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Best German Shepherd Breeders Usa

Von Waldberg Kennels Maltby Washington

Best German shepherd breeders in USA Top Tibetan Mastiff dogs in America 100% Chinese bloodlines

Von Waldberg Kennels provides families with high-quality, well-loved German Shepherd puppies. The breeder socializes and trains the pups as early as possible. In addition, they register the dogs with the AKC and get them health tested. You can visit the dogs to meet them. Also, they offer boarding and grooming services to whoever adopts from them.

Cook Farm Kennels Browns Summit North Carolina

Cook Farm Kennels specializes in European working line German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds. The breeders prepare the dogs to work with law enforcement or to be excellent family companions. If you work in law enforcement or the military, you get a discount on your adoption fee. Every dog is healthy, socialized, and well-trained before getting adopted.

We Are In Germany And The Usa

The Haus Amberg Shepherds headquarters is located in Amberg, Bayern, Germany, which is about 45 minutes from Nuremberg and 2 hours from Munich. We have US locations in California and New Hampshire.

Haus Amberg Shepherds is a family-based kennel that breeds for the love and preservation of the German shepherd dog . We offer show and working dogs, as well as family pets and service dogs from high-quality German bloodlines.

The Haus Amberg Shepherds Team has been in the German shepherd community for over 45 years. Patrick, a military verteran, and his wife Alishia have spent years learning the proper methods to compassionately breed, preserve and train German shepherds. They believe it is of the utmost importance to uphold this standard and have spent countless hours to achieve and maintain a quality breeding program. Patricks and Alishias love for dogs plays a huge part in the quality of their puppies. Haus Amberg emphasizes proper care and upbringing of each of our puppies to ensure the correct development of personality and socialization. As breeders, they are happy to help you find a perfect new addition to your family.

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Our German Shepherd Dogs Can Be Used For Search And Rescue Tracking Guarding Guide Dogs For The Blind Or Physically Disabled Police Work Show And Of Course A Family Pet We Specialize In Raising World Class Sieger V/va West German Bloodlines Our Dogs Are 100% Pure German Bloodlines And Are Akc Registered Our Dogs Are Well Socialized With Children And Other Pets All Of Our German Shepherd Puppies Come From Parents And Grandparents That Are Ofa Or Sv A Stamp Certified Our Puppies Are Akc Registered And Come With A Health Guarantee Our High Quality Puppies Are Excellent With Children And Very Easy To Train

We have carefully selected world class German Shepherds with proven superior genetics. Our puppies have the potential to become champions in the show ring and your family hero. The West German bloodlines are bred to have great personalities and superb temperaments. They go through extensive training and rigorous testing to earn their titles. The West German Shepherd bloodlines are not just tested on their beauty and showmanship, but also on their ability to perform difficult tasks that require a high level of intelligence, motivation and desire to please their master. As a German Shepherd Breeder, it is our desire to provide you with an exceptional puppy that can bring you the same joy that ours have brought to our family. Our German Shepherds are the perfect choice for personal protection and are great companions for all ages.

We are also a licensed Whitetail Deer breeder, raise exotic animals, registered Jersey and Red Poll cattle at Heritage Hills Ranch.

Our German Shepherd pedigrees include

About The German Shepherd Dog Breed

Intelligent & Loyal Protectors

The Last Thing a Bad Guy Remembers Seeing

Healthy German Shepherd Puppies

All of our German Shepherds are OFA or SV A stamp certified to be free of dysplasia and come from genetically sound and healthy lineages

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Robertson Family â The Woodlands, Texas

Whats In Your Purchase Contract


If theres no purchase contract then move on to another breeder. Most reputable breeders will have a spay or neuter clause. They will also have a guarantee clause.

A guarantee clause means the breeder will replace a puppy that has disqualifying faults according to the breed standard.

So yes, it means youll have to give your pup back to get a replacement. This is why its so important to take your time when picking a pup.

I mean, who wants to part with a pup they have already bonded with?

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How To Spot A Reputable Breeder

There are several German Shepherd breeders available nowadays, which can make choosing one very hard.

The breeder should have a lot of experience and knowledge. They should be able to discuss the breed at length and should know extensively about the history, temperament, and breeding of German Shepherds.

They should be able to provide details about the parents and grandparents of the puppy, along with records. In most facilities, you should be able to meet the parent dogs as well.

Beware of breeders who breed for superficial reasons! Breeders who breed for specific looks or who only emphasize the appearance of each dog is doing it for the wrong reasons.

The breeder should provide vaccination and medical records for each dog up for sale or adoption. All certifications and x-rays on file should be verified by an official organization like the OFA .

Von Aries German Shepherds Milton

Our next spot goes to Von Aries German Shepherds, located in Milton, Ontario.

