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German Shepherd Breeders In Alabama

Isnt In For The Money

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For a good breeder or a seller, sales are irrelevant. The primary goal for the breeder should be that the puppy is placed in a good home and is happy with its new family. Reputed German Shepherd Breeders in Alabama will not breed more puppies to gain more profit. Making a hasty sale is not a characteristic of a good breeder.

Hands Over All The Paperwork

Good breeders will be eager to show you your puppys pedigree and health checkup papers. They will also have vaccination documents. Good German Shepherd Breeders in Alabama are always excited to talk about their puppys personality and do not hold any information back. They will tell you if there are any underlying health conditions that your puppy has or might develop in the future.

No Fear Lives Here K9s

Breeders from the No Fear Lives Here K9s kennel in Alabama are proud to say that they are raising some of the most quality German Shepherds in the United States. All their puppies have their health certificates, and confirmation of their vaccines and deworming.

Since so many people are in search of these good dogs, the breeders from the No Fear Lives Here K9s believe that it is best to make a puppy reservation and pay a deposit on time, so they can conclude that you will be a responsible dog owner.

Many of the No Fear Lives Here K9s German Shepherd puppies have become loving family members, and many of them have also engaged in serious police work.

Breeder Info

Phone number: +1 256-605-3238

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Seeking Alabama German Shepherd Breeders

To become a Breeding Associate anywhere in Alabama contact Bill Fleischer.

We offer all German red and black German Shepherd Puppies for sale in Alabama. We ship our very special German Shepherd Puppies Worldwide, including Birmingham Alabama

We are seeking a limited number of serious individuals in Alabama who really care about the future of our German Shepherd breed and wish to participate in our growing German Shepherd Import program. Our Goal is to accelerate the importation of top quality breed-worthy German Shepherd males & females. We desire to establish truly World Class German Shepherd breeding programs throughout America. Our emphasis continues to be on proven producers including males on Germany’s “Top 50” stud list and comparable females from Top Producing Bloodlines. Sole ownerships, co-ownerships and small investment breeding interests are available. Please note we are extremely proud that we have imported 5 of the 8 German Shepherd stud dogs whose progeny groups were exhibited at the 1996 Sieger Show.

Origin Of German Shepherds

german shepherd puppies alabama

We think of scary and aggressive police dogs when we hear of German shepherds. They are certainly more than that German shepherds are loyal and have excellent work ethic.

German shepherds originated in Germany in the year 1899. They are considered working dogs because of their intelligence. German shepherds have assisted in the police investigation, military services, and guarding estates for ages. German shepherds can be family dogs with proper training.

German shepherds served in the Red Cross during World War II. They acted as messengers and participated in investigations.

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If You Are Having Difficulty Finding The Right Puppy Text/call Us So We Can Help You Decide Which Puppy Is Best For Your Family

SARTEC K9 Search and RescueAs a service member in Germany I had the fortunate experience of learning from some of the best handlers of German Shepherds, while training two of my own for Schutzhund. After several years of being back in the states and no longer having the company of my two, I began the long arduous task of finding another shepherd. I had spent hours upon hours searching for just the right one. Somehow, I stumbled upon No Fear Lives Here. My first thought was that it was quite the bold name to put on a site. However, after getting the opportunity to speak with Deb and spending some time visiting the dogs, I quickly realized just how fitting the name really was.I knew this was the right place and quickly found the right dog for me. That was Spring of 2012 and today Solomon , is a certified Search and Rescue K9 with SARTEC out of Madison AL. Solomon’s drive and desire to work is impressive, a direct reflection of his lineage to his grandfather Remo, and he attained his certification in a very short amount of time.I get many compliments on Solomon and am always asked where he came from. Whether its a family dog or a working dog that you want, this is the place to get that one to let people know that No Fear Fear Lives Here! -Tony BakerSARTEC K9/ Website Updated – September 18, 2018

How Much Do Your German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Alabama Cost

German Shepherd puppies for sale Alabama are priced differently according to a number of factors. Keep in mind that not all German Shepherds in Alabama are the same! There are black German Shepherds, long-haired German Shepherds, Sable German Shepherds and even gorgeous White German Shepherds that are all priced differently. Gender will affect price, as well as breeder or business expertise and location!

Am I limited to local litters and breeders?

If you cant find any German Shepherd breeders in Alabama or German Shepherd puppies in Alabama, theres no need to worry! Uptown Puppies offers you the opportunity to connect with breeders, businesses and companies that are out-of-state that have many German Shepherd pups on offer that they can get to you!

How do you screen breeders?

Every day we receive applications from potential German Shepherd breeders Alabama, businesses and companies that want to be part of Uptowns prestigious puppy network. However, the truth is that fewer than 10% actually make it through. We have really strict requirements covering health, animal care, and legalities that they all have to pass.

