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German Shepherd Puppies Pittsburgh Pa

The 7 Best German Shepherd Breeders In Pennsylvania

PittsburghK9 German Shepherd Duke’s Obedience Training

Probably, the first image that pops into the minds of most people when they think of the word dog is the German Shepherd a breed that embodies everything a dog is supposed to be.

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world due to their high intelligence, eagerness to obey, unwavering loyalty, and uncanny working ability.

When trained properly, both male and female GSDs can find their place in fields such as police and military work, and as amazing search and rescue dogs because of their ability to stay calm under pressure also their versatility also allows them to become wonderful therapy dogs or family pets.

Whether youre looking for an alert and vigilant guard dog, a skilled working dog, or just a lovable hug-buddy to spend your free time with while cuddling on the couch together, you really cant go wrong with choosing the German Shepherd.

So, if youre looking for the best German Shepherd breeders in Pennsylvania let us help you in your effort of finding the perfect new German Shepherd puppy.

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Pennsylvania

Find German Shepherd dogs and puppies from Pennsylvania breeders. Its also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. … German Shepherds for Sale in Pennsylvania German Shepherds in PA. Filter Dog Ads Search. Sort. … Pittsburgh. Pottstown. Reading. Scranton. West Chester. Wilkes Barre. York. Breeder & Services Directory … More

German Shepherd Dogs Are Highly Energetic Dogs That Need A Daily Vigorous Workout

If you live in an area with a lot of outdoor activities and your dog spends most of his time running and playing outside, you may want to consider purchasing your dogs first set of puppy shoes. German shepherd puppies for adoption in the Pittsburgh area are usually very healthy dogs that are very alert and eager to please. They love to please their owners and work wonderfully in most environments.

The last thing you should do before bringing your puppy home is to check with your local pet shop or humane society for recommendations on German shepherd puppy training schools. These professionals can help you find the best boarding or kennel that will suit both your budget and your dogs needs.

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German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale Near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Usa Page 1

PuppyFinder.com is your source for finding an ideal German Shepherd Dog Puppy for Sale near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA area. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 95.9 mi from Pittsburgh

Beautiful solid white little boy. Will be UTD on vaccinations and microchip. He has already started crate training and going potty outside. Temperament tested, lots of…

Date listed: 11/29/2022


Tags: White GSD whitegermanshepherd Ohio German shepherd german shepherd ohio german shepherd puppy

Meet Chase Adorable AKC German Shepherd Male Puppy

Date listed: 12/05/2022

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 100.1 mi from Pittsburgh

This is Chase! He is 7 weeks old, adorable and spunky! He is AKC registered, up to date on vaccines, de-wormer, and has been examined by a licensed veterinarian. Chase will…

Date listed: 12/05/2022

We have one German Shepherd puppy from this litter that is ready for her forever home. They are large, old fashioned, flat back style GSDs with no slant to their backend and…

Date listed: 12/03/2022


Tags: German Shepherd puppies Colorado Colorado puppies German shepherd puppy near denver adoption puppies German shepherds

Meet Max Beautiful AKC German Shepherd Male Puppy

Date listed: 12/05/2022

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 100.1 mi from Pittsburgh

Date listed: 12/05/2022


Tags: German Shepherd Puppy Male Beautiful cute AKC

Huge Oversized AKC Imported Champ Working Lines

Date listed: 10/31/2022




We Are Extremely Selective About Our Breeding Program

German Shepherd Puppy for Adoption Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We adhere to the German SV system for breeding of German Shepherd Dogs. Before being bred all of our dogs are thoroughly health and temperament tested to prove their breed worthiness and to enter the breeding program. We train our own dogs in the sport of Schutzhund, giving us a deep and true understanding of our dogs abilities. Not only are our dogs proven , but they are from German bloodlines, with generation upon generation of dogs that went through rigorous testing before being bred. Schutzhund was created in Germany and is still used as a breed test for German Shepherd Dogs. It consists of three phases, Tracking, Obedience, and Protection. By testing our dogs in this fashion it ensures that only the very best dogs are contributing to the gene pool.

