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Are German Shepherds A Dangerous Breed

How To Prevent Your German Shepherd Being Dangerous


No one wants to entertain a dangerous dog in their home. So you need to take the necessary steps to prevent your dog from becoming dangerous. Here are some of the things you do to prevent your German shepherd from becoming dangerous. A dangerous dog is not only a hazard to you but to the general public. So you want to make sure things dont get out of control before doing something about it.

Things That Can Lead To Aggression In Any Dog

Its important to note that its wrong to label every dog of any particular breed aggressive. Sure, some breeds are more prone to aggression, but its unfair to label every dog of a certain breed aggressive.

Aggression is a reaction or outward expression of emotions. Generally, these are the things that can trigger aggression in all dogs, including German Shepherds:

Why German Shepherds Are Not Good Pets

German Shepherds, like any large breed, are prone to canine hip dysplasia, a crippling and potentially fatal disease. Good GSD rescuers will also be aware of such problems, and whether the rescued dog youre considering has shown symptoms of or has been treated for any health issues while with the rescue.28 Sept 2014

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Surviving A German Shepherd Attack

  • Avoid an aggressive-looking German Shepherd. Stay away ifpossible! However, if an aggressive dog does approach you, DO NOT:make any sudden movements, run away, turn your back, or make eyecontact. If the dog loses interest, back away slowly.
  • If the dog attacks, use something as a shield. Use anythingyou can as a buffer between yourself and the dogs teeth, from abackpack to a purse. Wrap your arm in clothing and hold that out infront of you if you have nothing else. Let the dog latch ontosomething other than your flesh.
  • Try not to put anyone else in danger, but youmight well need help to escape a sustained German Shepherdattack.
  • Stay on your feet and fight back if needed. Fighting backshould be a last resort, because it can make a dog attack moreferocious. If you are left with no other options, hit or kick atsensitive areas, and use anything you can as a weapon. Dogs are mostdangerous when their victims are on the ground. If you are knocked offyour feet, protect your neck and extremities.
  • Get to safety. Climb to an out-of-reach high point if you can,such as the top of a wall or a car. Even better, put a solid door orwall between yourself and the dog.
  • Other Names For The German Shepherd

    Top 5 Most Dangerous Breeds of Dog!

    The German Shepherd was first developed in Germany in 1899 by Horand von Grafrath, and the breed was called Deutscher Schäferhund in German. Although they are best known as “German Shepherds” , they are also recognized by other names.

    • Alsatian

    German Shepherds are often banned in countries that identify them as “aggressive.”

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    Shin Makiyayin Jamus Zai Iya Kashe Kyarkeci

    Makiyayi Bajamushe ba zai iya doke kyarkeci ba a cikin faa kuma wataila zai iya jure wa munanan raunuka ko kuma a kashe shi yayin farmakin kyarkeci. Kodayake suna da arfi sosai, Makiyayan Jamusawa ba su da kayan jikin da ake buata don tsayayya da cizon kyarkeci ko kuma tilasta tilasta kyarkeci ya koma baya.

    Make Sure Your German Shepherd Gets An Adequate Amount Of Exercise

    Aggressive behavior is very common in German Shepherds that are not getting enough exercise. To avoid this problem, make sure your dog gets a good amount of exercise and physical activity every day to help release their pent-up energy. They should have some time during the day where they can run off-leash or chase a ball.

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    What Are The Characteristics Of German Shepherds

    German Shepherds are confident, courageous, intelligent and gentle, although it can take them some time to make friends. Due to history of herding, they are incredibly noble and loyal both to the work they do and to their owners.

    “German Shepherds are energetic, confident and highly intelligent dogs. They are strong and courageous, but also have a well-balanced nature and are considered one of the most versatile and trainable breeds,” Bill adds.

    Why You Should Not Get A German Shepherd

    Are German Shepherds Dangerous? Should you get one?

    German Shepherds, like any large breed, are prone to canine hip dysplasia, a crippling and potentially fatal disease. Good GSD rescuers will also be aware of such problems, and whether the rescued dog youre considering has shown symptoms of or has been treated for any health issues while with the rescue.28 Sept 2014

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    They Can Be Pretty Easy To Train

    Training a dog is never easy, but it does help when you own a dog thats considered highly intelligent like the German Shepherd is!

    As long as youre willing to remain consistent with your training and reinforce good behavior, training your German Shepherd wont be too difficult of a task.

    If you want to learn about the right way to train your German Shepherd, I highly recommend Zak Georges Dog Training YouTube channel. Zaks methodology and ethical manner of teaching are so helpful that hes become somewhat of a celebrity trainer. And while popularity is not always an indicator of quality, it certainly is in this instance.

    Common German Shepherd Behavioral Problems And Personality Traits

    Over the years working as a dog trainer, Ive probably worked with as many German shepherd dogs as any other breed.

    Most often, they are an incredibly loyal breed, are devoted to their owners, and have really sweet and fun personalities. And so, to those of you who love the breed and wouldnt consider anything but a German shepherd in the future, I understand!

