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How To Buy German Shepherd Dog

For Those Families Seeking A Purebred Dog It Is Important To See The Parents Of The Puppy And To Understand The Breed Standard & Breed Conformation In A World Of Dog Shows A Dogs Conformation Is Not What I Think Looks Good It Is A Professional Objective Given By A Judge Based On The Breed Standard & Breed Requirements While A Dog Show May Look Like A Beauty Pageant Its Not Dogs Are Not Being Compared To Each Other Theyre Being Measured By How Closely They Conform To The Standard Of Their Particular Breed And Given A Grade When It Comes To It When You Look At Parents Do They Look Like The Dog You Dream To Own

Buying a New German Shepherd Puppy

For a German Shepherd, we must see SG, V or VA a title earned at a Conformation ring.What do the titles mean?VA Vorzuglich Auslese- Excellent Select. Given only to a group of outstanding German shepherds at a Sieger show.V Vorzuglich- Excellent. Outstanding German shepherds with full dentition and good character.SG- Sehr Gut- Very Good, Highest grade possible for dogs under 24 months of age or dogs outstanding merit missing a premolar.

Other rating may include:G Gut- Good. Really about average, given to typical but not exceptional animals.A Ausreichend- Satisfactory. Given to below average dogs.M Mangelhaft- Poor. Poor quality dogs but of tolerable character.U Ungenugend- Unsatisfactory. Given to dogs with faulty character or serious faults, ungraded.

Where Can You Find Cheap German Shepherd Dogs

You will be able to find GSD puppies who cost much less than $1,500. The question is do you want to purchase a dog with questionable health and temperament?

On Craigslist or similar classified ads, many dog owners sell puppies from oops litters or puppies that they bred on purpose without any health testing. These dogs often are not purebred German Shepherd puppies, but are mixed with e.g. Labradors, Pitbulls or Golden Retrievers. They might be as cheap as $200. If you end up with a dog with genetically based health conditions however, be prepared to spend a multiple of the original purchase price on vet costs!

Setting Expectations Know What Being A Dog Owner Entails & Research The German Shepherd Breed

Know what you are getting into with a German Shepherd breed dog .

Make sure you have the time, focus, patience, love and lifestyle compatible with a German Shepherd.

German Shepherds in particular as a breed might have the following features and traits:

Have a life span of about 9-15 years be prepared for a commitment of that time

Are a large size breed

Are naturally herding dogs meaning they may try to mouth friends and family

Need walks daily

Need daily mental stimulation including your attention tend to be intelligent

Need a focus on socialisation and training as a puppy to ingrain a good obedience and behavior base

Are naturally loyal, loving, protective, and intelligent, but can be wary of strangers

Will form a strong bond with their leader

Need a strong leader

Might come from strong working lines or show lines

Will shed a lot of hair particularly when they blow their coat between some seasons > will need regular brushing, and vacuuming if they spend a lot of time inside the house

Have a history of hip dysplasia in their genetics

Tend to mature and stop puppy type behavior by about 4 to 6 years old. Dogs of about 7 years or older tend to be more relaxed and calm

Come in short hair and long haired coats

Come in different lines i.e. the different working and show lines

Come in many different colors, and color has not been scientifically proven to affect the health or temperament of the dog its just a color

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Signs Of An Ethical Breeder

So, what exactly should you look for when you set out to vet a breeder? You will know you are dealing with an ethical breeder if:

  • They look after their puppies health: Before selling one of their puppies, theyve made sure the pup has visited a licensed vet and has been dewormed and given shots.
  • They try to match your personality: Reputable breeders care that their puppies are placed in the best homes for them. They may test the temperaments of a new litter so that they can match the puppies personalities with the prospective buyers.
  • They want you to spay or neuter: Ethical breeders are very careful when they choose two parents to breed a litter. In order to ensure the continued health of the breed, as well as of the puppy itself , they will ask that you agree to have the puppy neutered or spayed.
  • They ask you to sign a contract: This contract may include a guarantee against health problems, as well as a clause that stipulates you need to notify the breeder if you find yourself unable to care for your dog any longer, among other things.
  • They are lifelong learners: They are knowledgeable about diseases and genetic problems affecting German Shepherds, such as elbow and hip dysplasia. They keep themselves up-to-date on the latest information and treatments.

There are also several things an ethical breeder might give you. These may include:

How To Train A German Shepherd As A Service Dog

Buy German Shepherd Puppy

Training service dogs can be difficult. It requires expertise, patience, and a strong desire to do good in the world. There is a little financial gain to be had when training service dogs, but it is gratifying work to know how much youre helping those in need.

