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How To Cut My German Shepherds Nails

Slowly Place The Grinder Onto The Nail

How To Clip your German Shepherd’s nails

Start the grinder off at the slowest speed until you are accustomed to the process. Begin with the lowest part of the nail tip and make your way up. Apply gentle pressure to grind the nail.

Be careful not to leave the grinder on your dogs nail for a long time. The spinning motion of the grinder creates a lot of heat, so grind for a few seconds then come off the nail to prevent discomfort to your pooch.

Continue this process until the sharp tip is trimmed away on all nails. This could take a little time.

How To Trim Dogs Foot Hair

Brush up long hairs between the toes then use scissors to trim the hair around the top area of your dogs foot and the paw. You should only use blunt-nosed safety scissors when trimming your dogs fur.

Avoid trimming the hair between the toes.

If this is the first time youre trimming your dogs hair, and youre unsure, its better to bring them to your local vet clinic or groomer for assistance.

Other body areas that may require regular trimming include:

  • Eye area.
  • Hair around the chin and lower jaw.
  • Hair mats and tangles.

Things You Should Know About The German Shepherd

So youre thinking about getting a new dog or puppy and you have several things on your list that are must haves: loyalty, intelligence, and protection. A German Shepherd certainly fits into all of those categories and more. However, German Shepherds do require a little extra work. Before adding a German Shepherd to your family, its good to become acquainted with their unique characteristics. Here are 13 things that I think any future German Shepherd owner should know.

Before adding a German Shepherd to your family, its good to become acquainted with their unique characteristics.


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Boshel Dog Nail Clippers

Certified by animal trainers and veterinarians, this clipper comes with a razor-sharp stainless steel blade to clip your pets nails in one swift motion.

This clipper is great for the thicker nails of a German Shepherd because it is powerful and provides a clean cut with every clip.

The Boshel Nail Clippers have a comfortable easy to grip handle that lends you to a steadier hand when trimming your dogs nails. As an added bonus, the safety stop sensor helps to reduce the risk of cutting the quick, and it includes a handy nail file.

What I Love:

  • A razor-sharp blade so you dont have to re-cut
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Safety Stop to reduce cutting the quick
  • Free nail file
  • Lasts for many many years

Possible downsides:

  • Learning how to use the safety stop sensor has a bit of a learning curve, still possible to cut the quick if not used correctly.

How Do You Cut Black Nails

How To Cut German Shepherd Nails

Black and bi-colored claws are the same as white nails except you cannot easily visualize the quick. On smaller dogs and puppies, the nails often come to a point that you can easily distinguish from the base. Regardless of the color of the nail, you can readily snip the ends.

Adult Shepherds have thick nails that have no evidence of tapering. If your dog has a couple of white nails, you can estimate where to cut on the black claws. If all the nails are black, you have a few options.

You can barely cut a little off the edges on a regular schedule. If your Shepherd exercises as he should, this minor nail trim will be all he needs.

Do not neglect the dewclaw because it never reaches the ground.

Another alternative is to cut gradually and look at the nail head-on as you trim it. You will be able to tell when you are getting close to the quick.

If you accidentally make a nail bleed, you know where the quick is. We recommend avoiding cutting the quick at all costs.

Finally, you can simply have your veterinarian clip your Shepherds nails every six to eight weeks, or hire a professional groomer and get a bath for your dog at the same time.

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Position Your German Shepherd And Start Clipping His Nails

Stay In A Comfortable Location: Do not stay in a dark room, lookout for a bright area where you can clearly see the nails. Sit in a comfortable position and then hold your German Shepherd firmly before you cut. It is a nice idea to allow someone to assist you in holding your pet if such a person is available.

Be sure your pup is not moving and then hold his paws firmly. Now, the next thing you have to do is to locate the quick and notice where it starts and ends, a practice that helps you not to cut through the quick which can lead to serious Toe Nail bleeding.

Begin With A Clipper To Cut Your German Shepherd Nails: Start Clipping your dogs with a suitable trimmer. Trim gradually and bit by bit and ensure you dont cut through the quick , angulate to 45-degrees. See Image Below.

Remember the cutting must begin with trimming smaller bits, avoid chopping off larger portions of the nail at once else you might injure your GSD.

If your dog is uncomfortable with the trimming process, provide him with his favorite meals, a yummy one, this will help him to comply until you get through with it.

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What If Your German Shepherd Dog Is Extremely Nervous During Nail Trimming

Some dogs are extremely scared of being trimmed and wont comply no matter the technique you apply. If you have such Dog, dont worry, just watch and pay attention to the video below and see how a vet handled a nervous dog during nail cutting.

