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What Is A German Shepherd Mixed With

Temperament/characteristics Of The German Shepherd Mixed With The Belgian Malinois

German Shepherd Wolf Mix: Is This Legendary Breed A Good Choice?

The characteristics of the German Shepherd Mixed with the Belgian Malinois will depend on the dominant genes of the purebreeds parents.

The characteristics of the hybrid are unpredictable because it comes from two different dogs with different backgrounds, so each Hybrid will have different characters.

Below we have listed the most common characteristics you will notice from the hybrid:

The hybrid is very intelligent: This is a trait they inherit from the German Shepherd side of the family.

They have the ability to learn simple tasks after only five repetitions and obeyed the first command, given 95% of the time.

This trait is what makes them to be one of the best crossbreeds in the world. Moreover, they are adorable and make great family companions.

The hybrid is very energetic: The hybrid is full of energy and is also a very active dog, it needs not just a lot of physical opportunities but also mental stimulation too.

The hybrid would love to join you when you go for a jog or walk, would do best with a couple of long walks along with some play time and mental stimulation.

These are all ways of dealing with the high energy it has, is no exercise is given to the hybrid, it tends to get bored and become a bit destructive, it will dig holes in your garden, howl for no reason at all, chew your shoes and some of your important stuff.

Exercise is the key to dealing with the excess energy the dog has.

Dachshund Shepherd German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

If you are thinking that is going to be a quirky mix, you would be correct. This curious cross combines two completely different breeds in terms of temperament and appearance. But this mix actually turns out incredibly well. If youre looking for an interesting look breed thats a bit on the intense side, then the Dachshund Shepherd might be the dog for you.

When it comes to appearance, the Dachshund Shepherd can vary greatly. He will likely have the body and muzzle of a German Shepherd paired with the short legs, droopy ears, and large eyes that resemble pools of dark chocolate. The mix typically will range between 20 and 60 pounds and can be up to 20 inches long.

Temperament-wise, the Dachshund Shepherd is easy-going. He has a tendency to be loyal to one person, though, and can become aggressive when someone tries to interact with their master. This is why early socialization and training are necessary. He is typically an easy trainer, although sometimes he prefers to be lazy and sprawl out on the couch for the entirety of the day.

Unfortunately, the Dachshund Shepherd is prone to several health problems. These include bloat, cancer, degenerative myelopathy, elbow dysplasia, knee dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease, and hip dysplasia.

A Brief Insight Into The Development Of The Breed

The German Shepherd breed appeared late at the end of the 19th century in Germany and they were first exhibited at a show in Hanover in 1882. They were not like German Shepherds as we know them today though being rough coated, short tailed and rather resembling mongrels. The German Shepherd Dog as we now know it didn’t really appear until after the Second World War.

The breed was actually created by the cross breeding of working sheep dogs from rural Germany by an ex cavalry officer called Max von Stephanitz whose aim was to create a working dog for herding which could trot for long periods.

A breed standard was drawn up and the first breed show took place in 1899 following which the GSD became firmly established across Germany. In 1906 the first dogs were exported to the USA .

Since then, the breed has grown enormously in popularity and is now one of the most popular pedigree breeds in the UK as a pet as well as being the favourite working breed for many forces, especially the police. They are widely used for security purposes because of their strong protective instincts.

GSD’s make wonderful family pets and will protect family and home.

If you would like to make a donation to help the rescue, please click on the link below.

Please help support the rescue

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The Temperament Of A Shepweiler

Just like with any other type of mixed breed it can be hard to predict exactly what the temperament of a Shepweiler will be as we can only base it on the parent breeds. The reputation of its parent breeds means that the temperament of the Shepweiler often comes under a lot of scrutiny.

Both German Shepherds and Rottweilers are historically trained as guard dogs and have been bred to show aggression on command. This has led to a number of misconceptions, with many people often misunderstanding them.

German Shepherds have a deep-rooted sense of protection that will often cause them to become confrontational if they sense that their home is under threat. This can be an issue for family homes if you dont properly train your dog. German Shepherds are highly intelligent and their aggression can be controlled and targeted, which is why they are often used as police dogs and military service dogs.

Much like their German cousins, Rottweilers are known to show aggression towards perceived intruders and other dogs, which has caused them to develop a negative stereotype within the media. There have been many cases where an untrained Rottweiler has attacked bystanders, which has often been down to a lack of dedication by their owner.

Despite the negative stereotypes it is important to remember that the aggression shown by these two parent breeds comes out of a desire to protect, and is easily controlled in a Shepweiler with proper training and devotion.

Image source:

Sled Dog Vs Sheepdog Genes


If they are more Husky than German Shepherd, your pup might want to run for hours every day. And may show less interest in learning games.

But if their personality more resembles a German Shepherd, they might enjoy advanced obedience classes. Or scent work activities.

Either of which will help to give them a satisfying sense of purpose.

