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Are German Shepherds Good For First Time Owners

Can German Shepherds Be Left Alone At Home


If you live alone and work the normal 8-hour shift, its inevitable that your German Shepherd will be left alone at home.

As a rule of thumb, adult GSDs can be left alone for amaximum of four hours. Any longer than that and they may start to become bored, chewing off on your furniture, and whining.

Puppies, depending on their age, can only be left alone for a maximum of three hours. Any longer and they will pee everywhere as they still have little control over their bladders.

GSDs also become very attached to their owners, so they are prone to experiencing separation anxiety and distress if you leave them for prolonged hours.

As you can see in the video below, after her owners leave, a German Shepherd doesnt do much but roam around and wait for her humans to come back.

If the situation cannot be avoided because of your work schedule, you can adopt ways to minimize distress in your dog while keeping her cared for.

  • Expend your dogs energy before you leave the house so that shes inclined to sleep all day.
  • Make sure to leave her with enough water and food.
  • Using a crate is also beneficial, because theres always the chance that your dog may wreak havoc no matter how well-trained she is.
  • Leave her with toys or turn the TV on to keep her entertained.

Of course, you can always hire a dog-sitter or ask someone to watch over your dog while you are away.

You may also consider working from home if circumstances permit.

What You Need To Consider Before Getting A German Shepherd Dog

Although most German shepherds share many same or similar characteristics, they are not all alike. Today, you will find a wide array of German shepherds of all different temperaments , energy levels , conformations, and health issues.

In my opinion, understanding a dogs temperament is probably the single most important thing any aspiring dog owner should do before deciding which dog breed to bring home. You need to mull over what kind of dogs personality would fit in with you and your family.;

If you select a dog with a very different temperament from you, the two of you will clash from time to time, and the relationship will suffer as a result. In the end, you may have to return your dog to the shelter or rescue group, which can be a very disheartening experience for him.;

Lets take a look at some examples.

A hallmark of German shepherd dogs is their unswerving loyalty that is unlike any other dog breed in existence. German shepherds are known as one-person dogs that have and will die for their owners. This is a relationship that you want to have if you are a police officer or work in a related field.;

However, if you get your shepherd for a family pet, you will want him to listen to the whole family, not just you. Therefore, if you decide to adopt a German shepherd, you will likely need to spend more time than you would like working on his socialization skills.

Consider Your Future Plans

A German Shepherd can reach beyond 10 years if taken care of properly. They become a part of your family as much as you are part of their pack.

This means taking your dog wherever life takes you.

If youre moving to another place, make sure you can take your dog.;

There are cases when owners leave German Shepherds in shelters. Thats because the dog is not welcome in the new place.

This is especially true in apartments. Landlords usually do not allow German Shepherds. For the simple reason that they are big dogs.;

If youre unsure about where you might end up in years, delay getting a German Shepherd.;

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German Shepherds Will Explore Everything With Their Noses

Youll find evidence of their very thorough sniffing everywhere walls, doors, windows, and more. All dogs have a better sense of smell than humans 10,000 to 100,000 times better in fact thanks to having millions more scent receptors. But compared to other breeds, the GSD ranks near the top in scenting ability. Its no wonder they make such great police and detection dogs. Among many other jobs, GSDs are known for their bomb and drug sniffing work, tracking, and Search and Rescue.

German Shepherds Are Natural Guard Dogs

First time DOG owner

Without proper socialization, this can sometimes turn into territorial behavior and even aggression toward strangers and other dogs. Adopting an older German shepherd means you dont know if their previous owner took the time to socialize them. This is a risk potential GSD adopters need to be aware of so they can take the necessary precautions when bringing guests and other dogs onto their property.

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Gsd Can Be Disobedient

Disobedience problems are prevalent in German Shepherd Dogs. Even for experienced owners, it becomes difficult to control a German Shepherd Dog.

To command a German Shepherd dog, you have to be a Leader; otherwise, most of the times the GSD will ignore your Commands.

New owners usually are not able to act as a boss and leader. Lack of leadership can cause a lot of disobedience problems with dogs, and for first-time dog owners, it can be very frustrating.

German Shepherds Shed A Lot

They are not called the German Shedders for nothing.

German Shepherds are double-coated. They have a thick undercoat and a dense topcoat.;

This means a lot of fur.

And they continuously shed all year round. But come spring and fall, they blow coats like crazy.;

You have to live with it when you have a German Shepherd.

To help with cleaning the fur, consider investing in a strong vacuum cleaner. Youll end up vacuuming every now and then to keep your house clean.

Although you cant do anything about it, you can help keep your dogs coat healthy. Do so by brushing them at least twice a week.

Then use a big comb to rake their coats during the shedding season. This helps avoid matting and dead hair.