They are a small-scale German Shepherd breeder, trainer, and importer whose goal is to produce purebred, CKC-registered GSD dogs of pedigree bloodlines that are easily trainable, with great personalities, good conformation, and sound temperament.

They are the home of multiple German Shepherds that have received titles such as North American Champion, Junior North American Champion, and Junior World Champion.

Its also worth mentioning that their main sire, Negus, is currently the highest-rated German Shepherd in North America.

Rest assured that all of their German Shepherd breeding dogs and puppies are fully screened for genetic health issues, as well as fully vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and properly socialized.

All of their GSD puppies are able to be registered with any organization or breed club around the world such as the AKC, the USA/SV, or the CKC.

If youre interested in owning one of the Von Aries German Shepherds, check out their website for more information and see what they have in store for you!

Von Aries German Shepherds details

Location: Milton, Ontario, Canada

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What You Can Expect When Meeting A Reputable Breeder

When meeting a reputable breeder there are a few things you should expect.

The first thing is that they may require you to visit more than once. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, they will want to get a feelâ for you and watch you interact with the pups.

Secondly, if you pick a puppy, they will want the pup to interact with you more than once before joining you in their new home.

And lastly, they will want to make sure that you are the right fit for their pups. So theyâll have their own set of questions for you.

Hereâs a list of some of the questions you can expect to be asked

A breeder that asks questions is a very good sign, so share as much information with them as you can.

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Official German Shepherd Clubs

Best of Breed Minute: The German Shepherd Dog

This is a great way to locate reputable GSD breeders. If you donât know a vet to point you in the right direction, this is your best bet.

I prefer breed-specific clubs to national kennel clubs.

Hereâs a handy map on the WUSV website where you can locate official German Shepherd clubs across the globe.

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How To Find German Shepherd Puppies In Your Area

Looking for German Shepherd puppies in your area is easier than you think it is. There are a lot of reputable German Shepherd breeders across the country nowadays.

If you are lucky to find one, this will make owning one easier you can visit the puppy more frequently if its just near your home.

Here are some ways you can do to find a German Shepherd puppy in your area:

How To Find A Reputable German Shepherd Breeder

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get compensated if you buy through these links this is at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

So youre toying with the idea of getting a German Shepherd puppy! Or youve already started your quest to find the perfect pup for you and your family.

If youre reading this, the question on your lips is how to find a reputable German shepherd Breeder.

So youre in good company here. Because getting a puppy is not a matter to be taken lightly.

I mean if you consider the fact that a German shepherd can live to the ripe old age of 13 or 14, getting the best pup is super important.

In this article, Ill share with you how to find a reputable breeder. By the end, youll know how to locate them and how to vett them.

Youll know exactly what a legit kennel looks like.

And youll know how to spot disreputable breeders, puppy mills, and backyard breeders. Which is equally important to know.

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Southernwind Kennels German Shepherd Breeder In Florida

Location: Brooksville, Florida

Address:19115 Phillips Road,Brooksville Fl 34604,M Cecilia Martinez

Phone:787-509-8857/ 352-942-9427

Southernwind Kennels, located in Brooksville, Florida, is a German Shepherd breeder that specializes in producing world-class puppies. Because they were bred with performance in mind, many of their GSDs go on to be excellent K9s and service dogs.

Initially, this kennel began as a training facility for mounted police horses. As a result, it has a distinct background in tactical-specific sensory procedures, allowing it to produce the best possible breeding results.

Puppies of German shepherds are available all year.

They provide the following guarantees:

  • FCI/SV Hips and Elbows Certificated
  • Working Certification
  • High-level performance abilities

Even if you’re just looking for a family pet, this kennel is worth a look because their dogs make exceptional companions for everyone.

Best German Shepherd Breeders In Florida

German Shepherd Puppies West Virginia

Today we will talk about the best German Shepherd breeders in Florida. German Shepherds are one of Americas most popular dog breeds, known for their courageous yet playful nature. Although German Shepherds are working dogs, they are excellent family pets as their gentle nature makes them suitable for families with children.

A well-trained German Shepherd is the most wonderful pet, it is loyal, playful, and a joy to be around. However, since it is a bright dog, it can become stubborn and aggressive without proper training. Hence, ensuring that the dog receives socialization and obedience training is essential.

It is also necessary to keep German Shepherds busy to help them develop into strong and intelligent dogs. So, take your puppy out for walks and hikes, teach them tricks, and stimulate their brain with toys and games. While training and socialization are indispensable for GSDs, lineage and quality breeding are also vital. If you dont get a well-bred puppy, no amount of training and socialization will help.

Before scrolling down this list of German Shepherd breeders in Florida, you can check out these other recommendations from our team at Breeder Best: Best Maltipoo Breeders in Florida and Cavapoo Breeders in Florida.

