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How Hot Is Too Hot For German Shepherd

Do Gsds Like To Play With Other Dogs

Hot Spots and Treatments in German Shepherds

This is determined on a case by case basis and is highly dependent on the temperament and training of the dog in question.

In general, you want to provide the opportunity for your German Shepherd to play with other dogs as much as possible.

This is not only great to burn energy and stimulate their mind, but teaches them important social skills.

Not all German Shepherds are dog-friendly however, so ensure yours is given ample opportunities to socialize to prevent the possibility of fighting or aggressive outbursts.

Heat Stroke Signs In Your German Shepherd

In summer heatstroke is very common in any breed of dog. So if you are an owner of a German shepherd it is important to look out for signs of heatstroke in your dog. This will help you take swift action to prevent the unforeseeable

Heatstroke is when the body temperature of your dog exceeds 40-degree celsius. It is always accompanied by signs

It is interesting to note two types of heatstroke occur in dogs. These are Exertional Heatstroke and Non-Exertional Heat Stroke

What Do You Need To Provide Your Dog When It Is Cold

Have you acclimated your dog to cold weather? Even if your dog is accustomed to staying outdoors in all conditions for eight to 12 hours, she needs basic amenities. Not only is it the law in many areas, but it ensures her comfort and well-being.

Freshwater Although it seems common sense, water provides the hydration necessary for all metabolic processes, including staying warm.

Shelter Your German Shepherd needs shelter from the wind. A doghouse will also protect from rain, sleet, and snow, and provides additional insulation. An appropriate size will trap your dogs body heat inside, although some still need heaters depending on where you live.

Bedding hay, and straw, as well as blankets and clothing, can provide additional insulation.

Proper nutrition Staying warm requires a lot of fuel.

Supervise and prevent the ingestion of de-icing salt. Rinse feet after walking on salted surfaces.

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Can German Shepherds Tolerate Hot Weather Important Considerations

Can German Shepherds tolerate hot weather? Yes they can, but only to a certain extent.

As working dogs, German Shepherds were bred such that theyre capable of working in different conditions including hot weather. Thus, they have natural traits that allow them to tolerate up to a certain amount of heat. That said, extremely high temperatures are dangerous for even the tolerant German Shepherd and may lead to life-threatening issues.

Therefore, if you live in an area where it can get quite hot, there are some considerations you have to keep in mind when taking care of a GSD.

In this article I discuss those considerations including how German Shepherds are capable of tolerating heat, what temperatures they can tolerate, the dangers of prolonged exposure to extremely hot weather, and finally, what you can do to help your German Shepherd stay cool.

  • Can German Shepherds Tolerate Hot Weather?
  • Why Do German Shepherds Do Well In The Sun

    It is just too hot

    If I could think of two words that describe the physical appearance of a German Shepherd they would be Big and Furry.

    Big furry things have an advantage in the winter months. All that hair and extra body mass do a great job of staving off the cold, but it doesnt seem like they would be very helpful when the sun starts baring down in the summer.

    So, why is it that German Shepherds seem to thrive in the sun? The answer may surprise you.

    Not all German shepherds are the same. Those bred in Eastern Europe generally have longer coats, while those bred in Western Europe have shorter coats. The shorter coats are called short stock coats and the longer ones are long stock coats.

    Both coats are fairly long, but the long stock coat has a second undercoat that insulates the dog.

    Can you guess which coat is better if you want to keep your German Shepherd outside?

    It may be counter-intuitive, but the long stock coat is actually better for a GSD in the heat.

    But wait a minute! You may be thinking. How would you feel stuck in sweltering 90-degree weather stuck in a thick fur coat! It depends on how the coat was designed.

    The long stock coat of a German shepherd is like 2 coats in one. The outer layer of the coat protects from the elements while the inner coat insulates the main body of the animal. That is, it keeps in warm air during the winter, and cool hair during the summer.

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    Whats Too Cold For A Dog

    If the temperature falls below 32°F , owners with small breed dogs, dogs with coats, and dogs that are old, young, and sick can be in danger.

    When the temperature hits 20°F , it is the time when all breed owners should worry because it can be life-threatening to walk your dogs for a walk at this temperature.

    The best way to know if the weather is too cold for your dog is to watch their behavior. If your dog is shivering, acting anxious, whining, or slowing down it is best to search for a warm location. This is to prevent hypothermia and frostbite because of the cold weather.

    Can German Shepherds Live In Hot Weather 9 Tips For Summer

    German shepherds are among one of the most famous and loved breed out there.

    Even if you dont know much about dogs, you still would have heard about the German Shepherd.

    And now you are looking to adopt this dog for yourself. However, not everyone lives in the same environment, and you are worried about if this lovely creature can live in your environment.

    If you are here in search of the answer, can German shepherds live in hot weather? Then yes, they can live in hot weather, but there are certain conditions to meet.

    You should keep reading.

    We should care for our German Shepherds as they are loving creatures, filled with joy, energy, and love to play.

