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How Much Are Purebred German Shepherd Puppies

New German Shepherd Puppy Checklist And Things To Buy

Blue Collar – Purebred German Shepherd Puppy for Sale

It is important that your new puppy feels welcomed into their new home. It is also important to know what to put in a puppys crate at night. Some items are ok to be left with your puppy, and other items are more dangerous or will be destroyed.

This checklist will help you to know what to buy when getting a puppy.

Scientifically Formulated German Shepherd Puppy Food

Hills Science Diet Large Breed Puppy- Terrific for Coat and Skin Health!

Rich aroma with DHA fish oil to entice puppies to finish every last bite while giving shine to their coats.

Feed a high-quality kibble from a name-brand company.

Dont buy boutique formulas, as these companies dont always quality check or feed test their formulas, and many have been found linked to causing deadly heart conditions in dogs .

The brands recommend here meet the World Small Animal Veterinary Association criteria and have no reported cases of DCM. Purina and Hills all have boarded Diplomates of ACVN on staff and Ph.D. Animal Scientists and Nutritionists work to ensure quality control and exceed nutritional standards. .

Most GSDs are healthy and fit on commercial dog foods that are high quality. Theyll eat eagerly and have a shiny coat and bright eyes with a scientifically based commercial diet that meets their needs.

Is A German Shepherd A Good Family Dog

When choosing a German Shepherd as your potential companion, you may wonder if they will prove to be quality family dogs or not? Well, factually speaking, when properly taught, all dogs make excellent family pets.

In general, German Shepherds or GSD make wonderful family pets, but its vital to keep in mind that temperament, breeding line, sex, and how breeders treat them all play a role in whether theyll be good for you and your family.

You must understand that dogs have several wants that must be met in order for them to be happy, and if you do not tend to meet those demands, you may anticipate your dog to become mischievous.

As stated previously, the German Shepherd is an excellent family dog. Because of their placid attitude and caring temperament, they are regarded as wonderful home dogs. The following are the most common reasons to choose a GSD as your family dog:

Overall, this canine breed will make a wonderful addition to your family because they are loyal, clever, and outgoing. If properly trained, most people will not perceive them as the frightening dog that they are often accustomed to.

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Dont Forget To Check On The Experience:

You want to make sure youre dealing with a professional breeder. Without hesitation, they should be able to tell you all you need to know about their breeding history.

They may even show you their certificate, as well as a list of other dog owners who have purchased German Shepherds from the breeder and are willing to testify.

The Cost Of Feeding A German Shepherd

How Much Do Purebred German Shepherd Puppies Cost

The German Shepherd is a big dog with a hearty appetite, so you should definitely take note of food expenses when factoring out the full German Shepherd price.

Weighing anywhere from 50-90 pounds depending on gender, size and activity level, the German Shepherd typically eats 3 1/2 to 5 cups of food a day.

For high quality dog food, you can expect to pay about $2-$3 per pound. Say you get a 30-pound bag for $55, which is approximately 120 cups of dog food. If an adult German Shepherd eats 4 cups per day, that means the 30-pound bag would provide 30 days of food.

So thats about a month of food for $55, or $660 a year.

When youre looking at the German Shepherd price for food, dont forget about treats! A bag generally costs $5-$10 and will last about a month.

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Ask If You Can See The Puppies And Choose One Right Away

This is a crucial question to consider. If the breeder replies no, you should not buy from them. A reputable and professional breeder should have nothing to hide and should have all the necessary facilities and circumstances to properly care for their pets.

Just because the breeder says yes doesnt mean you can trust them not to be a backyard breeder. You should still go out and assess the situation and its methods before making a final decision.

However, dire circumstances may arise when visiting the breeder isnt feasible, especially because they typically reside in rural locations in order to have enough space for their puppies. In that case, focus on acquiring all the other details regarding your potential pup.

What Is The Price Of A Blue German Shepherd

GSDs come in a variety of colors. Blue German Shepherds are a sub-breed of GSDs. Their hair is blue/black, and their eyes are in blue hues. A blue german shepherd dog can cost anywhere from $1300 to over $1700.

Blue German Shepherds are more unusual than the normal GSD, yet there are several breeders in the United States providing these sub-generic forms. As a result, the expense of picking up the dog adds to the total cost.

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Lifetime Expenses Of Owning A German Shepherd

The life expectancy of a German Shepherd is 9 to 13 years. Within this period, you will need to provide everything they need to live out their carefree lives.

From the data I discussed in the former section, we can compute the lifetime expenses of having a German Shepherd puppy companion.

The estimated expenses for the first year cost around $2,795 to $5,495, including the puppy.

Assuming that the average monthly cost for your dog is $160 for the succeeding years, we can estimate that the lifetime cost of tending a GSD is around $18,155 to $25,835.

However, this amount doesnt include miscellaneous expenses that may arise. Emergencies can happen anytime and you need to financially prepare for these situations.