German Shepherd training is something you will need to keep up with for their lifetime. And their mix is likely to be no different.

Whichever breed they take after most closely, they will need lots of socialization from a young age.

We are talking of at least two hours exercise a day as adults. Together with ongoing training sessions through the dogs life.

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Caring For A German Shepherd Boxer Mix

A German Shepherd Boxer mix is a fun friend to have around but they are not for everyone.

Apartments and urban areas do not make the best home for one. Your dog will need their own outdoor space to let out all of their energy.

If you have ever owned a German Shepherd or a Boxer, a mix will not be too much more difficult to manage. Keeping this pup active and entertained is the biggest challenge for the breed.

They are not for owners with inactive lifestyles.

Choose A German Shepherd Mixed Breed Carefully

Patrick Singletary, DVM, owns Good Dog Veterinary Care in Marietta, Ga. He says it should take months to research and vet a breeder. “This is especially true for hybrid breeds because they’re in such high demand,” he says. “High consumer demand leads to more breeders getting into the game or higher prices.”

Singletary adds that responsible dog owners doing quality research into their new furry family members also help reduce the prevalence of puppy mills, which are unfortunately where many hybrid breeds originate.

Make sure to keep the health of both pup’s parents in mind, too. For example, the American Kennel Club indicates German shepherds usually live 1214 years and while relatively healthy, still might have issues with elbow and hip dysplasia and bloat.

Although there’s no guarantee a mixed breed puppy will have all the most desirable traits from both dog parents choosing one of the pooches below still gives you an opportunity to love a special creature. Who you callin’mutt, mister?

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Shepherd Bulldog German Shepherd Bulldog Mix

The Bulldog Shepherd is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Bulldog. Its a medium to large breed with strength like that of the parent breeds. Generally, a Bulldog Shepherd could weigh between 60 and 90 pounds and stand between 24 and 26 inches.

The coloring of a Bulldog Shepherd could vary from brindle to black and tan to patches of white. The coat is on the shorter side so grooming is pretty simple. Daily brushing with a basic plastic-bristle brush is sufficient. Your dog should only need a bath with shampoo if he gets especially dirt, perhaps from a mud puddle.

As for temperament, the Bulldog Shepherd can be brave, confident, loyal, and intelligent. Theyre a trainable breed who can learn proper manners in the home. Both breeds have a protective nature so owners should train their dogs to be gentle.

As with purebred Bulldogs, the Bulldog Shepherd is known for breathing problems due to the short skull and short nose. The longer skull of the GSD helps with this health issue, but it is still not free of concern.

How Big Does A German Shepherd Husky Mix Get

German Shepherd x Husky Mix (Gerberian Shepsky): The Complete Breed Info

The breed standard for the German Shepherd mentions the following:

Male Height: 24-26 inches | Weight: 66-88 lbs

Female Height: 22-24 in | Weight: 49-71 lbs

And heres the regular sizes and weight for Huskies:

Male Height: 2123 1/2 in | Weight: 45-60 lbs

Female Height: 2022 in | Weight: 35-50 lbs

The difference between these two dog breeds is not huge.

You can expect your male German Shepherd Husky mix to be 22-25 in with a weight of 50-80 lbs .

Female German Shepherd Husky mixes range from 20-24 in , weighing in at 40-70 lbs .

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German Shepherd Boxer Mix Appearance

As no true breed standard exists, this breed can take the appearance of either a German Shepherd or Boxer.

However, you will certainly get a tall dog with a very muscular build.

To see one standing on the front porch and guarding its home is quite a sight. They have a large, broad muzzle and very strong jawbones.

Do not expect a big goofy grin this dogs facial expression often reflects its serious nature.

Their eyes are dark and its floppy ears can stand erect or fold over at the tips.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Size

Compared to some of the more mismatched doggy parents these days, German Shepherds and Huskies have quite complementary appearances.

They both have erect ears and dignified expressions. They look well built and athletic.

Both breeds have double coat, which looks deep and cuddly.

Overall, Huskies are medium sized dogs. They weigh 35-60lb. More males are at the top end of the range, and more females at the bottom.

From the ground to the shoulders they stand at 20-23 inches tall.

German Shepherds are larger. They weigh 49-88lb, and stand 22-26 inches from floor to shoulder. Again, males are usually larger than females.

When a Husky German Shepherd mix puppy grows up it will be anywhere between the smallest Husky, and the biggest German Shepherd.

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Everything You Need To Know About German Shepherd Lab Mix Dogs

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German Shepherds and Labradors are both intelligent and lovable dogs, and two of the most popular breeds in the United States.

It is, therefore, no surprise that some breeders are starting to mix the two. Considering whether a German Shepherd Lab Mix is right for you? Read on for everything you need to know about this amazing mixed-breed dog.

