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Will An Untrained German Shepherd Protect You

Training Sessions To Help Train An Older Gsd

German Shepherd Guard Dogs Attack Intruder | An Animal Saved My Life | A& E

Training sessions are specific windows of time you set aside to work on particular commands with your dog. The sessions are usually short, with a structured plan to bring about a particular goal.

Training sessions are great when first starting to train a specific command but can also be used throughout your German Shepherds life to serve as a refresher and keep obedience training consistent.

Older German Shepherds can definitely benefit from training sessions, and they act as a commitment between you and your dog to work together.

They can be used not only to establish basic training commands, such as sit and stay, but also to impart more advanced techniques such as roll over or speak!

Training sessions are best when kept short. If a session drags on too long, your German Shepherd will become disinterested and be easily distracted, which will lead to mistakes and end up being a waste of your time.

Be efficient with your sessions and keep them as short, manageable segments of 10 minutes or less. This is usually best accomplished by teaching one command at a time.

When training an older German Shepherd in a session, its important to ensure that the time will be well spent and your dog wont get too overwhelmed. For this reason, try to practice somewhere quiet and with minimal distractions to start.

Remember that consistency is key, so you need to reinforce training even outside of training sessions. This will enable your dog to continue to learn.

Will My German Shepherd Attack An Intruder

If your GSD is trained, then the clear answer is definitely yes. Your dog will fiercely attack the intruder.

A German Shepherd can go to extreme lengths to defend its owner, and his home.

There are many cases where the dog would risk his life to save the owners. Loyalty is part of German Shepherds DNA.

Training a German Shepherd takes time and money. But it pays off later on, especially if you live in an area where constant vigilance is required.

A German Shepherd with a protection training can be of high value. A trained GSD can cost up to $230.000.

A price tag that only shows how powerful and valuable a trained GSD is.

However, if your dog is not trained, or maybe still young, you may wonder if hell attack an intruder.

Training Your Dog To Protect The Home In Your Absence

Naturally, you want your dog to protect you, but thats an instinctual response that is further developed through bonding with your dog.

While that remains the ideal goal, the reality is that there will be times when your dog is home alone or there with other household members in your absence.

Once you become more confident in your dogs ability to protect the property, leave them alone in the yard occasionally, and allow them the time and opportunity to practice their new skills on their own.

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Will A German Shepherd Attack An Intruder

German shepherds as we have seen have been used widely in police or other enforcement work. At home, your German shepherd will bark in the following instances

  • Someone approaching your property
  • Someone approaching your home
  • Approaching vehicle

However, if the person is known by your German shepherd the barking will turn in the vocalization of joy.

if the person is a stranger, your German shepherd will bark till the person leaves or gives a command to stop.

Your German shepherd will not hesitate to use force to defend your home and family if an intruder attacks.

Do Dogs Know That You Love Them

Will A German Shepherd Attack An Intruder If Untrained ...

Yes, your dog knows how much you love him.

Dogs and humans have a very special relationship, where dogs have actually hijacked the human oxytocin bonding pathway that is normally reserved for our babies.

When you stare at your dog, both your oxytocin levels go up, the same as when you pet them and play with them..

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Can German Shepherds Protect Kids

As a family dog, German shepherds are a great choice, as they are loving and loyal around those they are familiar with. They can also protect your house against potential intruders and threats. The bonding with your kids will bring out the GSDs protective nature and make it a formidable guardian for young children.

Common German Shepherd Behavioral Problems And Personality Traits

Over the years working as a dog trainer, Ive probably worked with as many German shepherd dogs as any other breed.

Most often, they are an incredibly loyal breed, are devoted to their owners, and have really sweet and fun personalities. And so, to those of you who love the breed and wouldnt consider anything but a German shepherd in the future, I understand!

Yet, some people are terrified of them and feel they are dangerous dogs to own.

To those of you that are wary of German shepherds, I understand where you are coming from, too! First off, they are very large dogs and can come off very intimidating.

Second, their instinct to protect their family or property is strong and can lead untrained German shepherds to becoming very protective, aggressive, and scary dogs.

The keyword here is untrained, as any untrained dogregardless of breedcan have the same problems.

Over the last decade I really feel like Ive come to understand German shepherds and have personally fallen in love with this breed. Ive also realized that theyre so misunderstood due to poorly trained German shepherds often ending up in the news and how they are portrayed on TV and in the media.

For this reason, I wanted to write todays post in hopes that, if you are someone who fears this breed, are looking for help and direction with your dog, or you know someone who is wary of German shepherds, then this honest truth about this lovely breed might change your mind.

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Can You Still Train A 6

You can still train a 6-month old German Shepherd. Younger puppies have short attention spans, but 6-month old GSD puppies can learn much more at this juvenile stage. However, start as if they were an 8-week old puppy as you may need to undo and re-teach incorrect behaviors already learned or trained.

