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Do German Shepherds Turn On Their Owners

Which Kennel Clubs Recognize The German Shepherd

Why Do German Shepherds Prefer To Sleep With Their Owners?

The German Shepherd was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1908 as a part of the Herding group. The UK Kennel Club is another major kennel club that officially recognized this breed as a part of the Herding dog group in 1919.

Breed Overview
Prey Drive
Social Tendencies

A true companion, the German Shepherd loves to be by their owners side after a long working day. In fact, one of the reasons they are so popular is because they are known to be extremely affectionate and loving towards family members.

The German Shepherds playful demeanor means they are great with children. However, all play should be closely supervised between children and dogs.

This breed instinctually has a high prey drive and therefore it is very common for them to chase small animals .

However, their high prey drive can be reducued through early introductions and on-going socialization with smaller animals and pets.

Unfortunately, the German Shepherd has occasionally been labelled as dangerous and aggressive. However, this reputation is ill-formed.

With the right nurturing, socialization and training, they should not show any forms of aggressive behaviors.

This dog stands tall with confidence, but is not a naturally aggressive or dangerous dog.

Rather, they are protective of their loved ones. They may be quite wary of strangers and are quick to let their owners know when an unfamiliar face is entering their home.

Socialization Is Extremely Important

Socialization is another crucial part to raising a friendly and approachable German Shepherd.

Socializing your GSD involves actively meeting new dogs and strangers on a frequent basis right from puppyhood.

Why socialization is so important:

By consistently engaging with new dogs and strangers, it teaches your German Shepherd not to FEAR them. And as I explained previously, fearfulness is a driving force behind aggression. Frequent exposure to strangers and dogs will keep your GSD feeling confident, calm, and friendly.

Socialization will also teach your German Shepherd how to behave appropriately around new dogs and people. The greater the experience, the better the behavior. This is why its crucial to start as young as possible to start developing their social skills.

And this isnt just for better behavior towards other dogs either. The more people your German Shepherd meets and greets, the more approachable and friendly he will be in general.

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Getting A German Shepherd

Getting a German Shepherd is simple, but its important to be prepared. If youre buying a German Shepherd puppy, youll spend plenty of time discouraging biting and barking, socializing the puppy to other people and dogs, and teaching important skills like sleeping through the night and going to the bathroom outside.

Finding a German Shepherd puppy or adult dog can be as easy as an internet search, but be careful of puppy mills and internet scams. Do your research and ask around for a reputable breeder, visit before committing to payment, and trust your gut.

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Why Is My German Shepherd Having Diarrhea

When a German Shepherd Dog experiences idiopathic diarrhea and vomiting, veterinarians generally suspect canine inflammatory bowel disease . This is because the breed is predisposed to the chronic gastrointestinal condition. A disease that occurs more commonly in middle-aged large-breed dogs, IBD cannot be cured.

German Shepherds Are Highly Adaptable

Top 10 reasons why you would want a German Shepherd

Part of the reasons why German Shepherds are popular is because they are adaptable to any kind of lifestyle and living situation. Homes with a large yard is ideal for German Shepherds, but they can easily adapt to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise. If you are planning to get a German Shepherd, you dont have to adjust your current lifestyle, it can easily adjust itself and suit your lifestyle.

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When Did It Start

Is the biting something that has started recently, or has it been happening since puppyhood? Answering this question helps to get around to the cause of the biting. Whether it is a lack of training or just your dogs genetics and temperament.

Sometimes a dogs behavior can shift when something happens to them. Perhaps someone has been aggressive towards them, a family member moves away, or you are moving into a new house with your dog.

Getting to the cause of the problem can help to solve the problem or make him comfortable with his new surroundings. This should also lessen the number of biting instances.

Do German Shepherds Like To Cuddle

German shepherdcuddlyGerman shepherds lovelikeHere are some of the most common German Shepherd signs of affection:

  • 1) They can’t help but kiss or lick you.
  • 2) They like staying close to you.
  • 3) They often snuggle or cuddle.
  • 4) They lean on you.
  • 5) They allow you to hug them.
  • 6) They ask for rubs.
  • 7) They’re always happy to see you.
  • 8) They keep wanting to play.

11 Brilliant German Shepherd Toys Your Dog Will Love

  • Kong Classic.
  • Pet Artist 3 Tug Toy.
  • Puller Training Rings.
  • HDP 18 Ft. Dog Training Tunnel.
  • Otterly Pets Assorted Medium to Large Rope Dog Toys.
  • West Paw Interactive Toy.

