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Is A Male Or Female German Shepherd Better

Female German Shepherd Risks

Should I get a male or female German Shepherd?

There are a couple of conditions that affect females at different rates than males. The first is Hemophilia A. This is a blood disease that makes it difficult for the dog’s body to develop clots.

There is no cure for the disease, but it can be managed with treatment. Female German Shepherds are carriers of the disease. But, they don’t show symptoms of the condition like males do. So, diagnosis requires medical testing.

Another notable disease is Idiopathic Epilepsy. The condition causes seizures and could lead to potential brain damage. While it can affect any German Shepherd, it’s less prevalent in females.

Is A Male Or Female Gsd More Protective

Male GSDs tend to be more territorial, which lends them to be more protective over your home and property lines. They will regularly patrol their territory and will keep a keen eye out for anyone who may be trying to enter your property or home.

Those of you who already have a male German Shepherd are no doubt familiar with the scenario where you are sitting down and perhaps watching tv, and then you hear itthat deep and low growl emanating from your GSDs throat as it stares out of the window at someone approaching.

This behavior is common in male GSDs. They are very aware of their territory and its boundaries, and are always ready and eager to protect and defend it.

Male GSDs also tend to be more independent than females. When this is combined with their instinct to protect their territory, it sometimes leads to issues with them wandering off. Though this tendency will be less likely in a dog that is neutered.

It is, however, important to keep in mind that a German Shepherd should never be spayed or neutered too early in life. Neutering a GSD before it is at least one year old has been shown in a study to triple the risk of certain joint disorders.

A female GSDs primary interest is not in protecting her property, but instead to offer protection to its inhabitants you and your family. If a threat is sensed, a male GSDs first instinct will be to secure the premises, and a females first instinct will be to make sure that the family is secure.

The Importance Of Knowing The Difference Between Male And Female Gsds

German Shepherds are smart, energetic, eager to please, and as such are easy to train. No matter the gender, having one in your life can be incredibly rewarding.

However, there are a few differences between having a male and a female, and those distinctions can have a significant impact on their care.

Unknown to many, the differences between male and female German Shepherds can actually make huge impacts on a variety of factors including space, training requirements, and even costs.

Its essential that you understand the differences between the two to make the best choice for your own needs and lifestyle.

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Male Vs Female German Shepherd

According to American Kennel Club, GSDs rank second as the most popular dogs because of their extraordinary characteristics. Theyre faithful, obedient, brave and intelligent, regardless of the gender. Though male and female GSDs have similarities, they also have relevant differences. If youre thinking of buying either a male or a female GSD, take note of the following differences so you can choose which one is a good match for your lifestyle and preference.

Broad Differences Between Male And Female German Shepherds

Should You Get a Male or Female German Shepherd?  The ...

The differences between male and female dogs may not be as clear-cut as the differences between human males and females, and dog owners still debate the differences widely.

However, most vets and animal experts can agree that there are some notable differences between male and female dogs, which you may have noticed. Still, its vital to remember that the breed of dog and the type of training they have received will always influence their behaviors.

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Are Male Or Female German Shepherds Easier To Train

One of the first considerations that most new dog owners think about when choosing a puppy is how easy it will be to train them. Potty training, crate training, and obedience training are all part of owning a dog. Although the German Shepherd breed is known for being smart when it comes down to the sexes, who has the advantage?

Male German Shepherds are slightly harder to trainthan their female counterparts. Although both are pretty smart, female German Shepherds tend to be easier to train than males as they mature faster. It is this early maturity that gives them this advantage.

Its no secret that German Shepherds are a top choice as police dogs, guide dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and service dogs. One of the reasons for this is their awesome intelligence. They have a fantastic ability to follow instructions, and they love to please, whether you want them to be a working dog or a loving, faithful companion.

Check Out this Awesome Video of Extreme Trained and Disciplined German Shepherds

Nonetheless, the GSD is a highly trainable breed, no matter what their sex.

However, there are definitely a few things to consider before choosing either a male or a female GDS as a pet. As mentioned in the previous section, males like to dominate and can be more stubborn. This trait can also make them harder to train, especially if you havent started until theyre a few months old or youve adopted an older dog.

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Are Male/female German Shepherds Good With Other Pets Or Animals At Home

German Shepherds are mostly fine with other dogs and cats in their own family if introduced to them at an early age.

So if you are adopting an adult GSD, you have to be very cautious. And may need if help from professional trainers or behaviorists if necessary.

