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Do German Shepherds Whine A Lot

Why Does My German Shepherd Puppy Whine So Much

Do German Shepherd Puppies Sleep a Lot?

So, why does my German Shepherd whine a lot? Common reasons include illness or injury, boredom, stress, fear, excitement and inadvertently reinforcing the behavior. There are actually a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might whine a lot and there are a number of things that you can do about it.

Why is my German Shepherd whining? The German Shepherd whines because it has an overwhelming need to protect the pack member, but it cannot do so in their absence. Whining for a reward. Your German Shepherd whines when it associates the behavior with a reward. For many people, the only way to make your dog stop whining is by giving it what it wants.

Why does my Shepherd make a whining noise? This could be because of the sound of the engine or the smells coming out of the truck. It is also possible that your German Shepherd is vocalizing because he is bored. As mentioned, German Shepherds are active dogs so if you dont provide your dog enough exercise, he will make all sorts of sounds including groaning and sighing.

Why do dogs whine? Dogs whine to show you what they feel the most at the moment. These are some of the most common reasons why do dogs whines: To get attention. Feeling stress. Has low self-confidence. Feeling pain or sick. 1. Attention-Seeking Whining Being a social animal, dogs love to gain as much attention as they can from their dog owners.

Why Are German Shepherds So Vocal

This brings us to one of the reasons why your German Shepherd is very vocal he smells people and animals from afar and barks to warn you and to keep them off. His loud voice is his weapon and it works very well to keep away intruders. It is also possible that your German Shepherd is vocalizing because he is bored.

Why Your German Shepherd Might Be Clingy

Whether you love it or hate it, your German Shepherd absolutely adores you but sometimes he takes this to the extreme. Honestly, why else would he be obsessed with remaining at your side for every minute of the day? Were going to take a deeper look at your German Shepherds clingy behavior and this is where it gets interesting.

Were going to examine just how common separation anxiety is in German Shepherds and how to distinguish whether your dog has separation anxiety or just likes to be around you. Then, well touch on just how in tune your German Shepherd might be with your own stress and anxiety.

Finally, we will look at how genetics plays a part and give some examples of your dogs learned behaviors whereby YOU may be to blame!

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Why Doesnt My German Shepherd Bark

If your German Shepherd doesnt bark and youve had them from puppyhood, it could just be because they are naturally quiet. Different dogs have different personalities, and even if your dog is a typically excitable or noisy breed, they could just be naturally shy or reserved.

Alternatively, if your German Shepherd is a rescue dog, it could be related to something in their past. Some rescue dogs dont make much noise because, in their previous life, they were punished for doing so.

How To Stop Your German Shepherd From Whining

Why does my German Shepherd whine a lot?

In summary, if your German Shepherd is whining too much, do the following:

  • If this happens overnight without warning, go to your veterinarian so that he can examine your pet and detect a possible disease that would cause pain in your doggie.
  • Do not reinforce your dog by trying to calm or reassure him when he does this.
  • Do not scold him either and instead seek to identify the cause of such behavior to resolve it in depth.
  • Teach your dog to manage loneliness, on the one hand, but also frustration so that he accepts more naturally and serenely the various situations that are imposed on him.

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Trying To Get Your Attention

Youre petting your pooch one lazy afternoon. Stroking their fur, caressing their head.

Every time you stop, they whine as if they are being tortured. Well, you cant be petting them all day, can you?

Sometimes, German Shepherds can really be drama queens. Especially when they are used to being spoiled.

They use their whines as a way of talking to you.

In their perspective, the more they whine, the more youll come rushing to give them what they want.

Give Your Puppy Plenty Of Exercise

To stop your puppy from whining in the crate, dont underestimate the power of playtime.

Make sure your puppy is getting lots of exercise and attention outside of the crate, says Dr. Coates. If this is the case, chances are good that your pup will be ready for a nap when crated.

Schade suggests adding interactive or dog treat toys to your puppys crate to help keep your puppy busy and reduce boredom. Give your dog a safe, hard, rubber busy toy stuffed with a little peanut butter or a few treats whenever you crate him, she says. With consistency, this delicious ritual might help your puppy get excited to go into the crate.

Pet parents can try a KONG puppy dog toy, but Schade recommends testing toys with your puppy prior to giving them to him to make sure he cant rip pieces off.

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Teaching Your German Shepherd Hand Targetting

Hand targetting is where you get your german shepherd to focus most of their attention on your hand. Rather than whining. Its most effective in german shepherds that cant control themselves and get excited or scared when they meet new people.

Heres how you should train your dog to hand target.

Step 1

First of all, hold your hand out in front of your german shepherd. Every time they touch their nose to your palm give them a treat.

