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How Long Can A German Shepherd Run

How To Leave A Dog Alone

How fast can a German Shepherd Run?

Make sure you stay confident and show consistency and patience when you first start to leave your German Shepherd puppy home alone. Once you have made sure the area where you are leaving them is safe from any hazards, here are some important points to follow:

  • Start off slowly, a few minutes here and there, and build-up
  • Exercise the dog first to get them tired
  • Mental stimulation is just as important
  • Allow them to take their potty break
  • Make sure they wont be hungry
  • Use a crate or put up dog gates to confine them
  • Allow them access to clean fresh water
  • Leave interactive or chew toys for them
  • Play calming music if they are prone to
  • Make the departure and return low key dont over fuss them

Check out this fun 3-minute video from Chewy showing you exactly how to leave your puppy home alone:

How Come A German Shepherd Can Smell So Well

While breathing as well as scenting is the very same for human beings, a dogs nose is developed to execute both tasks independently. Dogs have a layer of tissue inside their noses, which separates air utilized for inhaling from the air used for smelling.

When a dog breathes, a portion of the air is guided towards a bony network referred to as turbinates. These are devoted to olfaction while the rest of the air is after that drawn away to the lungs. Dogs will take deep, long breaths for breathing and also make use of short, smelling breathings when smelling something.

When a dog exhales, the air is pushed out of the slits in the sides of the nose, therefore developing an airflow that draws new smells internal. Dogs have a part that human beings dont call the Jacobsons body organ.

Its located near an all-time low of the dogs nasal flow and allows the animal to identify pheromones or chemical cues. These exist in all pet types and enable them to relay messages to one another, such as breeding preparedness.

The Jacobsons organ also assists dogs to recognize the scents of others in their pack. If a dog attempts to get more smell to its Jacobsons body organ, it might pull back its upper lip and raise its head. This is referred to as the flehmen reaction. It even more enhances a dogs sense of smell and also is quite popular in the German Shepherd breed.

Other Useful Tips To Remember

  • Because German Shepherds are a breed that is prone to hip dysplasia, you may want to add hip and joint supplements to your dogs diet plan.
  • Always start every running with a proper warm-up and finish every session with a proper cool-down. Simple heating can be a few minutes of walking or jogging.
  • Give your dog time to potty before and after the run. And dont forget to bring waste bags with you in case you need it somewhere along the road.
  • Make sure you plan your route before running with your German Shepherd. When youre starting out, youll want to run in a safe area that your dog is familiar with.
  • Dont run when its too hot. Because of their coats and the fact that they can only sweat through their mouths by painting, your GSD wont be able to handle too much heat and humidity.
  • Always carry water with you whenever you head for a run with your dog.
  • Check your dog for ticks that may have hitchhiked to your home.

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Points To Be Understood By Master And Owner Of The German Shepherd

Always buy or bring a perfect size of leash or harness because it directly impacts on the walking style of your German shepherd. Check the perfect size of your dog and then purchase the leash.

A better option is to buy a short leash instead of a long leash but also make sure that your leash is not tight enough for the dogs neck.

When your dog is trying to pull the leash then you do not pull the leash. If you pull the leash at that time then it will harm your dog on his neck.

Always make or train your dog to walk by your side. If your dog is walking by your side then it is very easy for you to maintain is walking and running.

So, before taking your German shepherd for the walk then please go through the above tips because they are very useful for you. A German shepherd is an energetic protection dog and he always tries to walk and run in the open area. So, its your duty to ensure that he will not face any inconvenience in walking and running.

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German Shepherd Breed Description

German Shepherd Training Tips and Tricks

German Shepherds are a popular breed, consistently ranking in the No.2 spot of AKCs Most Popular Breeds since 2014.

Their origin dates back to 1899 where German Shepherds were originally herding dogs. Now you may find them working with police officers on bomb and drug units, as well as first responders for search and rescue.

Size & Color

German Shepherds are medium to large size dogs. Males are typically taller and larger than females, so their weight can vary between 50 and 70 pounds.

If your apartment complex has a weight limit or does not allow large breeds, your German Shepherd may not fit the required weight limit.

Most German Shepherds have a tan coat with pockets of black fur along their back and face.

Their muzzle, specifically, is usually black or dark brown and a common trait for the breed. You may also see German Shepherds that are all black or black with sable coloring. They have a double coat with either medium or long hair.


If youre looking for an intelligent breed, German Shepherds are among the smartest dogs around.

Its possible to train your German Shepherd for obedience and agility tricks by repeating instructions just a few times. German Shepherds seem to like learning new things and then putting their new skills to the test.

