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How To Build A Dog House For A German Shepherd

Q6 Should A Dog House Be Off The Ground


A: This is a common question among dog owners, whether they should get a raised dog house or not. In case you have an adult pet at home who has already been living in your building for quite some time and know their habits very well. It would be better to provide them an elevated dog house so that they do not have to deal with any heat and cold related health issues.

However, if this is the first time you are purchasing a dog kennel for your puppy, and you are not too familiar with its activity level and behavior, then I would suggest going with a dog house you can keep on the ground without worrying about its health.

The right Dog house will provide your pet safe space and security and become an extension of the home. A well insulated, a secure dog house can dramatically improve a dogs quality of life by protecting them from extreme climates and providing shelter from unknown animals! or predators that might try to attack them when outside on walks.

What To Do The First Two Weeks Of Having A German Shepherd Puppy

You found the perfect breeder, you’ve just taken home the perfect puppy, now what? The transition period can be a little intimidating once you get over the cuteness overload and realize that your new puppy has no training whatsoever and it’s up to you how things will progress from there. We’ll try to make it easier for you with this short list of things to do the first 2 weeks after bringing your new puppy home. 1: Keep it mellow. Your puppy is in a brand new place and it’s their first time being away from their mom and siblings. I know you want to bring the puppy with you everywhere, play all day and show him or her off to all of your friends and family. But take it slow at first so that your new puppy can get settled and relax. Hang out at home. Become a professional treat dispenser. And begin the foundation of building your bond with your pup. 2: Introduce your dog to its crate. Crate training is the best way to house train. Introduce your puppy to the crate early on by making it a positive experience. Toss a high value treat inside and let them explore and go inside on their own volition. Place a chew toy that can hold treats into the crate and close the door. Make sure the puppy sees you do this. When the puppy tries to paw and get inside the crate, open the door and let them in. When they start chewing on the toy, close the door for a few seconds before opening. And remember to reward your puppy when it’s playing quietly inside the crate and to ignore any whining.

As Shelter From Harsh Weather

Outdoor kennels are meant to provide shelter only temporarily. Although many do have decent shade and proper ventilation, these structures are typically not enough to protect your dog from harsh weather.

The German Shepherds undercoat makes them pretty sensitive to heat, so its best to keep them indoors during the hot summer months. Otherwise, even a short time confined in an outdoor dog kennel could trigger a life-threatening heatstroke.

Likewise, being exposed to the elements during the cold winter months could put your dog at risk of hypothermia.

When used for the right reasons, outdoor kennels can be a wonderful addition to your home. It is a convenient place to keep your dog safe and away from trouble when you cant be around for strict supervision.

It can also be advantageous for your dog who can feel secure and yet still have the benefit of mental stimulation by being exposed to changing sceneries.

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Well Leave The Light On Dog House

This dog house is just too much It is fun, creative, and absolutely adorable. It is a smaller dog house, but it has a front porch and a space to add a porch light.

I absolutely love the character that comes with a porch light. Not to mention, if you ever go anywhere that brings you home after dark, your dogs will feel a little more secure with the added light while they wait on you to return.

How Much Do You Feed A German Shepherd Dog

How Big Should A Dog House Be For A German Shepherd

At the end of your eating period, feed your adult GSD 2 hours before eating. 5 and 3. A few cups of kibble a day should suffice. A dog that is feeding moderately at these levels should be eating around the three kilogram mark. It is recommended that all dog breeds, both active and older, should feed five cups to each other. 5 cups.

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How To Build A House For Your German Shepherd Dog: Elevation

2. Dont forget to elevate the dog house several inches from the ground to permit air and water to flow below. To dissuade pests from invading the house, and taking your German Shepherd Dogs health into consideration, remember how important fresh air is. Put in a few nickel-sized holes in the panels below the eaves. Put a wind block inside the house so the German Shepherd Dog can use the warmth of its body to heat the space if it is very cold or breezy outside. Consider adding a partial wall which will allow your German Shepherd Dog to escape the unpleasant weather. Your German Shepherd Dog can choose to just snooze in the entry room or go around the inner archway maze wall into the inner sanctum. Your beloved German Shepherd Dog would probably love having a cushion or some sort of bedding to snooze on.

Outdoor Dog Kennel For German Shepherd

Outdoor kennels are useful for keeping your dogs contained outside the house. Although these are meant as temporary enclosures and not as permanent doghouses, they still need to be comfortable, safe, and durable for your dog.

