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Why Are German Shepherds So Expensive

A Good Grooming Brush

12 Reasons Not to Get a German Shepherd!

The German shepherds have a double coat that is of medium length. They are great shedders and thats where we get the name German Shedders.

They will shed heavily twice every year; spring and fall. Therefore, before you welcome a GSD to your apartment, be ready to deal with hair almost everywhere if you fail to get ahead of the curve.

One way to minimize the amount of fur they scatter in your apartment is by brushing them daily. Brushing your GSD regularly removes the loose fur that would have eventually fallen on your beautiful carpet.

Plus, adopting this routine will keep them looking more spectacular and develop a closer bond. However, since they are double-coated, you will need 2 brushes; an undercoat rake once theyve shed and a basic brush for other times of the year.

Why Are German Shepherd Puppies So Expensive

The main reason German Shepherd puppies cost so much is that the cost of breeding German Shepherds and raising the puppies is not cheap.Below is a chart breaking down the approximate costs associated with breeding.


1. Based on estimates from Cost to Breed and Raise a Litter and Litter Costs.

When you add this to the cost of feeding and maintaining the dam for one year, a single litter is often setting breeders back by $8,000 or so. Add to this the intangible expense of the breeders time and expertise in whelping, raising and training the litter.

How Much Is A German Shepherd

As we mentioned above, the average upfront cost of buying a German Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder can be around $300 to $900.

If you are in the market for a show quality German Shepherd puppy, you may wind up spending $6,000 to $7,000.

Going through a trusted rescue to get your German Shepherd will help you save money, costing on average around $50 to $400.

And, to sum it up, the lifetime German Shepherd price for you could be between $14,480 and $15,782!

And while this is a nice chunk of change, the good news is that your new dog will pay you back in ways you never imagined.

And at the end of the day, most dog owners find that the love, loyalty, and companionship of a dog is priceless.

Do you have a GSD? Let us know about your precious pup in the comments!

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Should I Say No When My Puppy Bites

Some people suggest that you say NO when your puppy bites you. This is similar to the method above, if used alone.

The problem with saying NO to your puppy when they bite you, is that puppies dont speak English! They wont know what you mean!

This is why training has to be done in small stages first you must teach the puppy what action you want, and then you can give the action a name, or command.

Saying NO to stop biting when you have engaged in no other training can be ineffective, and lead to more frustration by owners when their puppy doesnt understand them, and carries on biting.

Great Names For Your New German Shepherd

German Shepherd Puppies in Florida

If the German Shepherd fits within your budget and you welcome this amazing animal into your home, youre going to need a name.

Youre in luck because we have plenty of ideas!

To start, take a look at our guide to German Shepherd names. Youll find hundreds of ideas fitting for your new four-legged friend.

Another great place for inspiration is our top dog names. This includes the most popular picks among pup parents.

Big dog names and tough dog names are also a great choice for a strong and strapping dog like the German Shepherd.

The name ideas;dont stop here.;If youre not inspired by the resources above, try our online name generator and find even more options.;You can sort by your favorite styles and themes.

Popular categories include:

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Why Do German Shepherds Backs Sloped

GSD has evolved through the years which has resulted in many different bloodlines. From the original working line came the show line barely a few decades after the introduction of GSDs to the world.

Unfortunately, some influential breeders concentrated on the physical perfection of the GSDs. Their idea of a perfect GSD is a sloped back with bouncy movements and looked like floating in show rings. This resulted to sloping back and angulated hind legs.

According to some breeders and some GSD clubs, having sloped backs and angulated hind legs will give GSDs more force in their gait, allowing them to function better than straight backs. But some breeders went from sloped to extremely sloped backs which is way beyond the conformity of the show lines.;

Start Your German Shepherd Search Today

If you are seriously thinking about adopting a German Shepherd and you are an elderly person, look into various rescues, shelters, and breeders in your area to find the dog that is right for you. Decide if you want a puppy or an adult dog, and make sure you assess your lifestyle so that you can provide your new dog with the best life possible. It will also be worth your while to do further research on the breed to ensure that you are able to take care of it. If you have any further questions and are seeking a professional opinion, consider contacting a vet or a German Shepherd breeder. If you choose to adopt a German Shepherd, you wont be disappointed.;

About the Author: Kelsey Simpson enjoys writing about things that can help others. She lives in South Jersey and is the proud companion to two German Shepherds and spends her free time volunteering in dog shelters.

