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How To Train Your German Shepherd

Go To The Pub You Deserve It

How to Housebreak and Potty Train your German Shepherd Puppy

Ah, the highlight of the week.

Going for a walk on a Sunday with a special stop at the pub for lunch is definitely one of the favourite things dog owners like to practice during these first weeks with their new puppy. Wonder why.

We know you might be a little worried for how things are going to work out, but theres no need to. Heres how were going to make sure these visits are relaxing for everyone involved:

How to do it

  • Go to the pub as part of your walk your puppy will likely be tired and be more inclined to relax when you arrive.
  • Take your puppys settle mat and a stuffed Kong in your treat bag with you.
  • Find a dog friendly pub or café where you can sit outside with your puppy.
  • Do the settle exercise, and enjoy a glass of wine!
  • TIPS

    Your settle mat is your puppys safe space so let them relax and be undisturbed. Might be difficult with all the cooing pub visitors, so try to sit in a quiet area and aim to go at a non-peak hour for now. Either way, dont be afraid to ask people to let him be! As long as youre nice about it, you wont get dirty looks.

    Introducing A New Dog To Your Household

    Whether you choose to get a puppy from a responsible breeder or adopt a German Shepherd dog from a rescue group, the first two weeks for you and your new dog are a critical period of adjustment.

    If your dog had a previous owner, this time could be particularly stressful for him or her. Here are some tips for a smoother transition for new dog owners.

    Add A Comment To Bailey’s Experience

    Was this experience helpful?

    Hello Kate,Is pup aggressive when people approach or simply over-reactive?If pup is only barking and is not otherwise aggressive toward strangers, I recommend the following video to help desensitize pup.https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop& v=LXCELHDT2fs& index=11& list=PLXtcKXk-QWojGYcl1NCg5UA5geEnmpx4aIf pup is also aggressive, additional training will be needed with a lot more safety precautions to ensure no one is bitten – in that case, I would reach out to a professional trainer who specializes in behavior issues like aggression, and works with a team of trainers who can practice being “strangers” to practice around pup carefully with the skills needed to help pup.Best of luck training,Caitlin Crittenden

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    Recall Games Playing Tennis With Your Puppy

    No, they wont be using a racket.

    To play tennis with your puppy, think of them as being the tennis ball for this one, and them having to pingpong between people to get their yummy rewards!

    This is great exercise for a German Shepherd even you will smile at seeing how much fun theyre having. They can actually put on quite a show when going after a tennis ball try making it bounce high in the air to see a nice Free Willy leap just be mindful of their joints and do it on a soft surface.

    How to play:

    PS. Youll need a friend to help you with this one. A human preferably, an imaginary one wont do unfortunately.

  • Go into a room with no distractions probably the room they spend most of their time in.
  • Have you and your friend kneel down at opposite ends of the room
  • After your puppy has eaten the treat, have your friend do the same you did. And then do the same. And then it will be your friends turn again and so on.
  • See? Your puppy ping ponging between the two of you now. Dont forget to keep rewarding them for coming!
  • PRO TIP: Start reasonably close together and make the gap between you larger once the idea clicks for your puppy.

    Basic Commands Every German Shepherd Dog Needs To Learn

    How To Train Your German Shepherd To Play Fetch

    Originally, German Shepherds were bred to protect herds and dwell in packs. These traits make them naturally dominant. They love being in charge. Still, they are one of the smartest dog breeds around and are quick to learn new tricks. Regardless, you should not wait too long to start your training. The older your GSD gets, the harder it is for you to teach him new tricks. Start your training as early as when they are two-months old.

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    It’s All About The Kitty

    This training method is from your kitty’s perspective.

    This is one situation where I think the solution should be looked at from your cat’s point of view.

    Here’s why

    Firstly, cats are more strung than most dogs.

    They also have thresholds that they reach faster. And they can stay peeved for much longer sometimes even days.

    Secondly, they experience negative situations, like being faced with a bouncing 4-month-old puppy, much more intensely than dogs do.

    Lastly, cats move like 50 caliber bullets, even when they’re not trying to. And your German Shepherd is a herding dog.

    So their instinct is to chase and pin down anything that moves at pace. And your kitty cat fits the bill there.

    See how this can get messy very quickly? Even if your puppy is on a leash?

    No Sharp Biting: Train Your German Shepherd Puppy To Bite Without Hurting

    Biting is part of being a dog, especially among puppies. Older dogs may refrain from biting because they have been trained to. Whats more, unless its intended to hurt, biting is an important part of playing and of being a guard or police dog, which is common among German Shepherds but these dogs are trained to catch without maiming.

