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How To Clean German Shepherd Dog Ears

Common German Shepherd Ear Problems

German Shepherd: Ear Cleaning

German shepherds do not require high levels of grooming standards. Occasional shedding and general dog grooming routines will just do it for your furry canine. Since GSDs have upright erect ears, ear problems are not that common in them as in breeds with floppy ears. The perky ears facilitate air flow and circulation within the ear, keeping them dry most of the time.

This does not in any way mean that they are immune from ears problems. They still develop these problems due to the exposure to environmental elements.

How To Hold My Dog In Place To Clean His Ears

My dog has a severe ear infection and needs ear drops twice a day and an ear flush once a day. He absolutely hates this, and as a result I have not been very successful in cleaning his ears. I’m concerned that if I can’t flush his ears properly, the ear drops won’t have much of an effect. He weighs over 50 pounds and has plenty of energy, so it’s difficult keeping him still.

I read that you should place your dog on a table at about chest level, but I live in a small apartment and the closest thing I have that is that height would either be my stove or my computer desk, two things I definitely don’t want him jumping up on.

I live alone and cannot rely on having a friend help me every time. So far I’ve been leading my dog into the bathroom and giving him treats, then getting ahold of his collar and leading him into a corner. I then wrap my arm around his head to get to his ear, and attempt to apply the ear drops. If I had an extra couple hands at this point, I would also hold his body so I don’t feel like I have him in a headlock, and use the other hand to give him treats.

He generally stays quiet , so I don’t think I’m hurting him. He just fights very hard to escape my grasp. How can I hold him still long enough to properly clean and treat his ear infection? A friend recommended some kind of large treat/chew toy, but what could I get him that would keep him in place?

A couple tips:

And yes, I’m pretty sure now that her ear is infected.

Brush Your German Shepherd Teeth

Teeth health is essential to prevent bad breath or smell in dogs. Most people brush their German shepherd Dogs teeth once a week.

I would recommend you to do it every day. It will take less than 5 minutes.

Brushing the German shepherd Dogs teeth will help to prevent a lot of dental diseases which can occur in a dog.

It will save you a lot of money and also extend your Dogs life span. Dogs teeth are vital to keeping him healthy.

Once a year, Take your German Shepherd for teeth cleaning. Many studies reveal that a dog with healthy teeth lives a longer life.

Here is a Guide to brush your Dogs Teets correctly.

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What Is The Best Way To Clean A Dogs Ears

Visit your nearest veterinarian or the clinician and consult the situation of ear cleaning with him/her. After proper examination, they will suggest you a cleaning solution for the ears of your German Shepherd.

Buy only that solution and push that into the ears of your German Shepherd. Massage for 30 seconds at the base of the ear. A specific sound of splashing the ear cleaning solution will be heard by you. It is because of the cleaning action of the product.

Do not insert the tip of the bottle containing the cleaning chemical into the ear. It causes contamination of the solution. After the addition of the solution into the ears, the dog will turn his head continuously. Let him do this activity.

Bring a towel and wash the surroundings of the ear from the solution. It also helps protect you from the splashes of solution.

After shaking, take cotton gauze and wash the ear canal deep down into the ear. In case of any signs and symptoms of pain and irritation, contact your nearest veterinarian.

Detecting And Preventing Early Health And Skin Problems

How to Clean German Shepherd Ears? (Explained) 2021

German Shepherd health and skin problems such as hot spots, dry skin, and hair loss can be caused by various factors like an allergic reaction, poor diet, bug bite, and underlying disease.

Regular grooming can help alert you when there is something wrong hidden beneath the furry surface. For example, you can spot if there are fleas and ticks living invisibly in the dogs hair.

Even the understated untangle matted hair can go a long way to keep your dog stays healthy. Matted hair, when ignored, can progress from mild irritation to infected wounds.

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How To Introduce Ear Cleaning To Your Dog

Introduce ear cleaning gradually: Positive training should be used. You may need to go through the motions of this treatment procedure before you actually apply ear cleaner. Do this as many times as needed while rewarding your dog with treats. Always make sure they’re comfortable. If your dog is unpredictable and may bite, a muzzle may be helpful but only if they are properly introduced to your dog through desensitization.

Make sure your dog is relaxed: Always exercise your dog before you start a grooming session. This will make cleaning their ears a lot easier for both of you.

Set up an area to clean your dog’s ears: Ear cleaning can be messy. You can use a towel and set up in your bathroom or even outdoors. I find cleaning outside is easiest as natural light helps when you’re trying to clean the smaller areas of the ear flap.

Bodhi Dog All Natural Pet Ear Cleaner For Dogs & Cats

Ingredients eucalyptus extract, aloe vera, deionized water, glycerine , cosmetic grade SD alcohol 40-2, stearic acid , dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate , benzoic acid .

