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Do German Shepherds Have Black Spots On Tongue

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Black German Shepherd Dog Black Tongue Wait For The Pose!
  • What breed is Pluto?
  • The Chows blue tongue makes it unique in the dog world, with one exception: the Chinese Shar-Pei. Like the Chow Chow, the Shar-Peis breed standard requires bluish-black pigmentation in the mouth and tongue, with exceptions made for dilute colors, which may have lavender pigmentation.

    German Shepherd Dental Health Issues That May Affect The Tongue

    As the American Kennel Club helpfully explains, the simplest explanation for any dog breed that has black or dark spots on the tongue is most likely due to eumelanin pigmentation.

    In fact, as the AKC points out, those spots are even likely to change over time and this is still considered normal in the world of canines.

    Sometimes a puppy will be born with a single color tongue and then black spots will appear later on. This is normal too. And of course, if you really want to know for sure if your GSD is purebred, you can always order a genetic test to verify.

    But is there any time when black spots on your dogs tongue may be more than just a pigment anomaly as in, should you be worried that perhaps your dog has a health problem that is causing the spots?

    As Mercola Healthy Pets emphasizes, the tongue can be an important marker of your dogs overall healthor lack thereof.

    Because your GSD uses its tongue for so many important tasks in life, the tongue can develop health issues you need to be aware of.

    Some of the main health issues that can affect a German Shepherd dogs tongue include warts, tumors, inflammation, ulceration, infection, and cancer.

    How Can You Tell If A German Shepherd Is Full Blooded

    Without papers, the only surefire way to know if your pet is indeed a purebred German shepherd is via DNA testing. As Vetstreet explains it, the entire process is fairly simple. Order a DNA kit from a reputable company and use the swab provided to obtain a sample of your dogs cheek cells.23 Sept 2018

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    Dog Breeds With Blue Tongues

    Various breeds of dogs show naturally occurring blue tongues or blue-black spotted tongues. Here are the breeds we will look at in this article:

    • Shar Pei
    • Tibetan Mastiff
    • Pomeranian

    Of these, the SharPei and Chow Chow are the only two dog breeds with completely blue tongues in all individuals. In the rest of the breeds we will look at, only some individuals have blue pigmentation on their tongues. The individuals of these breeds may either show a few blue spots on their tongues or have larger dark patches making their whole tongue appear bluish.

    It was once believed that other breeds showing blue tongues meant they had some Chow Chow blood in their heritage. However, this is not the case, as pure breeds can also have blue tongues. These are probably caused by excess pigmentation in the individual dog, much like birth marks in humans. Below you will find more information about each of the dog breeds with blue tongues.

    My 14 Month Old German Shepherd Has Developed A Black Spot On His Tongue Its Not Raised Or Bothering Him

    Does your GSD have a black spot on their tongue?

    Pigmentation of the tongue is quite common in dogs, and they can develop pigmented spots later in life.

    Spots of pigmentation are not raised or ulcerated, they are flat and they dont grow.

    Any pigmentation should be monitored. Taking a picture and keeping records of its size is a really good way to help monitor.

    If the spot is raised or ulcerated, or changes in size or shape, it could be something more dangerous such as a cancer on the tongue. Biopsy is needed to reach a definitive diagnosis of the spot.

    If youd like to chat in person, you can book a live video call or start a chat to discuss in more detail, as soon as possible.

    Were here to help!

    Chat soon,

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    What Is That Black Spot German Shepherd Markings

    As the American Kennel Club official dog breed standard explains, the German Shepherd dog can be bred in a wide variety of colors and markings, or patterns.

    From the traditional bi-color black and tan to silver, red, cream, and even white, purebred GSDs today are incredibly varied in their colors and markings.

    But there is one mark that the majority of German Shepherds do share in common. It is a small black circle just underneath each side of the lower jawline.

    While the official dog breed standard does not mention this mark, it is marking GSD owners know well and a frequent question that new German Shepherd owners have. What exactly is it? Why is it there? Should you be worried? What if it isnt there?

    If you havent seen this marking, it is often likened to a beauty mark that some people have. It is circular and dark black. The mark highlights the location of a group of nerve endings that are very important to your dog.

    This is the site of your GSDs vibrissae.

    Black Spots And Genetics

    When it comes to the spots on your dogs tongue, its all about genetics.

    The Spitz family is home to many breeds, while others are related to the Spaniel or Pointer. Many of these dogs origins are the United Kingdom and Germany.

