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Are German Shepherds The Smartest Dogs

German Shepherds In The Military

Big and Smart German Shepherd Dog

Military units the world over choose the German Shepherd Dog for its amazing ability to thrive in complex environments.;

German Shepherds are generally reserved for Specialized Search Dogs, which are a distinct class of dogs trained to work off-leash at long distances from their handler in order to detect explosives. They work by hand signals, and in the United States Marines can also receive instructions through radio receivers they wear on their backs to communicate with their handler.;

If youre wondering how intelligent are German Shepherds as a military dog, then consider these military facts about German Shepherds

According to an information sheet from the military working dog unit , two of the most common breeds in the military are the German Shepherd and the Belgian Malinois, which have the best overall combination of keen sense of smell, endurance, speed, strength, courage, intelligence, and adaptability to almost any climatic condition.;

German Shepherds are so highly intelligent they are still a top choice for protection work and have served in World Wars as one of the most popular dog breed choices for military duty.

Thus, the GSD is a chameleon capable of responding under high-stress expectations during times of war and other peace-keeping missions. This intelligent dog is a life-saver in times of battle and puts their life first before their handlers.

Noble Facts About German Shepherds

Intelligent, agile, and spirited, the German Shepherd is the ultimate service dog. Theres a lot underneath that thick coat of fur you might not know.;

1. Germans standardized the breed .;

In 1889, breeder Max von Stephanitz noticed a wolf-like dog with yellow and black markings at a dog show in western Germany. Impressed by the poochs intelligence and discipline, the breeder purchased the dog and changed its name from from Hektor Linksrhein to Horand von Grafrath. Von Stephanitz then started the German Shepherd Dog Club and set up guidelines for the breeds standard. His motto for the breed was “utility and intelligence”; good looks came second.

2. They work like dogs.

As Germany became more industrialized, von Stephanitz realized that the need for his dogs might decline. To maintain their relevance, he worked with police and other service workers to secure a place for the dogs in the working force. Since they had been bred to be highly intelligent and athletic, they were easy to train and were;tireless workers. Thanks to von Stephanitzs help, the diligent canines found work as messengers and guards.

3. World War I brought German Shepherds out West.

During the war, Germans used the dogs for a number of purposes. Mercy dogs brought first aid to wounded soldiers after battle and would stay near mortally injured soldiers to keep them company as they passed away. Others delivered messages or worked as guard dogs.

4. America loves them.

5. They really are smart.

The Smartest Dog Breeds

Every pet owner thinks that their dog is a genius. However, some breeds really are;above average in the smarts department.

A dogs intelligence is usually evaluated by its ability to learn new commands quickly, problem-solving capabilities and level of obedience. But if your;pup is more the stubborn type, or isnt quite as bright, just remember that smart canines can sometimes be challenging pets. Besides, a dog doesnt need to be an Einstein to shower you with affection;and be a terrific companion!

With that said, here are some of the smartest canine breeds around.

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German Shepherd Intelligence Rank

The American Kennel Club consistently lists the German Shepherd Dog as one of the;smartest breeds of dogs. But one of the most compelling evidence of the GSDs intelligence is a study led by Stanley Coren, a canine psychologist and author of The Intelligence of Dogs, among other books.

In an effort to rank dog breeds according to intelligence, Coren engaged obedience trial judges from the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club. The goal was to judge a breeds working intelligence, or a breeds ability to learn from humans. They did so by evaluating dogs based on specific criteria:

  • The number of repetitions it takes for a breed to learn a new command.
  • The rate at which the breed obeys a command they already know on the first try.

Every breed was evaluated at least 100 times, and the German Shepherd was ranked as the 3rd most intelligent dog breed. It is preceded only by the Border Collie and the Poodle, which rank 1st and 2nd, respectively.

Based on this study, the top 10 smartest dog breeds are:

1.;;;; Border Collie

9.;;;; Rottweiler

10. Australian Cattle Dog

Landing in this top 10 list means the German Shepherd has proven to learn a new command in fewer than 5 exposures and obeys a known command at least 95% of the time. Thats a testament to the GSDs superior working intelligence.

Dealing With Smart German Shepherds

10 Smartest Dog Breeds 2. German Shepherds are extremely ...

German Shepherds are crazy smart, no doubt. But raising a smart dog breed isnt always ideal for every person. With higher intelligence, comes more responsibilities. Smarter dogs, like the GSD, will need extra care and attention.

Because German Shepherds are so intelligent, they require a ton of mental stimulation. It makes a lot of sense, as dogs with higher mental capacities need more mental activities. Without daily mental activities, GSDs may exhibit destructive behavior.

Mental stimulation can come in many forms, such as brain games, obedience training and dog puzzles. And while obedience training may seem to be the most obvious, not all owners have the time to provide hours of training a day. The solution: puzzles and toys.

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They Get Bored Easily

Despite their drive and eagerness to please, youll need to exert a lot of effort in keeping them engaged. Apart from mental and physical stimulation, you must provide enough motivation for them to learn and listen. Their tendency to tire of things easily might also mean youll need to change toys and treats more often.