    Yet, some people are terrified of them and feel they are dangerous dogs to own.

    To those of you that are wary of German shepherds, I understand where you are coming from, too! First off, they are very large dogs and can come off very intimidating.

    Second, their instinct to protect their family or property is strong and can lead untrained German shepherds to becoming very protective, aggressive, and scary dogs.

    The keyword here is untrained, as any untrained dogregardless of breedcan have the same problems.

    Over the last decade I really feel like Ive come to understand German shepherds and have personally fallen in love with this breed. Ive also realized that theyre so misunderstood due to poorly trained German shepherds often ending up in the news and how they are portrayed on TV and in the media.

    For this reason, I wanted to write todays post in hopes that, if you are someone who fears this breed, are looking for help and direction with your dog, or you know someone who is wary of German shepherds, then this honest truth about this lovely breed might change your mind.

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    Is A German Shepherd A Good Family Dog

    “German Shepherd dogs are a good choice for a variety of owners due to their intelligence and well-balanced character,” Bill explains.

    “They can be a good addition to a family but can also be a great four-legged companion for a single owner or a couple. However, they are large and very active dogs that require more than a two hours exercise every day, which means they are better suited for owners with a larger house with a garden, and someone who enjoys exercise and spending time outdoors.”

    What To Know Before You Buy Or Rehome A German Shepherd

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs Breed In The World

    Considering buying or rehoming a German Shepherd? Before you find a puppy or adopt a GSD, here are a few important things to remember.

    • German Shepherds are loving, loyal and extremely active in body and mind. They need to be well-socialised as puppies and need lots of training, plus at least two hours of exercise per day.
    • German Shepherds have thick coats that shed all year round and may not be the best choice for people with allergies.
    • Its important to get your GSD puppy from a reputable German Shepherd breeder so you can meet the puppys mum and check she has the temperament youre looking for. dictates that new puppies or kittens must be bought directly from a breeder or adopted from rescue. Third party sellers are now illegal.
    • Like all dogs, German Shepherds can suffer from a range of health conditions, and hip and elbow dysplasia are particularly common in the breed. A reputable GSD breeder will be able to provide proof of genetic testing, like hip and elbow scores, for both parents to help you choose a healthy dog.

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    Myth #6 Do German Shepherds Bite Harder Than Other Breeds

    Considering the myth that German Shepherds are aggressive, biting dogs, it makes sense that many people worry that the German Shepherd is going to be a strong and vicious biter.

    Big dogs bite harder than tiny dogs, but that doesnt mean they are more likely to bite.

    Fact: German Shepherds do have a strong bite. That kind of comes with theterritory with larger dogs. However, they are not the strongest biter. Bite forceis difficult to measure, but there has been some research done on this subject.

    The average bite force of dogs is 269 poundsof pressure. The dog with the strongest bite force is the Rottweiler, with abite that measured at 328 pound of pressure.

    The German Shepherd came in second with nearly100 pounds less of bite pressure, measuring 238 pounds of pressure. Even smalldogs can exert in excess of 100 pounds of pressure when they bite.

    This strong bite pressure was necessary when your domestic dog had a different diet and needed to be able to chew hard foods like bones.

    And it is important to remember that bite pressure and the likelihood of biting dont necessarily go hand in hand.

    Pit Bull Bite Statistics

    In order to understand the overall statistics for dog bites in America, it is best, to begin with the Pitbull. No dog carries a more heinous reputation, but are these fears clouded in myth or reality? Let us check the statistical period of 2005 to 2017. According to Canine Journal, an organization that compiles and analyzes all of the dog bite attacks in the country, Pit bulls accounted for 284 deaths in those years. This is a staggering 65% of the overall dog related deaths, at 433 Americans killed between 2005 and 2017. Another dog known for its brutal reputation is the Rottweiler. If you combine the figures for both dogs, youll find 76% of the total fatal dog attacks. These numbers may appear shocking, but they could say something else. Instead of arguing that Pitbulls bite more, one could say they are more efficient once they strike. Whereas a bite from a smaller dog might not be fatal.

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    German Shepherds In Popular Culture

    While the breed may have started out in Germany, it has taken over as oneof the most popular in the United States, thanks in part to the appearanceof German Shepherds in movies and TV shows.

    German Shepherds are sometimes used as acting dogs, due to theirintelligence and ability to be trained to follow commands. There have beenseveral well-trained German Shepherds which have thrived on camera. Hereare some of the best German Shepherd movies which feature the dog in aprominent role:

    What Were German Shepherds Bred For

    VERIFY: Are pit bulls the most dangerous breed of dog?

    German Shepherds a large-sized breed that originated in Germany in 1899 was part of the Herding Group. Known for their courage, loyalty and guarding instincts, their history of herding has meant they are great guard dogs, police dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and guide dogs for the blind.

