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Miniature German Shepherds For Sale

How Long Do Miniature German Shepherds Live

Miniature German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Mini German Shepherds often live longer than GSDs and can live up to 15 years depending on the breed used in the mix compared to 9-13 years for a GSD. Small dogs live longer than large breeds because large breeds age faster. Mixed breeds are also more likely to have a recessive disease.

There are many misconceptions and inaccuracies about whether mixed breeds are healthier than purebreds, so lets investigate.

This recent study of 100,000 dogs found that purebreds were 2.8 times more likely than mixed breeds to have a recessive disease, although mixed breeds can still be carriers.

Another study of over 27,000 dogs conducted over 15 years to determine the proportion of mixed-breed and purebred dogs with common genetic disorders found that the theory that purebred dogs are more susceptible to inherited disease is only true for some disorders.

Overall, the study showed that the prevalence of these genetic disorders among purebred and mixed-breed dogs depends on the specific condition.

Anita Oberbauer, Animal Psychologist, UC Davis

The German Shepherd is generally a healthy dog but is susceptible to certain genetic health issues like most purebreds. They are prone to hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and bloat .

Miniature German Shepherd Size

The standard male German Shepherd Dog stands from 24 to 26 inches and weighs from 65 to 90 pounds. The standard female German Shepherd is somewhat smaller, standing from 22 to 24 inches and weighing between 50 and 70 pounds.

To be a mini German Shepherd you need to be less than 22 inches tall and fewer than 50 lbs. But Miniature German Shepherds can be considerably smaller than this, depending upon how they are bred.

What Affects German Shepherd Price

The price of German Shepherd for sale in California varies from breeder to breeder.Factors that affect the cost include breeder/company experience, pedigree, and rarity of coloring. For example, Black German Shepherd breeders California will charge a different price to White German Shepherd puppies for sale in California.

Do your breeders transport German Shepherd puppies out of state?

If you cant find your perfect puppy when you search for German Shepherd breeders southern California or even German Shepherd puppies for sale in northern California, you can simply search the rest of the USA. With the exception of Hawaii and Alaska, you can opt to have your new pup brought to any major airport near you.

How do you screen breeders?

At California Puppies, we pride ourselves on our high standards of ethical practice. We require all registered breeders and businesses to sign the Breeder Pledge for peace of mind. You can trust that when you find German Shepherd puppies for sale in California on our network, you will be supporting a humane breeder.

Are German Shepherds trainable for novice owners?

If youre looking into German Shepherd puppies California, you might be wondering if they are easy to train. The good news is that German Shepherds are highly trainable, which is why they are used by the police as well as the blind as service dogs. The intelligence of German Shepherds is unrivaled, making them super low maintenance in the training arena!

What is a puppy mill?

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How Big Are Miniature German Shepherd

Miniature German Shepherds live up to their names and are much smaller than a standard. In fact, most minis weigh less than 50 pounds. Compared to purebreds that can weigh nearly 90 pounds, they are much more compact.

A miniature German Shepherd will only stand 15 to 20 inches tall and weighs between 30 and 50 pounds.

On the flip side, a standard can be 24 inches tall and weigh 50 to 90 pounds as an adult.

The true size of a miniature German Shepherd will depend on what breed is used for crossbreeding. For example, a mix between a German Shepherd and a Border Collie will be taller and heavier than a mix with a Corgi.

Yorkshire Terriers are the smallest dog breed used for breeding miniature German Shepherds. This mix is not very common, but it produces the smallest pups!

Miniature vs Standard Growth Chart


Miniature German Shepherds are loyal, energetic, obedient, and hard-working.

Besides being hard-working herding and guard dogs, miniatures also have a bit of a soft side. They are not as aloof as full-sized purebreds, but may appear standoffish when around people or dogs they do not know. They are very protective of their owners and will be loyal to them. Those mixed with Golden Retrievers or Poodles have calmer temperaments than those mixed with Border Collies.

Poodle or Golden mixes are ideal for families with children. Border Collie mixes will be higher strung and do not thrive in households with kids.

Is The Mini German Shepherd The Right Dog For You

Miniature German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

If you are looking for a dog that is going to have all the amazing characteristics of the famous German Shepherd, but comes in a small-sized package that is more manageable, then these Mini German Shepherds are definitely something that you should consider.

They are small dogs for any size of home whether it is apartment living, a city, or a rural environment, they will be able to adapt easily. They are perfect for people who live in a small apartment and dont have a lot of space at home.

However, you have to keep in mind that these dogs are very energetic pups that require lots of exercise, so if you are not in a place where you can provide them with that, maybe it is better not to adopt them at all.

If they dont receive enough exercise, they will become bored and probably cause a lot of mischief around the house, so youll also have to deal with destructive behavior.