Why is Uptown Puppies different from other places?

What is a puppy mill?

Im looking for a specific kind of German Shepherd…

How does Uptown Puppies work?

How do I know I can trust you?

What is the history of German Shepherds?

What kind of training is best for German Shepherds?

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German Shepherd Breeders In Alabama

Are you a resident of Alabama, and youre planning to get a German Shepherd puppy? Dont worry. I made a rundown of German Shepherd breeders in Alabama that you can quickly pay a visit and find your puppy of choice without getting too far.

You can get the address, phone number, and website or page of each breeder near you. It will save you the time to search each.

As an extra for you, I added a couple of online breeders if you want to search for your puppy in the comfort of your home.

I wish you luck in finding the right German Shepherd breeder and puppy!


How To Find A Responsible German Shepherd Breeder In Alabama

German Shepherd Puppy Fun

Its very easy to locate a German shepherd breeder in Alabama that produces healthy puppies. Breeders throughout the state can be found online by searching for websites that sell dogs directly from their kennels. It is also possible to find breeders at local dog shows or through newspapers, magazines, and other forms of advertising. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when finding a breeder.

Licensing All reputable German shepherd breeders are licensed with the American Kennel Club or other kennel clubs that are part of their regions breed club association. Breeders should have at least one member in good standing within the appropriate breed club. This can be verified by visiting their clubs websites or contacting them directly.

Reputable breeders will also have a website and as much information as possible about their dogs, including bloodlines and even x-rays for those dogs with problems such as hip dysplasia. When you visit the breeders site, be sure to look for words like health and champion. A breeder who specializes in producing show dogs should have some degree of specialization.

Papers Anyone can buy a dog, so reputable breeders will require proof that you are who you say you are before allowing you to purchase their pups. This means they should ask for your name, phone number, address, and even request copies of your drivers license or other government-issued IDs to confirm your identity.

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Triple S Shepherds Newville

Triple S Shepherds is a kennel located in Newville, Alabama. Here, you can find white, sable and red, and black German Shepherds. Breeders at Triple S Shepherds breed their dogs to become truly loyal companions to humans.

All of their puppies are early socialized and adore children, love to learn new things, and are very easily trained. These breeders guarantee you that, if you buy a dog from them, you will be sure to buy yourself the best possible company!

The breeders at Triple S Shepherds state that a German Shepherd dog is the number one fan of his owner: he will follow you wherever you go and will faithfully wait for you to come back home.

What they advise all future GSD owners to do, is to always praise their dog, and never to use punishment with them. Also, you shouldnt leave your new friend home alone for too long, because German Shepherds can get anxious.

Triple S Shepherds breeders tend to have at least three litters of GSD puppies every year. If you find their dog philosophy charming, go and sign up to their waiting list! You will be asked to pay a deposit of $250 and all you have to do then is to wait for a call telling you your puppy is ready to go to his new home!

Breeder Info

Phone number: +1 334-795-6201

What Is The Average Price Of A German Shepherd Puppy In Alabama

Like other puppies you get from a breeder, German Shepherd pups are also quite pricey. In general, an average German Shepherd puppy would cost about $500-$1500, and it should also be the price range of breeders in Alabama. The price can go lower or higher depending on the offer of the breeder.

German Shepherds are quite expensive due to many reasons. For instance, these dogs arent easy to breed, and they need extensive training. Further, they also have unique features that set them apart from the rest. Aside from the actual price of the puppy, you may also need to spend more on their food and the items theyll need.

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German Shepherd Dog Characteristics

German Shepherds have been one of Americas most popular dog breeds for many years. They were bred as working dogs and still carry this work ethic and energy. They make great protectors and loyal companions. German Shepherds are happiest with frequent exercise and tasks to complete. They are quick to learn and highly responsive to commands with regular obedience training.

Best German Shepherd Breeders In Alabama

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In North Alabama

April 16, 2022 by Andy Lam

If youre searching for German Shepherd breeders in Alabama, then heres what you need to know. Reliable, trustworthy, powerful, and popular. You would think were describing every German automobile ever, but you would be wrong to assume that. Sure, Germans are good at making machines, but there is something they have given us that is even better.

You guessed it right. We are talking about the cult classic doggo, the one, and the only German Shepherd. Lovey-dovey with family, great with children, and menacing to any threats, the German Shepherd can be easily described as the most popular dog breed in America.

German Shepherds are revered for their brute physical strength and loyalty to their family or master, a doggo breed with very few health complications. It then becomes a no-brainer for many people to choose this breed.

Before scrolling down this list of German Shepherd breeders in Alabama, you can check out these other recommendations from our team at We Love Doodles: Best Labrador Breeders in AlabamaandBest Corgi Breeders in Alabama.