However, when youre doing this dont say anything. Just keep your palm outstretched to them and let them touch it with their nose.

And make sure you dont bring your hand to them if they arent going for your hand. Instead, try moving it from side to side in front of them.

If they still dont move towards it, then rub a treat on it so they can smell it. That will definitely get them to bring their nose to it.

Give them a treat and congratulate them every time they do this successfully.

Step 2

Once your german shepherd realizes they get a treat every time they touch your hand with their nose, its time to kick it up a notch.

Start putting your hand to the left and right of your dog, or a few inches back. Every time they touch it with their nose, give them another treat.

Do this 20-30 times.

Step 3

Now things are getting interesting. Each time you hold your hand out say a command, like calmly or hello and then proceed to let them touch your hand.

Once again, every time they do this give them the treat to let it sink in.

Step 4

Understanding The German Shepherd Dog Breed Temperament & Personality

Why Is My German Shepherd Scratching So Much: Skin Issues That Plague GSDs

The German Shepherd dog breed is extremely popular in the United States and around the world.

In the USA, the American Kennel Club actually keeps track of the most popular purebred dog breeds.

Guess where the German Shepherd breed ranks? The GSD is currently number two out of 195 registered purebred dog breeds!

So clearly, GSD owners have learned to peacefully co-exist with the constant vocalizations of this dog breed.

German Shepherds have many amazing qualities that make this dog so popular. They are loving, loyal, protective, affectionate, intelligent, athletic, great with family members of all ages, and brave.

But many first-time GSD owners are not prepared for what some might call neediness in this particular dog breed. GSDs have been bred specifically to live and work very closely with their people.

A German Shepherd dog that is not given adequate you time is going to become distressed. Other dogs are not a substitute for human companionship, playtime, and affection.

A lonely, bored, or neglected German Shepherd can easily turn destructive or even aggressive, which is one of the major reasons why GSDs are relinquished to rescues such as the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue charity.

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Why Do German Shepherds Cry A Lot

German Shepherds cry because they feel uncomfortable about a certain situation, whether it be pain, separation anxiety, or hunger. When they feel uncomfortable, their natural reaction can be to cry. They can also cry when they find or discover something they think is important and needs your attention.

Why Do German Shepherds Whine So Much

Dog Breeds List » Dog Breeds » Why do German Shepherds Whine so Much?

Why do German Shepherds whine? If you have noticed that your GSD has been incessantly whining lately, it can not only be annoying but concerning as well. A pet owner knows that whines are likely related to something going on with their dog, but its hard to pinpoint the exact reason behind it.

So, why do German Shepherds whine? There are 4 major reasons why your German Shepherd could be whining:

  • Your dog wants attention
  • Hes sick or in pain
  • Your German Shepherd is bored
  • Being able to tell the different types of whines and how to help is key to stop your German Shepherd from whining. Were going to discuss the 4 major reasons why a German Shepherd might whine, and what you can do to solve the situation quickly.

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    Other Dog Breeds Whining Videos

    Other larger vocal dog breeds include the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. Generally, they dont bark too much but they definitely try to communicate in other ways, including howling and whining.

    Heres a Malamute showing his excitement to play in a new place but also his frustration of being stuck in the car. The owner does it right by letting him settle down before letting him out. Otherwise, she would be enabling the habit of whining to get his way.

    Heres another of a Husky throwing a tantrum because he wants to play under the spray of the shower. The owner doesnt give in, which is the best thing to do to discourage excessive whining.

    Heres another of a Husky that simply looks bored out of its wits. This is the kind of situation that would probably require longer or more rigorous exercise unless, of course, its really just that Huskys personality thats to blame for this screaming.

    Your Dog Is Begging For Attention

    Why does my German Shepherd whine a lot?

    Please dont give in to your dogs demands for attention when it whines. Ignore it. When its whining and sees thats not going to work, you can start playing snuggling with it. This teaches it that whining wont get it anywhere and make it patient.

    However, make sure youre providing your dog enough attention at all times. Of course, it shouldnt have to beg for attention in the first place, but some pets require it more than others, and owners dont always have the time.

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    Keeping Your Pup From Nipping And Chewing

    Puppies have sharp teeth, especially German Shepherd puppies!

    Puppies are energetic and must learn their limits for playing too rough . When your dog nips you, say ouch immediately and do your normal noise when something hurts.

    Dont immediately jerk your hand back or punish your puppy physically.

    Puppies view you jerking your hand back quickly as part of a game and could also tear your skin. And physical punishment should never be given!

