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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Ct

Isnt In For The Money

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For a good breeder or a seller, sales are irrelevant. The primary goal for the breeder should be that the puppy is placed in a good home and is happy with its new family. Reputed German Shepherd Breeders in Connecticut will not breed more puppies to gain more profit. Making a hasty sale is not a characteristic of a good breeder.

German Shepherd Puppies In Connecticut: Top 11 Breeders

June 8, 2022 by Andy Lam

Heres what you need to know if youre searching for breeders with German Shepherd puppies in Connecticut for sale. Since the German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in America, there is a huge demand for German Shepherd Puppies for sale in Connecticut.

To meet this demand, you might find German Shepherd breeders almost everywhere. But one rule holds when finding a reliable breeder: Dont blindly trust every German Shepherd breeder in Connecticut because there are good breeders, and there are bad breeders. Only an ethical breeder will be willing to give you a German Shepherd puppys three-generation pedigree.

Also, ethical breeders are highly valued, as much as their dogs. They may even have long wait times for the best German Shepherd puppies for sale in Connecticut. The following list is based on our research of the best German Shepherd breeders in Connecticut. Please visit their facilities so you can find a healthy and happy German Shepherd puppy to welcome into your home.

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German Shepherd Breeders In Connecticut

Are you living in Connecticut and want to buy a German Shepherd puppy? Or maybe you are searching for German Shepherd breeders but dont want to go too far from Connecticut?

If you find yourself living in or near Connecticut and you want a German Shepherd, youre in luck! I researched myself to help you find a German Shepherd breeder near you, so you can visit without going too far.

If you still cant find your breeder or puppy of choice, I also included a list of online breeders you can visit!

Best of luck finding your German Shepherd!


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Ask The Connecticut Breeder If Your German Shepherd Puppy Has Any Health Problems

A lot of puppies are born with some health problems, but the severity of these problems can vary. It is important to ask the breeder about any health problems the puppy you are interested in may have.

A responsible breeder will be up-front about any health issues their puppies may have and they will also provide you with information about how to care for the puppy. They should also be willing to help you find a good veterinarian who can treat your pups condition.

If the breeder you are talking to does not want to talk about their puppies health or is trying to hide any health problems, this is a sign that you might want to find another breeder.

Information About German Shepherds In Connecticut

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

The German Shepherd breed is the most popular and sought-after in the world. It ranks No.4 in the 2021 list of AKCs most popular dog breeds. These dogs are prized for their handsome appearance, uncanny intelligence, and versatility.

From guard dogs and watchdogs to K9 companions to sniffer dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, and household companions, there isnt anything the German Shepherds cannot do. Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz is considered the father of the German Shepherd dog breed.

His efforts on German sheepdogs led to the creation of this wonderful dog breed. Physically, the German Shepherd is a large dog weighing between 66 and 88 pounds or 30 and 40 kilograms. They measure about 25 inches at withers. They are known for a medium coat that needs plenty of brushing.

It is important to train your German Shepherd right from its puppyhood. This breed needs plenty of firm handling, training, desensitization, and socialization. You will only get a well-rounded pet that does not jump on visitors or bark its head off when the doorbell rings.

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Puppyspots German Shepherds For Connecticut

Dedicated to its human companion since the dawn of time and one of the worlds first domesticated animals, the German Shepherd dog is loyal, protective, and always happy to see its human. Although canines make excellent cuddly companions, research demonstrates that they also provide significant health advantages to their owners.

For starters, dogs can be there for you even when other people cannot. They provide unconditional love, emotional support, and regular cuddling, all of which prevent social isolation in their owners. Your four-legged buddy can give comfort and help to alleviate your anxieties.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that dogs, particularly therapy dogs, can help people cope with stress and anxiety. Blood pressure and pulse rate are lowered simply by caressing a familiar dog, as does breathing, which also helps to reduce muscle tension.

Given all of this, you might be wondering where you can go to buy a German Shepherd puppy right now. Enter PuppySpot. PuppySpot is the place to go when looking for your first furry companion. With over 200,000 puppies sold and placed in new, loving homes and more than 10,000 verified 5-star ratings, PuppySpot is the place to go.

How Much Do Your German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Connecticut Cost

Some German shepherd puppies for sale in CT may be more expensive than others because of differences in gender, quality of breeder, coat color, among others. For example, white German Shepherd puppies CT or black German Shepherd puppies for sale in CT might be pricier because of their rarity. But dont worryUptown Puppies makes it easy to find the perfect Connecticut German Shepherd for your lifestyle.

Does your network provide German Shepherd puppies from out of state?

We work with breeders and companies from across the continental US, and they all have previous experience of flying dogs reliably to any major airport in the country. But with our network, you could even find some of our partner CT German Shepherd breeders living right in your neighborhood! Whether near or far, Uptown Puppies has options for you.