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Advice To Follow When Buying German Shepherd Dog In Alabama

An unhealthy or badly-behaved German Shepherd Dog puppy will cause you a lot of trouble over its lifetime. The puppy will also cost you a lot of money.

Therefore, you must choose right when buying the German Shepherd Dog puppy.

Below are good pieces of advice to follow when buying the German Shepherd Dog puppy to make a good choice:

Potty Training Your New German Shepherd Puppy

The most important thing to remember about potty training your puppy is that this process will not happen overnight. It takes a lot of patience and dedication, but if you can stick to it, then your pup will be potty-trained in no time.

The best way to potty-train your new puppy is to take him outside every two hours. If you wait longer than this, the chances are he will have an accident inside.

If you choose to crate your pup when you work all day , make sure that you take him out of his crate at the same time every day, and immediately take him outside to go to the bathroom. You can also leave a kitchen timer next to his crate so that he can learn when it is time for you to be let out.

This is especially important when your dog is a puppy.

Were so happy to provide you with a few tips when researching your German Shepherd puppy. We hope it helps you find the perfect puppy.

There are many people who have asked us to write more articles on several different topics. If there is anything that you would like us to cover, then let us know in the comments section of this article or email us at.

We will do our best.

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Does Your Alabama German Shepherd Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use

This is perhaps the most important question for any buyer to ask a breeder. Reputable breeders usually have good relationships with at least one veterinarian in the area where they live. A reputable breeder will know which vets are knowledgeable about their particular type of dog and which ones offer low-cost spaying services, vaccinations, and neutering services.

The breeder will also be able to ask about the veterinarians experience with German shepherds, as well as other breeds.

Never buy a pup from a breeder who cannot supply you with qualified veterinarian references for their pups or who is not willing to give you a list of vets he/she uses and trusts.

Puppies For Sale Today

Dog trainer rescues 35 German Shepherds from Ukraine

Last but not the least, Puppies For Sale Today is also a website where you can search for all breeds puppies, which means you can also find a German Shepherd in it. If youre looking for a German Shepherd pup, you can find one in there.

Heres a link to their website:

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How Much Is German Shepherd Dog In Alabama

We analyzed the prices of 45 German Shepherd Dog puppies that were listed for sale in Alabama.

Based on our analysis, the average price of the German Shepherd Dog in Alabama is $1000. The typical price range for the German Shepherd Dog puppy in Alabama is between $800 and $1500. However, the price of the German Shepherd Dog puppy in Alabama can be as low as $500 and as high as $2500.

See below our list of real reputable German Shepherd Dog breeders in Alabama and the prices these breeders charge for their puppies.

Welcome To Shepherds Rose Garden German Shepherds

My name is Dorothy Brown. My home is surrounded by acres of beautiful country on a mountain in Northeast Alabama. I am blessed with my German Shepherd dogs and enough land to provide them with all the mental and physical stimulation they desire. My dogs are first above all my beloved pets so I make it my main priority to see they are happy and healthy.

I have owned and raised Shepherds for 40 years and within the last ten years have discovered the joy in breeding these wonderful dogs..I am fortunate to have some of the most well respected German show lines compounded by pedigrees solid bound with top working titles including several world champions in their bloodlines. I breed to produce the best I can in a dog and am very proud of what Isee in my pups. I breed to produce puppies true to the natural instinct a German Shepherd should have from birth and that are empowered with all good drives intact. My pups are extremely intelligent, making them highly trainable in any areas you may wish. I breed for great temperaments which involve solid nerves. Most of all, I breed to produce for you the finest German Shepherd dog you will ever ownPlease be certain before you buy a puppy. They are a life long commitment. When theyare little they need us to protect and love them, When they are grown they will always protect and love you. We do not give refunds, if for some reason or another you change your mind then i will put your payment towards a future litter.MyContact Info:

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A Few More Facts For Dog

BringFido lists Alabama as a pet-friendly travel destination with over 1,700 verified pet-friendly hotels and motels.

Forty-seven percent of Alabama residents own a dog. This is above the national dog ownership rate of 40%.

What kinds of dogs do Alabamans love? According to the American Kennel Club , the most popular dogs in Alabama are Labradors, Basset Hounds, and Beagles. Other popular breeds include Huskies, Retrievers, and Collies.

Should You Buy A Puppy Or An Adult

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

You should know the pros and cons of both a puppy and an adult and then decide which suits your expectations.

A puppy will require around-the-clock care. It needs constant supervision as It has a lot of energy while young. It will need to be potty trained and taught how to obey you. Following through the puppys growth will give you an idea about his personality, Things that upset him, and inhibitions.

An adult German shepherd is well trained And knows how to behave. They might still require regular exercise but not as my supervision as a puppy Does. A drawback with an older dog is that you will know nothing about its past and fears.

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