Our German Shepherd Dogs and puppies are extremely versatile and can be suited for many different types of work including, but not limited to schutzhund/IPO, personal protection/security dogs, family protection dogs, obedience, agility, search and rescue, police dogs, flyball, dock diving, tracking, nosework, and of course, stellar companions and loyal pets.

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Life In Pittsburgh With A Dog

Pittsburgh has over 100 pet-friendly restaurants so you and your dog will have plenty of choices when you want to grab a bite to eat. Some of the most popular dog-friendly restaurants include Industry Public House, Redfin Blues, Southern Tier Brewing Company, Mullaneys Harp and Fiddle, and Mindful Brewing Company.

Pittsburgh has many other pet-friendly businesses, including pet stores, groomers, daycares, and dog-friendly shopping centers. The city is also a favorable location when you want to find a place to live with your dog. A Zumper study ranked Lexington as the 38th best city in the country for pet-friendly rental listings.

When your friends and family are visiting Steel City, they too will have no trouble finding somewhere to stay with their dog as the city has dozens of pet-friendly hotels. A few of the most popular dog-friendly hotels in the city include Omni William Penn Hotel, Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel, and The Oaklander Hotel.

Hollow Hills/vom Hohlen Huegel Shepherds

Address Clarks Summit, PA 18411, United States

Phone NA

Address 78 Pheasant Run, York Haven, PA 17370, United States

Phone +1 717-420-1783

Address 537 Poplar Creek Rd, Effort, PA 18330, United States

Phone +1 570-517-4488

Address Stiles, PA 18002, United States

Phone +1 610-435-7835

Address 47 Ridge Rd, Telford, PA 18969, United States

Phone +1 215-257-1565

Address 515 Schoch Hollow Rd, Tyrone, PA 16686, United States

Phone +1 814-414-1828

Address 515 E Warren St, Dunmore, PA 18512, United States

Phone +1 570-840-1906

Address 860 High St, Conneaut Lake, PA 16316, United States

Phone +1 814-853-4419

Address 1209 Livingstone Rd, York, PA 17404, United States

Phone +1 717-681-4226

Address 7842 PA-36, Coolspring, PA 15730, United States

Phone +1 814-849-2483

Address 801 Water St, Summerville, PA 15864, United States

Phone +1 814-715-5693

Address 701 5th Ave, Williamsport, PA 17701, United States

Phone +1 570-419-5781

Address 296 S Vintage Rd #9740, Paradise, PA 17562, United States

Phone +1 717-442-4259

Address 268 Mountinhaus Lane, Sugar Run, PA 18846, United States

Phone +1 570-746-1689

Address 48 Hollow Rd, Millerstown, PA 17062, United States

Phone +1 347-370-2300


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German Shepherds For Adoption Or Rehoming

German Shepherd puppies for sale near me German Shepherd puppy for sale under $2000. White German Shepherd puppies for sale in Pittsburgh, PA. 6. 20. See All. Posts. German shepherds for adoption or rehoming. January 18 · For all clients requesting updates on our dark-brown pups we will be giving you updated on that very shortly. More

German Shepherd Breeders In Pennsylvania

PittsburghK9 German Shepherd Dutchess’ Personal Protection

Are you from Pennsylvania and youre looking for a German Shepherd puppy for sale? Do you want to visit any German Shepherd breeders near you? If so, then youre in the right place!

In this article, we compiled a list of German Shepherd breeders in Pennsylvania. This way, you wont have to go far when looking for breeders that have German Shepherd puppies for sale!

Further, we also added online breeders so you can look for your dream pup online in case you cant find a suitable option near you.

We hope you find your German Shepherd soon!