Here are some tips on how to train a German Shepherd as a service dog:

  • Socialize them. This is so important because a service dog needs to be prepared to do their job without being distracted by people. They shouldnt be afraid of people or show aggressive towards them. Service dogs will also need to be properly socialized with dogs and other animals.
  • Set goals. Make sure these goals are both attainable but challenging. As the dog achieves the goals you set, keep giving them new ones to reach for so they can continue to grow in their training.
  • Be patient. While German Shepherds are intelligent, it will still take the time to learn everything that youre trying to teach them. Be patient with them and willing to repeat lessons as often as they need to understand them.
  • Be the Alpha. You need to step up from the moment your dog enters your home and present yourself as their leader. If you dont, you will not only have a difficult time training them, but you will also risk them getting into a lot of trouble as they try to lead your family.

Beyond that, youll just want to train your service dog using the same methods as any German Shepherd in training.

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How Are You Rearing The Puppy

Its vital that a puppy is properly socialized during its first few weeks of life. Has the puppy been safely introduced to new things places to walk, things to smell and see and hear? Or has it been kept inside a kennel?

Early exposure to new things helps develop a pups confidence. You will want to know how its been brought up.

For a more comprehensive look into what it takes to properly socialize a German Shepherd, we have an excellent article for you linked below:

Which Type Of German Shepherd Is Right For You

Ask yourself this

  • What do I want from a German Shepherd dog?
  • What can I offer in terms of time, effort, training, and stimulation?
  • Your answer lies where the two needs meet

    Next, you need to find a breeder that understands their lines and breeding programs.

    You don’t want someone who breeds for the sake of breeding.

    All lines have some issues, and thats true for any other breed of dog too.

    But if you know exactly what you want, go to the right breeder and let them know, you will get the right German Shepherd breed type for your family.

  • Oliver Stan

    Hello there I need some help with a lot of thing since this is going to be my first ever pup!!! and to show my mum I can show responsibility and commitment I would need i little helpI want a pup who can be my protector, my best mate, a shoulder to cry on and a workout buddy

    I hope Ive well written this. if you need anymore information I would be happy to answer.

    And I would 10/10 recommend to a friend/family/random people on the street.

  • Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for helping me learn more about German Shepherd breeds. Its interesting to learn that the DDR working lines will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Maybe it could be good to learn what other owners have done to really ensure that this breed of German Shepherd remains happy.

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    Are German Shepherds Easy To Train

    When it comes to owning a German Shepherd, you may be wondering if they are easy to train? The short answer is yes, but it takes some patience and a little bit of work.

    First, to combat boredom in your German Shepherd, you will need to do mental exercises with them. Such as training them to sit, fetch, or do tricks.

    These mental exercises are excellent for your German Shepherd. This is because they reduce destructive behavior. They can also be a lot of fun for both you and your dog.

    German Shepherds are generally an intelligent breed and, like many other dog breeds, love working with their owners. The German Shepherd thrives in advanced agility work and on agility courses.

    They also do very well with basic games like playing frisbee, fetching toys, and playing with a ball.

    The German Shepherd is capable of being trained to do almost any task you put before them.

    This is because they are smart, bold, alert, and single-minded when necessary. While they are highly trainable, they need to be socialized and trained at a young age.

    Lastly, a well-trained German Shepherd will require a consistent, and kind handler.

    Choose A Male Or Female German Shepherd

    where to buy a German shepherd

    Once youve determined what line of GSD you want, decide on the sex of the pup. Each sex has its own unique characteristics, which affects how theyll live and grow with you.

    We base this decision on preference. With the correct upbringing and training, both sexes are loyal companions and good with children.

    Characteristics of Owning a Male GSD

    • Males are often bigger and stronger.
    • They may grow into more dominant dogs, so a confident handler is more desirable.
    • Males may hike their back legs to mark their territory. This can occur on any object chairs, walls, couches or even your leg.
    • Sexual maturity influences males behavior. I suggest an extra bout of socialization during this stage, especially with other well-behaved dogs.

    Characteristics of Owning a Female GSD

    • Females are typically smaller and less dominant.
    • So they may be better for the first-time owner.
    • Unspayed females come into season every 6 months, so they must receive monitoring and watch to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Their season time can vary from as little as every 4 months to every 9 months.
    • They can attract males to your property and on walks that will harass them if not spayed.

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    Go Through Your Lifestyle And Check If The Dog Fits In It Or Not

    If you dont already have a dog at home then bringing one home is going to cause a drastic change to your lifestyle. The expression A dog is for life, not just for Christmas is true and applies throughout the year. If you bring a dog into your home, they arent something you can just ignore when you cant be bothered. They still require feeding, walking, and training, all of these take time.

    If youre the sort of person who likes being outside going for walks and exercising then this will be helpful as youll be doing a lot of this over the lifetime of your new dog. If youre someone who likes to travel a lot, then know youre going to have to find someone to look after your dog when you go away.

    It is also important to remember that while German Shepherds will care for and guard their family, they can still snap if provoked. This is more important to remember if you have young children in your home, as they are less likely to appreciate that the dog wont enjoy being prodded and poked.