However, both male and female German Shepherds can show strong chasing behavior towards small animals like cats and chickens. Again, proper training and early socialization can help to control this kind of behavior.

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Male Vs Female German Shepherd Physical Characteristics

Male German Shepherds weigh approximately 66 to 88 pounds. Larger than female GSDs, their height at the withers is typically around 25 inches.

Female German Shepherds are typically between the weight of 49 to 71 pounds, and their height at the withers is on average 23 inches. They are typically leaner, lighter, and have less of a stocky build than male GSDs.

Both genders most often have medium-length coats, though there are four different coat lengths within the breed.

  • Stock Coat: Short hair that lays flat against the dogs body.
  • Plush Coat: Though not an official term, plush is used to describe a GSD with a longer and fuller coat than a stock coat.
  • Long Stock Coat: Just as it sounds, it is a long coat with both a fringe and an undercoat. The undercoat thins out in the summer and grows in more full in winter.
  • Long Hair Coat: You wont miss it if you see a GSD with a long hair coat. Long Hair Coat GSDs are in high demand because of their distinctive appearance.
  • Stock, Plush, and Long Stock Coat German Shepherds all have what is known as a double coat, which means that they have a top layer of hair that is dense, and a thick undercoat.

    Long Hair Coat GSDs have a single coat of hair. This is caused by a recessive gene, thus making these dogs somewhat of a rare find.

    Do Police Use Male Or Female German Shepherds

    Male vs Female German Shepherd – Which One Should You buy?

    Where male dogs are often more aggressive and stronger, female dogs can be used as service dogs as well. Female dogs are often used as single purpose dogs. They are trained to detect bombs, drugs or other contraband. Male dogs are often picked as police dogs. They show more aggression and are stronger as female dogs.

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    Which Is Better German Shepherd Male Or Female

    Research shows that males German Shepherds are more aggressive than female German Shepherds. This means that a family should consider choosing a female for a companion over a male. Males tend to perform better for roles in protection and guarding and could do well in a home without children and the proper training.

    Children And Other Pets

    If they’re well-trained and have had plenty of exposure to kids, especially as a puppy, a German Shepherd is a great companion for children. In fact, some say they’re a cross between a babysitter and a cop, both gentle with, and protective of, the children in their family.

    This is a big dog, though, capable of mistakenly bumping a toddler or small child. True to their reserved nature, they’re not tail-wagging friendly with kids they don’t know, but they’re generally trustworthy.

    The German Shepherd can also live peacefully with other dogs and pets, as long as they’re taught to do so from puppyhood. Introducing an adult German Shepherd to a household with other pets can be more difficult if the dog isn’t used to getting along with other dogs or cats. You may need to hire a professional trainer to help, or get advice from the rescue organization if that’s where you acquired the adult German Shepherd.

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    Are Female German Shepherds More Aggressive

    Male German shepherd dogs are significantly more likely to show aggression than females. Training a German Shepherd not to be aggressive can be challenging if thats your goal. However, training your Shepherd not to be aggressive will alleviate some opportunities for conflict with other people and animals.

    Are German Shepherds Naturally Protective

    Choosing Between a Female vs. Male German Shepherd

    German Shepherd Dogs are protective of their loved ones GSDs will assertively stand their ground and are suited to be either watchdog or guardian, whichever the situation demands. They can be aloof with strangers yet are not hostile. This natural protective instinct is reassuring to the German Shepherd owner.

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    Female German Shepherd Size Height And Weight

    While this is not always the case, one of the most obvious general distinctions about the female GSD is that she is generally leaner, smaller, and shorter than her male counterpart.

    German shepherd dogs are considered to be sexually dimorphic, which means there can be a visible difference in appearance between the appearance of the adult male and adult female dogs within the breed. This may be as simple as a height and weight difference or it could include differences in facial and body configuration and behavior, what is often termed feminization or masculinization, which relates to the dominance of different hormones as the dog grows up.

    Is A Female German Shepherd A Good Choice For A Family Dog

    Because of the differences noted here between male and female GSD personality and temperament, a female German shepherd may be the best choice if you are primarily seeking a pet dog or a guard dog for your family. This is because female German shepherd dogs have a stronger tendency towards guarding a group of people versus a single individual with whom the dog has developed a strong bond .

    Also, numerous research studies have highlighted that female German shepherd dogs demonstrate lower overall aggression, especially in the presence of unknown persons, than do male GSD dogs. This same distinction can make a female GSD a better choice for a family member who could benefit from a service dog or a pet dog that will partner with you to do therapy dog work.

