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How Easy Is It To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

Use Your Bond With Your Puppy To Your Advantage During Recall Training

How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy – A Detailed Video on GS Training Tips

Use your positive bond with your German Shepherd puppy to work on early recall training.

Sometimes, you are the last thing on your puppys mind.

Especially when there are so many natural pleasures to see and explore outside. Thats why its so important to instill a bond with your puppy from the start by avoiding punishment.

When you call your German Shepherd, its obedience simply depends on whether the motivation to obey your commands outweighs what your dog is focused on at the moment.

So, whats an owner to do to discipline a poor recall?

Puppies have a natural instinct to stay close to their leader thats you . Use this to your advantage!

How Do You Know When To Take Your Gsd Puppy Outside To Potty

  • Take them out after a nap. They need to relieve themselves after sleeping or napping in their crates.
  • Take them out after a play session. If youve played with your pup inside, then take them outside before placing them in their crate.
  • Take them out after theyve eaten a meal.
  • Take them out after theyve gotten overly excited about something.
  • Take them out after they drink a large amount of water.
  • Take them out first thing in the morning and the last thing before you place them in their crate or go to bed.
  • Take your dog out when their body language says they are searching for a potty spot!
  • Get Your German Shepherds Full Attention

    You must have your dogs full attention before hell learn anything. Pick a quiet place, with little or no distractions.

    To begin with, your back yard is the best place since the smells are familiar and so also the surroundings.

    If you were in a park for instance you have no control over the distractions. Like other dogs and their owners, the scent of other animals, children playing, or a Frisbee whizzing by.

    Once both you and your dog are confident in the training, then you can step it up by moving it to a place with more distractions.

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    How To Train An Adult German Shepherd Dog

    Training an adult German Shepherd dog is relatively more difficult than training a puppy.

    There are many things and training tactics that work well when the German Shepherd is still a puppy.

    For example, potty training a German Shepherd or molding their personality is done better when the German Shepherd is still a puppy.

    This however does not mean that you should feel hopeless if your German Shepherd has all grown up.

    Whether you didnt care to train your German Shepherd or you got a grown up German Shepherd as a gift, then there is nothing to be hopeless about. It might be relatively difficult, but you can still train your adult German Shepherd dog.

    Start With Basic Skills And Commands

    The average time it takes to train a German Shepherd puppy ...

    If you intend to make your dog the intelligent pet who hears dont do that and refrains from doing it, or the neat pet who doesnt eat scraps from the floor, you need to start with baby steps by teaching basic commands and skills.

    Teach your pet to first obey simple no, sit,come, and go commands before teaching the advanced trick commands like catch and fetch. Also, have him learn not to pick scraps from the floor with a no or leave it before teaching him not to scatter the meal all over and retrieving it once the bowl is empty.

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    How To Show Your Pup How To Love Their Crate:

  • Never force your pup into their crate! Take your time with crate introduction and allow them to explore under their own will.
  • Serve your pup at least one meal a day inside their crate. Use a Kong with their meal stuffed inside and mixed with a small spoonful of unsweetened Greek yogurt or peanut butter to entice them to stay and work on the Kong inside the crate.
  • Offer treats when they willingly go inside to rest or explore their crate.
  • Use a verbal cue when you want your pup to go into the crate. I like to use a simple command like, crate or bed and to point where I want my pup to go.
  • Praise them gently when they go inside their crate and dont just slam the door shut immediately on them.
  • You can learn all the benefits of teaching your dog to use their crate in this easy post on crate training your German Shepherd successfully. Check it out to get the complete facts, tips, and step-by-step instructions to perfect crate training today.

    Be sure to buy the best crate for a German Shepherd puppy theyll love by using this proven guide. Its better to get a crate that comes recommended rather than just pick any old one and hope for the best.

    How Can You Improve Your German Shepherd Training Skills

    If you are someone who wants to train his dog on his own, then you should try to take as much help as you can.

    This is more important if you are a first time dog owner!

    GSDs are unique dogs, so you need to have all the help that you can.

    There are many training books out there that can help you become a better German shepherd trainer.

    In this current day and age where technology dominates our lives, it is very important to check out the videos available on the internet.

    You can find hundreds and thousands of videos on the internet regarding the topic of GSD training and dog training in general.

    It is also important to take advice from professional trainers that you may know.

    It is important to start learning these training methods before you own your first GSD. Trying to learn the basics of training your German shepherd dog while you just bought it is going to create a lot of problems for you.

    German Shepherd Dogs have a unique nature, which is why it is crucial to have specific knowledge about their training methods.

    If any of your friends or family members own a German shepherd, then it is crucial for you to keep in contact with them. These people can teach you a lot of about training your GSD.

