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Best Training For German Shepherds

Your German Shepherd Puppy Month By Month

Best German Shepherd Puppy Training

2nd Edition: Everything You Need to Know at Each State to Ensure Your Cute and Playful Puppy by Liz Palika and Terry Albert

If you are not familiar with what to expect with your German Shepherd puppy, this easy-to-read book is the right book for you.

The format of the book makes it easy for you to focus on a specific month because it is labeled by a GSDs age in each corner.

It contains the German Shepherds stage of development month by month, what to expect from each month, and how to correct common unwanted behaviors. To easily adapt to your GSDs progress, you can easily refer back to this book as your GSD reaches each new stage.

You can be sure this book contains useful information because the authors teamed up with a vet and a dog breeder.

David Daigneaults life has changed because of Cody, his GSD. Because of that, he wrote The Complete Guide to German Shepherds hoping people will read it before buying a GSD.

This up-to-date book published last year 2019 is a comprehensive guide to selecting the right GSD, preparing his place, taking him home, caring for him, and so many more.

The author also included timely recommendations and some of his personal experiences in the book.

This book contains useful instructions in teaching not only basic but also advanced commands for German Shepherd Schutzhund training such as off and up, take it and out, and leave.

One thing is sure after you read this book- you wont be a dummy.

Obedience Training Your Gsd

The German Shepherd is one of the smartest breeds in town. And their inquisitive nature and adventurous gene make them a comparatively easy breed to train.GSDs can be given obedience training at around eight weeks.Obedience training your German Shepherd does not just teach them the dos and don’ts of living with other pets and humans but is also the best way to keep them active, engaged and excited. After all, a bored puppy is an unhappy puppy! Especially if it’s a GSD.

There are numerous ways to train your dog. From clicker training and positive-reinforcement training to professional dog training, the options are vast.But, to start your German Shepherd with the basics at home – Reward-based dog training is a great option.

Your Gsd Doesnt Communicate Like A Human

Secretly we all wish that our dogs could speak a human language!

We also know that they dont come with a pre-installed language program!

Although your Shepherd cant speak, they can communicate. And as I mentioned earlier, dogs are masters of body language!

If you want to learn more about how dogs communicate using their body language, check out Dog Decoder. Its available on iOS and Android for a small one-time fee.

With that being said, here are a couple of tips for using words and cues in your German Shepherd training plans

  • Short and sweet cues are more useful than longer phrases.
  • Be mindful of your tone and volume. Giving a cue in a different tone or volume can mean the difference between your dog responding or not.

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How To Teach Commands To Your German Shepherd

Teaching your German Shepherd their commands doesnt have to be stressful. Even if youre new to training theres plenty of help to get you through their basic commands, as well as begin more advanced training.

Heres how to teach your German Shepherd commands:

  • Have training lessons with your German Shepherd every day in several short segments. Three to five times a day for a few minutes at a time is ideal.
  • Dont have long practice sessions. Your dog will become bored, lose interest, and not learn as quickly as they will in shorter lessons.
  • Never practice when you or your German Shepherd are tired, ill, worried, or in an otherwise negative mood. Both you and your dog must be in the right frame of mind, ready to learn. If you force your dog or yourself to practice training when either one of you isnt up to it the performance will suffer.
  • End each session on a high note. Rather than having your dog fail at an exercise make sure to give her lots of praise and perform a cue you know she can do well.
  • Think fun, short, and above all keep the sessions POSITIVE to enjoy the training and help your German Shepherd enjoy it, too!
  • Understand Your German Shepherds Learning Curve

    German Shepherd Tactical Training

    German Shepherds are smart dogs. In fact, they are very smart and rightly considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet. This is for good reason, as its also the reason that they are used in so many different applications that draw on this intelliegence.

    From military use, to police use, to farm use, to use as service dogs, German Shepherds have served mankind for over 100 years. However, because GSDs are so intelligent, they can also be stubborn. Therefore, training them needs to be approached from an intelligent and loving, yet firm place.

    It is very important for you to understand just how intelligent your GSD is. Your GSD is capable of problem solving and is able to function independently. This means that you must allow your GSDs intelligence to work for him and not against him. You can make sure that you are doing this by keeping in mind that your puppy, just like you, has a learning curve.

    Give your GSD an opportunity to hit his own learning stride, and do not expect him to learn on your schedule. By understanding how your GSDs intelligence functions in this manner, you will be setting both you and your dog up for training success!

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    Make Them Work For It

    The next thing you need your dog to do is to realize that they need to do something if they want a treat. Start with something simple, like sitting or coming when called. As soon as they do it correctly, press the button then give them a treat.

    Eventually, theyll learn that you expect them to work for their treats. Theyll start to look to you for direction and wait for your command so they can get their reward.