For itchy, smelly and dirty ears.

Made in the USA with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and animal cruelty free. Has socially responsible packaging made with recycled materials and is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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Is Taping Dog Ears Safe

When done right, taping is a painless and safe method that can help your dogs ears to stand up. The idea behind taping is to help the cartilage to form properly and become strong enough to hold the weight of a dogs ears.

While painless, taping can cause discomfort and irritate your dog, so you should consider if its really worth it. Bear in mind that nothing is stronger than genetics and that taping might not work for your pooch.

How To Clean A German Shepherds Ears

How To Clean Your Dogs Ears to Prevent infection

Cleaning your German Shepherdsears is a great way to help keep dirt and grime out while preventing infectionsat the same time. It is a chore that is often overlooked but can make your dogfeel so much better and healthier.

To clean a German Shepherds ears, you will need to checkthe ear for infections or issues that a vet should check out, gather all thematerials, including the ear cleaner and some cotton swabs, and start cleaningthe ears.

The first few times youclean your dogs ears may be difficult because they are not used to theexperience. Keeping with a regular schedule of ear cleaning and using positive reinforcementwill make this easier. Lets take a look at some of the simple steps you canfollow to make cleaning your German Shepherds ears easier.

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When To Take Your German Shepherd To The Vet

Infections which have spread to the middle ear or inner ear require veterinary help. Terrible pain and damage can and will occur without medical assistance. Middle and Inner ear infections are caused by things such as food allergies, parasites, improper ear cleanings, untreated bacterial infections or out of control outer ear infections. Dogs with middle ear infections and inner ear infections may tilt their head to the side. They may also stop eating, lose coordination or vomit.

If your dog has any type of ear infection youve never dealt with before, get them to the vet right away before their condition progresses.

A dog with a middle or inner ear infection will likely be prescribed things which are not available over the counter such as steroids and antibiotics. Anti-fungals, antibacterial and anti-yeast drops are common as well depending on the problem.

How To Clean German Shepherd Ears 2021

In this blog, we will discuss how to clean German shepherd ears. Cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision

Hygiene concerns a lot for the GSDs. Grooming is a term used for the cleaning of a dog and its cleaning procedures. It helps the German Shepherd dog against several diseases. Cleanliness also involves cleaning the ears.

The question that arises in our minds is that,

How to Clean German Shepherd Ears? Clean German Shepherd ears regularly with a veterinarian-recommended ear solution by completely filling the ear with solution after proper restraining. Clean the dirt using the cotton balls. It should be performed once a month as per instructions and the dosage recommended.

It is not easy to clean the ears. It requires too many precautionary measures. Some other queries about it need to get solved. Here is the solution to the possible queries that can arise in the mind of anybody.

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Other Methods In Making Your Dogs Ear Stand Up

Although many German Shepherd owners use taping to correct their dogs ears, there are many less invasive, but highly effective methods that you should try first. Lets take a look:

Chew Toys

Chewing on safe puppy chew toys is the easiest way you can help your dogs ears to stand up. Not only will chewing help with teething, but it will also help your dog to exercise his jaw, head, and neck muscles, thus making them strong enough to hold the weight of his ears.


Many owners believe that supplementing their German Shepherds diet with calcium will help their ears to stand up. However, your dogs ears are made from cartilage, not bone, and calcium doesnt have any effect on the development of the cartilage.

If you want to supplement your pups diet, its much safer to supplement it with Glucosamine which lubricates the joints and supports healthy cartilage. As always, you should first talk with your vet to see if your German Shepherd puppy can benefit from using supplements.


Feeding your puppy with high-quality dog food is essential for his overall well-being and proper development. Make sure that you are feeding your pup with the highest quality food you can afford, and steer clear from brands that use fillers such as wheat, corn, or soy.

Check For Parasites

So, do routine fecal tests and keep up with deworming treatments to keep intestinal parasites at bay. Furthermore, get your dog tested for heartworms and talk with your vet about a preventative care plan.

How To Bathe Your German Shepherds

German Shepherd Puppy with Big Ears!  Cuties Overload

Choosing The Best Shampoo for German Shepherds

When bathing your GSDs, you need to choose a shampoo made specifically for dog hairs. You cannot use human shampoo for bathing your dog because dogs skin has different pH from human skin. Using human shampoos can make your dogs skin dry or cause an allergic reaction.

For healthy German Shepherds, use a mild and gentle hypoallergenic shampoo for washing all parts of the body and tear-free shampoo for the head area. If your German Shepherd has skin issues, you may want to ask your local vet for advice.

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Where to Bathe Your Dog?