    “As the name suggest, German Shepherd dogs were originally bred to help shepherds herd animals, but have since become a versatile working dogs, often in the military, police and other emergency services, as well as guide and assistance dogs,” Bill tells us.

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    Common Reasons For Breed

    There are a number of reasons why some countries feel they must ban a specific dog breed.

  • Dog Bite Statistics Report: Breeds that have a history of aggressively biting and/or breeds with the most damaging bites.
  • Tendency Toward Aggression: Breeds that have a tendency to attack people or those that can be a risk to public safety.
  • Used for Illegal Activities: Some excellent breeds are unfortunately used for illegal activities like dogfighting and are, therefore, banned.
  • Rare or Unrecognized Breeds or Wolf Hybrid Dogs: In many countries, cross breeds or mutts are banned because people believe they have unpredictable behavior. If a certain breed is banned, mixing it with a legal breed will also make the mixed dog illegal.
  • Poor History: Dogs that have poor health or behavior records are banned. In specific countries with extreme weather, specific dogs that will not do well in the climate will not be allowed to live there.
  • Is A Pitbull Considered An Aggressive Breed

    In general, pit bulls arent aggressive with people but are less tolerant of other dogs than many other breeds, says Pamela Reid, PhD, vice president of the ASPCAs Animal Behavior Center in New York. They are very strong, athletic animals, Reid says. Owning a pit bull should not be taken lightly.

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    Dogs Are Wonderful But Be Careful

    If the data supports any conclusion, its that every dog is capable of biting, although some are likely to do more damage than others. As a result, you should always ask before petting a strange dog and display good canine manners around every pooch, even your own.

    Featured Image Credit: mariuszopole, Pixabay


    Are German Shepherds Dangerous 5 Myths Vs 5 Facts

    Angry dangerous shepherd dog protection barking attacks ...

    German Shepherds have long been a popular family dog in the United States.

    They are loyal, protective and can be trained to do so many things. This popularity, however, doesnt change the fact that there are some pretty serious myths and misconceptions about this much-loved breed.

    While some of these myths have some reasonable support, some are just based on fear and misunderstanding.

    In this article, well take a look at some of the common myths about German Shepherds, and then breakdown those myths with facts about how German Shepherds really are and what makes them such unique and amazing dogs.

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    What Do You Need To Take Legal Action In A Dog Attack Case

    You can make the legal process as smooth and easy as possible byassembling comprehensive evidence and documentation relating to your dogattack incident.

    Make sure it is clear, concise, and well organized, to maximize yourchance of lawsuit success.

    You should have:

    • A personal account of the attack
    • A copy of the police report
    • Copies of your medical reports
    • The evidence you collected photographs, video, witness statements
    • Anything else which relates to the case

    Why Are Pit Bulls Often Targeted With Breed

    Its time to separate fact from feelings. According to a 2000 study, more than half of dog-related deaths between 1979-1998 were reportedly caused by pit bulls or Rottweilers. However, more than 25 different breeds of dogs were implicated in dog-caused fatalities as well.

    Most dogs that actually cause deaths have certain physical characteristics. Theyre large, very muscular, have a low center of gravity, and extremely powerful jaw muscles. Many of these dogs were even bred to attack and protect other animals and people.

    It sounds pretty bad when you look at it on the surface like that. So, lets dig in deeper.

    First, its pretty hard to identify pit bulls in the first place. Dont believe me? Check out this site. Its sort of a generic term to begin with, and doesnt really apply to any one breed of dog except the American Pit Bull Terrier. In fact, one 2013 study showed that it was actually pretty common for media and official accounts of dog breed to vary in cases where people had been killed by dogs.

    Second, there are millions of pit bulls in the U.S. right now. Most are loving family members. So, what causes a good pit bull to go bad? The same study pointed out a host of factors that led to people being killed by dogs.

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    Myth #2 Are German Shepherds Friendly With Kids

    This myth, like myth number 1, is likely the result of many years of popular culture portraying the German Shepherd as a scary dog.

    Size may also be a factor in this myth as well, being that German Shepherds are large dogs, and can be a bit overwhelming for a tiny child.

    The size of a German Shepherd combined with toddlers may be another factor in creating the myth that German Shepherds are not good with kids.

    Strong, big dogs can easily knock over a tiny child, causing crying and tears.

    Fact: German Shepherds are consistently scored as one of the most popularfamily breeds by the American Kennel Club. This high ranking has much to dowith their temperament as a loyal and kind family dog.

    Like any other breed of dog, however, you need to be a responsible dog owner when you mix kids and German Shepherd pups.

    German Shepherds benefit from good socialization, and lots of training when you add them to a family with young kids.

    Likewise, its important to teach your kiddos safe behavior around all dogs, to avoid unintentional negative interactions.

    If your kids are older, a great way to mix kids and dogs is to have your children assist with training your German Shepherd.

    Because GSDs are highly intelligent, theythrive with training and focus, and including your kids will help your GermanShepherd acclimate to your whole family.

    A well socialized and trained German Shepherd makes a great companion for kids.


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