dog, the average doge will shed mostly when its coming down to the shedding season in the year. This rule is totally different for a German Shepherd, these dogs shed all year round, and when its shedding season the shedding triples.

    In most cases this the reason why professional dog trainers will advise that if it is your first time getting a dog then you should advise against getting a German Shepherd dog because you will have to put in double if not triple the amount of work in for the upkeep of this dog.

    Apart from that German Shepherds are very easy to be trained and are extremely loyal dogs that are suitable for any situation that you will need them for. So whenever I go out or someone sees me walking my beautiful babies and they ask how much do a German Shepherd sheds I would simply say they shed a lot.

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    Hair And Skin Problems In German Shepherds

    • Hair loss in patches
    • Bald spots or thinning of the coat that doesnt resolve shortly
    • Constant foot licking or face rubbing, especially to the point bald spots or hot spots appear
    • Symmetrical hair loss on certain parts of the body for unknown reasons
    • Hair loss thats accompanied by skin irritation, including redness, bumps, rashes, open sores, or scabs
    • Dull, dry hair that pulls out easily in large clumps
    • Scratching and itching constantly;to the point the skin bleeds

    Take your dog to the vet if you notice more hair loss than usual, inflamed skin, brittle fur thats dry, excessive or intense scratching, or bald patches .;

    Can I Just Shave My German Shepherd

    5 Effective Ways To Decrease German Shepherd Shedding ...

    Some owners mistakenly believe that shaving their dog will not only help them feel more comfortable in heat, but will also help with shedding and human allergies.

    The truth is shaving a German Shepherd can be detrimental to their health and overall comfort.

    Double-coated breeds use their coat to regulate their body temperature as it keeps them warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer. It also protects your dogs skin from moisture, abrasions, and harmful UV rays. By removing their natural barrier you’re exposing them to many potential health problems.

    Also, some allergy sufferers believe shaving your dog will reduce allergic reactions. Also not true. Allergies are triggered from pet dander, which are particles of skin that shed all year. In fact, shaving them will make it worse, as you expose their skin even further.

    And as a final warning, once you shave a double-coated dog, their hair never grows back the same. So that beautiful, silky coat will be gone forever.

    If this all sounds like a lot of work, there’s a great selection of non shedding dogs out there as well!

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    German Shepherd Nail Care

    The frequency of nail trimming for your GSD will depend greatly on the kinds of surfaces on which your dog runs or walks. For those dogs who routinely walk on pavement, their nails will often wear down to a normal length naturally. Walsh finds that she never has to trim the nails of her dogs who walk on pavement, but those on other surfaces need a trimming at least monthly.

    Wilson recommends trimming nails whenever needed, and agrees that it will depend on environment. She has observed, for instance, that her dogs who spend time on carpet and grass need a nail trimming every two to three weeks.

    Walsh says the conformation of GSDs feet is wide-ranging, with some dogs having very thick, wide nails that are more difficult to cut and others having thinner, claw-like nails that are much easier to clip. For some dogsparticularly those with thick nailsshe has to use a Dremel tool for nail grinding in addition to clippers.

    Regardless of conformation or growth rate of your dogs nails, it is important to expose them to nail clippers and the process of nail trimming early in puppyhood. Walsh begins handling her puppies feet as early as three days of age. Both breeders say that nail trimming, like coat care, can be done at home, and Walsh advises not to overdo it with the clippers: If you never cut their nails too short, they wont get funny about their nails.

    Will Bathing My German Shepherd Dog More Frequently Help To Reduce Shedding

    Yes, and no. You should give your dog a routine bath in order to combat shedding. Routine means that you give a bath on a regular basis whether that is once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month.

    The bath itself may help to remove some of the loosened hair, but it will not remove all of it, nor is it a cure-all for shedding. However, it will help to prevent hair from just randomly falling anywhere and everywhere in your home.

    It is of the utmost importance that you use a shampoo that is specially made for dogs, and that the shampoo is all-natural.

    Look for a shampoo that is a dull yellow color, appears almost watery in consistency, and does not possess a very strong fragrance. Anything different from these criteria is likely to contain added chemicals that can harm your dogs skin.

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    So Do German Shepherds Shed

    Yes, German Shepherds shed throughout the year. How much they shed daily will depend on the type of coat they have and the season of the year.

    Understandably, long-coated GSDs will shed more than their short or medium-coated counterparts. Nevertheless, they will all shed their undercoats twice a year during the shedding season.

    Self Clean Slicker Pin And Bristle Brush Comb

    Frequently Asked Friday – German Shepherd Shedding!

    See the Self Clean Slicker;Pin & Bristle Brush;on Amazon.

    This brush is designed to work like any other double-sided brush. ;It’s got soft yet firm nylon bristles. ;And the rounded pins are designed to penetrate deep into your dogs coat.

    It’s got a soft silicone handle which makes it pretty comfortable. ;Even if you’re working with it for an extended period of time.

    And the entire brush is made from eco-friendly materials which are great if your eco-conscious.

    Like the other brushes it works well for all coat types and it’s safe;to use every day. ;The rounded pins protect your dogs skin from scratches. ;

    And because the bristles and pins are one you won’t run the risk of grating your dog’s skin.

    From my research, there has not been one complaint about poor performance from other dog owners. ;But take into consideration that it’s a fairly new product on the market.

    There are only 2 features that set double-sided brushes apart. ;Firstly, how well is the brush made? ;

    Is it going to last or is it going to snap at the handle? ;And how strong is the pin pad? ;Is it going to start cracking after a few uses?

    And secondly, how comfortable is it for you to hold and work with? ;A comfortable handle is super important. ;

    I mean, what’s the point of home-grooming your pooch if you’re not enjoying it?

    In my opinion, all the brushes I’ve reviewed are on par when it comes to how well they are made. ;I haven’t come across complaints about these brushes breaking or falling apart.

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    Bathe Your German Shepherd

    Since German Shepherds have such a dense coat, they actually dont need to be bathed very frequently every six to ten weeks is plenty unless they get exceptionally dirty.

    Even though most German Shepherds enjoy a splash in the water, As we mentioned, bathing your German Shepherd too often can be counterproductive since it dries out their skin and can actually cause more shedding.;

    However, strategic bathing can be super helpful for quickly removing the bulk of your dogs undercoat. Just be sure to use mild shampoos that wont irritate their skin. You can also opt to use a deshedding shampoo to help lubricate the hairs, which makes it easier to remove the undercoat. One of the best options is this shampoo from FURminator who are the same folks that make the awesome brush I recommended above. Brush your German Shepherd with your undercoat rake while hes still damp.;

    Its easiest to perform this whole bathing/brushing operation outside, unless you want to spend an hour cleaning wet wads of fur out of your bathtub or shower after the fact.

    You can take the spa day one step further with a professional blow-out after bathtime .;This will not only cut down the drying time, but it will also help remove the undercoat quickly.;

    However, keep in mind that blow-drying your shedding German Shepherd will get hair absolutelyeverywhere, so it may be worth paying a professional to handle this entire bathing, brushing, and blow-drying task. Or, again, set aside some time for cleanup.


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