The Link Between German Shepherd And Wolf

Although little evidence has been found showing that the German Shepherd and is more closely related to the wolf than other breeds, it does share physical similarities.

Apart from the Siberian Husky, the German Shepherd looks the most similar to its distant relative. But, did this breed hold onto the intelligence you would find in a Grey wolf?

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German Shepherd Health Nutrition By Royal Canin

Good nutrition is vital to a happy and ;well-performing dog. German Shepherds have uniquely high mental and ;physical activity levels. That means that they require specific food ;which is high in energy and nutrients. Royal CANIN is a world leader in ;high quality dog food and has poured years of research and expertise ;into this food. it contains all the daily ingredients your GSD needs to ;be the best dog he/she can be.

How Can I Adopt A Smart Dog

Most Intelligent Dog German Shepherd || Better Than Humans. Dangerous ?
  • Review Dog Breeds: General dog breed information is a great place to start considering which breed maybe your pet match, because remember, each pet is an individual.
  • Consider Your Needs: Review your household and your individual needs.
  • Visit Local Shelters: Visiting your local animal shelter and meeting a dog can be an excellent chance to explore a pet match further.
  • Review Adoptable Pets Online: Help an adoptable dog find a forever home on Petfinder and search adoptable pets in your area.
  • Because intelligence can be measured in many ways, this list focuses on dogs who understand commands in less than five repetitions and obeyed them 95% of the time or better. Check out the top ten smartest dog breeds.

    • Smart, Energetic Dog: This breed is notably known for being high-energy herding dogs.
    • Origins: The Collie comes from Northumberland, an area between England and Scotland.
    • Incredible Stamina: This highly intelligent breed thrives when they receive rigorous exercise.

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    Are German Shepherds Intelligent Dogs

    Thinking to adopt a German Shepherd and want and wondering whether German Shepherd is an intelligent dog breed?According to dog experts, German Shepherd Dogs score out of 5 in the scale of intelligent dog breeds.

    The Popularity Of The German Shepherd Dog

    The likelihood of the average person at least knowing what a German Shepherd looks like is relatively high due to their fame and formidable acts of service.

    The iconic German Shepherd appearance, as presented by the American Kennel Club, is a dense straight coat with a mixture of black, tan, and brown coloration.

    The ears are erect and the back generally slopes slightly downward. Overall, this breed takes on a noble and agile character.

    But how popular is the German Shepherd to the public?

    Intelligence is one of the ways in which dogs have been ranked. They have also been ordered by their overall popularity.

    Readers Digest compiled data and found the German Shepherd to be the second most popular dog in North America. This is vastly due to their loyalty, intelligence, and hard-working nature.

    German Shepherds have always been a top choice. Dogtime reveals that three out of the five most famous war dogs were this breed.

    According to The Bark, a dog culture magazine, the first guide dog was a German Shepherd named Buddy.

    This breed further proved its popularity in various media roles such as Rin-Tin-Tin and Bullet on the Roy Rogers show.

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    Ultimate Utility Dog Intelligence

    Instinctive intelligence refers to the natural ability or innate skill that the dog was originally bred for. In the past, all dogs were bred for a specific role or purpose. In addition, few dogs were actually bred for solely companionship.

    For example, Welsh Corgis were bred to herd cattle, sheep and other farm livestock. But without little to no human training or intervention, Corgis are able to instinctively round up and drive livestock in a desired direction. That is their instinctive intelligence.

    Likewise, German Shepherds were bred to be the ultimate utility dogs. In other words, they could do it all as a multi-purpose working dog. That being said, their instinctively intelligence is in herding and livestock guarding.

    German Shepherds did, and excelled, at almost everything. They were used as herding dogs, sheep guards, police dogs, therapy dogs and much more.

    Gail Norris, a German Shepherd owner tells us,every night as soon as I got into bed and turned off the light, she would go through every room of the house, stopping to push aside the living room drapes with her head, and letting out a menacing growl. Once Sheba was satisfied that no one was lurking around, we settled down for the night.

    This example shows Shebas instincts to guard and protect. No one taught him that. Rather, GSDs will have the instincts to guard and protect the family, which explains why theyre regarded as such a loyal breed. Its all part of their high instinctive intelligence.

    German Shepherd Dogs And Their Keen Sense Of Smell

    Top 50 Smartest German Shepherds Dogs In The World ...

    German Shepherd Dogs are valued for their sharp sense of smell. Their expertise to identify trace chemicals that are entirely beyond human and complex mechanical detection is well established.;

    How good is their sense of smell?

    Well, a German Shepherds sense of smell is so powerful that with just six months of training, a pair of German Shepherds became 100% accurate in identifying breast cancer . If thats not amazing enough, in 2015, two German shepherds were trained to detect prostate cancer, and they were correct more than 95% of the time 04573-X/abstract” rel=”nofollow”>source).;

    These accuracy rates are better than modern scientific testing thats currently on the market!