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Puppyspots German Shepherds For Pennsylvania

Since youre searching for German Shepherd breeders in Pennsylvania, PuppySpot might be the perfect option. PuppySpot is a reliable platform filled with available German Shepherd puppies for sale and similar breeds that will be shipped straight to your home in Pennsylvania.

All German Shepherd breeders on PuppySpot are strictly screened, so theres not much to worry about. You can get in touch with any of the German Shepherd breeders with the link below.

German Shepherd Puppies For Adoption In The Pittsburgh Area

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Near Pittsburgh PA is a fun pet to own and raise. If you are interested in adopting a puppy, there are many avenues for finding the right pet for you and your family. Do you want a purebred German Shepherd or a mix? Maybe you are simply looking to add a new puppy to your family and want to find the right place to adopt one. Regardless of why you are choosing to adopt, finding puppy homes for sale can be a hassle.

Before you adopt a German shepherd puppy in Pittsburgh PA, make sure you have all of the necessary information on the breed you wish to adopt before heading to the breeder. Go ahead, your new dog needs . The only purpose of obedience training is to train your German shepherd to obey and follow your commands.

If your new pup doesnt know his or her place in the pack, then they are just like a baby and should not be placed with older dogs or puppies. As much as possible, introduce them to people as young as possible and try to get them socialized early to minimize the chances of any problems later on.

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Ez Brook German Shepherds Nottingham

Our fifth pick is EZ Brook German Shepherds an AKC Breeder Of Merit thats located in Nottingham, Pennsylvania.

This is a breeding outfit that has over forty years of experience in breeding and raising quality purebred German Shepherds that hail from imported European working lines.

Since their breeding programs main focus is on working ability and utility, their dogs have certifications in obedience, rally, and agility events, as well as Schutzhund, police work, search and rescue, and temperament tests which makes them viable as excellent service and therapy dogs.

EZ Brook German Shepherds also focuses on plenty of positive reinforcement, early neurological stimulation, early socialization, beginner training, and high-quality vet care in order to provide new owners with healthy and well-rounded young pups.

Puppies are reared on a raw, breed-specific diet, and are paper trained and started on potty training outside before they are ready to leave for their new home.

All of their GSD puppies are thoroughly vet checked, fully vaccinated, properly dewormed, and microchipped for identification.

EZ Brook German Shepherds offers a limited AKC registration, which can be upgraded to a full one, along with a genetic health guarantee, and a lifetime of support from the breeders.

If you want to buy one of their working-quality German Shepherd puppies, make sure to get in touch with the breeders in order to start the process of buying your new GSD.

EZ Brook German Shepherds details

German Shepherds Are Very Dominant Dogs That Can Display Aggression When Necessary

German Shepherd Puppies

This should all be part of your training for your new puppy. You will want to avoid raising your German Shepherd puppies for sale in the city of Pittsburgh if possible. It is much safer and more pleasant for the dog to live where they were born, in the mountains, for example.

When raising your puppy from puppies, you should also be certain that you fully comply with all city, county, and state laws regarding owning this breed. There are strict laws regarding these dogs in many areas. Also, if you plan on breeding your dog, the laws regarding those specific breeds are often more restrictive. Always consult with your local law enforcement agencies before breeding any German Shepherd puppies for sale in Pittsburgh PA.

The cost of purchasing and caring for your German shepherd puppy will vary according to the German Shepherd breed and sex. Because the male German Shepherd puppies for sale in Pittsburgh are much larger than female dogs, the cost of care and grooming can be substantially more. Male German Shepherds need to be taken out regularly to help manage the behavior problems that can arise. They also need special diets and exercise programs. These programs can cost quite a bit of money.

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Some Of The Highest Quality Kennels Are Available Through Breeders Or Dog Trainers

These individuals are trained to guide you through any obedience training process you may encounter. Most reputable breeders have been carefully selected by the American Kennel Club and also undergo rigorous training that assures the highest level of pet care. German shepherd puppies for adoption in the Pittsburgh area can be a wonderful addition to your family.