    While these breeds have definite similarities, no-one has yet been able to figure out exactly why some dogs have spotted tongues, and others do not.

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    Can Black Spot On Golden Retrievers Tongue Be A Problem

    The black spot on Golden Retrievers tongue is a result of hyperpigmentation. So, it is not a fatal health issue, threat, or problem for your pal. Yet, you shouldnt completely ignore these spots.

    Regularly observe these areas. And when the texture and size of the black spots start changing drastically, ask advice from the Vet. Furthermore, two most fatal mouth conditions whose appearance coincide with the black-spot on Golden Retrievers tongue are:

    • Canine melanoma
    • Squamous Carcinoma

    However, these conditions appear more in the skin coat of your Golden Retriever than its tongue. And you can distinguish them because they are slight bulge flesh spots, unlike the black ones. So, consult with the Vet as soon as you notice these fleshy spots.

    Furthermore, the black spots on the other parts of Golden Retriever are bluish rather than black. Thus, the marks on your pets body, aside from black or blue colors, indicate a severe health hazard. So, consult with Vet because early diagnosis of these issues ensures the success and effectiveness of the treatment.

    Why Do Some Dogs Have Black Spots On Their Tongue

    Training a German Shepherd Puppy…Update on Layla The Lovely with German Shepherd Man

    One of the most distinguishing traits about the Chow breed, besides their lion-like mane, is their blue/black tongue. The common belief is that if a mixed breed dog has black spots on his tongue, he must have some Chow in him. Another belief is that if your purebred dog has spots on his tongue you must have been misled about his heritage and hes not really a purebred. Neither statement is true because a spotted tongue is not a reliable way to determine a dogs heritage. So why do some dogs have black spots on their tongue, and is it something to be concerned about?

    Melanin is commonly known as pigment. Its a substance that determines skin and hair color, the color of the iris of the eye, feathers on birds and scales on reptiles, as well as the skin and hair color of dogs and cats. In people, extra pigmentation in skin cells shows up as birthmarks or freckles on our skin. Our canine friends can also have freckles dotting their skin, and that includes on their tongue. Essentially, black spots on a dogs tongue are akin to freckles on humans.

    Some dog breeds 42 in all are more likely to develop blue/black spots on their tongue than other breeds, but researchers arent sure why. The most probably answer is genetics, and many of the breeds that can have tongue spots are from the Spitz family or have Spaniel or Pointer ancestors.

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    Is It Normal For A Dog To Have Black Gums

    A dogs gums should usually be pink however, its completely normal for your dog to have black gums or black spots over their gums. These types of spots are often something your dog is born with. However, if your dog has puffy or white sections to their gums it could mean they have periodontal disease.

    Why Some Golden Retrievers Have A Black Spot On Their Tongue Natural Or A Health Issue

    As a dog owner, it is normal for you to be concerned about your Golden Retrievers health. The sudden discovery of black spots on your Goldens tongue can be alarming, especially when you have had your dogs for ages, and these spots spontaneously manifest. I am here to reassure you that these spots are nothing to fret over.

    Some dogs are born with these spots, and a few dogs develop these spots at an early stage in their lifetime, whereas other dogs only experience the development of these spots when they are older.

    The black spots on your Golden Retrievers tongue are entirely usual. However, there are instances when the black spots on your dogs tongue are a cause for worry.

    Lets straight get into the topic

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    When The Color Of Your Dogs Tongue Should Raise Concern

    Even though black spots on your furry friends tongue can be completely safe and normal it might also be a sign that a medical issue is at hand. Healthy spots will have the same texture as the rest of your canines tongue, and pretty much stay the same size and shape their whole life. If you discover spots that arent blue/black, are raised, have a foul odor, or are a different texture than that of the dogs tongue then there might be a problem. Additionally, dark spots that suddenly appear on your pups tongue, mouth, gums, or skin can also be indications of health issues. If you find anything like this on your furry friend, you should call their vet to get it properly checked out.

    Black spots on your poochs tongue can be a completely normal trait that appears on all dog breeds, purebred and mixed alike. When these spots have been present since birth, they usually are nothing to cause concern. Its typically only when these types of spots show up out of nowhere is when you should call Fidos vet.

    What Breed Of Dog Looks Like A German Shepherd

    Why Do German Shepherds Have Black Spots on their Tongue ...