Expensive Puppies Vs Low Price Puppies

Light Blue Collar – Purebred German Shepherd Puppy for Sale

Puppies and dogs are a hot commodity throughout the world, and anything that is in high demand is going to attract opportunists looking to make big bucks.

Today, puppies make up a huge chunk of what has become a billion-dollar pet industry. Unfortunately, not everyone who sells puppies is as meticulous or responsible as those breeders we talked about above.

The attempt by many to make fast money while cutting costs can lead to unethical breeding practices and unhealthy puppies.

You can avoid supporting puppy mills by making sure you arent buying your puppy from pet stores or backyard breeders.

You should also stay away from online sellers promising purebred puppies for surprisingly low prices who cannot offer paperwork and proof of health testing.

Not everyone who sells a puppy for a low cost is a puppy-mill contributor. But they may not understand how responsible breeding works.

So you could still wind up with an unhealthy puppy that costs much more in the long run.

So, what do you do if you want to get a healthy, purebred puppy but you cant afford the German Shepherd price from a top breeder?

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How Much Do German Shepherd Puppies Cost

The cost of a German Shepherd tends to rise the younger the puppy is. This is because the younger the pup is, the more chances that the future owner has to mold the dog according to its preferences.

Around 80% of puppies no older than six months can be found at the price range weve listed, which is between $450 and $1900. However, puppies as young as six to eight weeks tend to be on the higher end of the scale.

How Much Does Owning A German Shepherd Cost Annually

Purchasing your pup is only the beginning of all. You are also advised to do your own research on how much does it cost to own and care for your beloved German Shepherd in the years to come.

The cost of dog-keeping varies considerably depending on your German Shepherd , the quality of supplies and equipment, and even where you live. The following numbers should give you an idea of what to expect:

For a german shepherd puppy in her first year:

  • Veterinary care, including general care and laboratory tests: $100 to $200
  • Immunizations: $100 to $200
  • Miscellaneous expenses: $500 to $1000

Total: $1300 to $2550 per year onwards.

These figures are estimates only and they do not include expenses related to illnesses, injuries, showing, competition, breeding, boarding or travel. Senior dogs usually require more health care than adults or puppies.

From these figures, the care for a healthy German Shepherd living up to the age of 12 years could easily cost $15,400 to $30,400 or more.

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How Much Exercise Do German Shepherds Need

German Shepherd puppies and adolescents should have moderate exercise only multiple walks, fetch games, or playing with another dog.

But the growing bones and ligaments in a young dog can be irreparably damaged by too much exercise or the wrong kind of exercise. At this age, there should be no forced running . Restrict jumping as much as possible.

Once the dog is mature, the amount of exercise needed will vary according to the dog’s energy level. But all German Shepherds, to maintain fitness, need brisk walking every day and all-out running in a safe, enclosed area as often as possible.

Dogs from working lines typically want a lot more exercise.

Mental exercise is even more important for German Shepherds. Mental exercise means the dog gets to participate in interesting activities that keep his intelligent mind stimulated.

This might be a dog sport such as agility, rally obedience, musical freestyle, tracking, flyball, herding, or schutzhund. It might be interactive dog toys, or a homemade obstacle course, or learning tricks, or playing games such as Hide ‘n Seek.

Some of these activities are included in my training book, Teach Your Dog 100 English Words.

Handsome black German Shepherd, attentively awaiting your next words.

What Is The Cost Of A German Shepherd Puppy

How Much is a German Shepherd Without Papers worth?

German Shepherd dogs are incredibly popular, which can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is easy to find reputable breeders who sell these puppies.

On the other hand, some German Shepherd puppies can cost a pretty penny. But not all of them will be pricey.

In fact, on the lower end of the scale, you may be able to find a German Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder for between $300 and $900.

However, some German Shepherd breeders will charge much more, with their show quality puppies going anywhere from $6,000 to even $7,000!

However, rescuing a German Shepherd can cost much less. On average, rescuing a dog is usually around $50 to $300, with some German Shepherd specific rescues charging around $400 for their German Shepherd rescues.

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Are There Different Types Of German Shepherds

Officially there’s only the one breed. But I explained in the Temperament section that there are different lines of German Shepherds with different temperaments. Those lines can also LOOK very different from each other.

Show lines

Those of us who admired the strong, noble look of German Shepherds from decades ago are saddened at what has been done to the appearance of modern show dogs.

If you go to a German Shepherd specialty show in the United States or Canada, you’ll see tall narrow bodies, long narrow heads, and such excessive curvature of the rear legs that the dog’s back slopes downward from shoulders to tail. You could roll a ball down that back.

In my opinion, these are misshapen caricatures of a German Shepherd. To make matters worse, show lines produce more than their share of spooky and low-intelligence dogs, which is what happens when you over-focus on appearance rather than temperament and trainability.

In contrast, the West German show line has a more normal shape. Best of all, German Shepherds in West Germany cannot win show ring ribbons or be bred without passing a temperament/trainability test.

There are many West German bloodlines in the United States. So if you’re interested, you can look for show breeders who emphasize West German lines instead of American/Canadian.