If you have a German Shepherd, it is especially important to find the right outdoor kennelone that can withstand its size, weight, and strength.

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How Can You Find The Right House For German Shepherd

  • Finding the right one is a bit of a struggle, but you will need to think of a few things before.
  • If your dog has some designated area where it sleeps, then manage to put the house in that place, since he already has a habit to rest in that particular place.
  • If the dog does not have a particular place for resting and falls asleep anywhere, then teach him where to lie down.
  • Providing a place for your fourlegged friend where it can rest is important because soon he will become aggressive, stressed and will not feel comfortable.
  • You can find the right dwelling if you think carefully about the size of your dog and measure it.
  • After all, measurements are done you can buy or build the habitation for your furry friend.

The 1983 New York Law

How to build biggest dog kennel XXL German Shepherd DIY extra large pet house

The 1983 New York Law states that you and your dog are legally protected if your landlord knows both of you have been living in the apartment for three months or more, and no lawsuits have been filled in that time.

When a lease doesnt contain any pet policy, it defaults to local law, and your landlord cannot ask you to leave if you dont want.

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Are German Shepherds Friendly

Are you bringing a new dog breed into your house, and youre interested in German Shepherds? But youre not sure whether German Shepherds are friendly to you, your family, or even wondering if they are friendly with kids.

Yes, they are friendly with their owners, families, and strangers. They are also friendly with kids and other pets too. GSDs are not aggressive to the point of being considered dangerous, but if socialized well in their puppy months, they tend to grow up to be more social and protective.

German Shepherds are lively, energetic dogs that love having company. If you are looking for more in-depth answers, follow this blog post.

Best Dog House For German Shepherd In 2021

On the top of the list is ware manufacturing premium dog house that is considered as the best-insulated dog houses for a German Shepherd. Besides, it is specially designed for the German shepherd and comes with excellent features, therefore, worth buying.

Adding to this, it is made up of solid wood and comes with a water-resistant coating to keep it safe from harsh weather conditions. Besides, it is non-toxic and does not contain any off-odor therefore, safe as well as comfortable to use.

Other than that, it has an elegant design that will surely appeal to you on the first look. Its long-lasting wood will keep it safe from bad weather conditions like rain, snow, and dirt. Also, you can put it in place only within 15 minutes without using any other tools or equipment.

On the bright side, its door is spacious hence, your four-legged companion can comfortably come in and out of the dog house. The good thing about this dog house is that it can be used in any kind of weather and environment because of its sturdy construction.

Moreover, it has an affordable price so, you donât need to spend extra dollars on expensive average-quality dog homes. It provides a safe and comfortable environment to your German shepherd, therefore, a reliable option.


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Q4 What Size Dog Kennel To Get For A German Shepherd

A: There is no fixed size available in the market for dog kennels, and therefore it depends on your requirements. If you are looking for a small dog house, then I would recommend going with 10 x 12 inches or if you are planning to get an extra-large dog kennel.

Then choose one which is 16, 20, or 24 inches long so that they have enough space to move around and stretch their body.

The East Fork Free Dog House

Luxury German Shepherd Dog House Plans

This dog house is absolutely adorable. The author did a great job at adding a lot of rustic charm to it and it also seems to work for almost any size dog.

But what really stuck out to me is that she was able to create this unique masterpiece completely free by salvaging old materials. She gives you some of the details in her description of the dog house.

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Pet Insurance For German Shepherds

  • $0$60 per month

Getting pet insurance is not required for all dogs or owners. It is completely up to you whether or not you decide to get pet insurance. Most insurance companies offer pet insurance at around $60 a month.

If you do not want to pay for pet insurance, you can simply set up a savings account instead. A savings account for your pet can help you out on a rainy day, but it also means you dont have to pay a monthly fee.

This German Shepherd Balancing Activity Is Easy To Follow:

  • Lure your dog onto just one of the boards using a food treat.
  • Have your GSD hold different positions for just a second or two at the start, and only on one board at first.
  • Then, work up to more complicated positions for longer times, for example, two paws on the board for 30 seconds.

I like this balance board to help improve my German Shepherds muscle tone and coordination:

FitPaws Balancing Disk for Large Dogs

Its one of those house jobs for working breeds that you can do no matter where you live to keep them happy and fit.