Other than that, if you choose to have this pooch, I am sure that you will not regret it. Intelligent, loving, great with kids, and absolutely adorable are just some of the amazing qualities that these popular dogs have to offer.

If you choose to have one as your next family member, youll definitely find a lot more of their positive traits!

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Be Sure To Take Into Consideration What You Would Like The Pets Size To Be Before You Decide To Get One

If you want the dog to be larger than average, there is a good chance that you will have a harder time finding one that is a good match for you.

If you do not want a large dog, they are a great pet for those who are looking for a smaller dog to protect their children. Smaller dogs are known to be obedient and very loyal.

Many people love to get their dogs because they are very loving and friendly. They will make the perfect family pet for a person who is new to owning a dog.

If you choose to get a German Shepherd for sale, you can expect to pay anywhere from $800 to several thousand dollars for them. Because they are very valuable and popular, many online sources sell them.

Because there are so many different breeders of these dogs, it is important to find a reputable source to get one from. These breeders will offer a guarantee that they will provide the best care for your dog.

A Dwarf German Shepherd for sale can make a wonderful addition to any home. The German Shepherd breed is just one of the many different types of dogs that you can get.

The Personality Of The Miniature Gsd

True, miniature German shepherds can inherit the personality of the other breed. However, the good news is that most of the time, its the German shepherds traits that win over.

For example, most miniature GSDs carry the intelligence and loyalty of German shepherds. However, that doesnt change the fact that the naughty behavior of the other breed may be the dominant trait.

This leads to plenty of differences between the personality of a miniature German shepherd and the standard GSD.

Another good news is that those that belong to the purebred or the dwarfism category typically acts like how a standard German shepherd should.

But a mixed breed like the white miniature German shepherd is not only a dog that looks like a German shepherd but smaller. They also have a different purpose, depending on the other breed.

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Where To Find Miniature German Shepherd Puppies

Recently, Miniature German Shepherd puppies have started to become extremely popular, which, on one hand, makes it a little bit easier to find them, but also, on the other hand, it can be a little bit difficult to find a truly reputable breeder who cares about his dogs and makes sure that they are perfectly healthy.

What Have We Learnt About The Mini German Shepherd Breed

Minature German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

The main lesson to take away from this guide on small German shepherds is that even though there are three ways that small German Shepherd type dogs can be bred dwarfism, poor breeding and crossbreeding you are never going to find that perfect miniature pure bred GSD because it just isnt possible.

Remember to always take online adverts with a pinch of salt, ignore all those that advertise puppies that sound too good to be true and to look for a breeder that is open and honest about the genetic traits of the puppies that they have for sale.

If the breeder route has put you off, then look into giving an unwanted hybrid small GSD dog a good home.

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Mini German Shepherd: Info Size & Cost

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German Shepherds are wonderful dogs to own with many exciting traits. However, they are a large breed that requires lots of exercise and space, and you may not suit their size and high energy. So, what if you could get a smaller version of this fantastic breed. Do miniature German Shepherds exist?

Miniature German Shepherds do not exist. You can get a smaller version of a German Shepherd however, it is a mixed breed, not a purebred. A female GSD is crossed with another smaller breed to give the appearance of a small GSD. The only true mini GSD is one suffering from dwarfism.

In this guide, youll learn all about the mini German Shepherd and the popular types of mini GSDs to see whether this smaller version is a better fit for you. But first, lets make sure were on the same page. Youll also learn:

  • Are mini German Shepherds good family dogs?
  • How big do mini German Shepherds get?
  • Do miniature German Shepherds shed?
  • How long do mini German Shepherds live?
  • Mini German Shepherd price and where to find them.

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Theres a lot to this topic, so lets begin!


How To Buy Miniature German Shepherd Puppies

Now that you know the potential pros and cons of going for one of the mini GSD crosses, it is time to decide if you want to get a puppy or not. If the answer is yes, you need to know how to do so responsibly.

If you do decide to buy from a breeder, there is the added issue of the mini German shepherd cost.

Check to see how much the dogs are being sold for and, if the price seems high, why they are going for so much. An expensively-priced animal is not always the best pick if it is sold under false pretences.

The first thing to do is to find a breeder that you can meet in person where you can actually see the puppies that are for sale. See if you can arrange to see the puppies with their parents and the rest of the pups so that you can check to see if they are part of a healthy litter and get to know more about their genetics.

Talk to the breeder about the animals they are selling and see how honest they are willing to be about the parentage, health issues and other considerations when dealing with the pup.

If it is a pure breed, ask why it is so small. If they are honest about it being a hybrid, ask about the likely traits.

Finally, give the puppy a good check to see if there are any clear health problems. This can help you to rule out the dwarfism and runt issues.

3 Months Old GSD, Runt of the Litter

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A Few More Statistics For Marylands Dog Lovers

Only 30% of Maryland residents own a dog. This is well below the national average of 40%.