What Is The Average Price Of A German Shepherd Puppy In Pennsylvania

Like other puppies you get from a breeder, German Shepherd pups are also quite pricey. In general, an average German Shepherd puppy would cost about $500-$1500, and it should also be the price range of breeders in Pennsylvania. The price can go lower or higher depending on the offer of the breeder.

German Shepherds are quite expensive due to many reasons. For instance, these dogs arent easy to breed, and they need extensive training. Further, they also have unique features that sets them apart from the rest. Aside from the actual price of the puppy, you may also need to spend more on their food and the items theyll need.

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German Shepherd Female Puppy 10 Weeks

I have to revoke my female German Shepherd puppy due to job change. I am only asking what I paid for her. I will include for free her harness collar puppy pads puppy food and toys. She is partially house trained and when in the house will use the pads. I got laid off from my old job and my new one I am away from home 13 hours a day which is not fair to her. She is so loving and sleeps right beside my bed every night.View Detail

Akc Search And Rescue K9 German Shepherd For

Ben Roethlisberger Gives Update On New Puppies

German shepherd puppies for sale pittsburgh pa. Pets animals dogs puppies german shepherd beautiful german shepherd puppies coming this winter. Log in log out edit. The average can be impacted by a few very expensive puppies listed or sold or even a few cheap puppies often advertised or priced to display the deposit only price.

Everywhere united states pennsylvania 10 pittsburgh 4 philadelphia 3 harrisburg 3 new castle 2 johnstown 2 lancaster. Gentle pets and strong watch dogs gsds are noble large muscular dogs bred for their intelligence and working ability. We do not allow pennsylvania breeders adoption centers rescues or shelters to list german shepherds for free in pennsylvania.

Klarenfeld german shepherds offers high quality german shepherd puppies for sale in and around pennsylvania. Americanlisted has classifieds in pittsburgh pennsylvania for dogs and cats. Puppies are akc register.

German shepherd mix warren county warren pa id. Join millions of people using oodle to find puppies for adoption dog and puppy listings and other pets adoption. Pennsylvania german shepherd 500.

Don t miss what s happening in your neighborhood. For sale german shepherd puppies. Klarenfeld german shepherds offers high quality german shepherd puppies for sale in and around pennsylvania.

Black and tan and solid black. Contact to put your name on reserve. Nacho is a 2 year old all black long haired akc registered german shepherd stud availab pittsburgh pennsylvania german shepherd 750.

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After Checking Out The Breeders In Pittsburgh Pa You Can Visit The Animal Shelter Network Website To See If They Have Any Available German Shepherd Puppies Or Dogs For Sale

You may also be able to find a local rescue group that will help you with training costs and advice on vet bills. Or, head to the classifieds and try to find a good deal.

The newspaper in PA is full of ads of German shepherds for sale, but you may be better served by speaking to an actual breeder or professional dog trainer who can let you know which options are best for your particular German shepherd.

These Breeders Will Not Charge Upfront For The Puppy But Usually Require Some Sort Of A Nonrefundable Fee As A Deposit

Just make sure you are clear on what kind of paperwork and other obligations you will need when bringing your dog home with you before making an adoption deposit guarantee. That way, you wont have to worry about any of that when the time comes to bring your new German Shepherd pup home.

Before bringing your puppy home with you, make sure you have done your homework on German shepherd care and how to go about training your dog and establishing yourself as the pack leader. Most importantly, you must begin obedience training as soon as possible. Begin with basic commands such as sit and stay.

After learning these simple commands quickly, move on to more complex commands such as down, heel, and stay. German Shepherd puppies in the Pittsburgh area are among one of the most well-balanced and intelligent dogs breeds there is, so you will have little difficulty training your puppy to obey your commands.

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German Shepherd Breeders Pennsylvania Listings

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