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Where To Buy A Long Haired German Shepherd

Temperament & Intelligence Of The Long Haired German Shepherd

Long Haired German Shepherd: What To Know Before Buying

The Long Haired German Shepherd is similar to its Short Haired GSD counterpoint in temperament and intelligence. However, the Long Haired GSD is considered a little more laidback and easygoing in comparison.

They are just as intelligent as the Short Haired GSD and are protective of their owner but arent known to be as aggressive while in protection mode. They are also not as wary of strangers and are calmer and a little less energetic than the Short Haired GSD.

A Day In The Life Of This Breed

Your morning with a Long Haired German Shepherd is going to start early.

How can these pups sleep when there is so much to do each day? They will wake you up ready to play with a toy in their mouth and a pep in their step.

As you yawn and make your way downstairs they will demand their large morning meal because these pups have an enormous appetite.

After breakfast it is time to start another active day.

Hopefully you have lots of activities planned for the day to keep you pup busy.

A long morning walk will keep your dog happy.

As you go about your business in the house your pup will stay close by but will want to dutifully watch out the window to make sure no intruders, or mail men, get too close to your house. They are the protector of the home and take this job very seriously.

Later in the day they would love a trip to the dog park where they can see all their dog buddies. They will run and run after their friends until somehow, all of that pent-up energy seems to finally disappear.

That will not stop them from wanting to play a bit of fetch in the backyard once you get home though.

After loads of exercise they will happily lay by your side and drift to sleep with you petting them while you watch TV before bed.

A Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy Can Be Born To Two Short Haired German Shepherd Parents

The long hair gene is a recessive gene, which means both parent dogs must carry it in order to pass it on to a puppy.

As we mentioned above, the long haired German Shepherd can often be born into a litter with short haired litter mates. In fact, this is a common occurrence. The long haired gene in German Shepherds is a recessive gene and any dog can carry it, even short haired GSDs.

This means that two short haired German Shepherd parents can produce a litter of puppies with both short and long coats, and even breeders who are careful to select a specific pedigree of parent dogs to breed can wind up with long-coated German Shepherd puppies.

However, because the long haired gene is a recessive gene, it means that both parent breeds must carry the long haired gene in order to pass it on to some of their pups.

Although the long haired gene in German Shepherds has been deemed a genetic defect, it luckily has no implication on a German Shepherds health, temperament, or lifespan. All it really means for you, as the owner, is that you wont be able to show your dog in the future.

For many people looking for a companion dog, this is of no importance. However, if you are looking for a German Shepherd to register and show through the American Kennel Club, you will want to forgo a long haired German Shepherd and stick with a classic short haired German Shepherd bred with qualifying features.

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Long Haired German Shepherds

The rarity of the long hair arises from the recessive gene that was meant to be bred out of the bread entirely. Previously considered as an unfortunate consequence to inbreeding, the coat can now be found from selective mating and attention to parenting. The origins of the long-haired variant march in line with their typical, short-haired cousins.

Von Stephanitz stated that long silky hair was often associated with a refined head and often had no undercoat. This would cause the part along the back of the breed to form pockets of moisture when it rained, which let to drenched skin. The long silky or shaggy hair was also likely to mat, get frozen during winter, and get hard with dirt if not properly taken care of.

He viewed long hair too much trouble for what its worth. If it was possible to breed long hair out of the Shepherd or to actively breed their short to medium hair counter-part this would be preferred as long hair lacked the density and protection from all elements.

A balance would be necessary for the coat of the average Shepherd, as coats must be judged simply from the point of view of serviceability because otherwise such dogs are not of importance for the breed. The focus was more on the undercoats protection and the length as the medium haired German Shepherds were easier to take care of and therefore made better working dogs. These pups are not to be confused with GSD mixes like the GSD/Husky.

How To Brush Your German Shepherds

Long Haired German Shepherd: Fluffy Coat GSD Genetics ...

For short-haired German Shepherds, you would want to use a bristle brush as for a medium to long-haired German Shepherds you would want to get a pin brush.

Start by brushing your dog from the back and go forward to remove loose hair and any debris from the outer coat. Then use an undercoat rake to remove any dead hair or tangles from the undercoat.

Remember when using brush, comb, or undercoat rake, you must never use them against the direction of the coat growth.

If there are stubborn mats in the inner or outer coat, you can use a de-shedder comb or detangler sprays to get rid of them.

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Do German Shepherds Shed Differently

The fact is that German Shepherds are shedding machines! The short-haired German Shepherd has more hair than a long-haired GSD. For that reason, they are going to shed more than a long-haired, but that does not mean that a long-haired German Shepherd is not going to shed heavily.

