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Are German Shepherds Hypoallergenic Dogs

Key Points To Consider When Buying The Best Dog Food For German Shepherds With Skin Allergies

Shepadoodle A Hypoallergenic German Shepherd Mix

The following are the factors you must consider when buying the best dog food for German shepherds:

At the time of buying dog food, make sure all the ingredients are sourced from reliable sources. Always buy quality dog food that has enriched with minerals and vitamins. When selecting the best dog food for German shepherds with

Check the Ingredients

skin allergies make ensure that it also contains vegetables and fruits that are high in antioxidants.

Ways To Reduce Allergens In Your Home You Share With A German Shepherd:

There are many ways you can help to reduce the allergens present in your home. Following these tips below will enable you to keep you home as allergen free as possible:

Pet free rooms: It is important you have somewhere you can escape to which is as free as it possible can be from allergens.

We recommend one of these rooms to be the bedroom of where the allergy sufferer sleeps. Although it is almost impossible to confine allergens to certain rooms it should hopefully help to limit the amount present. Which should help to provide a bit of relief at night, allowing for a more settled sleep.

Furniture: If there is a pet allergy sufferer in the home soft furnishings should be kept as pet free as possible.

If you want your German Shepherd to sit up on the couch with you a vinyl or leather material is best as this can easily be wiped down after to reduce the number of allergens.

If you have a fabric couch its best to place a washable throw over it before your German Shepherd comes to join you.

Toys and bed: Washing your German Shepherds toys and bed regularly will help to reduce the number of allergens present in the home.

So, when choosing a bed for your German Shepherd try to ensure it is entirely machine washable, or at least has a removable cover.

Vacuuming: Regularly vacuuming floors, walls, soft furnishings and your German Shepherd is a great way to reduce dander and other allergens in the home.

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Alternative Dog Breeds For People With Allergies

There are several hypoallergenic breeds of dog, but if you have your heart set on a German Shepherd, consider some hypoallergenic breeds that share some of their best qualities.

Pulis, Irish Water Spaniels, and Giant Schnauzers are all large breeds that are known to make great guard dogs watchful, courageous, protective, and fiercely loyal just like the German Shepherd!

Although not always as large, several Terrier breeds also have the fearlessness of the German Shepherd, with the added bonus of hypoallergenic coats. Hypoallergenic Terrier breeds include the Airedale Terrier, the Border Terrier, and the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier.

If you want the German Shepherds high energy, however, consider an Afghan Hound. Other than their size, the glamorous Afghan Hound may not appear to have much in common with German Shepherds at first glance their long, luscious, locks are a far cry from the German Shepherds short, coarse coat. However, they are just as high-energy and independently minded.

And yes, that super long fur is somehow hypoallergenic! It also takes a lot of grooming, especially in contrast with German Shepherd coats, but it is extremely low-shedding and wont cause an allergic reaction.

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Are Shepherd Mixes Good Dogs

17 German Shepherd Mixes: Mixed Breeds At The Top Of Their Class. The German Shepherd breed is generally considered one of the most intelligent, dedicated, loyal, and family orientated companions available in the doggy world. They make excellent guard dogs and usually get along very well with children.

How To Alleviate Dog Allergies At Home

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

There are some steps that you can take to make life with a dog much easier. Here are some suggestions from Dr. Hong.

  • Keep your dog out of your bedroom. This will help you breathe easier while youre resting or getting dressed. You can even use a HEPA air cleaner in your bedroom as an extra precaution.
  • If you have carpet and arent in a position to remove it, steam clean it frequently. If you have hardwood floors and use throw rugs, wash them in hot water regularly. Use a damp cloth on hard floors to pick up pet allergens.
  • If youve been around your dog or other dogs for an extended period of time, change your clothes right after to reduce the occurrence of an allergic reaction.
  • Cover bedroom vents with a dense filtering material like cheesecloth since air conditioning and heating can spread dander and other allergens throughout your home.
  • Use a HEPA filter for central heating and air conditioning units to contain pet allergens that might be floating around.
  • If you havent discussed your allergies in-depth with your healthcare provider, talk to them about treatment options like medicine or immunotherapy.
  • Bathe your dog regularly. Its possible to be allergic to the pollen on your dogs coat when they go outdoors.

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Vacuum Your Home Regularly

Their danders can get stuck into the corners where it can be very hard or even impossible to reach with your hand. That is why we would recommend you use a good powerful vacuum cleaner that can help you in reaching those places where you cant reach with your bare hands.You should vacuum your home regularly because if your German Shepherd is going to spend most of the time inside or indoor, that there will be some hairs and danders on the floor that needs to be cleaned.Adding to that, you need to ensure that you dont ignore any kind of corners because you can find their danders on every corner of your house which is not good and it needs to be vacuumed perfectly.If you dont know what would be a powerful vacuum cleaner that can help you even those places and can help you in sucking all the small particles that is impossible for a normal vacuum cleaner to clean that here is the recommended vacuum cleaners that you can consider to look on.We are not saying that it is the best one but it can be very effective in cleaning all the danders and shedding hair.