    These loyal fur babies put the life of their owner before their own.

    If you plan to adopt or have already adopted a loving animal such as this, some concerns must be troubling you.

    I assure you that you are right to have these concerns, especially if you adopt a puppy.

    German Shepherds control their body temperature by sweating through their paw pads and panting, which does not make up for their large size.

    This breeds puppies are small and do not have as much temperature tolerance as young ones do.

    In this article I will tell you everything there is to know about German Shepherds and their heat tolerance.

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    Let Your Gsd Pup Sleep As Much As They Want

    Your puppy might not be sleeping properly because of too many distractions or disturbances in the house.

    • Give it a quiet and comfortable room to sleep.
    • Make sure you or the kids in the house dont wake it up too much to play with it.
    • Let the puppy sleep whenever it wants or as much as it wants.

    No interruptions, just let it have its much deserved peace and quiet.

    Can German Shepherds Live In Texas

    Best German Shepherd Puppy Training Tips | Dog World

    Yes, German shepherds can live in Texas.

    Texass average temperature is cold, but it varies between 86-degrees Fahrenheit to 96.8-degrees Fahrenheit, and while it is not as high as Arizona, it is still hot.

    The German shepherd can fend for itself slightly however, it is wise to take additional steps to ensure your dogs well-being.

    With that said, Texas is also going through a heatwave. In this heatwave, parts of Texas have seen the temperature rise to 116-degrees Fahrenheit.

    Texass winter season has a temperature ranging between 46.4 to 64.4-degrees Fahrenheit, which is good for the German shepherd to play and be mischievous.

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    German Shepherd Cold Tolerance

    The living conditions of the German Shepherd dog can encompass both hot and cold temperatures. Thanks to its robust constitution and double coat, this doggie is relatively well sheltered from the elements. Although it thrives in temperate climates, the German Shepherd likes cold temperatures.

    How To Treat Heatstroke For A German Shepherd

    Treating heatstroke is simple enough. Once you recognize any of the symptoms above, immediately bring your German Shepherd indoors where it is cool.

    Give your dog water so it can hydrate.

    If your dog refuses to take water, call a vet immediately. If your dog doesnt seem better within half an hour, contact a vet immediately,

    After you have helped your dog, assess what caused the heatstroke and take care of the problem.

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    Get A Doggy Paddling Pool

    Talk about saving the best one until last! Aussies are a high energy breed and LOVE to be active. Paddling pools will keep your Aussie as cool as possible while providing physical exercise as well as mental stimulation. You may need to teach your Aussie to swim first, and this should always be done with a doggy lifejacket and your supervision. But dont worry, it wont take long.I recommend getting one made for dogs, like this one, as the material is tougher than the one made for kids. Their nails may pop ordinary paddling pools.

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    How To Use Positive Reward Based Training

    Is this too hot ?

    Rewards and positive reinforcement are powerful tools in dog training.

    Reward-based training is about setting your dog up for success. Treats are usually the foundation of positive dog training or positive reinforcement training.

    Reward-based learning is centered on the dog earning rewards for correct behavior. The rewards are known as primary reinforces and these can be food rewards, toy rewards, play sessions, physical or verbal praise.

    Reinforced behaviors tend to be repeated and behavior that is not enforced will eventually die out.

    This is a very simplified explanation of reward-based training, there are many degrees and a new GSD owner should further research the subject.

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    Dogs Have Special Attributes To Keep Warm

    According to Dog Discoveries, all dogs have basic traits and behaviors to stay warm when it is cold out. Your German Shepherd is better adapted than some other breeds.

    • Bushy tail to cover face when sleeping Dogs will often sleep in a curled position to minimize heat loss and GSDs have exceptionally bushy tails to keep nose and eyes warm.
    • A counter-current heat exchanger in paws A network of blood vessels maintains heat in a dogs paws similar to a penguins feet.
    • Piloerection When your German Shepherd puffs up, her guard hairs and undercoat trap cold air away from her skin and body.

    What Decreases Your Shepherds Ability To Handle The Cold

    A German Shepherd in his prime can handle temperatures 20 degrees Fahrenheit fairly easily. He can tolerate temperatures even as low as -10 to -15 degrees Fahrenheit for short periods and as long as he stays dry.

    Some Shepherds should not be exposed to extremely cold temperatures because of their decreased ability to cope.

    Puppies Very young dogs are small, lack muscle mass, have minimal body fat, do not have a proper fur coat, and have underdeveloped temperature regulation centers in the brain. They cannot shiver effectively and have a large surface-area-to-body-volume ratio.

    Senior dogs Aging dogs lose muscle mass and immune functions and sometimes their hair. Do not subject elder dogs to extremes in temperature for long periods.

    Sick dogs Dealing with the energy needs of an illness, especially chronic, prevents your German Shepherd from handling cold weather effectively. Chronic illness may lead to loss of muscle and fat.

    Dogs without an undercoat If your dog does not have an undercoat, avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures below freezing, regardless of his coat length.