German Shepherds are also very loyal dogs. When combined with their intelligence, they have a natural protective instinct that makes for an excellent watchdog.

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Why Wait To Breed A New Gsd

The reason breeders are given certain guidelines for breeding their GSD stems from a need to protect the dogs health in every way. Breeding too early can cause confusion in some dogs, as well as affect the puppies because a parent is not quite sexually mature enough to be bred.

For Female German Shepherds

Female German Shepherds are a bit more complicated than Males as it is with a majority of dogs.

Your female GSD may start experiencing what is referred to as her Heat Cycle at as early as six months old. Although, this in no way implies that she is ready to be bred .

For the safest results, one should begin to breed their female GSD at about two years of age and stop once she reaches eight years of age.

Breeding as early as a dogs first or even second heat cycle may cause confusion for the mother, and cause serious mental drawbacks as she could neglect her pups.

However, breeding her for too long or without ceasing for even one season can cause serious damage to your GSD and her pups.

When she begins to age, the quality of your female German Shepherds eggs will begin to deteriorate, making it harder for her to carry out her pregnancies to full term or even causing stillborn puppies.

Failure to follow these rules could bring serious harm to her and her pups if one is not careful.

For Male German Shepherds

Male German Shepherds are much less complicated than their female counterparts but this in no way implies that their health is less important.

How To Train A German Shepherd To Live With Cats Comfortably

You can start by choosing an appropriate first time meeting place. This should most probably be inside your home. It is the most recommended. Secondly, you should separate the animals and allow each some freedom time while the other is confined. This will allow the two animals to investigate and get used to each others scent. Do this until they are all calm and go back to their health behaviors. The third step is to try leashed introductions. Do this also until they get used to each other. This step should be done while they are in the same room. When they start ignoring each other, you can move on to the next step, which is to allow unsupervised interactions. Before doing this, you should have supervised them and become confident that they will not hurt each other.;

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Are Gsd Mixes Fast

We know that German Shepherds are quick, but what about mixed breeds? German Shepherd Greyhound mixes are an ever-growing breed that continues to gain popularity.

This breed is quick since it combines the speed of of a Greyhound with the muscle and agility of a German Shepherd. Its easy to understand why this mix would be so quick.

We have an in-depth look at this breed for you in this excellent article linked below:

On the other hand, the Shug is much slower. Shugs are a combo of a German Shepherd and a Pug. As you could imagine, pugs arent the quickest breed. In fact, they can only run at about 5 to 10 miles per hour.

While they may not be able to run fast, these dogs are nonetheless amazing companions take a closer look at the Shug in this informative article that weve written for you linked below:

Alaskan Shepherds are incredibly fast. Depending on their genes, this mix may be faster than a pure-bred German Shepherd. Thanks to the Alaskan Malamutes desire to canter for countless miles through varying terrains, they have excellent endurance as well.

Note: Much like every other dog breed mix, you cant predict the top speed or acceleration of German Shepherd mixes. Speed depends on their parents, the total percentage of each breed in their blood, and a number of other traits.

Run When The Weather Is Right

long hair german shepherd running

German Shepherds double coats protect them against the cold in winter. So your dog should be fine running during the cold months.

However, its another story during summer. Its true that their double coats protect them from the heat. However, its not smart to take them running under the hot sun.

But how hot is too hot? If its over 70 degrees, do not run with your dog. This is dangerous for them.

Your dog can still run in the summer though. But limit the time and distance of running. Do it early in the morning or late at night when its cooler.

Caution:;Its the hottest between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Stay indoors during this period.

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What Can A German Shepherds Speed Be Used For

The German Shepherds remarkable speed is most useful in law enforcement. Indeed, their running ability gives them a huge advantage in all sorts of police work, especially in suspect apprehension.

Their speed is also beneficial in the field where they need to run across great distances to make sure their herd is tightly grouped and that no sheep wander off.

Outside of work, the running speed of GSDs is also an advantage in a variety of canine sports. They are exciting teammates in;flyball;and;disc dog. They also excel in;agility;courses and were bred to compete in Schutzhund.

Amusingly, the GSDs speed goes beyond running and translates to other activities.

For example, a German Shepherd holds the Guinness World Record for the;fastest time a dog weaved through 60 poles. The dog named Zinzan astoundingly completed that course for only 12.14 seconds.