    If youre bringing any dog into a home with small children then it is not just important to let the dog know how to behave around the children but also letting your children know how to behave around dogs.

    Training Goal #: Crate Training

    This is also a good time for crate training, which Adams recommends as well. GSD trainer and dog sports enthusiast Alexa Hagood, LVMT, agrees: Crate breaks, even when brief, can help the puppy become acclimated to going in the crate and having some alone time. She notes that this can help reduce the risk of a puppy developing separation anxiety, and recommends beginning with using the crate for feeding times , and at times when the owner needs to do daily chores.

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    Training Goal #: Socialization

    Puppies of all breeds have a critical socialization window that closes at 12 to 16 weeks of life, and your GSD puppy is no exception. In fact, for GSDs, who by nature are protective guardians, socialization is extra important so that your puppy learns which strangers are friendly and not a threat.

    GSDs are very observant, and your puppy will pick up on your cues and reactions around new people and new situations. During this critical period, having exposure to many different kinds of people in non-threatening situations will help your puppy be confident among friendly strangers rather than fearful or aggressive. And even during times of social and physical distancing, you can still socialize your puppy safely.

    Proper socialization cannot be overemphasized for this breed as Adams notes, The foundation for most training is confidence. It is critical that the GSD puppy is well socialized from an early age onward. Safely exposing the puppy to new sights, sounds, and smells is absolutely critical for development. Good socialization translates to confidence.

    Certified dog trainer and CGC evaluator Jacqui Foster, CPDT-KA, echoes this sentiment: I tend to lean more towards developing self-confidence in the puppy. For this I recommend short, fun, three-minute games that engage the puppy with the owner as well as in noises, weird and uneven surfaces, family members, etc., throughout the day. A confident puppy is a happy puppy.

    Nevada Haus German Shepherd Breeders

    Pure Bred German Shepherd Puppies

    Nevada Haus is a premier German Shepherd breeder in Texas. They breed German Shepherd puppies with a focus on loyalty and personality. Nevada Haus has developed a breeding program that successfully produces fantastic German Shepherd puppies with temperament, conformation, and health as their top 3 priorities. They adhere to the German SV Standard in breeding world-class studs and breeding females.

    Located in Nevada, Texas, about a half-hour outside of Dallas, their facility sits on eleven acres of huge grassy play areas. Their property serves as the training grounds for their World Class Champion German Shepherds.

    They provide positive human contact to each German Shepherd puppy which helps to ensure exceptional socialization skills are developed. Every Nevada Haus German Shepherd puppy in Texas stays with their mother and littermates until they are at least eight weeks old so that they can develop proper social behavior.

    In addition, their German Shepherd puppies in Texas are regularly given health checks by a licensed veterinarian and come with a health guarantee. Pricing for Nevada Haus German Shepherd puppies starts at $2,500 and goes from $3,000+ depending on several factors.

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    German Shepherd Dogs And Puppies For Sale In The Uk

    UKPets found the following German Shepherd For Sale in the UK. Read more about this dog breed on our German Shepherd breed information page.

    Gateshead |Dogs For Sale by Heman

    Tan coloured beautiful 11 months old and a very friendly boy. Grew up around kids and is very active, loves long walks, playing fetch and lots of cuddles. He is a very lovable dog playful and very energetic.



    We are proud to announce our girl Cassie has given birth to 5 beautiful German Shepard pups we have4 males 1 female3 are blue n tan1 blue sable1 blue n tan femaleCassie our family pet is sable and carrys the blue geneDad is a blue n tan stud dog both can be seen in picsMum can be seen with pupsThey have been brought up in our family home where we have other pets and a young family no expense has been spared with theseThey will leaveMicrochippedFlead and wormed up to dateKr registered4 weeks free insuranceBag of food they been brought up onMore pics face time calls available upon requestThanks for taking the time to read our ad











    At The End Of The Day Is A German Shepherd Dog Right For You

    History and 100 years of experience proved that the German Shepherd Dog is a hard worker that also makes it a loyal family pet and guardian.

    German Shepherd Dog owners should be prepared for an energetic dog that needs a job. Even if your GSD will be a pet, they were bred to work and will need an outlet for their energy and drive. Keep in mind that you will need to provide your dog with extensive physical and mental exercise every day. Do you have the time and energy to properly socialize and train your GSD? Do you have a steady income if any health issues arise? Do you have enough space for this large breed to flourish? Ask yourself these questions before getting a German Shepherd Dog.

    The German Shepherd Dogs high profile in law enforcement, dog sports, media, and service work has shaped the love and attitude that has developed about this versatile breed. If you are ready to own a GSD, first find a responsible breeder. Your breeder should ask you questions about your lifestyle and answer your questions about the breed. If both you and the breeder are sure the German Shepherd Dog is right for you, enjoy an action-packed life with your new best friend!

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