Epica Pet Nail Clipper

The Epica Pet Nail Clipper is a comfortable, easy to use nail clipper for beginners. The semi-circular blades allow you to see exactly where the cut will be preventing over trimming.

The sharp stainless steel blade will remain sharp after tons of usage so you can safely use these clippers for many years.

Another benefit is the built-in locking safety feature accessible by squeezing the small handle on the side when the clippers are closed. The lifetime warranty makes these a no brainer.

What I Love:

  • Cheaper

Possible downsides:

  • Blades may not be as sharp for really thick nails. These clippers are best for younger GSD dogs.

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Brushing Your German Shepherd

Brushing your German Shepherd is extremely important for the overall health of your dogs coat. Frequent brushing helps to rid their fur of dirt and debris, especially since they shouldnt receive frequent baths.

By brushing them a minimum of 4-5 times a week, you cut down on the need to bathe your Shepherd. Ideally, for maximum coat health your German Shepherd should be brushed daily.

Since German Shepherds have a plush double coat, daily brushing will also help to limit the amount of fur that is shed throughout your home.

We all cherish the light that our dogs bring to our lives, but their constant shedding of fur can be quite frustrating in your home. Frequent brushing not only benefits your dog, but its also important for your own well-being.

Its also important to find a quality anti-shedding brush for your GSD. This way, you can get the job done quickly, and the experience will not be uncomfortable for your dog.

If you brush your dog daily with an anti-shed brush, the process will be quick and easy each time, since youre preventing the build-up of hair with each use.

Daily brushing is extremely important during the warmer times of the year, as your German Shepherd is shedding the most during these times. Daily brushing will be mandatory in the efforts of keeping your home clean, and keeping your dog cool by stripping any loose fur.

Grooming Tips For Short Nails

German Shepherd Nail Clipping/Cutting Tips and Tricks

Short nails, on the other hand, provide a number of benefits to the owner and to the dog. The dog will be better able to walk and maintain a healthy posture. They will be better able to exercise. They wont scratch your floors, and they will run much less of a risk of scratching someone or hurting them if they jump on them.

For most people, having a dog with trimmed nails is clearly the best option. Next, well discuss how you can properly trim the nails of your dog.

How often you’ll have to cut nails will also very much depend on the type of floors/ ground they walk or run on every day. If your dog is very sedentary or only used to soft ground you’ll often see those long nails showing up much quicker. Some dogs are also more prone to nail and paw issues than others. The numbers I see most often are between 1 and 3 months.

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When And How Often Do Puppy Nails Need Cutting

You can start to trim your puppys nails from around six weeks and its advisable that you do. Even if there isnt much there to cut, itll get them accustomed to the routine and means that by the time you need to give them a proper trim, theyll be used to sitting still for you. It might be tempting to wait until their six months old but it can mean that its harder to get them into a routine.

When you bring home your furry bundle of joy, expect to be trimming their claws once every three to four weeks to keep them short and prevent mishaps. How fast your puppys nails grow will depend on the breed and how much time they spend outside. Pups that go for regular walks on concrete, for example, will have their nails naturally worn down and they wont need trimming as frequently.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can hear your puppys nails clicking when they walk on hardwood floors, then they could use a trim. Its important that your dog is able to walk around without dragging their nails along the floor.

Professional Grooming For Your German Shepherd

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the options you have for at-home grooming, you can always put your Shepherds grooming in the hands of a professional.

There are plenty of professional grooming options for dog bathing, nail trims, ear cleanings, and brushing. Groomers can provide a high-quality spa experience for your dog!

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What To Know About German Shepherds And Their Nails

German Shepherd Dogs are medium-large sized of the canine breed that belongs to the herding/ Guarding category of working dogs. They are more like security breeds, very intelligent, energetic and versatile. The German Shepherd breed was birthed in Germany to guard a shepherds flocks.

The shepherd dogs have a lot of agility, strength, elasticity and long, elegant strides due to their physical body built. They are long around the range of between 22 and 26 inches, proportional to its height.

Over the years the shepherd dogs have been used different capacities by humans, such as guard dog, police dog, war dog, guide dog, search-and-rescue breed, explosives- and narcotics-detecting breed and show dogs.

As part of the breeding process, you must enroll your shepherd pup on frequent exercise and training sessions to keep his physical, mental body fitness normal.

You should brush its coat once or twice a week to keep him clean and healthy. Clean and trim his nails regularly to avoid nailbed infection, cracks or splits, and other nail disorders.