    What Happens In Class

    Our training includes motivational positive training and instructors are encouraged to make their classes fun for both the handlers and the dogs. Classes break for play sessions for handlers/dogs throughout the hour they train and handlers are encouraged to build up a good rapport with their dogs.Lifestyle training is undertaken at most branches exercises include getting your dog in and out of a vehicle correctly, going through a gate correctly with handler, walking over different surfaces, how to behave when a person riding a bicycle passes, working with distractions, going on walks and meeting and greeting people and other breeds of dogs from the local communities, teaching dogs how to behave when someone knocks on the door and many other things that dogs will come into contact with during their daily routines.Instructors are encouraged to attend seminars, lectures and conferences on dog training or dog related topics to further their knowledge, thereby providing better instruction for their class members at their respective branches whilst retaining the principles of our training methods in our training manual. Most branches have purchased expandable tunnels which are set up in a square to a pattern and the dogs have great fun negotiating the course and going through the tunnels with their handlers having to keep up with them and directing them through the tunnels in the order they have been set up. Dogs and handlers do this with great gusto.

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    Training Your German Shepherd Dog

    Training Your German Shepherd Dog is part of a series of books about training different dogs. It is pretty straightforward, making it a good option for those who have never trained dogs before.

    It includes advice specifically about a wide variety of different training topics, including housetraining, verbal commands, and leash training. It also covers information on breaking a dogs bad habits as humanely and efficiently as possible.

    Much of the knowledge in this book isnt specific to the German Shepherd. However, many owners may still find this helpful if they dont have any background knowledge on dog training. Its a good beginner book that encourages positive leadership and consistent techniques.

    Step-by-step pictures and instructions are included with each command and training tip. This inclusion may be a bit overkill for some owners, but it can be constructive for those that have never trained a dog before.

    • Doesnt include much specific German Shepherd information despite the title

    What German Shepherd Training Can Look Like

    German Shepherd Dog Training and Mastering the Art of Attention in Only 1 Week

    Training your German Shepherd can be hugely rewarding! Here at Royvon, we love working with this energetic breed and seeing hard work pay off. They can be fun-loving, friendly family pets.

    Take a look at our YouTube video that shows you what a fully-trained German Shepherd can look like:

    Do you need help with training your German Shepherd? We know that this breed can be a handful but when theyre trained correctly theyre amazing pets! Royvon offers a variety of training options to help you and your dog. These range from 1-2-1 sessions to residential stays to get your furry friend on the right track. Please contact us to find out more about what we offer and to find the right one for you!

    Want to find out more about all different dog breeds? Check out this post about Jack Russell Terriers next! Or what about this one on Shiba Inus?

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    How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy The Ultimate Guide

    Fully Qualified COAPE Behaviourist and Registered Training Instructor with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council

    In this article:

    Welcome to the German Shepherd Club! Word has it youve picked up your new puppy and now youre looking for information on German Shepherd training? Well youve come to the right place, were going to teach all you need to know about how to train a German Shepherd Puppy

    German Shepherds are special because theyre such hard workers! Theyre even in the working dog group, says something doesnt it? It means theyre quick to learn and easy to train, theyll relish being in a partnership with someone and enjoy clear loving guidance. Theyre known for their loyalty and bravery but are also actually super sensitive awww.

    How Do I Socialise A German Shepherd Puppy And Why Is It Important

    All puppies have a socialisation window. This is a sensitive period where theyre the most eager to learn about the world and make connections that affect how they view things, often for the rest of their lives.

    Within this period of time, theres another one called the Fear Period. This is where puppies learn to interpret hazards for example, children, loud noises, or unfamiliar surfaces. In German Shepherds, the time they have to interpret these hazards is shorter than other breeds so you must socialise them early so you dont run into any trouble later. Studies say that German Shepherd puppies are more afraid of new objects and sounds than other breeds. Ironic isnt it, that theyre often in charge of saving us from danger.

    Here are easy ways to socialise your German Shepherd puppy:

    • Find out what your breeder is doing to socialise your puppy before they leave them good puppy socialisation programmes to send them are Puppy Cultureand Avidog.
    • Follow the exercises in this training article .
    • Dont be afraid to take your puppy out before they are vaccinated, but do it safely! German Shepherd puppies get quite big and hefty, so why not be like Yogi Bear here and invest in a carriage for your puppy to keep them safe? Save your arms from working extra hard.

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    What Products And Dog Training Equipment Should I Buy For A German Shepherd Dog

    German Shepherds are a large dog breed that needs to be trained well with gentle, positive reinforcement dog training to achieve the best dog training results. Regardless of the age of your German Shepherd, whether they are a puppy, adolescent, or senior GSD, all of the following will help a parent throughout the life of your German Shepherd Puppy.

    Week 8 Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

    German shepherds are among the most consistent pet types to make the ...