German Shepherds of any variety are large animals. As with most canines, your German Shepherd is going to have a hefty amount of shedding. Most dogs with a double coat will require regular brushing to keep the second coat down to a minimum and reduce shedding.

Although a short-haired German Shepherd will shed more, the difference is not that much. A long-haired German Shepherd will have its fair share of shedding as well. It may seem like a German Shepherd with a longer coat sheds more, but the hairs often get caught in the coat due to the length. Both types of German Shepherds shed all year long, and particularly have two stretches during the year where shedding is extremely heavy.

There is also the plush coat German Shepherd to be considered as well. Similar to a long-haired German Shepherd, their coat is mostly considered a genetic accident, and the American Kennel Club does not recognize them because of that. German Shepherds, in general, are heavy shedders and are not recommended for people with pet allergies.

Getting To Know The German Shepherd Dog Breed

In the late 1800s, Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz, while studying at the Berlin Veterinary School, became interested in the herding dogs that were being used throughout Germany. But instead of pursuing a career in veterinary medicine or his dream as a gentleman farmer, he relented to family pressure and joined the military.

As a cavalry officer in the German countryside, Von Stephanitz came to admire the sheep-herding dogs he encountered. He noticed their keen intelligence and lightning-fast responsiveness as well as their special abilities to herd sheep. In Germany, flocks of sheep are moved from their pens to open areas along the road where they can pasture. The dogs job is to keep the sheep on the grassy roadside, away from fast-moving cars and out of a farmers crops. This kind of sheep herding is very demanding and is called tending or boundary herding. The AKC offers a sport called Herding C course. It mirrors this kind of boundary work or as some call it the invisible fence.

His first efforts were to place emphasis on standardizing the many German flavors of herding dogs that were identifiable as sheepdogs. In the beginning, how they looked was of little importance. His emphasis remained on fixing the traits he considered central to producing the ultimate German herding farm dog. Because the herding instinct and their working ability was not the issue, he focused on the upright ears and wolf-like body style that so many fanciers admired.

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Long Haired German Shepherd Dog Appearance

These dogs are known for their bold and confident appearance.

Their intelligent brown eyes and muscular stance give them an aura of authority that nobody can deny. Their large head, strong jaw, and alert pointy ears further add to the strength of their appearance.

Overall you can expect this dog to look just like a regular German Shepherd just with a longer coat.

Long Haired German Shepherd Breed Info

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy || Doggyz World

As both of these dogs are German Shepherds, most of the breed information is going to be similar. One of the main differences you will find between them, are their grooming requirements.

Grooming for a Long Haired German Shepherd is slightly different than the Short Haired. Some long-haired GSDs dont have an undercoat, which would make you think they would shed less. What actually happens is they shed pretty much the same amount, but because the fur is longer, the shed hair become caught in the fur.

When you brush your Long Haired German Shepherd, you will probably notice more fur comes out than with a Short Haired.

They still need to be brushed two to three times a week. Their fur can quickly become matted and tangled and this may be painful for your pup. They dont go through shedding seasons. The amount they shed is pretty consistent all year round.

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Grooming My Long Haired German Shepherd

Long haired German Shepherds require a little more attention in this department compared to the shorth haired German Shepherd. Under normal conditions you will need to brush your long haired German Shepherd several times a week. Their shedding will increase during seasonal change, and you will need to increase your brushing from several times a week to daily. Once you notice a reduction in shedding you can return to brushing them daily to a couple of times a week.

To get your German Shepherd groomed properly you will need a slicker brush and a comb. The slicker brush will remove the initial shedding and by using the comb afterwards to remove tangles and more of the undercoat if their is still any remaining.

Brushing them before you give them a bath is also advisable as water makes the mats and undercoat tighter. I do not recommend shaving your long haired German Shepherd. Their coat keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There is also a possibility that their coat might not grow back after they are shaved. If you really struggle with your German Shepherds coat rather seek a professionals advise.

Long haired German Shepherds enjoy living indoors. They get quite attached to their family dont do well when alone for long periods at a time. Should you have no choice but to leave your German Shepherd outside at night, be sure to get them a proper shelter that protects them from adverse weather conditions.

Connecticut Gsd Puppies Our Kennel Is Located Around 100 Miles From The Connecticut Line

Where to buy a long haired german shepherd. We own 20 acres of land with 300 acres of forest behind us. We have male female red sable and much more. We work hard to provide perfectly formed physically solid puppies from incredibly healthy parents.