Increasing Your Dogs Time Inside Their Crate

  • Begin leaving them in for longer periods, building up time slowly.
  • Close the door quietly and sit in the same room as them for 5 to 10 minutes. You can even sit calmly next to the crate while dropping food into it occasionally. Lessen the times you drop in treats until youre not dropping any treats inside for 10 minutes.
  • Now, go to another room for a few minutes to leave them alone. When you return, dont let them out immediately. Instead, sit in the same room again for a few minutes before releasing them.
  • Increase the time you leave them alone in the room and repeat the previous step upon your return to them. Once you work your way to leaving them in their crate for about 30 minutes, begin leaving them in their crate while you leave your house.
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    Crates Are Not The Solution

    Sometimes when discussing this problem, you will hear people suggest crates. Even though a dog quite likes his box, because it is a secure place, a spot in the house that is exclusively his, it is not ok to leave your dog in a crate all day.

    If you leave your dog in a crate all day, several problems can occur. Being restricted in a small area can be quite damaging to your dogs health. There is also the problem of when your dog wants to pee and poo. Your dog has an instinct not to do those things in his sitting spot, but leave the dog crated all day, and he has no choice. Apart from being unpleasant, it can create anxiety in the dog.

    Jogging And Running To Increase Endurance

    How Many Miles Can German Shepherd Run?

    German Shepherds love to run off-leash.

    Jogging and running with your German Shepherd is a great way to get in both your and your dogs cardio fitness and exercise.

    Warning: Your puppys bones must totally fuse before you take your dog for this high-intensity activity. Bone fusing occurs around 12 to 18 months, so dont run with your puppy!

    Many German Shepherds love to run for fun with their owners. Your breed is built to move long distances over grassy, rocky, hilly terrain, and this shows in their desire for running.

    Running also has benefits for your German Shepherd Dog, such as:

    • Strengthening large muscles
    • Naturally keeps nails short and filed
    • Increases strength in long bones, tendons, and ligaments
    • Conditions and slowly hardens their pads

    But remember

    While you can put on your special athletic shoes to cushion your joints, your dog cant!

    Consider the impact on your dogs joints if you run or jog on asphalt roads or concrete sidewalks frequently. Look for softer surfaces to include with your daily exercise routine.

    Vary your surfaces for maximum health benefits. Try soft grass and dirt trails for variety and to give your dogs bones and muscles a break from concrete and asphalt.

    Also, running and jogging at a set pace is very repetitive on joints.

    A change of pace is beneficial in terms of both pleasure and exercise value as the variety keeps your dogs muscles and brain working differently and can increase the health benefits.

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    Food For Pregnant German Shepherds

    Pregnant German Shepherds have certain nutritional needs that arent met by standard dog food. Fortunately, more and more commercial suppliers actually have collections of dry and wet food out on the market that satisfy their nutritional requirements.

    See example below from Royal Canin made specifically for German Shepherds. Click on the image to check the current price and availability on Amazon.

    Regardless of what kind of food you give your dog, you dont want to go around taking a chance with their nutrition. Its easy to think that canine nutrition is like human and can be fixed up with certain pills, but its way more complicated.

    If worse comes to worst, then youll want to ask your vet or a professional breeder for advice. Purebred German shepherds in particular tend to be kind of fussy when it comes to what they need to eat during this special time.

    How To Entertain Your German Shepherd While Youre Gone

    Aside from the doggie cam from the previous section, there are several ways that you can keep your German Shepherd entertained while youre away. The good news is that you dont have to spend too much money, nor will you have to be present for these suggestions to work.

    Check out the options below to see which is best for you and your dog:

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    A German Shepherds Running History

    German Shepherds originated as herd dogs in the late 19th century. Like many herd dogs, German Shepherds had to be able to pull in long hours in the fields herding the farm animals, whether it was sheep, cows, or something else.

    German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, as they had to be alert and able to see if anything was going wrong. They were also bred to be obedient, protective, and loyal, perfect for someone who wants to keep their livestock safe. A herd dog needs to be able to obey commands and keep up with the animals that it is meant to shepherd.

    German Shepherds are a medium to large breed of dog that is energetic thanks to its herding past. Being able to keep up with a bunch of animals is a big job, and the German Shepherd was and is always eager to please, and so it always does its best.

    With all of the energy a German Shepherd had to have in its herding days, and with its larger, more lean and muscular build, they are quite capable dogs when it comes to many forms of exercise. Back in the day, however, German Shepherds werent expected to be running for hours on end, or for extreme distances, but just enough of the field and in the speed needed to gather the herd.

    Still, the traits of a German Shepherd that give it its energy and athletic ability have carried over, and they make it a great dog for people who love to exercise today.


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