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Show Quality V Pet Quality V Rescue

When you begin your search, you need to determine what type of German Shepherd that you want. While these dogs possess different physical qualities, none are superior and all can make great pets. There are 3 options:

A Show Quality Purebred German Shepherd is bred to match the American Kennel Clubs breed standard. If you are interested in showing, this is the type of dog that you would want to purchase.

Due to the careful breeding and extra efforts that show quality breeders must adhere to, these dogs are the most expensive. For a description of the AKCs breed standard for German Shepherds, .

A Pet Quality Purebred German Shepherd will not adhere perfectly to the breed standard. This does not make them any less purebred, this just means they would not qualify to be shown because their anatomy is not what the breed standard requires.

Pet quality breeders should breed their dogs with the same care as show quality breeders but may do so for the love of the breed rather than specifically to show. Pet quality dogs are generally a little less expensive than show quality dogs.

For further discussion about show quality dogs v. pet quality dogs, click here to watch a video on the topic.

A Rescue German Shepherd may be purebred or mixed with other breeds. Dogs of both types, show quality, and pet quality, are available for adoption. All rescue dogs have one thing in common; they do not have a home and they need one.

How Much Are Vet Expenses

How Often do German Shepherds Shed Hair?

Before getting a new dog, its always good to know what health issues go along with the breed. Fortunately, most German Shepherds are healthy dogs.

One of the most common ailments affecting the breed is hip dysplasia, which may cause the dog to experience pain later; in life and potentially cause arthritis.;The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals found that 19.1% of German Shepherds are affected by hip dysplasia.

Fortunately, however, there are ways to prevent this condition.

To start, make sure you get your dog from a reputable breeder committed to healthy breeding practices. And then when you welcome the dog into your home, always keep them on a healthy diet and limit the amount of jumping or extremely rough play.

According to Embrace Pet Insurance, the most common serious issues for the German Shepherd and the cost to treat them are:

  • Hip Dysplasia $1,500-$6,000
  • Gastric Dilatation Volvulus $1,500-$7,500
  • Cardiomyopathy;;$500-$1,500
  • Aortic Stenosis;;$500-$1,500
  • Elbow Dysplasia;;$1,500-$4,000

This is only in rare cases, however. For;the average German Shepherd in a normal year, expect to pay a few hundred dollars for regular check-ups and the occasional issue.

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Is Spending The Money To Get A High

After 19 years of owning and raising German Shepherds, and helping other people with their GSDs behavior, I can say without hesitation that any money you spend on a good-quality pup from a reputable breeder is well worth it. A German Shepherd with a stable, friendly temperament, in good health and properly socialized by a knowledgable breeder is priceless.

The rest making sure your German Shepherd is a terrific canine citizen is up to you! But by investing up front, youll be motivated to continue where the breeder left off and have a fantastic companion to share with the world.

German Shepherd Application Form And Fee

Filling out an application form is usually the first step of buying a German Shepherd.

Most breeders will ask you to submit a puppy application to consider you as a potential buyer.

Any responsible breeder will carefully screen your application to ensure that youre the right candidate for one of its German Shepherds.

A German Shepherd puppy application contains many personal questions.

Once the breeder decides you are a good fit for its dogs, you will be placed on a waiting list in most cases.

In some cases, puppies are available immediately, and you can reserve one.

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How To Take Care Of German Shepherds

Raising a German Shepherd is not always as hard as it may seem due to their size and energy demands. You just have to establish a routine and figure out what the dog needs to stay healthy and content.

Here is a list of some of the most important care aspects to help you give your German Shepherd a great home.

Dont Skip Annual Check

How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost  And Why They Are So ...

Early detection is the best way to save money on medical bills. Not to mention that its the best way to keep your pup alive and healthy without long-term consequences.

Prevention is always a better option than expensive medication. Annual check-ups are important to help you detect the early stages of plenty of health conditions, which is the key to keeping your pooch healthy.

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What To Look For In A German Shepherd Breeder

Reputable breeders of German Shepherd raise excellent dogs. They are well bred and have great attributes, healthier and generally in great condition. But how can we tell a good breeder apart from the rest? Here are some tips in what to look for in a German Shepherd Breeder:

They have a Good Veterinarian

A good breeder has a good relationship with his veterinarian. He ensures that his dogs are in good health and have the basic health care needed. If you are looking for the best German Shepherd breeder in your area, you can ask some vets for recommendations.

Good Breeders Show off their Dogs

One way to spot good breeders is during pet shows. These breeders are immensely proud to show off their dogs talents around and would talk about them a lot. So, the pet show would be an excellent place to locate one if you are looking to buy.