According to the American Kennel Club , the most popular dogs in Georgia are loving family breeds: Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers. In Baltimore, the most popular breeds are Jack Russell Terriers, Beagles, Pugs, Labradoodles, and Goldens.

Miniature Vs Standard Differences


Miniature German Shepherds can be half the size of standards! This means they do not grow taller than 20 inches and weigh no more than 50 pounds. Due to their smaller size, minis have a slightly longer lifespan of 15 years.

At first glance, mini German Shepherds look just like purebreds.

They will likely keep the alert, athletic and muscular appearance of their purebred parent, but it will be on a smaller body.

Most keep the German Shepherds bi-color coat too. This means they are mainly tan and have a saddle-shaped black pattern on their backs. Other coat colors include: white, black, sable, black and silver, or black and red.

Breeders know there is a demand for mini breeds.

They generally increase the price of miniature German Shepherds. Purebreds can range from $500 to $1,500, but the adoption fee of a miniature German Shepherd will be at least $1,500.


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Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

German Shepherds are among many breeds prone to elbow and hip dysplasia. Dysplasia happens when the joint is malformed and unstable. These abnormalities can happen in the socket, ball, or both. Either one of these conditions can cause premature osteoarthritis as well as laxity in the joint. About 20% of German Shepherds eventually develop hip and/or elbow dysplasia.

Hip or elbow dysplasia can be moderate to severe and it tends to be an expensive problem to treat. Anti-inflammatories, a special diet, and a heated bed may help a dog with dysplasia. Sometimes surgery is necessary which may involve hip replacement.

Are These Dogs Good For Families

With their calm temperament and unwavering loyalty, Miniature German Shepherds make ideal family pets. They have a strong instinct to protect their owners, so they make excellent guard dogs. Like their parent breeds, they thrive off of human companionship and adore being around their owners. This can be a problem if you are out frequently, as they are prone to suffering from separation anxiety. If you are away from home for large chunks of time, this is probably not the breed for you.

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What Are The Main Characteristics Of A Miniature German Shepherd

Like any other crossbred dog, Miniature German Shepherds can inherit the characteristics of either parent or both.

It is sometimes thought that crossbred dogs are more likely to inherit health problems than purebred dogs however, a puppy mixed dog can inherit all, some, or none of the health problems its parent breeds have.

Fact: Not all dogs from mixed breeds inherit 50% of their characteristics from one parent and 50% from the other. It can be heavily weighted towards the characteristics of one parent more than the other.

The Miniature German Shepherd puppy tends to have more of the classic appearance of the standard German Shepherd parent, but it is a smaller breed of dog.

The characteristics of Miniature GSDs are a combination of nature and nurture: genetics of the parents, the environment and the quality, type and amount of training and socialization.

Loyalty and companionship

Any mix of German Shepherd is likely to be extremely loyal and have a very loving temperament when trained and socialized properly. They will make a very caring and protective companion, for any dog lover. They can be very loving and affectionate dogs and enjoy company, and the more active their lifestyle the better.


The German Shepherd is a confident breed that looks fiercer than its actual behavior. Any German Shepherd or breed mixed with a GSD needs to be treated with caution and respect.



Power and intelligence:




Whats Life Like For A Mini Gsd

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale


This Mini German Shepherd breed is highly energetic and likes to keep busy: physically and mentally. Once socialized and finished obedience training it will be friendly with those it knows and respond to different situations and obey commands, but can be aloof around strangers.

They need to keep active and will chew things if bored, or left alone for long periods of time, so they need to be kept stimulated and busy. Chew toys can help with boredom.

This breed is a natural watchdog that will act on instinct to be very protective of its family so it needs to be trained when young.

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How Do You Care For A Miniature German Shepherd

Exercise needs

This small hybrid dog is powerful and naturally active with great stamina, so it will need lots of mixed exercises that blend fun and challenges.


Feed as a small-sized dog. They should be fed twice a day to prevent bloat, and encouraged to eat slowly, possibly using a slow feeding bowl.

Fact: Any sudden change in diet or change of dog food brand can cause diarrhea in a puppy. So any change must be gradual. If changing the brand of dry food, mix some of the new with original and increase new brand gradually.


This mixed-breed dog has a thick double coat that sheds more than the average dog requires regular brushing, at least twice a week is recommended.


This dog should be bathed when required but too often as their coat has natural oils that are stripped through excessive washing. Certain dog formulated shampoos have a double effect of cleaning the dog coat and protecting it against fleas and insect bites.

Cleaning teeth, nails and ears

As with all dogs, their teeth need to be cleaned regularly to prevent a build-up of plaque. Chewing breaks down plaque, so use doggie chew-toys, bare-bones and soft toothbrushes and toothpaste. Nails grow quickly and need to be trimmed regularly, say once a month, and checked for debris that could cause infection.


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