    Dogs lacking condition Dogs who are malnourished or suffering from another cause of weight loss do not have the energy stores to cope when it is exceedingly cold outside. Even a balmy 45 degrees Fahrenheit may be too cold for them.

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    Always Keep One Room Shaded & Cool

    This sounds like a no brainer, but doing this alone will help your GSD significantly. Most GSDs will enjoy a certain amount of sunbathing, but when enough is enough, they should have a cool, shaded room they can go to .

    Keep one room in your house with the shades drawn, or use a UV sun blind. Keep a fan switched on, a cool blower, or leave the AC running. Whichever you decide, your German Shepherd will be extremely grateful.

    He can then freely come and go, whenever HE decides that hes getting too hot. This tip alone is a huge.

    Can Dogs Get Sick From Cold Weather

    German Shepherd Dog Lazy Summer Afternoon Bath

    Yes, your dog can get sick from cold weather, no matter how tough your dog may seem to be. Here are some top ways cold weather could affect your dog.

    • Increased joint stiffness
    • Greater danger of slipping or falling
    • Difficulty regulating body temperature in puppies, sick, or elderly dogs
    • Susceptibility to frostbite
    • Getting lethargic or appear to be drowsy
    • Pale or bluish gums

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    Cool Your Aussie Down With Wet Towels

    If your Aussie needs to spend some time outside but the temperature is already getting up there, you can pat his body down with a cold damp towel to keep him cooler for longer.This may only provide temporary relief, but its a quick and easy way to cool your Aussie down quickly. Just take a large bath towel, run it under the cold tap, and pat him down for 5 minutes.

    Heatstroke In German Shepherds

    Heatstroke in german shepherds is very serious, and should not be overlooked. When heatstroke sets in, it can often be minutes before it becomes fatal. Fortunately, if you take the precautions above then youre going to help prevent heatstroke occurring.

    However, sometimes it can still happen. If you notice symptoms like heavy panting, excessive saliva, lack of coordination and loss of consciousness then your german shepherd may have heatstroke.

    If you notice any of the symptoms of heatstroke in your german shepherd then you need to take them to the vets as soon as possible.

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    What Laws Protect Your Shepherd

    Your pet is extremely important to you and governing bodies are taking ever-increasing notice of animal rights. As a result, many states have foregone trying to determine what extremes of the cold any dog can tolerate.

    Laws applying to how long dogs can stay outside in cold weather are often blanket regulations that do not distinguish specific breeds. Some establish biological suitability for certain groups that can live outside with a proper set-up.

    Here are dog breeds generally considered suited to cold weather, according to the Humane Society of Utah. German Shepherds may not be on all lists.

    • Spitz breeds Chow Chows, Siberian Husky, Malamute
    • St. Bernard may include similar breeds such as Newfoundland
    • Sheepdogs Note, German Shepherds may not be sheepdogs under some classifications. However, most of them include Collies, Old English Sheepdogs, and various Shepherds.

    Familiarize yourself with state statutes in your areas. Many use a threshold of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, below which a dog cannot be outside for more than thirty minutes at a time.

    How Do I Cool My German Shepherd Down


    If your dog is panting heavily, get him inside to an air conditioned area immediately. Give him small amounts of cool, but not ice cold, water, or unflavored Pedialyte, to drink, and let him relax. Gulping too much water too fast can lead to other problems, so small amounts frequently are better than a lot at once.

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    Preventing Heat Stroke In Your German Shepherd

    It is important to take the necessary steps to prevent heatstroke in your German. After a careful search here what you can do to prevent heatstroke in your German shepherd

    • If you are going to leave your dog a few hours ensure you provide adequate shade and water. Never limit the intake of water as this tends to keep them cool
    • Choose the cooler period of the day to exercise your dog.
    • Never leave your German shepherd in a closed vehicle
    • It is important you

    Can A German Shepherd Live In Hot Weather

    As long as your German Shepherd is not kept in direct sunshine or has to endure ridiculously high temperatures like 35C without a rest, he will be capable of adapting and remaining happy. German Shepherds, after all, are one the worlds most popular dog breeds and are owned in hot places all around the world.

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    How To Know If Your Dog Is Feeling Cold

    Its important to observe if your dog is feeling cold, and then take appropriate measures. The communication between you and your dog largely depends on you observing their body language as they cannot, and will not convey everything verbally. Barking, crying, and whining are all ways your dog may be trying to say something. But body language is just as important.

    Here are some signs that may indicate that your dog is feeling cold:

    • Constantly trying to keep their paws off the ground: This is a sign that your German Shepherd is feeling cold, although the socks and boots alternative does stand. Safe food-grade wax could help too. You do not want your dogs paws bleeding from being on ice too long. This is especially useful if youre seeing how much your dog can tolerate cold.
    • Raspy breathing.
    • Putting their tail between their legs and shivering or other signs such as hunching their back could indicate that they are cold.
    • Muscle stiffness and lack of energy.


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