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Skeletal Health And Supplementation

15 Most Popular German Shepherd Mix and Hybrid Dogs

Musculoskeletal disorders are debilitating conditions that are often associated with genetic makeup, malnutrition, and stress-related events. Some breeds like the German shepherd, are predisposed to a variety of different skeletal disorders, including but not limited to: canine hip dysplasia, Cauda equina syndrome, and osteoarthritis. These conditions can be a result of poor breeding or induced by intense exercise and poor diet.

Canine hip dysplasia is an orthopedic condition resulting from abnormal development of the hip joint and surrounding tissue causing the instability and partial dislocation of the hip joint, resulting in pain, inflammation, lameness, and potentially osteoarthritis of the joint. German shepherds are genetically predisposed to CHD and the University of Veterinary Medicine in Germany found its prevalence estimated to be approximately 35% of veterinary cases associated with the disorder.

Osteoarthritis is one of the main contributors of musculoskeletal pain and disabilities that commonly affect German shepherds. Mechanical stress, oxidative damage and inflammatory mediators combine to induce the gradual degeneration of the articular cartilage in the joint, resulting in reduced muscle mass, pain, and locomotion.

Vitamins such as A and D also have crucial roles in bone development and maintenance by regulating bone and calcium metabolism. Adequate levels should be incorporated into a German shepherd diet to promote a healthy musculoskeletal system.

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How To Train A Boxer Shepherd Mix

Training a Boxer Shepherd mix is a double-edged sword:

  • Their high intelligence means that they will learn quickly.
  • But they have low patience for being dominated by their owners.
  • You may find yourself locked in a battle for control with a stubborn pup pushing back will only create resentment and aggressive behavior.

    The clicker emits a stimulating sound that can only be picked up by your dogs keen ears. Use the clicker to mark the exact moment your dog obeys a command or completes a task, then follow up with a reward. Your pup will learn to associate the sound of the clicker with their treat.

    As mentioned early, early socialization will be needed to counteract a German Shepherd Boxer mixs natural suspicion around strangers.

    In a good socialization class, they will be placed with other dogs of a similar size and breed. They will learn to get along with one another through a series of fun games and programs.

    This will also teach your puppy not to chase and bully other dogs.

    As a working dog, they will need to be set to tasks throughout the day.

    You can give them small bundles to fetch and carry, things to find, or mechanical toys to herd around the house.

    Your pup will be very unhappy if left alone with nothing to do. An understimulated dog is likely to find their own way to amuse themselves, even if it means destroying the house and furniture.

    Golden Shepherd German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

    The Golden Shepherd is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever. This mix of a herding breed with a sporting breed produces a cooperative and trainable dog. Theyre intelligent, easy to train, and very eager to please.

    The personality of a Shepherd Golden is friendly and gentle yet reserved . The mixed breed makes an ideal family pet with small children since they play with kids, have patience for young ones learning to be polite with dogs, and slightly protective of kids who may stray too close to danger.

    Shepherd Goldens stand anywhere from 22 inches to 26 inches tall at the shoulders. They usually weigh between 55 pounds and 85 pounds.

    The coat is a thick double coat that sheds a lot, which is standard in each breed. The fur may be longer like a Golden Retriever. It requires daily brushing and occasional shampooing.

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    They Are Physically Very Active

    A physically active dog gets along with an owner who is also physically active. If you are planning to have a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix, you must be willing to spend a significant chunk of your time and energy with your dog daily. As already discussed, depriving your dog of physical activities is a bad idea. Fixing a daily routine for your dogs exercise and training is the way forward. In addition, it can also be a blessing in disguise for you as you will get to have physical activities as well, which can be positive for your health.

    Still, if you are a dog lover who happens to have a busy schedule, you may consider adopting one from the lazy dog breeds.

    What If My German Shepherd Is A Variety Of Mixes

    Maltese German Shepherd Mix: Is It Possible to Cross-Breed

    People often adopt dogs from the local shelter, which is an incredibly loving thing to do that they certainly appreciate. They seem to know that theyve been given a second chance and dont want to disappoint their new owner. But this adoption makes it difficult to determine what the pet is mixed with.

    One thing to keep in mind is that having a mutt in many ways is like holding a golden ticket because they normally dont have the health issues that many purebreds do. Their mixed breeding also offers unique coats, body shapes, and behaviors that only nature can provide.

    Unfortunately, its often this natural blend that lands many dogs in the shelters in the first place. Owners often fail to understand how the dogs mix will impact behavior.

    Many German Shepherd mixes, for example, end up in animal shelters simply because owners dont understand and work with the dogs natural protective instincts, mistaking them for aggression.

    If the desired dog is part German Shepherd, the chances are high that the local shelter will have several options. So, the crucial thing to remember is the importance of determining the dogs other breeds. While a DNA test may not be available, there are ways to make an educated guess.

    Before leaving for the shelter, study various breeds and start making observations at the kennel gate. Once the selection is narrowed down to two or three candidates, make observations in the shelter playroom to determine the dogs general disposition.

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