Just be aware that these dogs aren’t couch potatoes: they do have plenty of energy and some working drives that will need to be exercised.

Working/protection lines

Pet lines?

Imported Puppies For Sale Directly From Germany

Date: March 9, 2021

Absolute top show work prospect, custom imported directly from Germany from top breeder vom Rumbachtal.Yonathan vom Rumbachtal, male German shepherd import, DOB 10.24.2020Sire: Don di Casa Caputi x Dame: Tarah vom AthabaBeautiful show quality German Shepherd Male imported from Germany. This German Shepherd Male has the most amazing masculine bone structure and outstanding temperament, beautiful dark mahogany red and black face. He comes crate trained and basic obedience commands started. He is from West German VA blood lines A direct descendent of German world winners. This type of quality German Shepherd puppy has never been available in the United States. Price $15,000 firm.

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Akc Certified German Shepherd Puppies

Below are our currently available German Shepherd puppies. Most litters we have are sable or bicolor puppies, but from time to time we also offer all black as well as black and tan puppies. Joining our personalized litter updates list is highly recommended because it will give you the best puppy searching experience possible. You’ll receive alerts when a new litter is born if the litter has puppies matching the preferences you select. You’re also able to select the time-frame for when you prefer to receive updates. This way, no spam, just puppies!

As of Spring 2018, Hayes Haus now offers German Shepherd puppies for sale in Michigan


Axle went for a check up with the vet today, very healthy. Here is Axle, he is amazing… he is similar to “Lassie” with my son Ben… They are inseparable!

Factors Affecting The Price Of Puppies And Why Prices Vary For The Same Breed

Yellow Collar – Purebred German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Purebred or mixed. Usually, mixed-breeds are sold at a lower price than purebred dogs.

Bloodline and breeders reputation. If the parents are purebred show quality dogs from a reputable breeder, the price will be substantially higher. These breeders also tend to invest more money than others to take care of their breeding dogs and puppies.

Registration papers/pedigree. Some breeders are members of kennel clubs, the most famous being the American Kennel Club . They can also have their breeding dogs and puppies registered which would also add to their fees.

Health screenings and medical expenses. Serious breeders will have their breeding dogs and/or puppies evaluated/tested for different medical conditions. Moreover, some will take their puppies to the vet for an exam, deworming, vaccines, and/or microchip implantation prior to selling them. This drives the price higher but also reduces the risk to get an unhealthy dog.

Training and socialization. Some breeders sell their dogs after they are trained and socialized. It will increase the puppys price but generate savings as you most probably wont have to invest in more training and also gives a better chance to get a well-behaved dog.

Age. As most people want to get their puppy as young as possible, prices tend to be lower when the dog gets older. For example, on average a 6-month-old pup is likely to be less expensive than an 8-week-old one.

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Get Ready To Become A Dog Parent With A Free Audiobook

It is primordial to be ready to raise a dog and develop an harmonious relationship between your furry friend and family members. I would not wait until I have the dog to start this process. See it as a parenting class.

The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with LoveZak George is a fantastic dog trainer and has the most popular training channel on YouTube. I have listened to this audiobook and could not recommend it enough. The great thing is you can listen to it at no cost with a 30-day Amazon Audible free trial. If you already have an account, make it your next pick.

You will learn everything you need to know to raise, train, and care for your dog: from choosing the right puppy, training techniques, picking supplies, finding a vet, selecting the right food, handling behavioral issues, and much more. You can listen and learn so much about raising a dog while going to work, running errands, exercising, etc. This audiobook can definitely make a difference.

If you want to know whether to train your dog yourself or hire a professional and learn about the cost of training classes and supplies, check our article written with a certified dog trainer.

German Shepherds are sensitive and sweet dogs. They can be a good family dog but can also form a strong bond with one person. They need a lot of exercise, mental stimulation and human interaction.

Alexa Diaz, Ph. D. Animal Behaviorist

Average German Shepherd Puppy Prices

There are several different average ranges for German Shepherd puppies, depending on which type of German Shepherd you are looking for.

Of course, this will all vary by location, where you live and how many German Shepherd breeders you have locally, and in your area.

That being said, Average prices for German Shepherd puppies usually range between $500 and $1500. This is what you can expect to pay if you just want a German Shepherd puppy for a family pet.

If you purchase a German Shepherd puppy from a breeder who produces show dogs, you can expect to pay on average between $1500 and $5000. The more well-known the German Shepherd parents are in the show community, the more you will end up paying.

For a service dog, or police K-9, German Shepherd puppy, you can expect to pay anywhere between $8,000 to $20,00.

To be fair, a lot of time this will include the training that is required to perform which ever job that you have in mind for the puppy.

These service dogs are also the exception rather than the norm. Breeders will often have direct relationships with different authorities regarding their sale.

So, if you are looking for a German Shepherd as a family pet, you shouldnt have to worry about paying this rather large sum unless you had the monies and wanted to of course.

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