    So, rather than talk of training puppies not to bite, lets talk of training them to bite without hurting. Heres an excellent short video on acquired bite inhibition which gives useful information on why puppies bite, why we should not try to stop it, and how to train puppies to a soft, non-maiming bite:

    Contrary to the widespread idea that we should yelp like a puppy and quickly withdraw our hand or clothing when a puppy bites, the best way to teach your German Shepherd puppy that his bite hurts is to cry like the human that you are. That sends the message that your pups bite hurts humans. If you watch the video, you will see what I mean.

    So, when your puppy bites, cry OUCH hard enough and leave your hand in his mouth until they let go. Thats a sign they are beginning to understand not to bite you. Do the same when they bite your clothing and other parts of the body like ears or hair. While doing this training, let your dog differentiate between a bite that hurts and one that is soft and part of playing.

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    So Whats Next For Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Involving yourself in a Dog Sports Club and teaching your German Shepherd all the good stuff like agility, treibball flyball, hoopers or anything similar with positive reinforcement will be the way to go to keep your German Shepherds brain ticking.

    While your German Shepherd is young, its also worth working through other life skills and obedience training like the ones we offer on the Zigzag app. Not only will it keep their brain nice and fresh, but it will also make you look extra snazzy at the parkhaving them do all these crazy tricks will surely make people think youre some sort of magician.

    Youll find a lot more in depth training, games and socialisation advice tailored for your puppy and their breed. If you run into some training hiccups, youll also have access to a team of experts to help you every step of the way. Dont hesitate to reach out and ask them any questions you might have, theyd love to hear from you! They also have great personalities.

    By Petrina Firth, Zigzag Puppy Expert

    Fully Qualified COAPE Behaviourist and Registered Training Instructor with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council

    In this article:

    How To Train Your German Shepherd To Heel

    How to Understand and Train your Crazy German Shepherd Dogs 101!

    When you first brought your German Shepherd puppy home, you must have thought how cute and awesome it will be to have a dog with whom you can play and have fun all day long.

    Yes, this is true to an extent. But with a pet, there come certain responsibilities as well and they tend to increase with the aging of your puppy.

    When a first-time dog owner takes their German Shepherd Dog pup for a walk and he starts to pull or bite at the leash, the owner ignores the behavior or feels that his pup will stop this behavior as he gets older. Unfortunately, this behavior tends to increase when German Shepherds get older and stronger. Pulling or biting the leash causes a lot of strain and pressure on the owners shoulders and makes walking the dog an unpleasant and frustrating experience.

    Hey! I am Daniela Carrera from LittlePawsTraining, a Professional Dog Trainer and I am going to share my expert training tips on How to Train your German Shepherd to Heel. I have been into professionally training dogs for the last 8 years and I hope I can help Animal Bliss viewers by sharing my professional knowledge and expertise. I know how it feels to get pulled in the direction your dog wants to go. The more you try and pull him to walk along with you, the more he pulls from his side and starts smelling here and there.

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    An Attack Dog By Nature

    Some dog breeds are more prone to aggression than others, and German Shepherds are one of them. They are, by nature, attack dogs and often used by law enforcement for this reason.

    Since they already exhibit this trait, you must learn to control your dogs tendencies to ensure they only attack when you command. It will keep both you and your dog safe.

    How To Train Your German Shepherd Puppy Not To Jump

    While having your German Shepherd puppy jump up enthusiastically is cute when they are little, the novelty wears off pretty quickly. A 20-pound puppy may be unlikely to knock you over a 100-pound adult is another story.

    Luckily, teaching your pup not to jump isnt rocket science. Its a matter of conditioning. The first step in training your German Shepherd pup to keep calm when they greet you is to set the mood: if you are relaxed, your puppy will learn to be relaxed as well.

    Here are a few tips:

    • Keep greetings low-key. Greeting your puppy enthusiastically and loudly is a great way to encourage them to jump up. Instead, come in the front door quietly and wait a minute or so before saying hello to your pup.
    • If your dog jumps on you, ignore them. Resist the urge to pet them. Petting them when they jump up reinforces the negative behavior. Turning away from them when they jump will show them that jumping does not get your attention.
    • Only pay attention to your dog when theyre sitting. As soon as you get in the door, tell your dog to sit, and only reward them with attention when theyve done so.
    • Be patient. Because your German Shepherd pup is so happy to see you when you walk in the door, it may take them a while to realize that they will only get the attention they want when all four paws are on the floor.

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    Common Dog Training Mistakes

    There are several ways to train a dog, and with that, there are also ways to not train a dog.