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    Commit To Basic Commands

    Even if you dont intend to do upper-level training, join obedience competitions, or participate in Schutzhund, you should commit to mastering at least the basic commands of sit, down, stay, and come.

    German Shepherds belong to the first tier of working dogs in the Dog Intelligence Ranking. Dogs in this group can obey commands at least 95% of the time.

    This is the standard you should strive for when it comes to these basic obedience commands as these will help you handle your dog in many real-life situations.

    When Should The Training Process Begin

    How to Understand and Train your Crazy German Shepherd Dogs 101!

    The training process should start as soon as your puppy comes home. This is because the first 16 weeks are the critical socialization period of their life, where they are less fearful and more open to new things.

    If you leave their socialization or training too late, it drastically increases their chances of developing behavioral problems in adulthood.

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    German Shepherds Are Active

    German Shepherds have high energy levels. They can spend their whole days outdoor. If you love jogging, hiking and hunting, German Shepherds are one of the best companions you can have. If you have children at home, they can play with German Shepherds as long as they can because these dogs don’t get tired easily.

    Stuff You Should Know About Sleep Training Your German Shepherd

    • Your puppy will wake up several times in the night and will need the toilet at least once! Be prepared for not-so-deep sleeps and tired mornings just for the first few weeks.
    • Having them sleep next to you is only temporary.
    • Consistency is key! The more you stick to the routine, the better theyll get at holding it in. As for you, full nights of sleep will start getting closer and closer.

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    Tip : Act Neutral Until Theyve Done Their Business

    Verbal encouragement can be distracting for your pup and could even make them feel nervous or excited. When you take your dog out to potty, try to keep yourself relaxed and only talk when giving the potty command.

    If possible, take them to their potty right spot, give them the command and then act neutral until theyre done. This will also make your post-potty reward extra special.

    German Shepherds Are Highly Adaptable

    How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

    Part of the reasons why German Shepherds are popular is because they are adaptable to any kind of lifestyle and living situation. Homes with a large yard is ideal for German Shepherds, but they can easily adapt to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise. If you are planning to get a German Shepherd, you dont have to adjust your current lifestyle, it can easily adjust itself and suit your lifestyle.

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    List Of German Shepherd Training Commands

    Clicker training can be used to teach your German Shepherd a vast variety of commands. In fact, the options are almost limitless! However, its generally best to begin with the basics.

    Here are some of the basic commands you can teach your German Shepherd along with some steps you can take to train them using clicker training:

    How To Discipline A German Shepherd Puppy The Right Way

    At 8 to 12-weeks old your puppy is just a baby that isnt mature enough to know they are misbehaving.

    You might think your German Shepherd puppy behavior at 8 to 12 weeks is on purpose or because theyre being bad. But in reality, a 12 week old German Shepherd still doesnt have the maturity to fully understand their bad behavior.

    While you can redirect their attention to wanted behaviors or away from their undesired actions, its best to not harshly discipline a pup while theyre this young.

    They may become frightened of you or fear your presence, depending on how severe your discipline is. Anxiety may even develop with too much punishment or useless corrections.

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    Call Your Puppys Attention

    Youll need your German Shepherd puppys attention to have him learn the sessions command. To do so, direct your dog to a quiet place with no distractions. Squat in front of your pet so that you can both look at each other in the eyes. This is very important.

    Then, conceal a couple of treats in your folded palm and make your furry friend smell them. You can also show them, but dont let him have them yet. Some great alternatives to store-bought treats that you can use are small pieces of meat or tiny pieces of vegetables.

    Once your puppy has understood that there are some goodies on the way and you have his attention, its time to proceed to real training.

    How Do You Stop A German Shepherd Puppy From Biting

    How to Housebreak and Potty Train your German Shepherd Puppy


  • Choose a tug toy appropriate for your puppys age.
  • Make the toy as interesting as possible by moving it around with quick movements.
  • Let your pup grab one end of the toy and pull.
  • Allow your pup to pull for a few seconds and then reveal a treat.
  • As soon as your pup drops her end of the toy click and reward.
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    Determine The Best Reward

    All dogs have a reward that they respond best to. Most German Shepherds are food-motivated, so youll find that treats are effective for reinforcing good behavior.

    Others, however, prefer to play as a reward. For such GSDs, you might try tossing them a toy or playing a short game of tug whenever they get things right. Other dogs are happy enough with kind praises and an ear scratch.

    Are German Shepherd Puppies Easy To Potty Train

    It might take a little bit longer, but it is still possible. However, if you have any questions or concerns, consult a professional breeder for good advice on the matter.If you would like to know more about training techniques using positive reinforcement click here! Here are some quick tips to get started: 1) If your GSD doesnt respond well to No, then just say `too bad`. You will have much more success with commands that sound similar to good. For example instead of saying No a lot you could say Yes! 2) Get a long lead and put your dog on a leash next to you 3) Get an indoor potty potty 4) Give your.