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Why Do German Shepherds Bite Their Owners

For dogs, biting is a response to fear and a need to defend themselves. If a German Shepherd bites, it’s likely there is a reason. Few dogs bite without being provoked. However, a well socialized and trained dog is more likely to be calm in a greater variety of situations, which can also reduce the risk of biting.

Signs Your Dog Is Experiencingfear Or Stress

Things to know as a new German Shepherd owner | Mistakes made by new owners

Stress and fear are some first signs of aggression.

But, maybe you arent sure when your dog shows stress or shows fear?

This section helps you learn to recognize your dogs body language to help understand your dogs aggression triggers.

Herere the most popular signs your dog experiences fear or stress:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Insufficient relaxation or sleep time
  • Other animals harassing your dog
  • Lack of positive attention from you
  • Inconsistent or unclear behavior rules taught by you
  • Insufficient physical or mental exercise
  • You give incorrect attention during arousal behaviors

You can correct the lack of exercise through a balanced German Shepherd exercise routine for health. Be sure youre meeting your high-energy breeds energy needs every day in a variety of ways.

Boredom, due to lack of mental stimulation, is also correctable. Read this guide on using mental stimulation exercises for German Shepherds to improve their behavior.

Motherhood, hypothyroidism, and physical pain all contribute to stress and hostile episodes. While motherhood passes, other medical conditions need treatment.

Talk to your vet before trying to address aggression on your own as an underlying medical condition may exist.

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Why Do German Shepherd Dogs Bite People

To hear the Canine Journal tell it, every year about 4.7 million people get bitten by dogs in the United States.

This means you have a one in 69 chance of getting bitten by a dog each year, whether it is your own dog or another dog.

This is a relatively high frequency of dog bites, especially considering how many people choose to share their lives with companion canines! What causes dogs to bite people with such frequency?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association , here are the top reasons why dogs typically bite people:

  • Dogs bite because they are scared.
  • Dogs bite because they get startled.
  • Dogs bite because they are protecting a high-value item .
  • Dogs bite because they are sick or injured.
  • Dogs bite because they feel threatened.
  • Dogs bite because they are teething.
  • Dogs bite because they get excited .

Fear, pain, and excitement are the main themes here.But what do all of these reasons have in common, you might ask? They are all reactions.

Every single reason to bite on the AVMAs list results when something happens and the dog reacts to it by biting.

What you dont see is dogs just arbitrarily biting people. Dogs dont just go around with their jaws open ready to bite for no reason. When a dog bites, there is a reason behind it.

When you start to understand and decode what those reasons are, this is when you are able to reduce the risk you will ever be bitten again in the future by your dog or any dog.

Your German Shepherd Is Trained Using Bad Training Methods

Dogs learn by association, and if you use bad training methods, theyre going to associate those things with whatever behavior you are trying to produce in them. If the way you train your dog involves any kind of physical abusesuch as beating them with a leash, withholding food or water, intimidating them to train themthen youll just end up making things worse and possibly putting yourself and other people in danger.

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How To Get Your German Shepherd To Love You More

Below, I will mention a number of things that you can do in order to get your GSD to love you more.

Give it exercise

German Shepherds are a breed that are meant to get a lot of exercise on a daily basis. When they do not get much exercise it can cause them to develop behavioral issues.

Generally, it is recommended for them to get at least an hour of exercise per day. If yours is not getting that much then it would help to make sure that it does. You can do so by walking it, training it to play fetch or by getting a dog walker to do it for you.

Feed it right

It is also important to make sure that you feed your German Shepherd correctly. Normally, it is recommended for them to get between 1,272 and 1,540 calories per day unless your vet says otherwise. You can also look here to see what you should and should not be feeding your GSD.

Take it for yearly checkups

It would also help to make sure to take your GSD for yearly checkups. This will help you to keep your GSD healthy and to deal with any medical issues before they become problematic.

Give it training

German Shepherds were bred to be working dogs and they would work alongside their owners for many hours on a daily basis. As a result of this, they will naturally look to their owners for direction. This is why it is important to give your German Shepherd lots of training so that it is properly stimulated and so that it has jobs to do.

Avoid punishing it

German Shepherd Temperament Socialising And Ideal Home Environment

Can German Shepherds Attack Their Owner? The Truth â The ...

If youre looking for a breed thatll learn a hatful of tricks, look no further than a German Shepherd! Typically, German Shepherds are loyal, loving companions and form close bonds with their owners. Theyre a perfect match for active individuals/families who love the great outdoors and playing games.

If youre indecisive about long walks and training, we recommend you choose a breed with a more laidback nature and gentler exercise needs.

German Shepherds are fairly vocal dogs too. This is nothing some reward-based training at a young age wont sort out, but do be advised theyre not the best fit for younger, excitable children.