    In other words, there are certain things neither professionals nor dog owners should follow during the training process. Heres a closer look at them:

    Common German Shepherd training mistakes you should avoid:

    • Avoid longer training sessions, rather focus on short and multiple ones. Does it get boring when your class goes for 2 hours? After a certain time, you start feeling bored, and your brain stops taking notes. The same happens with dogs as well. Thus, keep training sessions for 10 minutes and do not extend them for more than 30 minutes at max.
    • Avoid training approaches that are violent, aggressive and forceful. Remember, German Shepherds, are wild dogs filled with certain levels of aggression. Their genetics are not designed to take violent behaviour too well, and at times, they can even cause you harm.
    • Avoid inconsistency. Maintain a training hour for your dog, and follow the same format every single day. You can skip one or two busy days however, your dog will lose the flow and interest if you get more inconsistent.
    • Avoid behavioural inconsistency as well. For Example, if your dog is taught to eat in the lobby, do not force them to eat outside. Mixed actions and reactions can confuse your Shepherd.

    Week 1 Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

    How To Train Your German Shepherd " Down"

    In the first week, well dive straight into socialisation exercises, training and husbandry tasks.

    Socialisation exercises to do this week Training to do this week Husbandry Tasks to do this week
    Let your puppy explore the garden Teach your puppy about surfaces Name Brushing Hand Touch

    Congratulations! Its your first week of training your new puppy. How does it feel to be a new puppy parent? You must be chuffed.

    Take a look at these first few articles. These will be key for establishing a solid, comfortable base theyre all about toilet training, crate training and alone time training. All the ingredients you need for a happy home.

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    Teach Your Shepsky Puppy Its Name

    Both German Shepherds and Siberian Husky dogs enjoy family time, so your Shepsky puppy is bound to be the same.

    Heres a quick and effective way to teach your Shepsky its name:

  • Wait for your Shepsky puppy to be distracted or look away from you.
  • Say your puppys name in an excited tone.
  • Reward the puppy as soon as it turns towards you. Pair the treat with a verbal reward such as good boy! or a clicker to let the puppy know that the response is correct.
  • Repeat the process several times during the day and in different situations when playing or watching TV. Diversifying training situations will help the pup generalize both the cue and the response and, with time, respond every time its called.
  • This Video is an Excellent Demonstration of These Steps

    Teach Them The Command

    Once your German Shepherd is comfortable with basic commands, its time to try the attack command. The best process is to put on your gloves and tap on the face and nose of your dog. This action will cause annoyance, and eventually, they will respond by biting the gloves. When this happens, state the command attack.

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    Are Dog Training Schools Any Good

    As a German shepherd dog owner, it is very important for you to know that there are certain training schools out there that can help you with the training process of your GSD.

    These schools are specifically designed to train dogs so that both the dogs and their owners can have a better life.

    What is unique about these schools is that no matter the age of your German shepherd, it can be trained to obey your commands and perform better in life.

    Training Your German Shepherd To Stay

    How to Train your German Shepherd Dog to be a Guard Dog

    The stay command is one of the most useful skills that you will ever teach your German Shepherd puppy.

    You can train your pup to stay in his bed or in a specific place while you greet guests, watch television, eat dinner, do a quick chore, prepare your pups food and for many other reasons.

    • Begin with placing a few treats in his bed or the area you would like him to stay.
    • As he eats his treats tell him to sit. Reward him for this behavior with a treat or verbal praise.
    • Take one step back and use the verbal command stay. If he stays, reward him. If he leaves the area, bring him back and start again.
    • Each time you tell him to stay, take another step back. Your goal is to take 10 steps away from him and have him continue staying in the spot.
    • Repeat the steps until your pup understands what is required of him.

    The next time you watch television and you dont want him to be on the couch with you or be roaming around the house without your supervision you will want to use this command. Placing his bed or a soft blanket in your living room and telling him to stay while you watch the news, a movie or your favorite television show is a great example of using this command.

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    Be Consistent In Your Expectations And Actions

    If your puppy barks for a meal one day and you say no and withhold it till he is quiet, but you give it to them while barking on a different day, youll never achieve any good results with your training.

    Let your no always be no, and your soft voice always so. Otherwise, your poor puppy will be confused about what you expect and will not know how you want them to behave.

    What Is Trick Training And Why Your Dog Needs It

    After you have established engagement in training and your German Shepherd has the basics under the belt. You should consider stepping things up with trick training.

    Trick training will boost your dogs confidence. It is also a great motivator and builds a strong bond between owner and dog.

    Trick training will stimulate and challenge your German Shepherd. Remember, a German Shepherd has the capacity and intelligence to do just about any trick you can imagine.

    Just check out this video:

    Lets look at three of the most important obedience skills you should teach your German Shepherd straight off the bat:

    Without these three skills, youll struggle to train your German Shepherd. Master these and the skys the limit

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