What Are The Common Food Allergies In German Shepherds

German Shepherds are prone to food allergies than other breeds proteins, primarily derived from dairy products and beef, lamb, chicken, chicken, eggs, soy, or gluten, are the most significant dietary allergies in dogs. When a pet consumes these ingredients, the antibodies react with the antigens that cause allergy symptoms.

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How To Help Your German Shepherd With Allergies

Allergies are unfortunately just as common in dogs as they are in humans. Some breeds of dog are more susceptible to developing allergies, and the German Shepherd is one of these.

It is believed that one in ten dogs will have to develop some type of allergy in their lifetime, and this number rises with German Shepherds.

Allergies can also be genetic, meaning that a German Shepherd with allergies is more likely to produce offspring who also have allergies.

Is The Shepadoodle Good With Children And Pets

Dog Training & Care : Treating a German Shepherd With Dry, Itchy Skin

The Shepadoodle is amazing with children and pets. This is a dog that is fun and loving and loves to be around all of the people in its family.

One problem with small children is the size of this dog and the dog could easily knock smaller children or toddlers down when playing.

Always teach your children how to touch and play with the Shepadoodle dog and never to pull its tail, fur or to take away its food or treats. Children should always be supervised around any pet breed.

This breed will get along with other pets that you have in your home. Always introduce your other pets to your Shepadoodle so that it can learn to love them right from the beginning. If your pet was not socialized at a young age, it may take a little longer for the breed to get to know the other pet, but it will be a fast and friendly bond.

Make sure you socialize your Shepadoodle puppy at a very young age to as many pets, animals, and people that you can so that it will grow up to love attention.

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How Many German Shepherd Mixes Are There

There are many German Shepherd mixes. German Shepherds are noted for their intelligence, loyalty, and urge to protect, so they are a popular parent breed for mixes.

The Dog Breed Info website provides a list of German Shepherd mixes. Unfortunately, many of them would be bad for people with allergies.

As already mentioned, German Shepherds tend to trigger allergic reactions in people. So do dogs like Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers.

Crossing a German Shepherd with either of these would produce a mix that would be just as likely to cause allergies as either parent breed.

The only way to produce a hypoallergenic German Shepherd mix is to cross a German Shepherd with a hypoallergenic dog like a Poodle. In fact, such a dog does exist.

The Shepadoodle is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Standard Poodle, which is the largest of the three poodles. It is the best-known and most common hypoallergenic German Shepherd mix.

Other German Shepherd mixes that might be hypoallergenic include the Sheptese and the German Yorkie Shepherd.

The Sheptese is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Maltese, while the German Yorkie Shepherd is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Yorkshire Terrier.

Some of the other terriers are also hypoallergenic, so crossing them with a German Shepherd could produce a hypoallergenic German Shepherd mix.

Wash Your Hands Often

Whenever you touch something that has pet-dander on it or move from a pet-space to a non-pet-space, wash your hands. You want to remove as much pet-dander as possible. Often, youll need to scrub your hands quite well hand sanitizer often wont be enough.

Allergic reactions usually wont start until you get dander on your face. Usually, this is done your face with a dander-infected hand. If you wash your hands often, you can avoid this. Prevent touching your face when you havent washed your hands.

If youve rolled around on the ground with your dog, you may want to take a quick shower. This isnt always necessary for every interaction, but it can be quite helpful whenever you may have been heavily exposed to dander.

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Your Daily Allergic Controllers

  • Brush your dog daily, especially during shedding season in a ventilated area or outdoors. You can wear a mask or ask a non-allergic member to do it.
  • Invest in a vacuum cleaner and use it regularly to remove the floating furballs and dander around the home.
  • Protect your seld from dag dander by covering your bedspread with an extra sheet on top that you can remove when sleeping.

Why German Shepherd Food Requirements Are Different From Other Dogs

The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds for Service

German shepherd dogs have large chests and are very active breeding dogs. These traits make their dietary requirements unique from other breed dogs.

Because of their high-calorie requirements, they are high-energy and hard-working animals.

Unfortunately, German shepherds are susceptible to bloat, a life-threatening disease. Foods rich in fillers, chemicals, and low-quality ingredients, such as those made with too much maize, wheat, oats, or rice, might accelerate the disease and affect the growth of your dog.

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What Are The Worst Dog Breeds For Allergy Sufferers

If theres what so-called hypoallergenic dog breed, then there is also whats called allergenic dog breed. These dogs produce more allergens than other dogs, so theyre particularly problematic for people with allergies.

If you have a bad allergy to dander, youll want to stay away from German Shepherds because they are more like to develop dry skin, which directly affecting the amount of hair loss and the resulting dander they produce. Dobermans, huskies, and labrador retrievers are also among those dogs who shed more hair and dander.