How do you screen breeders for German Shepherd puppies near me?

We connect with breeders who have proven that they adhere to the highest standards in animal welfare. Every business that wants to join our network has to undergo a rigorous application processso rigorous less than 10% passjust so we can ensure we match our clients with only the healthiest and happiest pups. Check out our Breeder Pledge page for the full details.

Why is Uptown Puppies different from other places?

What is a puppy mill?

Are there any purebred German Shepherd puppies for sale near me?

What is the MatchMaker process?

How do I know I can trust you?

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Von Der Nordsee German Shepherds

Address: 69 Kimball Rd, Amesbury, MA 01913, United States

Contact No:+1 978-270-9200

Address: 47 Beckwith Rd, Killingworth, CT 06419, United States

Contact No:+1 860-663-1732

Address: 345 Sharon Turnpike, Goshen, CT 06756, United States

Contact No:+1 860-491-2202

Address: 26 White Oak Trail, Old Lyme, CT 06371, United States

Contact No:+1 860-287-6507

Ask Your Connecticut German Shepherd Breeder If You Can Meet Past Customers

Ranchi Dog. long coat German Shepherd .. and puppy details long coat Rocky

If the breeder you are talking to does not have any references, ask if you can meet some of their past customers. This will give you a good idea of what the puppies are like and if the breeder is reputable.

Most responsible breeders will be more than happy to let you meet some of their past customers. They should also be able to provide you with contact information for these people.

When meeting past customers, be sure to ask them lots of questions about their experience with the breeder. Were the puppies healthy? Was the breeder responsive to any questions or concerns? Did the breeder provide additional training or support after the sale?

If you get a positive response from all of the people you talk to, it is a good indication that you have found a responsible breeder.

Keep in mind, however, not everyone will have only positive things to say about their breeder. Also, some former customers may be reluctant to provide you with too much information. This is okay and it may just be because they dont want to badmouth the breeder or they may not want to get involved in a dispute.

If the breeder you are talking to does not have any references and will not let you meet any past customers, that is a red flag.

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Origin Of German Shepherds

We think of scary and aggressive police dogs when we hear of German shepherds. They are certainly more than that German shepherds are loyal and have excellent work ethic.

German shepherds originated in Germany in the year 1899. They are considered working dogs because of their intelligence. German shepherds have assisted in the police investigation, military services, and guarding estates for ages. German shepherds can be family dogs with proper training.

German shepherds served in the Red Cross during World War II. They acted as messengers and participated in investigations.

Breeders Of Working Lines German Shepherds

The most striking feature of the correctly bred German Shepherd are firmness of nerves, attentiveness, unshockability, tractability, watchfulness, reliability and incorruptibility together with courage, fighting tenacity, and hardnessThe breeding of shepherd dogs is the breeding of working dogs and this must always be the aim, or we shall cease to produce shepherd dogs.Utility is the True Criterion of BeautyThe coloring of the dog has no significance whatever for service our shepherd dog accordingly is not bred for color. Coloring therefore is only a fad of the amateur and as such is often liable to changes of whim.The impulse for work is born in our dogTake this trouble for me: Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim.

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Similar Dog Breeds For German Shepherd Dog


Asia Pacific

Browse thru German Shepherd Dog Puppies for Sale in Connecticut, USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. If you are unable to find your German Shepherd Dog puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption. Also, be sure to check the German Shepherd Dog Dog Breeder listings in our Dog Breeder Directory, which feature upcoming dog litter announcements and current puppies for sale for that dog breeder. And don’t forget the PuppySpin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for German Shepherd Dog Puppies for Sale in Connecticut, USA area and German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption in Connecticut, USA area. – also known as: German Shepherd, Alsatian, Alsatian Wolf Dog, Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund

How To Find A Responsible German Shepherd Breeder In Connecticut

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

If you are looking for a responsible German Shepherd breeder in Connecticut, there are several things you can do to find one.

  • You can contact your local German Shepherd Dog Club or the American Kennel Club for a list of accredited breeders in your area.
  • You can also search online for breeders in Connecticut. When researching breeders, be sure to ask lots of questions about the puppies health, temperament, and training.
  • You can also visit local pet stores and ask employees if they know of any reputable breeders in the area.

It is important to find a responsible breeder who is willing to answer all of your questions and who has healthy, well-socialized puppies. Buying a puppy from a breeder who is not reputable can lead to health problems and other issues down the line.

When purchasing a puppy, it is important to choose a breeder who has had lots of experience with raising German Shepherds.

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Legate Hill German Shepherds

If youre looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale, Legate Hill German Shepherds is a good place to start your search. Based in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, all their German Shepherd puppies are raised with families and friends who often visit the house. This means they are socialized with kids and adults.