It takes little space and is great for improving your German Shepherds mobility, balance, concentration, and attention.

Who knew jobs for German Shepherds could also make them more athletic?

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Reviews: Top 5 Best Dog Houses For German Shepherd

The house measures33 x 38.5 x 32 with the spacious interior allowing your dog to move around and have good rest. It is made from resin, which is highly durable and resistant to wearing materials. The floor is crowned to ensure that your dog stays as comfortable as possible. Suncast can support dogs weighing up to 100 pounds, thus making it ideal for German Shepherds.

For easy cleaning, the house features a detachable roof that also helps in ventilation. Additionally, it has vents that provide a proper circulation system, which comes in handy during the hot seasons. Assembling this house is also easy since all you need to do is snap the plastic panels together. The house, however, is not raised from the ground so it might get a little damp if you live in a wet area.

The house comes with vinyl doors that are detachable for easy cleaning. It also comes with letters that allow you to personalize the house with the pets name. The door opening measures 13-3/4 in. W x 19-1/2in. H that allows your dog to get in and out comfortably.


  • Features a simple design and is easy to assemble
  • The biggest size can house dogs weighing up to 100 pounds




It is raised from the ground to keep it insulated against the floor. The plastic feet at the bottom keep the house free from moisture. The package comes with predrilled holes for easier assembly.



Placement Of The Dog House

Free Dog House Plans For German Shepherds

Some owners prefer to keep their favorite pet within an enclosed space and hence they build a metal enclosure for their pets to play around. They are usually installed in the courtyard or backyard and they are made of metal walls which the dogs cannot cross and hence remain safe and sound. It also prevents them from straying out or making some mischief.

So, if you have enough space, you can build such a playing arena for your animal. It should be kept in mind however that these metal enclosures are not strictly speaking dog houses and therefore, you would have to buy or build a separate dog house for your pet. The roof of the dog house should be preferably slanting so that if the dog house is kept in the open, the rain or snow would not collect on the roof and hence damage the dog house. The entrance of the dog house should be checked so that the rain or snow does not seep in case of heavy rain or snow.

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How Much Homemade Food Should I Feed My German Shepherd

Make sure you give your dog 1-2 cups of potatoes, rice, pasta, or other starch per pound. For every 20 pounds of cooked vegetables you feed to your dog, be sure to give him half a cup. Canola oil or olive oil may need to be added twice a 20 pound load. One teaspoon of bone meal or ground eggshell per 20 pounds should be added.

Buying Guide For Best Dog House For German Shepherd

We do understand buying the best dog house for a German shepherd can be challenging for you. You will get several varieties and options in these doghouses. Indeed German Shepherd is loveable like every other dog, and you want to give your canine friend the best house for protection.

Here, we will discuss a detailed buying guide that you should consider before investing in the product from the above list.

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Dog House With Deck Toy Box And Food Bowl By The House Of Wood Blog

A post shared by Jen Woodhouse | House of Wood on Jun 12, 2017 at 1:34pm PDT

For the dog who has it all, check out this dog house complete with everything a pup could want! From a toy box to built-in food and water bowls, your dog will have all of the amenities of home right in the backyard. This project is best for an intermediate skill set.

Tip: Add a doormat and plants to dress up your dogs new digs.

Is your pooch full of personality? Compliment their quirks with this beautiful metal roof dog house design! This home offers a modern twist on a traditional design and brings the promise of longevity with its durable metal roof. The measurements are customizable, making this design is suited for dogs of any size.

Pro tip: Add a few photos to the inside of the dog house to give it a homey vibe.

Like what you see? Get free dog house plans for the dog house with metal roof project here.

Introducing Your German Shepherd To New People

German Shepherd Dog House Plans

German Shepherds are known for their fierce loyalty to their humans. While this is an incredible quality in a family dog, it can be quite dangerous when this trait is not controlled.

Making sure that your dog is well behaved around new people is one of the most important steps in the socialization process. Some ways to appropriately introduce your Shepherd to new people include:

  • Invite family and friends over.
  • Get them use to people ringing your doorbell.
  • Take them to other houses.
  • Take them to public settings.
  • Stop and talk to people on your walks with your dog.
  • Ask others to interact with your dog on walks .

If there are any specific settings or people you would like them to interact with, make sure to introduce them to your dog as early as possible.

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