For a medium to large-sized dogs like German Shepherds, you might find it easier to bathe your dog outside in the backyard.

Some dog owners prefer to bathe their German Shepherds using a garden hose set on low pressure.

Setting The Water Temperature

In summer, you may want to let the water cool down first before bathing your dog. In the colder days, you may want to prepare buckets filled with comfortable, warm water as opposed to cold hose water.

Always test the water temperature first before washing your dogs to ensure its not too hot or cold.

If it is not possible to bathe your dog outside as in the case when youre living in an apartment, you can use a bathtub or dog tub.

If youre using a bathtub or dog tub, you will want to put a non-slip mat in the bottom of the tub and around your bathroom to prevent any slipping.

Getting Started

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What Problems Can Affect Your German Shepherds Ears

There are a few categories of ear problems in dogs. Infections are what we think of most commonly, but nervous system disorders, vestibular disease, cancer, and parasites must be ruled out. For example, tumors can grow in the middle ear.

According to a few veterinarian sources and the AKC, 75 to 80% of dogs with food sensitivities and up to 50% with contact hypersensitivity will manifest their allergies with ear problems.

How To Trim Dogs Foot Hair

Brush up long hairs between the toes then use scissors to trim the hair around the top area of your dogs foot and the paw. You should only use blunt-nosed safety scissors when trimming your dogs fur.

Avoid trimming the hair between the toes.

If this is the first time youre trimming your dogs hair, and youre unsure, its better to bring them to your local vet clinic or groomer for assistance.

Other body areas that may require regular trimming include:

  • Eye area.
  • Hair around the chin and lower jaw.
  • Hair mats and tangles.

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German Shepherd Ear Wax

If you notice black spots or wax in your GSDs ears follow the directions above to clean them out. Does your dog continue to shake its head and scratch at its ears? This could be a sign of an ear infection or ear mites.

If youve cleaned out your GSDs ears two days in a row and they are still having problems take them to your vet to check for mites and infections.

What Solutions Can You Use To Clean Your Dogs Ears

German Shepherds hot weather & flies eating up my dogs ears

A basic ear cleaning solution is best to use for most German Shepherds.

Consult with a medical professional before using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in your dogs ears. Alcohol can be drying and irritating and downright painful if your dog has any invisible sores.

Despite its antibacterial properties, hydrogen peroxide is an irritant, especially if full-strength.

We recommend avoiding alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in your dogs ears for general cleaning.

You can formulate home remedies with various apple cider vinegar solutions and essential oils such as tree tea oil.

It is ideal to consult with your veterinarian to obtain the correct concentrations and address safety concerns regarding how to clean German Shepherd ears. A balanced pH is essential for inner ear health.

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How To Clean Your Dogs Ears In 3 Easy Steps

Regular ear cleanings are essential for managing chronic, allergic-based inflammation known as otitis and keeping infections at bay. Before you start, though, be sure to evaluate your dogs ears for odor, discharge, pain, or redness. If any of these symptoms are present, put down the cotton ball and contact us for an appointment instead.

In order to achieve an effective ear cleaning, you must have control of your pet. For some dogs, it will be necessary to have someone hold him to free both of your hands for the cleaning. If your pet is uncooperative, you may need to hold his head and muzzle gently but firmly. You may find that backing him up into a corner of the room is helpful.

We also recommend that you pair each cleaning with something pleasant, like treats or playtime, so that this is not a dreaded chore for you or a fearful experience for your pet.

You will need a gentle veterinary ear cleaning solution and gauze squares or cotton balls . We do not recommend the use of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean your dogs ears. These products can cause inflammation to the ear canal and further exacerbate infections. Your veterinarian can provide recommendations on the best products to use.

Repeat The Process For The Other Ear

Repeat the same steps with your GSDs other ear, and then reward your dog with a small treat for the cooperation. After multiple regular cleanings, your dog should get used to the process and will likely corporate better. Check our dogs ears for dirt and odor daily and repeat the cleaning process as needed. Once the ears are fully clean, get on a cleaning schedule at least once every 1-2 weeks. Its also a wise idea to schedule teeth cleaning simultaneously with ear cleaning to save you time and stress.

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Home Remedies For Dog Ear Infections: #4

A simple warm compress held against your dogs ear can provide welcome relief. In addition to soothing any pain, the compress may relieve inflammation.

All you need for this remedy is a washcloth or towel and some hot water. First, soak the towel or cloth in the water. Next, test against your wrist, and finally, apply to your dogs ear.

Always test the temperature of the cloth so you dont burn your dog. Thats the last thing both of you need while you take on this condition.

Alternatively, you can fill a sock with rice or salt and warm it in the microwave. This method is effective and less messy since there are no drips to contend with.


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