German Shepherds Are Members Of The Herding Group

Will your dog protect you naturally? The shocking truth revealed!

So, if you own this breed, youre no stranger to a nose nudging you. Whether its a nose in the back, a nose on your leg, or even a nose in your face, your dog is just doing what comes naturally. Although this breed isnt often used to herd anymore, that herding heritage remains. So, along with the herding traits of independent thinking and intelligence, its perfectly normal for your GSD to herd human family members. Your dog might also show following ahead behavior walking in front of you while looking back to ensure youre walking in the right direction.

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Adapting To Social Routine

Since German Shepherds are capable of barking at friends that visit until they become more comfortable with guests, it is wise to socialize your GSD immediately upon arriving home for the very first time when they are a puppy.

If you happen to adopt an adult GSD, you should slowly introduce friends and relatives to your dog.

How to socialize your GSD puppy:

It is rare, but if you notice that your pup is experiencing extreme stress, anxiety, fear or anger in social situations seek help from a trained professional.

Licensed dog training specialists have the ability to focus on the behavior problems and offer a solution.

They will teach you how to correct your dogâs behavior by providing you with helpful tips and tools. Following the professional dog trainerâs advice is essential to your GSD pupâs behavior improving.

If you find that the training is not helping, visit the veterinarian for further assistance.

Is Being Aggressive Better Than Being Friendly To Your Pet

Some owners think it is better to have an aggressive dog than a friendly dog as its aggression may save you from the intruder, but if your German shepherd is aggressive, it will be a lot more challenging for you to manage your pet. It will not even act reasonably when you have guests around, and it will be much likely for your pet to act violently towards someone friendly.

So if you want your pet to be protective and not to be aggressive, then it is best for you to train your pet, so here are some tips for you to help prepare your pet against an intruder.

Measures you can take in order to make your pet more likely to protect you.

Establishing a strong bond with your pet:

Before you start to train your dog, make sure to establish a strong bond so that your dog may listen and act on your commands. To make your bond stronger with your dog, you can follow these steps:

  • Take your pet for walks.
  • Try to play with your pet as much as you can.
  • Rewarding them with treats.

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What Is The Most Protective Dog In The World

The Most Protective Dog BreedsBelgian Malinois. The Belgian Malinois are brilliant dogs, highly capable, and love to work. German Shepherds. German Shepherds are classically known for their roles in classic western movies and for a good reason! Rottweilers. Doberman Pinscher. Bullmastiff. Giant Schnauzer. Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Why Dog Shock Collars Are A Totally Unnecessary Training Tool

Will Untrained German Shepherd Protect You

Dans videos are just terrific. He doesnt skimp on the videos and you really get your moneys worth. He grounds his training in dogs intrinsic traits, which really makes sense. Im so pleased and would purchase the trading all over.

Dexter C.

I am amazed at how quickly I saw results. Cannot recommend this enough! Brilliant!

Robert T.

“You have explained why we’re having problems with our terrier and given us the tools to help him. For the first time in nearly a year we don’t feel so anxious and have confidence that things will get better.”

Alison M.

“All of the training in the complete pack fits together like a puzzle. Each video is valuable in learning how to read dogs and respond appropriately. So easy to use and fun to watch Dan interpret situations. All of the training has worked with my 3-month-old pup and I’m SO grateful! Thank you Dan and team!”

Sara M.

“I really like learning how to be calm & effective with training. I also appreciate the encouragement I receive to be the pack leader that my dog wants and needs.”

Brenda T.

Dans videos are just terrific. He doesnt skimp on the videos and you really get your moneys worth. He grounds his training in dogs intrinsic traits, which really makes sense. Im so pleased and would purchase the trading all over.

Dexter C.

I am amazed at how quickly I saw results. Cannot recommend this enough! Brilliant!

Robert T.

Alison M.

Sara M.

Brenda T.

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Q 3 Would An Untrained Dog Protect Me From An Attack

How likely is it an untrained Pit, GSD, Dobe or Malinois would protect its family from a threat or attack?

Is a Rottweiler a natural guard dog that can protect you without any training if you raised him?

Answer: It highly depends on the individual case. Compared with the untrained dogs, trained dogs tend to protect their owners if attacked.

But it doesn’t necessarily meant that a normal family pet dog would do nothing when a break-in happens. Some of family dogs would also try their best to defend their owners.

Also, with some trainings, the likelihood of your dog protecting you would typically increase.

How Will My German Shepherd Protect Me

We have all seen the footage of the trained police dogs catching the bad guys, or the loyal dogs jumping to their owners defense in the event of them being attacked.