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    German Shepherds Are Obedient And Easy To Train

    German Shepherds have high intelligence, thus they can be trained for various purposes. German Shepherds are obedient, making them easier to train compared to other dog breeds. Not only do German Shepherd perform well in task training, obedience training wouldn’t be any problem for them as well. They will listen and obey to your commands.

    Decide On A Potty Area

    Beautiful 8 week old sable DDR working lines german ...

    Choose an area thats not only easily accessible from your home but also easy to keep clean. Ideally, choose a relatively quiet place. Its ideal for your dog not to have any distractions so they can quickly do what theyve been brought there to do.

    German Shepherds, like many other dog breeds, are creatures of habit. Having a designated potty area and using it consistently is key to making this process work smoothly.

    When dogs eliminate, their urine and feces leave behind a unique scent. Even after picking up and cleaning up after them, theyre still able to pick up that scent. Smelling it will signal to their brains that it is, indeed, time to go potty.

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    How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy To Stay

    • Place a treat in his bed, crate, or the area you want him to stay.
    • While hes eating, tell him to sit. Reward obedience with praise or another treat.
    • Take one step back and give the command Stay. If he listens, reward him. If he moves, patiently bring him back and try again.
    • Each time you tell him to stay, take another step back. Your goal should be to take 10 steps backward without him moving towards you.

    Repeat these steps until your puppy understands whats required of him. A great way to introduce this is to place his bed in the living room and have him stay there while you watch TV.

    How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy To Come

    • Start in a fenced-in yard or, if thats not available, another room in your house.
    • Hold your arms straight out to the sides, so youre shaped like a T. As you move your arms into position, say the command Come.
    • When your puppy obeys, reward him with a treat and a pat on the head.

    Its good to incorporate the arm gesture with this command, in case your dog is far away from you. Even if hes down the street and cant hear your command, hell be able to see it from a distance.

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    Tip : Dont Fuss About Accidents

    Accidents can happen even when youve made progress in your training. Once the accident is there, its already too late to correct.

    Disciplining your puppy for a potty accident is likely to do more harm. It will lead to negative potty behavior like being afraid to eliminate in your presence as well as feeling anxiety over having to pee or poop.

    So, dont make a big deal out of it. Just clean it up and hope you can both do better next time. If your dog is having accidents too regularly, you likely need to take your dog out more frequently to prevent it.

    Introducing A New Dog To Your Household

    How to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy!

    Whether you choose to get a puppy from a responsible breeder or adopt a German Shepherd dog from a rescue group, the first two weeks for you and your new dog are a critical period of adjustment.

    If your dog had a previous owner, this time could be particularly stressful for him or her. Here are some tips for a smoother transition for new dog owners.

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    Socializing Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Part of training your German Shepherd is making sure they are properly socialized. Socialization involves getting your dog used to all sorts of real-world scenarios so they can grow up fearless and full of confidence.

    Fear-based aggression is a serious problem among GSDs. In such cases, unfamiliar or scary situations trigger aggressive behaviors.

    The goal of socialization is to make your dog comfortable in all sorts of environments. So, as early as possible, give your puppy plenty of opportunities to interact with different people and animals.

    Show them many different places and make sure they get used to all sorts of sights, sounds, and smells.

    Socialization also involves being open to handling. For example, you should be able to fuss over their paws and ears without drama. They should also get used to being handled by other people.

    This is useful when you need to have them groomed, walked, or boarded. Having a properly socialized dog will also allow you to train them in real-world settings.

    How Do You Potty Train A German Shepherd Without A Crate

    In the no crate method, you allow your German Shepherd to have either limited access to the spaces in your home or free-range throughout the house.

    If your German Shepherd pup can roam freely through your residence, it should follow that you will need to supervise him constantly.

    Once your puppy becomes acclimated to your home, you will begin to notice even subtle signs he may need to relieve his bladder.

    As you teach your pup a predictable routine, he will eventually start to go to the door to signal his need to go to the bathroom.

    Puppies can also learn to use a dog door at a very early age. However, you want to be present when your puppy eliminates outdoors for a few reasons.

    • Reinforce your pups designated area.
    • Make sure your puppy is taking care of business and not just playing around.
    • Praise your puppy to encourage desired behaviors.

    Although you may not be using a crate, you can still confine your puppy to smaller areas with a baby gate or playpen. Enclosed spaces work well when you cannot watch your puppy during a certain time frame.

    You can incorporate puppy pads at one end and resting area and water at the other.

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