Interesting Points About Dog Nail Problems To Consider

How To Clip your German Shepherd
  • Dogs should not bite at their nails to trim or shorten them. If your dog is biting at a single nail or multiple nails, he or she is most likely itchy around the nails.
  • Trauma to nails may happen in various formshuman error during nail clipping can lead to problems.
  • Be gentle and careful while trimming dog nails. Learn the correct technique from your veterinary technician or groomer, if needed.
  • For black nails, it is tough to ascertain the length a nail should be trimmed. Trim conservatively if in doubt, or trust your groomer with the nail trimming.
  • Indoor dogs and dogs that walk only on soft surfaces may have longer nails due to less wear on the nails.
  • Dont forget the dewclaw nail . Also check and regularly trim this nail.
  • Handle your dogs paws often and check for nail health and foreign material in paw hairs will help you keep on top of good pedal health for your dog. Check your pets paws at least 1-2 times a week. This also helps your dog trust you in case if you need to evaluate his or her paws, in case of a problem.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to VetDERM Clinic and a clickable link back to this page.

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Team Work For Nail Cutting

Sometimes nail trimming is more manageable with help

It can help to help to have one person cutting the nails and the other person distracts/rewards the dog with treats.

Another option is picking up and holding the dog.

Daisy has always been great about getting her nails trimmed, but when her arthritis set in, it became painful when I raised her front paw.

Now, my husband picks her up and holds her, letting her legs dangle below. Then I crouch down and trim her nails while my husband holds her.

Another time its nice to have help is if your dog requires restraining. Some dogs get antsy or overly excited and need a firm but gentle hug to hold them in place.

If your dog is aggressive, I recommend you seek professional help or use a secure soft sided muzzle.

Dremel Cordless Grinding Tool

Dremel is a very well known name in the dog grinder market. Accordingly, their products are highly trusted and high quality.

This grinder has two speeds to allow you to comfortably grind your dogs nails at your own pace.

No more worrying about being close to an outlet or your dog getting tangled up in the cord, as the Dremel runs on battery power. The 60-grit sanding drum is easy to insert and take out of the tool. It is powerful enough to get the job done but gentle enough to be harmless and comfortable for your German Shepherd.

What I Love:

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Managing German Shepherd Shedding

How much do German Shepherds shed? While the amount of shedding hair can be attributed to several factors like diet, climate, and illness but they do shed a lot!

Performing regular grooming weekly or daily brushing can help you remove excess and loose fur and help spread your dogs skin oil into the fur helping it stay in place.

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Why Is It Important To Groom Your German Shepherd

How I File my German Shepherd’s Nails

We know it can be tough to find the time to groom your dog, but there are several reasons why grooming your dog is so important. Some of these reasons include:

It functions as an overall health check: Your time spent grooming your dog can be one of the only times that you get a complete feel of their entire body. Its during this time that you may be able to note any new lumps, weight loss, scabs, skin issues, or any other concerning symptoms that you may not have noticed otherwise. This is your chance to really look over your dog.

It could save your dog: Though you may not care how your dog looks, its important to keep it looking its best for the other people who may happen upon your dog in the event that it gets loose or runs away.

When a person sees a well-kept dog on the loose, its immediately on their mind that the dog must have run away from its home. An unkempt dog, however, may appear to people as a stray. And typically speaking, people are much less likely to help a stray over a dog that they know has just lost its way from good home.

It keeps your house clean: A clean home is a happy home. If your dog is shedding all over your furniture, staining your carpet, or bringing with them an unpleasant odor you and visitors alike wont feel your best in your home.

Dogs are more enjoyable when they are clean: We are more likely to cuddle and spend time with our beloved dogs when they are clean and fresh. Nobody wants to let a dirty dog on the couch!

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How Often Should You Trim A Karelian Bear Dog Nails

  • As with other dog breeds, nails should be trimmed every three to four weeks as needed. Karelian Bear dogs are energetic, athletic, and have a tenacious work ethic, so providing them with daily exercise and job to do is extremely important it does not necessarily have to be in the form of productive work but can include focused play.

Puppies generally eat at least three times per day, whereas adult dogs may eat twice or even just once per day.

Puppies always need access to plenty of fresh water during and in between meals.

A common age to switch GSD Puppies from puppy food to adult dog food is 12 weeks.

Products For Trimming Your Puppys Claws

If youre looking for some tools to make your cutting your puppys nails easier, choose:

Guillotine clippers – make it easier to slice through the nails without crushing them. With a retractable blade thats activated by squeezing the handle, theyre tough enough to cut through even a large dogs claws. Theyll typically come in multiple sizes, allowing you to match them to the size of your puppy

Rotary sander – great for smoothing the edge of a trimmed nail once it has been clipped, although some dogs dislike the sound of them. Youll need to replace the parts frequently but theyre a good option if youre not keen on clipping

Styptic power – keep this on hand just in case you cut the quick. You can pick up this handy powder at most pet shops and vets.

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