Its important to realize that these acts are often a trained response, and there is no way to know if your dog will act on their protective instincts in the desired way without specific training.

Yes, German Shepherds are essentially programmed to want to protect their loved ones, but this can present in many different forms.

Each German Shepherd is different, so this means that their method of protection can vary greatly.

While one GSD will immediately jump to the defense of their owners and attack the threat, another GSD may just bark loudly in an effort to scare away the current danger.

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Gsds Provide Constant Companionship

In truth, German Shepherd owners are never lonely because their loyal canines are always by their side. Although GSDs are sometimes slow to warm to strangers, they are gentle and loving with their families. Their affectionate and dedicated personalities are a bonus of the breed, and they can be particularly fond of children. This means your GSD wants to spend time with you rather than being left alone all day, every day. Allowing your German Shepherd to be with you as much as possible will bring out the best in your dog.

Continue To Use Positive Reinforcement For Your Dog

First 24 Hours with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG! NEW SERIES: Reality Dog Training Episode 1

Its going to take some time, but the more positive reinforcement is given to your dog, the quicker he will learn.

Dont forget to also punish your pet if he is acting out of control when seeing strangers. By punish, I dont mean yelling. Or hurting physically. I mean a stern No, followed by a swift redirection.

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My Personal Experience With German Shepherds

As with any breed, theres the whole range of different personalities and characters and temperaments that you can come across. But today, I want to share what my general experiences with German shepherds has been like.

I can confidently say that the breed description given to German shepherds is pretty accurate. I have encountered many German shepherds who are physically and mentally strong, courageous, and often have a hard time backing down.

Of course, not all German shepherds fit this description. Ive come across many who are very fearful and nervous. But mostly, Ive seen the confident, strong-willed shepherds.

Whats fascinating to me with German shepherds is that, despite a strong personality, they do seem to want to work alongside you. They all seem to have a deep desire to connect with you, work for you, and do a great job.

Its almost like they want to be your partner rather than work independently. However, this means, if youre not sure what youre doing, they will very quickly step into the driving seat, which is a problem. You really dont want your German shepherd in charge of making the decisions!

Thats where theyre not a dog for everyone, because German shepherds play this game of Whos in charge, me or you? at a very high level. I call it the dog code.

Since then, Ive fallen in love with German shepherds. I could certainly see myself ending up with one in the future. And yes, I would fully trust this breed around my kids, my wife, and my other dogs.

Train Your German Shepherd To Protect Your Home

The positive reinforcement method can also be used to train your German Shepherd to protect your home. You can train them by taking a treat in hand and taking them for a walk around the perimeter of your property.

You should reward them from time to time when they bark and teach them that it is their property and that if an intruder comes, they have to protect it.

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Whats Better Male Or Female German Shepherd

Research shows that males German Shepherds are more aggressive than female German Shepherds. This means that a family should consider choosing a female for a companion over a male. Males tend to perform better for roles in protection and guarding and could do well in a home without children and the proper training.

How To Socialize An Older German Shepherd


The best time to socialize a dog is when he is in the early development stages as a puppy. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Sometimes, you may end up with an older German Shepherd who has not been properly socialized and has trouble accepting anything new, whether experiences, people, or other dogs or pets. The good news is that you can still socialize an older German Shepherd, but how?

To socialize an older German Shepherd, start by taking the dog out on walks and expose him to new places, smells, sounds, people, other dogs, and different animals. Invite family and friends around one at a time, monitor your dogs progress, and slowly work up to a dog park.

When socializing an older German Shepherd, take things slowly to avoid fear, anxiety, or aggression in the dog. Introduce one experience at a time, dont overwhelm him, and use lots of praise. Consider the GSDs prior experience, temperament, and adaptability before any new situation.

Simply exposing adult animals who lacked early exposure to social situations will not likely meet their needs. These animals can benefit from individually paced interventional programs.

American Veterinary Medical Association

If your GSD barks or performs negative behaviors while meeting other dogs, dont yell or harshly tug him away. This will excite him even more and create a negative experience that he will learn to relate to meeting others. You can also consider the use of a muzzle at this stage.

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The Key Takeaways Here Are:

  • For effective German Shepherd training, you must be a good leader in your dogs life.
  • Leadership is about using brains and NOT brawn to train your German Shepherd.
  • Understand what your dog is not , learn to speak your dogs language, and get inside his head.
  • Always be patient and consistent with your training and reinforcement.
  • Aggressive methods are not effective when training your German Shepherd. You will see little to no results, it will cause trust issues and youll break your dogs spirit. Always be kind!
  • Positive reinforcement and training will bring quicker, long-lasting results. And build a strong relationship of trust and love between you and your German Shepherd.

Check out this article to learn how to teach your German Shepherd not to jump on you or your guests.

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