It also helps to keep their skin healthy, particularly since theyre prone to dry skin. This is due to bathing them too much or not enough. Dry skin develops, leading to them scratching.;

Note:;Pick a dog shampoo for sensitive skin. If unsure, consult your vet for the best choice of shampoo.

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German Shepherds Are Actually Made Of Velcro

It is a little-known fact about German shepherds that they are actually made of Velcro . While not all shepherds are clingy, you can be sure your GSD will never be too far from you, whether you are going to the bathroom, taking a shower, gardening, watching TV, cooking or taking a nap. GSDs take loyalty very seriously.

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They Need A Lot Of Daily Exercise

Are working line German Shepherd Good for First time dog owners????

German Shepherds are the perfect fit for anyone with an active lifestyle that wants to take their dog with them on their adventures! Adult German Shepherds require a ton of exercise, a minimum of two hours per day, to get rid of their pent-up energy and prevent behavioral problems.

This exercise should not only include walks but also running off-lead in a safe area. They also need playtime for mental stimulation and ongoing training.

Remember, puppies will need to gently build up to this amount of exercise to prevent harm to their fast-growing joints and bones. As a general rule, aim for exercising your puppy for five minutes per month of age, twice a day. .

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Feeding A German Shepherd

An adult male German Shepherd can weigh between 66 to 88 pounds, while a female can weigh between 49 to 71 pounds. That is one heavy dog, and this big size means big food portions!

German Shepherds are highly active dogs, so their diet should address a higher caloric need. As a potential owner of a GSD, you need to make sure that the nutritional requirements of your energetic dog will be met.

Best Tips For Owning A German Shepherd

Thinking about getting a German Shepherd? Well, before you get the puppy, you need to know about a lot of things, especially when you are a first-time owner. Owning a pet means you need to train them properly. And it comes to German Shepherd puppies, they need extra attention from the beginning.;

There are some simple tips that you need to follow to train your puppy. In addition, you have to consider some essential things such as choosing the right food and giving proper training. By reading this article, you will find out some effective tips that can make you a better owner. Lets get started.;

1.Guide Your Puppy

The first thing you need to do is guiding your puppy properly. Similarly, make sure you are not forcing them while guiding. Your puppy can be shy meeting people at first, so try to be friendly with him when you have guests. On the other hand, tell the guest not to reach for your puppy.

2.Teach Your German Shepherd to Use Mouth Properly

There are some common habits among German Shepherd puppies as they chew on everything including your shoes, carpets, toys, even your hands. Well, its normal behavior from puppies. At this age, they want to explore everything with their mouth. However, your puppy can get over it if you are training him properly.

3.Potty Training

4.Your Puppy Needs to Learn From Different Places

5.Teach Your Puppy to Ask For Permission

6.Give Your Puppy a Job

7.Communicate With Your German Shepherd

8.Choose The Right Food


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What Makes A Good First Dog

Any dog can be your first dog. There is no such thing as a bad dog as it usually comes down to poor training and socialization by the owner, right from puppyhood. Some breeds are easier for first-time dog owners, while others require a little more time and patience whilst training.

It really does all depend on you and whether the breed is suited to your lifestyle. For example, if you are inactive and live in an apartment, then a toy dog such as a chihuahua will be more suitable than if you were looking for a loyal and protective dog that requires a lot of exercise, such as the German Shepherd!

You must be able to provide your dog with all of his exercise needs, play, and care as this will prevent any future behavior problems, for example, destructive chewing.

So, what makes a good first dog, anyway? Well, the best breeds for good first dogs are those that are considered easy to train, highly intelligent, get along well with other dogs and people, are loyal and protective, and have good general health.

Can A German Shepherd Get Along With My Cat

Is German Shepherd Good For First Time Owners

If you have an cat and youre planning to get a GSD as your first canine addition to the family, youll need to consider whether the two will get along well.

Teaching your new puppy to get along with your cat might be a bit trickier than introducing her to your kids. Most German Shepherds will get along nicely with cats, although many are still fearful and aggressive towards these furry felines.

The key here is, again, socialization.

As we often reiterate in this blog, socialization is the most important part of training that you shouldnt overlook if you want your GSD to behave well with other creatures humans and animals alike.

With cats, its important that you do not force them to interact as soon as you get your puppy home.

Take it slow, making sure that your puppy is leashed so that you can at least control the situation. And never leave the two alone unsupervised if you want to avoid scratches on your puppys face!

Introduce your GSD to other cats as well. The more frequently she is exposed she is to other animals, the more she will realize that they are not enemies.

Unfortunately, even if youve trained and socialized your dog well, theres always the chance that she and your cat will never get along.