    Train Your German Shepherd Adult Dog Not To Cry So Much

    When it comes to training an adult GSD dog not to cry or whine so much, it is all about setting reasonable expectations, as this VetStreet owner thread highlights.

    After all, you have chosen a vocal dog breed with a high need and drive to be near you and in constant communication with you.

    If you set a goal for yourself to completely eliminate your German Shepherd dogs crying and whining, you are likely to get quickly frustrated and conclude it is not possible.

    But if you set a goal to simply reduce the amount of crying or whining, you are likely to have a much better chance of reaching your goal.

    Here are some tips to help encourage your German Shepherd to stop seeing crying or whining behavior as an effective way of getting your attention quickly.

    1. Make a list.

    Start making a list of each time your German Shepherd whines and what was going on just before the crying started.

    This can help you identify certain issues that may cause your GSD to whine more is it just before dinner time? Is it time for the evening walk? Is there some other routine your dog remembers that you have forgotten?

    This will also help you identify when crying might be prompted by discomfort, illness, boredom, loneliness, or some other reason.

    The more you can separate out normal reminder cries from distress cries, the better your human-to-canine communication will become.

    2. Stop responding to the crying right away.

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    Do German Shepherds Cry A Lot

    German Shepherds can become uncomfortable if they are left alone for a long period of time which can cause them to cry. They usually love to be around people, so being alone for a long time can be difficult for them. They may be prone to cry because they know it will get your attention and keep you there.

    Be Mindful Of When You Give Your Dog Attention

    Why Does My German Shepherd Stretch So Much? 5 Different Types of GSD Stretches and Their Meanings

    Dogs learn very quickly how they can get your attention. Make sure not to give into your dogs every whim just because it is whining. When you do this, the dog will quickly learn that it can whine to get what it wants, and thats the last thing you want!

    Of course, listening to your dogs whining is perfectly fine if it is trying to relay important information, such as when it is scared or needs to go outside. However, be careful if your dog is whining simply because it wants your attention.

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    Increase Their Daily Activities And Exercises

    German Shepherds require a lot of mental stimulation throughout the day. This stimulation allows the dog to deplete all its pent up energy. By increasing the number of activities or exercise, the German Shepherd burns up its energy and whines less frequently. It also gives room for the dog to enjoy a myriad of activities that keep it busy and occupied.

    This can be achieved by giving the dog multiple walks throughout the day. Also, you can dress the dog in a weighted vest when going out for walks so that it burns up energy faster, but seek prior consultation from a veterinarian.

    If this does not work, consider taking some time out in the evening to play with the dog and give it the much-needed attention.

    Adult Gsd Attention Needs

    Once your German Shepherd dog is fully grown up, your dog will need a different type of attention from you than they did during the puppyhood phase of life.

    Once your dogs veterinarian has X-rayed your dogs leg bones and confirmed that the growth plates are closed and hardened , your dog will be able to safely play and run and jump and romp to its hearts delight.

    And you will want your dog to do this because a tired German Shepherd is a well-behaved German Shepherd.

    According to the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, this can translate into anywhere from 30 minutes to two full hours of exercise and activity every single day!

    That is a lot of activity especially if you have to work and care for your family as well. Of course, you can break it up throughout the day. Training time can also count as activity time, especially if you use to play as one of your positive rewards.

    The key is to remember that whether your German Shepherd works off their energy and work drive outdoors during a jog or a vigorous game of fetch or they work it off indoors by chewing off the crown molding, your dog will find a way to stay busy!

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    It Wants Your Attention

    German Shepherds are known for being some of the most loving and most dependent dogs. If you have not given your German Shepherd attention in a while, it sometimes whines for it. Whether it wants to play or to be pet, the German Shepherd makes its desires known by whining.

    Clues To Look For:

    • Where they are located in proximity to you
    • If they have toys around them
    • Body language

    What To Do About It:

    • Play or pet the dog if you havent in a while
    • Be careful not to teach unwanted behavior, such as whining every time it wants attention

    Be careful giving into your German Shepherd whenever it whines for attention. Unless you know you have been accidentally neglecting your dog, dont just give it what it wants whenever it whines. This will teach your German Shepherd that it can whine if it wants anything.

    Does Your German Shepherd Whine Too Much

    Why does my German Shepherd whine a lot?

    When your dog starts to whine, pay attention to the specific situation as well as their body language. In most cases, its easy to guess why theyre whining and once addressed, the whining should cease immediately.

    If thats not the case with your dog and the whining doesnt seem to stop, you can address it through some of the above training techniques.

    Additionally, if the excessive whining is sudden and uncharacteristic, make sure to get them checked out by a vet to rule out any medical causes of pain or discomfort.

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