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    Female German Shepherd Dogs At A Glance

    • While female GSDs too can become dominant with not raised with a strong pack, they are much easier to handle than their male counterparts.
    • Female GSDs are less territorial and usually display equal amount of love for the entire family. While some dogs may become inclined to a single family member, female GSDs care for all of their family members.
    • They are not the best choice for guarding but are likely to protect people and make for good guard dogs.
    • Female GSDs have a sensitive nature and are easier to train. They are usually the top contenders for rally obedience, agility and other dog sports.
    • Female GSDs tend to be smaller than their male counter parts and have feminine features.

    While in some ways choosing between a male and female GSD is a matter of personal preference, you should always keep in mind the above differences before selecting a pet. Before you bring a furry friend home, evaluate their characteristics and try to determine which dog would fit best in your household. It is also important you state your intent before adopting a puppy to ensure the dog is best suited for the particular job. Overall, this breed makes for a trustworthy, friendly and lovable companion that is bound to bring joy to any home.

    For more information, speak to the breeder to get an idea of the personality of the puppy. Evaluating the parents personality helps in predicting the dogs temperament. Good luck!

    Male German Shepherd Dogs At A Glance

    Male Vs Female German Shepherd: Which One Should You Get?
    • Male German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs and are inclined towards their family members much more than females. However, this depends on how the dog has been raised and trained.
    • Compared to female GSDs, their male counterparts may grow up to become quite dominant. If they are not raised with a strong influence, they will grow up thinking there are no rules to follow. Once again, this will not be a problem if your dog has been trained properly.
    • As mentioned above, this breed tends to be territorial and are highly possessive of their owners. While they will love all members of their family, they will be more inclined towards their owners.
    • Male GSDs tend to bond to one person in the household more than others. It is usually the person who is training, feeding and spending quality time with the dog.
    • Male dogs are better for personal protection and are often used as police and guide dogs.
    • Male GSDs grow up to be much taller, with greater masculine features.

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    Female German Shepherd Dogs

    Female German Shepherds are smaller and mature earlier than their male counterparts. This makes them much easier to handle and train. Female GSDs are less territorial and usually display equal amount of love for the entire family. They can make a perfect family pet and an in general good with children.

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    Sexual Maturity In A Male German Shepherd

    Male German Shepherds who have not been neutered tend to be more dominant and high-spirited. Once they get to their teenage stage of six months and beyond, they will attempt to dominate other dogs, and will often try to dominate you. You need to be prepared to be the leader in your household, because if you arent, a male German Shepherd will happily take the role from you.

    When a male who is not neutered smells a female in heat, look out. They can misbehave wildly in an attempt to go meet their potential mate.

    While neutering should be discussed with your veterinarian, if you do not plan to breed your male German Shepherd, it is probably a good idea to have him neutered while he is young. This has been proven to improve behavior and make training slightly easier. It should also make him less aggressive overall and less likely to roam.

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    Male Vs Female German Shepherd Protection

    Male or Female they are both great protection dogs. Males are larger and can be more intimidating but dont estimate the female. The females are usually more cautious and will give you the look of death in a second if youre a new stranger. Males tend to need a reason to get into attack mode, if hes with a female and she goes in to attack mode hes going to back her up tenfold.

    Why German Shepherds Are Not Good Pets

    Male vs Female German Shepherd: Which one is for you ...

    German Shepherds, like any large breed, are prone to canine hip dysplasia, a crippling and potentially fatal disease. Good GSD rescuers will also be aware of such problems, and whether the rescued dog youre considering has shown symptoms of or has been treated for any health issues while with the rescue.28 Sept 2014

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    Differences Between Male And Female German Shepherd

    The differences between male and female German Shepherds are so interesting that they deserve their own post. However, for the sake of saving you some time, we will focus on the gender-based general and natural differences between these two breeds of dog.

    GSDs have individual variations because of how theyre bred, what society expects from them, or even just based on their exposure to various environments during development.

    For starters though, lets take a look at some general distinctions:

    Male Or Female For First Time Pet Owners

    Honestly, if youre just a casual owner who loves german shepherds, then Id personally recommend getting females. For the most part, they tend to be easier to train and friendlier.

    Theyll love you and your whole family equally, and less aggressive over toys etc.

    However, if you live alone or youre willing to put the time in, then males can be a great choice!

    Most importantly, both males and females are going to be extremely rewarding!

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