These two animals have very different personalities that may not mesh well together. In that case, you may want to employ the help of a veterinarian or an animal trainer for expert guidance specific to your dog and cat.

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How Big Are German Shepherds

Males stand about 24-26 inches at the shoulder and weigh 75-110 pounds.

Females stand about 22-24 inches and weigh 65-90 pounds.

Some German Shepherds are considerably larger than that, but shouldn’t be. This breed is supposed to be athletic and agile, not giant-sized and ponderous. Larger dogs can have more joint problems and a shorter lifespan.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This gentle, affectionate Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is known for being adaptable and good with all sorts of people from young children to the elderly. The Cav is very trainable and open with strangers. While they do need regular grooming and an average amount of exercise, they are overall a low-maintenance breed.

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Are German Shepherds Good For First Time Owners Exclusive

Acquiring your first pet can be intimidating, especially if itâs a large breed that requires extra care and attention, such as a German Shepherd.

Your heart might be set on getting a German Shepherd. Therefore, you must first consider whether it is suitable for a first-time owner and if it will fit into your style of living.

Are German Shepherds Good for First Time Owners? YES! Getting a German Shepherd dog as a first-time pet is an excellent choice. German shepherds are an intelligent, friendly, and highly trainable, which makes them excellent companions.

However, Itâs important to know that dogs arenât something you buy to make yourself look classy and efficiently care for.

They require much time, love and commitment. Therefore, you should consider why you want a German Shepherd in the first place.

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German Shepherds Are Sloppy Family Members

Should I get a German Shepherd as a first time owner?

Create a set routine and schedule and stick to it to avoid accidents and train your puppy faster.

Say hello to your new sloppy family member

Your German Shepherd!

They not only shed everywhere, but also dump water out when drinking, spill their food and

Have total disrespect for your carpets!

As a first time German Shepherd owner, heres your crash course in house training your new dog:

  • Take your puppy out every 2 to 3 hours and especially first thing in the morning, after eating, after play or exercise, and right before their bedtime.
  • Puppies, like a toddler, will have accidents because they dont have full control of their bladders at first.
  • You must have them in a secure area or watch them all the time to avoid any accidents.
  • Dont yell or push their face into the mess!
  • Its your fault for not watching your dog, reading their body cues, or sticking to a routine.;

Theres so much to know about house training your new family member that youll be surprised what you dont know after you read the full guide to potty training your German Shepherd.

No matter what you will clean up some kind of bodily function when owning a German Shepherd. So, do yourself a favor and stock up on pet stain and odor remover!

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German Shepherds Are Active

German Shepherds have high energy levels. They can spend their whole days outdoor. If you love jogging, hiking and hunting, German Shepherds are one of the best companions you can have. If you have children at home, they can play with German Shepherds as long as they can because these dogs don’t get tired easily.

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids

If youre hesitating to get a German Shepherd for your family for fear that the dog may not get along well with your kid, worry not!

AGerman Shepherd can be a terrific canine companion for your kids.

However, while their loyalty is unmatched, making them good protectors, you must understand that this high drive to protect, under the wrong circumstances, can become dangerous, too.

A dogs breed can determine its potential temperament, but it is also highly dependent on how its raised by the owner.

Since German Shepherds are inherently protective, they can easily get aggressive with kids if they have not been trained and socialized properly.

A successful and rewarding relationship between your kid and your GSD is possible if you keep the following points in check:

A German Shepherd can be your childs best friend, but it all boils down to training, socialization, and teaching your child how to respect your dog.

For a complete guide on German Shepherds and kids, make sure to read this great article which covers this topic in-depth.

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What Do German Shepherds Need From Their Owners

German Shepherds were first bred to work for people and they have retained the trait to be good with people. But that does not mean they can take care of themselves. This breed has certain demands that are specific to their temperament, energy level, and build.;

In general, here are what German Shepherds will need from their owner:

#1 German Shepherds will grow into large dogs and need enough room to move around, and they require 1-2 hours of daily exercise. A GSD is not the breed that will sit on your lap while you watch TV all day.

#2 They need proper training and socialization from as early as 8 weeks on. Otherwise, they may become over-protective, aggressive or develop other behavioral problems such as constant barking.

#3 They can get bored easily and should not be left alone for more than 4 hours . This means you may need to have dog sitters/walkers, friends or neighbors come over to keep them busy during the day if you work a 9-5 job.

#4 German Shepherds are pack animals, they need a strong alpha leader to establish rules and boundaries to help them understand their place in the pack. Of course, that alpha leader is supposed to be you!

#5 Most important of all, like any other dogs, your German Shepherd will need a lot of your love and patience. GSDs have sensitive stomachs and may swallow things hes not supposed to. He may need you to take them to the vet from time to time, just like a child.


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