Were glad youve visited us. We have put a lot of time in finding the right dogs for our breeding program so we can provide quality puppies. South Florida German Shepherds is one of the best German Shepherd Breeders located in South Florida USA.

We have strong and healthy AKC German Shepherd puppies for sale. Call to Check Out Our German Shepherd Puppies for Sale At CTBreeder we have short haired long haired blue black white and silver puppies for sale. The AKC labels this variety as a genetic fault so this breed is not allowed to compete in dog shows.

Both dogs will have an undercoat but the difference is that the top coat of a long haired German Shepherd will be longerThe long coat GSD has longer and silkier hair on the chest back face tail and on the backside of its legs. 1200 I have 7 very cute and playful German Shepherd puppies availableI have 4 males and 3 females They were born on December 23rd and. We are a small hobby breeder of long coat German Shepherds located in up state NY.

Our long haired German Shepherd Puppies are some of our favorites. The likelihood of getting a long haired Shepherd with two long-haired parents is high. The gene which gives the German Shepherd their long hair is a recessive gene.

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Do All Gsds Have Double Coats

Per both the AKCs and UKCs standards, a double coat is required in all German shepherd dogs. The outer coat should be dense and straight, resting close to your dogs body rather than fluffing out excessively as seen in other super-furry breeds like Samoyeds. Instead, a GSDs undercoat should be shorter and thick, covering his entire body.

Now, while the standard calls for a double coat, the undercoat is sometimes lacking in long-haired GSDs. On the surface, this may not appear to be a big deal, but in colder climates, an undercoat is vital in insulating your dog from the elements, so these long-haired pups may actually have a tougher time staying warm.

Should I Get A Male German Shepherd Or Female

83 best #Long

Research shows that males German Shepherds are more aggressive than female German Shepherds. This means that a family should consider choosing a female for a companion over a male. Males tend to perform better for roles in protection and guarding and could do well in a home without children and the proper training.

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Long Haired German Shepherd Vs Short Haired German Shepherd

The only difference between a long haired and short haired German Shepherd is the length of its fur. Both varieties have a double coat that sheds a little bit around the year and more during season changes.

The primary difference between the two coat varieties is that the Long Haired German Shepherd requires more brushing. Their long fur can become tangled and form mats. Severe mats are not safe to brush out. That means a groomer needs to shave them out, which will leave bald spots.

The longer fur also tends to pick up more dirt and debris, which is then deposited all over your home. Neat freaks should consider going with the short haired German Shepherd.

How Did The Origins Of Long

German shepherds have been recognized since the 1990s. But even then, long-haired GSDs are still frowned upon. This is perhaps the result of the firm belief of the authorities in the kennel clubs that their shouldnt be any long-haired shepherd breeds.

It wasnt until in the 2010 when both the FCI and SV officially recognized the long coat trait in the breed line.

Since then, these fluffy German shepherds have been called many names, the most popular being long coat German shepherd.

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Is A Long Haired German Shepherd Right For You

If youre looking for an energetic dog who is intelligent, lovable, and easy to train, the Long Haired German Shepherd may be the breed for you.

Plan on brushing your dog a lot and keeping lint rollers around. Also, know that the long coat will bring lots of dirt and debris into your home.

If you have the time and energy, a Long Coat German Shepherd might be the perfect addition to your family.

Wellness Core Adult Dog Food

Long Haired German Shepherd Breeder | German Shepherd kennels | Doggyz World

We like Wellness Core Adult Dog Food for long haired German Shepherds because its a limited ingredient diet free of poultry and other additives that can exacerbate allergies and coat issues.

This dog food also supports a healthy skin and coat, as well as immune health. Just remember that the dog food you choose for your long haired German Shepherd is best when it is specified for his age and weight.

This means puppies should eat puppy food, adult dogs should eat adult dog food, and senior dogs over the age of seven should eat dog food specified for senior dogs.

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Short Hair Vs Long Hair Differences

It is not hard to spot the difference between a long and short haired. The most distinctive feature will be their large mane. This makes them look like a proud lion.

A long coat will also be two to six inches in length. Regular short hair coats should be no longer than two inches.

If you cannot tell how long their coat is, you can look for some characteristics that are unique to them.

Long haired German Shepherds will have feathering around their ears and behind their legs, similar to a cream Golden Retriever. They also have hair in between their paws and their tails will be very bushy. The short haired variety has none of these features.

If you are still not sure, you can look to see if your dog has an undercoat. All short hair GSDs will have a double coat. If the undercoat is missing, you know that you are looking at a type of long hair.

The long haired German Shepherd can be identified from as early as ten weeks young. These puppies are born with their mane, feathering and long coat. It does not change as they grow.


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