If you are allergic to saliva rather than dander, you will want to avoid extremely slobbery dogs. In this category, youll find:

  • Bernese Mountain Dog

Do German Shepherd Collie Mixes Shed A Lot

German Shepherd Collie Mixes have a reputation as relatively high shedding dogs. So you can expect to find quite a substantial amount of dog hair around the house.

A Shollie will need daily brushing to maintain the quality of their beautiful coats. Daily grooming can help to remove dead hair as well as debris and allergens such as pollen.

German Shepherd Collie Mixes will blow out their coat twice a year. This can be a very challenging time for a dog owner!

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The German Shedder Dog

Millions of people love German Shepherds for good reasons. They are extremely intelligent. They love to please their humans.

They are good with children and affectionate when they are with the family. They display legendary loyalty and courage.

But German Shepherds have also earned their nickname German Shedder.

The amount of shedding differs from dog to dog, but its fair to say no German Shepherd is a low-maintenance dog.

Thats especially true of German Shepherds with long hair.

History Of The German Shepherd

Cesar Millan Calms Down Aggressive German Shepherd With Rollerblading

The first German Shepherd was presented at Hanover, Germany, in 1882 after being bred in Karlsruhe. The objective was to produce a dog that was as handsome as it was responsive and obedient. Many different breeds combined to create the German Shepherd, including various local farm and herding dogs. The sheer variety in coat length and texture resulted in variation along the Shepherd lines. Originally, the Shepherd had longer hair, and in 1889 the first short-haired Shepherd was presented in Berlin.

The first dog recognized as a German Shepherd was registered in April of 1899 by Captain Max von Stephanitz. They continued to be shown as a wire-haired and a long-haired breed up until 1915. These days, only the short-haired German Shepherd is shown. In 1908, the German Shepherd became an American Kennel Club-recognized breed in the herding class.

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Why Are German Shepherds Bad For Allergies

Believe it or not its isnt because of their fur. Lots of people assume its the dogs fur which causes allergies when in fact most allergic reactions are caused by dander .

German Shepherds naturally have dry skin which often causes excessive amount of dander. It is also common for people to be allergic to the proteins found in all dogs saliva, urine and sweat.

Although its not the fur itself which causes the allergies when a dog malts its fur it will carry some of the dander and proteins in it.

German Shepherds have a double coat which means they not only malt every day of the year, they also twice a year will shed their full undercoat . Their fur can also trap and carry other allergies such as pollen or dust.

Eliminating The Source Of The Allergy:

The ideal and often simplest way to treat an allergy is to remove the cause, for example by modifying the diet or using flea control products regularly. Insect allergies are probably the simplest to treat a good flea prevention strategy including treating the dog and household environment should be sufficient to keep these pests away from your pet.

Eliminating the trigger in food allergies can also be simple the hard work lies in the initial detective work to identify the source of the allergic response. There are many diets available for dogs with allergies. These may be marketed as hypoallergenic, meaning the proteins have been modified to reduce the allergic response or other diets are available which contain just a single source of protein and carbohydrate, such as turkey and potato.

Environmental sources of allergens can be much trickier to eliminate, even if the source can be identified. Veterinary tests may show that your German Shepherd is allergic to specific types of pollen, such as grass or flowers.

Even if you could limit direct contact to these allergens you may find it almost impossible to eliminate airborne particles. Consider modifying your exercise routes or areas to avoid allergen hotspots, and avoid walking your dog at times of day when the pollen count will be higher, such as early morning.

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Keep Your Pet Healthy

Dry skin on a dog could be caused by:

  • Cold weather
  • Dirt
  • Even the number of baths you give them

However, sometimes dry skin is an indicator for an underlying condition. Strangely enough, dry skin for a dog could be caused by allergies including:

  • Pollen

More crucial issues can cause dry skin including:

  • Skin mites
  • Undernutrition
  • Thyroid issues

The best way to prevent these issues is to give your dog quality dog food that suffices their nutrition. Preventative treatments for fleas and ticks will also do wonders for your dogs skin and hair health.

What Does An Allergy Mean For German Shepherd

German Shepherd

An allergy is when the bodys immune system responds inappropriately to a substance, causing a reaction to something which normally would not pose a threat to the body.

The substances which trigger an allergic reaction in dogs include things such as different types of food, insect bites, medications, or environmental triggers such as dust or pollen.

The allergic reaction to this substance can cause a wide range of symptoms which may affect different body systems including the skin, eyes, ears and digestive system.

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Invest In An Air Filtration System

An air filtration system is another great option for reducing the pet dander in your home. These systems filter out the dander and dirt in the air that is known to cause allergies, so there is less of it in your home.

They even make systems specifically designed to handle pet dander, so it is worth a try if you want a GSD but suffer from pet allergies.


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