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Serious Black German Shepherds Sebago Lakes Maine

Serious Black German Shepherds has top-notch working line dogs available for adoption. Solid black GSDs are rare, but this breeder has them here. In addition, they health test the dogs to ensure they have high-quality genetics and will be healthy for years to come. Youll get a high-quality puppy from this breeder.

Recommended Products We Use For Our German Shepherd Dogs

The product we highly recommend for all dogs is NuVet, this is a vitamin that is like a treat for your dog. The dog’s coat, within a month giving one tablet a day, you will see less shedding, extremely soft and shinny coat. Comments from a couple of people who tried NuVet and loved it. Comment by Mary Clark, “Tia, just wanted to say thank you for bringing me the NuVet and conditioner a few weeks ago. OMG I cant say enough good things about it. Ruby’s coat is shiny, thick and she doesn’t smell anymore. She also literally doesn’t shed. When she would sleep on my bed the hair was so bad that I had to stop letting her in my room all together. Now she sleeps on my bed and when she gets up there are about 5 hairs. This stuff is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Just ordered a year supply. No more vacuuming 5 times a day, im now vacuuming once a day!” and a Comment by Patsy Ferguson, “I had connected Von Der Otto, because my girl just wasn’t healthy, I was impressed with how healthy their dogs looked. My girls coat was rough, losing hair, and her eyes weren’t sparkling. Von Der Otto highly recommended NuVet Plus. They told me it would take about a month before I would see a difference. After a month she is beautiful! Her coat is soft, eyes sparkling, no hair lose, and she’s full of energy! Thank you so much Van Der Otto for your help.” More recommended items click on this link German Shepherd Recommended products and supplies list!

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Why Royalty K9 German Shepherd Breeders

If youre looking for a dog breeder to provide a new addition to your family, then look no further. We have established a reputation for being an elite and steady provider of some of the highest-quality puppies in the world. Here are some of the benefits of working with Royalty K9 German Shepherd breeders.

South Florida Shepherds South Florida

German shepherd puppy

South Florida Shepherds was established in 1996 and has since then dedicated itself to breeding top-of-the-line German Shepherds. All of the puppies come from purebred lines which are imported from Europe.

This breeder is also recognized by the American Kennel Club as a responsible German Shepherd breeder. Most of their puppies are trained in a nursery inside the owners home together with the parent dog.

The other German Shepherds are held in a farm facility near Orlando, Florida where they are kept and trained.

All of their puppies are AKC registered and undergo health check-ups including vaccination and deworming. You can also ask for their detailed health records. They also use microchips for their pups.

A lifetime genetic health guarantee is also included upon purchase.

South Florida Shepherds breeds GSDs to improve the behavior, temperament, and health of the breeds line. If you are looking for GSDs with good health and character, you might as well try to contact them.

South Florida Breeder Information and Details:

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More About German Shepherds In Maryland

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in Maryland and for a good reason. They are loyal, intelligent, and make great companions. If youre thinking about getting a German Shepherd, you should know a few things first. German Shepherds need plenty of exercise, so be prepared to take them for long walks or runs every day.

They also need plenty of mental stimulation, so be sure to give them plenty of toys and puzzles to solve. German Shepherds can be aggressive with other dogs, so its essential to socialize them early and often if you have other pets in your home. However, proper training and socialization can get along great with other animals.

German Shepherds are also known for their intelligence and obedience, so they are an excellent breed for people interested in training their dogs. They can be taught to perform a variety of tricks and commands, making them a pleasure to own.

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Von Den Oher Tannen German Shepherd Dogs Hogansville Georgia

Von Den Oher Tannen German Shepherd Dogs strive to provide every family with a top-notch GSD. They register every dog with the AKC, and theyre all HEART certified. The puppies come from proven bloodlines and are well-tempered for family companions or protection dogs. In addition, they sell pet supplies so you can get everything you need for your new furry friend in one place.

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Vom Davis German Shepherds

Vom Davis German Shepherds are breeders of top quality Working Line German Shepherds imported from Czech Republic and Slovakia. They also provide information about dogs father and mother.

The pricing is not revealed. You can contact them via the phone number and email given on the website.


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Pink Pedigree Or White Pedigree Papers

GSD Stud Alex

Some breeders like to advertise their puppies as having pink pedigree papers. And charge a higher price tag for these pups.

A pink pedigree means that the dam and sire have both been breed surveyed.

They have passed strict tests that involve temperament and protection work.

The thing here is, a pup with pink papers is not necessarily of a higher quality than a pup with white papers.

Heres why

Parents with a show grading of G can be breed surveyed and therefore have pups with a pink pedigree.

Even although the parents meet only the minimum breed standard.

On the flip side, you could find parents who grade V or SG . But because they have not been breed surveyed, their pup has white papers.

So if you come across a breeder advertising pink papers, ask to see the show grading and breed survey results of the parents before forking out the extra cash.

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