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Use Safety Precautions To Prevent Injury

Try a control management tool such as a muzzle or headcollar to regain control when out in public. Its best to prevent biting accidents before they happen and head collars give you better control during training.

Gentle Head Collar

This control tool provides gentle corrections and prevents jumping, lunging, and pulling. The head collar is painless and doesnt cause choking, but gives you more control over your German Shepherd.

Using a head collar wont solve your underlying issues. It does, however, provide better safety and control. If you need more confidence in handling your aggressive German Shepherd, then place the head collar on them before going outside.

Do German Shepherds Turn On Their Owners

Fuzzball or future terror?

Every once in a while, youll come across someone proclaiming that a breed of dog will grow up to turn on its owners. We guess this means a dog whose behavior was just fine as a puppy starts growling at or biting its handler once its an adult. Is this a real thing? Are German Shepherd puppies likely to attack their owners once they become adult dogs?

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German Shepherds In The Top 5 Most Damaging Dog Bites By Breed

The American Animal Hospital Association conducted a study and concluded that German Shepherds were one of the most dangerous breeds based on bite severity and frequency of biting. This is not surprising given the fact that German Shepherds have one of the most powerful bites of all breeds. The study also concluded that large dogs with short, wide heads were the most likely to bite. This conclusion is supported by the fact that Pit bulls and Rottweilers are responsible for the highest number of fatal attacks. German Shepherds are more dangerous than the average breed, but they are not at the top of the list.

German Shepherds Are Obedient And Easy To Train

Top 6 German Shepherd Things That Their Owners Can Relate

German Shepherds have high intelligence, thus they can be trained for various purposes. German Shepherds are obedient, making them easier to train compared to other dog breeds. Not only do German Shepherd perform well in task training, obedience training wouldn’t be any problem for them as well. They will listen and obey to your commands.

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German Shepherds Are Highly Intelligent

It is a well-known fact that German Shepherds are highly intelligent. They can learn and do almost every task you give them. Perhaps this is why the largest percentage of police dogs all over the world is German Shepherd. Due to their high intelligence and versatility, German Shepherds are also widely trained as service dogs to aid people with disabilities. Some German Shepherds are trained to compete in dog sporting events.

Growls And Barks When People Show Affection

German Shepherds are loyal dogs. But their loyalty only lies with a select few.

If you are one of those individuals, showing affection to your German Shepherd is reciprocated by your dog.

But if someone on the outside of the circle of loyalty shows affection, then they could be on the receiving end of aggressive behavior.

Aggressive behavior towards someone that your German Shepherd does not trust includes low growling, a tense and prepared stance, and even nips targeted at the individual.

If your German Shepherd shows behaviors like this towards others, then your dog perceived that individual as a threat.

If she displays these behavior towards you as the caregiver, then you have a bigger problem on your hands because now youre perceived as the threat.

Its important to identify this early on so that you can correct the behavior through proper training and reinforcements.

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Are German Shepherds Dangerous 5 Myths Vs 5 Facts

German Shepherds have long been a popular family dog in the United States.

They are loyal, protective and can be trained to do so many things. This popularity, however, doesnt change the fact that there are some pretty serious myths and misconceptions about this much-loved breed.

While some of these myths have some reasonable support, some are just based on fear and misunderstanding.

In this article, well take a look at some of the common myths about German Shepherds, and then breakdown those myths with facts about how German Shepherds really are and what makes them such unique and amazing dogs.

Ways That Your German Shepherd Could Show That It Loves You

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It follows your orders

One way that your German Shepherd might show that it loves you is by following your orders. If it does what you say when you tell it to do something then it would be a sign that it loves you since it shows that it trusts you, it looks at you as its leader and that it believes that being with you will be good for it.

It protects you and your home

If your German Shepherd did not love you then it would not have any interest in protecting you or your home. If your GSD tends to get protective when there is a stranger at the door or when someone it doesnt know is around you then it would be a sign that it loves you and that it does not want something bad to happen to you.

With that being said, if it does get overly protective when other people are around then this would be problematic since you want to be able to introduce your GSD as a friendly dog. I have written more about why it might be overly protective here.

It noses you

One way that dogs will show their love for their owners is by nosing them which is where they touch their owners with their noses in order to smell them. This is a sign of love because it does it to see where you have been, how healthy you are and to see if you are ok.

It makes eye contact with you

When your dog looks at you in the eyes it releases Oxytocin which is a hormone that promotes bonding . This means that, if your GSD regularly makes eye contact with you, then it would be a sign that it loves you.

It licks you

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