    And, while many of us are privileged enough to have access to state-of-the-art hospitals, others are in dire need. So, having a German Shepherd journey to remote villages to warn of medical issues is easier and less expensive than building new hospitals or expensive tests that many cant afford.

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    German Shepherd Dogs Are Protective Of Their Loved Ones

    They are known for being fearless and self-confident. GSDs will assertively stand their ground and are suited to be either watchdog or guardian, whichever the situation demands. They can be aloof with strangers yet are not hostile. This natural protective instinct is reassuring to the German Shepherd owner. But it also comes with a certain responsibility. You should be committed to spending time socializing and training your dog to ensure your companion feels comfortable around strangers and other dogs. If you do, you will benefit from all this dog has to offer.

    What To Do If You Find A Lost German Shepherd

    If you find a German Shepherd Dog or any other pet and it does not have an identification tag with a phone number, you can:2. Report the missing pet on the .3. Contact the Local Authority to collect the lost animal.4. Take the pet to the local Animal Pound assigned to your area.5. Take the animal to the local Vet Clinic who usually scan the animalâs microchip and locate the registered pet owner.

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    Be In Tune With Your Dog

    As you spend more time with your dog, pay attention and observe them closely. Youll notice that they have their own ways to communicate with you.

    If you make an effort to listen and figure out what theyre trying to say, youll appreciate how communicative German Shepherds really are, and this is critical for successful training.

    The Basics Of German Shepherd Grooming

    Intelligent Dog Trick! (Must-See German Shepherd)

    The German Shepherd Dog has a thick, medium-length double coat that sheds, a lot and constantly, so much that even his fans call him a German shedder. The undercoat sheds heavily in spring and fall, and the German Shepherd must be brushed and bathed frequently during that time to get out all the loose hair. The rest of the year, weekly brushing is generally enough to keep him clean. If the German Shepherd is your breed of choice, purchase a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner; dont get a German Shepherd if you have allergies or are a fussy housekeeper.

    The rest is basic care. Trim his nails every few weeks, as needed, and brush his teeth frequently for good overall health and fresh breath.

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    Smart Toys For Smart German Shepherds

    Personally, I think smart toys and dog puzzles are great! Theyre perfect for those that cant spend hours a day with their GSDs. With that said, here are my favorite dog puzzles.

    One of my dogs all-time favorite is the StarMark Bob-A-Lot. Its an interactive bobble toy that requires your German Shepherd to tilt it a certain way to release his favorite treats.It comes with 2 chambers so you can put your dogs meal;and treats inside. For your German Shepherd, make sure to get a size large. If youre interested, I highly recommend checking it out at Amazon.

    A dog puzzle that my dogs absolutely love is the Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle. There are 3 variations, but I went with the Hide n Slide.Its a challenging puzzle where your German Shepherd needs to move the sliders to reach his favorite treats. Put in a few of his favorites and hell be all over it! I suggest you take a look at Amazon here.

    There are a;ton of fantastic puzzles and toys thatll help with your German Shepherds mental stimulation. If not what I recommended, I suggest you get them something.

    They Require More Attention

    Smart dogs require a certain level of devotion. You need to dedicate enough time and effort to stimulate their mental faculties. Otherwise, they might end up developing some destructive behaviors.

    Plus, smart breeds are usually high-energy dogs. So, they dont just need mental stimulation but lots of physical exercises as well.

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    Are German Shepherds Smart

    Yes, theres no doubt about it. German Shepherds are incredibly smart. Thats the reason why theyre the most popular working breeds. Some people speculate that their usefulness in a variety of canine applications is due to their strength and temperament. But the fact is that their intellect plays a huge role. How else could they be trained for all of the functions they serve?

    Military & Police Work

    Pin by The German Shepherd on German Shepherd:Part 30 ...

    The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds used in military and police work. Their build, temperament, tracking ability, and intelligence makes them reliable companions for patrolling, protection, and apprehension.

    They are also taught to use their remarkable scenting abilities to detect various things of interest to police, including bombs, drugs, and human remains.

    Heres a compilation of clips demonstrating the GSDs abilities in various police and military applications:

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    Provide Them The Right Chew Toys

    Chew toys provide your intelligent breed with plenty of stimulating ways to engage their minds while helping control their stress. If you want your GSD to learn how to calm their minds, then chew toys can help them release tension.

    These safe, non-toxic, and stimulating Chew Toys for German Shepherd Dogs are meant to satisfy their primal urges to gnaw and bite while releasing stress and anxiety.

    How Smart Is The German Shepherd Dog

    When searching for how smart a German Shepherd is, nearly all sources label these dogs on the higher end of cognition ability.

    A website devoted to providing dog information and resources, Vet Street, describes these dogs as being adaptable and intelligent.

    Under the breeds characteristics, they are ranked as 5 out of 5 total points for the intelligence category. This criterion is based on a dogs ability to problem-solve.

    Has the intelligence of the German Shepherd as a breed helped it to become more popular in the publics eyes?

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