They know their Dogs Well

Spotting the thin line between a good breeder and a bad breeder is not easy. However, you can identify one by how much they know about their dogs. A good one would know practically everything about the German Shepherd, including its condition from birth, favorite stuff, food and even their traits and temperaments.

They Will Ask About You

A respectable breeder is not all about profit alone. He will want to ensure that the dogs will have a good home. For this reason, he will make sure to inquire about you, your family and any other information that will be relevant to your adopting the dog.

He Understands Commitment

Is A German Shepherd Better Than A Pitbull

German Shepherds are way tougher than Pitbulls. In fact, German Shepherds have a size and weight advantage, as well as a stronger bite force. Pit bulls were bred to be fighting dogs so theyre naturally more aggressive in the ring due to their breeding history- but that doesnt mean its impossible for them not to lose!

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West German Working Line

The West German Working Line is primarily bred to be working dogs, especially in law enforcement and military functions. The breeding process is aimed to develop the dogs endurance for adverse situations.

This is the line of GSD you would normally see in movies. They are also closest to the original breed that was bred and developed by Max von Stephanitz, who is acknowledged as the father of German Shepherd Dogs.

With a stable temperament, they excel in working jobs, and also make awesome family pets.

Price range: A West German Working Line puppy can cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000.

German Shepherd Sloping Back Vs Straight Back

Why German shepherd best /Interview of German shepherd owner/ Price,Food,Monthly cost

The German Shepherds are handsome dogs but they are also very active and functional. This dog breed was designed to be a working dog but why do we frequently hear about GSDs with straight back and sloped back? Getting an answer to this question entails a question after another. In this article, you will learn about the What, When, How and Why of the differences between GSD sloping back and straight back.;

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Should I Choose A Male Or Female German Shepherd

When considering whether to get a male or female German Shepherd, your expectation from a dog and handling experience plays an integral part. If the GSD is your first dog or you have kids at home, females may be easier to handle. But if youre looking for a guard dog or working dog, male GSDs are more suitable.

Check out our post to learn more:

How To Decide If You Can Afford The Overall German Shepherd Cost

Overall, German Shepherds cost around the same amount as other large breed dogs in the United States.

With so many numbers being tossed around, the official German Shepherd cost can be confusing.

On average, raising a large breed dog from puppyhood costs around $23,410. So, where does the German Shepherd stand in comparison?

Great question.

Raising A German Shepherd The Breakdown of German Shepherd Cost

Remember, the first year of German Shepherd ownership is going to be most expensive. Youll not only be putting down your initial payment on a German Shepherd puppy, but youre also stocking up on supplies and getting a handle of first-time medical expenses.

Then youll have the average cost of caring for a German Shepherd throughout his life.

The Average German Shepherd Puppy Costs $800

The Average First Year Of GSD Ownership is around $3,815

The Average Total For That First Year of German Shepherd Cost Is $4,615

The Average Lifespan of A German Shepherd is Around 12 to 14 Years

The Average Yearly Cost of Raising A German Shepherd After Year One Is $1,764

The Total Average Cost For Raising A German Shepherd For 12 to 14 Years Is Between $24,019 to $27,547.

On the low end, the average German Shepherd cost is not much more than the average cost of raising a dog of any breed.

Furthermore, there are a few ways you can go about cutting costs without cutting the quality of your German Shepherds supplies, food, health or life.

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Rescued Puppies Or Adult Dogs

The one and only exception to the inverse rule is when you decide to rescue and re-home a German Shepherd from a local animal rescue organization or shelter.

In this situation, that shelter has likely had your dog completely checked out by their own veterinary team, vaccinated, treated for any current health issues, evaluated for temperament and fostered/trained.

Yet, your price will likely be lower than even a backyard breeder or puppy/import mill would charge. At time of publication, the average re-homing fee for a German Shepherd puppy or adult dog can be anywhere from $50 to $375.

In choosing to rescue a GSD puppy or adult dog, not only are you giving a worthy pup a second chance to find a forever home, but you are also getting a lot more assurance that your newly rescued GSD is going to be able to become a relatively healthy and happy, well-adjusted family member!

Also, many rescue shelters throw in valuable freebies to help facilitate forever matches. These freebies can include veterinary exams, de-worming as needed, spay/neuter, micro-chipping, free food and dog supplies and even training classes.

How Long Can German Shepherds Be Left Alone

How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost  And Why They Are So ...

Every dog has a different temperament and needs. Some dogs are more needy than others, so its important to know the individual animal before determining how much time they can spend by themselves each day. The maximum is 4 hours for most breeds of adult size but any pup under 3 months old shouldnt be left alone longer than one hour per month in age up to that limit.

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