    Its the final week of our guide on how to train a german shepherd puppy two months already! Lets teach them some new tricks.

    • All about Joggers and Cyclists and no they shouldnt be chasing them
    • Generalising exercises and behaviours in different places
    • Searching and using their nose
    • Not to worry about nail trims
    Socialisation exercises to do this week Training to do this week Husbandry Tasks to do this week
    Joggers and Cyclists Nail trims

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    How Can You Judge The Author Of The Book

    When you are reading an instructional book, it is natural to ask yourself, who is this person, and why should I listen to their advice? This is a normal question to ask, but its not always easy to get an answer.

    Dog-related experience is often not as well-documented as other kinds of experience, so you will have to judge by the content alone.

    You want to make sure that your chosen book covers all the relevant subjects. If there is a lot of generalized statements without any specific info, that is a red flag.

    A good dog training book should cover as wide a variety of situations as possible, and that is how you can tell that the author has experience.

    You should also be on the lookout for statements that you know to be false.

    Common Health Problems In German Shepherds

    German Shepherds are great dogs for the right owners, but they are at risk of certain conditions and illnesses common with the breed. Making sure the parents of your puppy have had the relevant health screening can reduce the chances of your puppy being affected by some of these upsetting conditions.

    German Shepherds are in a group of breeds classed as Category Three by The Kennel Club, which is the highest category of the health concerns due to their conformation. This means that these types of dog have been bred over many years to look a certain way, but that these changes to the way they look have started to cause them health problems. For German Shepherds, this is mostly due to the shape of their back legs and hips.

    Some of the conditions German Shepherds may develop include:

    This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other conditions that German Shepherds have been shown to be prone to.

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    Differences Between Training A Puppy Versus An Older Gsd

    You can successfully train a German Shepherd no matter how old they are. However, youll need to adjust your expectations based on their age.

    Its generally easier to train puppies because youre starting from a clean slate. Theyre not yet set in their ways and will be more open to looking to you for guidance and leadership.

    Nevertheless, you shouldnt worry if youre getting your GSD as an adult. Your training might have to involve reversing some bad habits.

    Additionally, it might take longer for them to respect your leadership. However, if try your best to understand them and give them a reason to trust and follow you, training a German Shepherd as an adult is definitely possible.

    How To Train A German Shepherd To Attack


    German Shepherd dogs are naturally protective. If you are in any type of real danger, you wont need a special command to get your German Shepherd to help you.

    Because you can rely on their natural protection instinct in the event of an actual emergency, its unwise to teach your German Shepherd to attack on command. While members of law enforcement often utilize German Shepherds to subdue criminals, both the human and the canine involved undergo rigorous professional training.

    If your German Shepherd dog is simply a pet, there is no reason to train them to attack on command. German Shepherd dogs who are well-trained and well-socialized will be able to differentiate between an actual threat and a perceived threat, whereas aggressive German Shepherds will react even when the situation doesnt call for it.

    Encouraging aggressive behavior in your German Shepherd can have disastrous results, and puts you, your family, your dog, and the public at large at risk.

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    How To Housebreak A German Shepherd Puppy

    Its important to start house training your German Shepherd puppy as soon as possible! If youre lucky, your GSDs breeder may have already begun the house training process before you even take your pup home. But, this isnt always the case.

    Because German Shepherds puppies have tiny bladders, its important to be realistic about how long they can last without a potty break. So, follow the hour-per-month rule. If your puppy is one month old, they can hold it for one hour. If they are three months old, they should be able to hold it for three hours etc. .

    Here are some tips to housebreaking a German Shepherd puppy:

    Benefits Of Obedience Training

    Most German Shepherds will take to their new family quickly.

    As with all dogs, they will be curious and a little apprehensive being parted from their litter and mother for the first time. But they are a breed characterized by adaptability.

    Any trainer will be glad to tell you that their receptiveness and natural curiosity makes them a delight to train.

    And unless you are very unlucky or, more likely, just making mistakes, they will usually take to obedience training faster than most breeds.

    The advantage of an obedient German Shepherd is that they can make for an outstanding family dog.

    While famed for their defensive and protective qualities, they will socialize well into a receptive family who keeps them busy and reminds them when needed exactly who the boss is.

    You need to get into the habit of using vocal instruction and hand instructions early and constantly reinforce lessons throughout the day. Because a bored German Shepherd will be far more likely to become a disruptive handful.

    Positive & Negative Reinforcement Is Crucial

    Knowing when to praise and tell off any dog is one thing any owner should invest time in learning.

    Arguably, of all the breeds out there, German Shepherds rely on this far more than most.

    Reinforcement is an essential tool for communicating with your dog. The idea is that they will grow to understand when they are being rewarded and for what reason.

    But how do we punish bad behavior effectively?

    So how do you go about achieving this?

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