Legate Hill Breeders are members of GSDCA, GSDCC, GSDC of Central Massachusettes, New Town Kennel Club, and AKC Judge for German Shepherd and Junion handling. All their breeding stock is OFA certified and cleared for degenerative myelopathy. Their puppies are show quality or pet dog quality.

Does Your Connecticut German Shepherd Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use

Not only will a good breeder be able to provide you with references for their business, but they should also have no problem giving you the name of their veterinarian. This is extremely important if you are looking to purchase a puppy because it will help ensure that your pup is healthy.

Reputable breeders will work closely with their vet and know them very well. They will be able to give you information about your pups health history and any genetic issues that may affect him.

Responsible breeders are also concerned about raising healthy puppies, not just being able to sell puppies quickly so they will take the pups back at any time if they become sick or develop health problems. If this happens, you want to make sure the breeder you are working with will be able to help you get the pup the medical care he needs.

If your breeder cannot or will not give you the name of their vet, this should be a red flag.

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Caring For Your Adopted Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherds were bred to herd livestock all day, so naturally they have a lot of energy. Built for constant action, your puppy will need to be walked several times a day if you have an area to do so, it is best to let her run around, unleashed. Taking her to the dog park or a dog beach would be ideal, as they get both socialization and exercise in one helping. Exercising your puppy properly will ensure that he or she does not chew, dig, or bark, activities that tend to turn off most dog owners.

German Shepherd dogs like to chew. However, if they pick the wrong thing to chew on, they can damage their teeth, consume something that makes them sick, or even choke. Protect your puppys health and save your belongings by buying chew toys specifically designed for their breed.

Though the German Shepherd is generally a healthy dog, they are prone to certain health conditions, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, gastric dilatation-volvulus , degenerative myelopathy, and allergies. To ensure the best health for your puppy, feed them the recommended amount of food a day, make sure they are getting all of the recommended nutrients, and exercise them properly.

It is never okay to feed your dog one large bowl a day rather, it is recommended to feed your shepherd 3-4 four cups a day, divided into two meals. Obviously, how much and what you feed them all depends on your dogs size, age, build, metabolism, and energy level.

What Is The Average Price Of A German Shepherd Puppy In Connecticut

German Shepherd puppy greeting owner

Like other puppies you get from a breeder, German Shepherd pups are also quite pricey. In general, an average German Shepherd puppy would cost about $500-$1500, and it should also be the price range of breeders in Connecticut. The price can go lower or higher depending on the offer of the breeder.

German Shepherds are quite expensive due to many reasons. For instance, these dogs arent easy to breed, and they need extensive training. Further, they also have unique features that set them apart from the rest. Aside from the actual price of the puppy, you may also need to spend more on their food and the items theyll need.

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Visit Your Connecticut German Shepherd Breeder In Person

With almost all breeders, you will need to fill out applications, come visit them or make arrangements via phone calls to see the puppies. Most breeders want the puppies to go to their new home after 8 weeks of age. This is also a great time to have the pups vaccinated, wormed, and checked by a vet. All good breeders will insist on this.

Visiting the puppies to see how they interact with their mom and littermates is also a great way to see if they are well-socialized. Its important that the pups have been raised in a family environment and not just in a kennel.

Reputable breeders will have no problem allowing you to come to see the puppies and their living conditions. They should also be more than willing to share with you any health clearances and show you the parents of the breed.

When visiting a breeder, always be on the lookout for unhealthy puppies. Signs of poor health in a pup can include: being underweight or overweight, runny nose, watery eyes, dull coat, and/or diarrhea. If you see any of these signs, it is best to walk away and find another breeder.

How To Prepare Your Home For Your German Shepherd Puppy In Connecticut

Before you bring your new puppy home, it is important to make sure that you have everything you need. There are some things in your home that will be off-limits for the first few weeks with your pup and there are also some supplies that will be helpful.

Once your new pup has gone through his shots and is at least eight weeks old , he can become a part of the family. If you find the perfect breeder who provides references and helps ensure their puppies go to good homes, then there is no reason why they cannot stay in your home.

However, before you get your pup, you will need to get your house ready. The following are some things that you should do:

  • Put away all of your shoes and other small objects that the puppy could choke on
  • Make sure that all electrical cords are out of the way or covered up
  • Create a safe space for the pup to sleep and play, like a fenced-in yard or a room with baby gates
  • Have plenty of food, water, and toys available for the puppy
  • If you have other pets in your home, make sure they are introduced slowly and carefully

When bringing home your new German Shepherd Puppy there is one cardinal rule: You are the alpha dog. This means that you need to be in control and set rules for your pup. If you do not establish yourself as the pack leader, he will become dominant.

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