    A Belgian Malinois is a medium-size Belgian shepherd dog that looks like a German Shepherd Dog at first glance. A shorthaired, fawn-colored dog with a black mask, a malibu is short-haired and has a short coat. There are four types of Belgian herding dogs, and they have been shown in the United States. Since 1959, the breed has been a separate one.

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    Black Gums In Dogs Causes And Dog Breeds With Black Gums Naturally

    If you are wondering, Is it normal for a dog to have black gums? the answer is yes and no. Although it is normal for some dogs to have black gums, it may be an indication of an underlying medical issue. In fact, one of the vital signs of the well-being of a dog is the color of gums is the color of gums. You may have seen your vet check them out at some point. Read on to find out more about black gums in dogs.

    Why Are There Dog Breeds With Blue Tongues

    Most dog breeds do not have blue tongues, rather they have the more common pink tongues. However, there are some dog breeds that have naturally blue tongues. It is important not to confuse naturally blue tongues in dogs with tongues that turn blue or purple due to a disease. If you have a dog that does not belong to a blue-tongued breed, consult this AnimalWised article on why your dog has a purple tongue.

    There have been many myths and theories about dogs with blue tongues. Scientists have not been able to agree on the exact reason for naturally occurring blue-black or purple tongues in dogs. Some theories suggest that blue coloration in a dog’s tongue is due to genetic mutation that causes a greater concentration of melanin or pigmentation cells in the tongue, giving rise to its peculiar shade.

    Do you know which dog breeds have dark tongues? Here are 9 of the top breeds of dogs with blue tongues.

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    How Do I Know If These Spots Are Abnormal

    While dark tongue spots are usually normal occurrences, it is still best to be vigilant. Pay close attention when you are brushing your dogs teeth to any changes in their oral health.

    It never hurts to mention new spots to your veterinarian. A quick look into the mouth will allow them to determine whether or not the spots need to be assessed.

    Veterinarians become concerned when the spots are raised or hardened.

    Two of the most common oral cancers are melanomas or squamous cell carcinomas. Tumors from both of these cancers may appear as dark masses on your dogs tongue or mucus membranes. These will be blatantly different from the normal, flat spots.

    Do Labradors Have Black Spots On Their Tongues

    Hot Spots and Treatments in German Shepherds

    German shepherd dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty and bravery as much as for their majestic appearance. Not much consideration is usually given to the appearance of a shepherd’s tongue, however, unless it looks unusual, such as having black spots. Such spots bring up questions about a German shepherds lineage.

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    Over 35 Breeds Are Prone To Spots On Their Tongues

    Why are Their Dog Breeds with Spotted Tongues, and Why Do Dogs Have Spotted Tongues?

    So why do certain dog breeds have spotted tongues? Dogs tongue displays these spots as a result of extra pig.. My friend, a Gboyega dog, has countless dime-sized freckles on her chest, but her DNA doesnt show any Chow.

    However, having a Chow in your mixed breed is possible since theyre one of the oldest breeds known to man, but theres also 38 other breeds known for having spotted tongues.

    Dark spots on the tongue are a common thing among breeds of different varieties. However, if you were hoping to narrow down your dogs genetic make-up based on their tongue alone, youre not going to make much success.

    You can pin down the area a little bit, but youre still looking at a lot of combinations when you consider 38 breeds that are prone to develop spots on their tongue.

    If you really would love to know your mixed breed dog ancestry, you might consider getting a dog DNA test done.

    Why Do Dogs Have Spotted Tongues

    Last updated on By Puppy Leaks

    Help! I found a black spot on my Labs tongue does that mean hes part Chow?

    Contrary to popular myth, black spots on your dogs tongue does not mean hes part Chow. While it is true that one of the most well known physical traits of a Chow is his blueish black tongue, its not a trait thats unique to the breed.

    Labs, Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers are also known to have spots on their tongues. In fact, over 30 breeds are prone to spotted tongues.

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    Melanin Could Be The Cause

    Melanin is a substance that determines skin and hair color as we as the color of ones eyes. If a person has extra pigmentation in their skin cells, it can show up as birthmarks or freckles. When it comes to our canine companions, these freckles caused by melanin can show up on their skin as well as their tongue. So if a pup has black spots on their tongue, it could be due to extra pigmentation.

    Dog breeds that have darker lips or noses may also have dark pigmentation spots on their gums and tongue. These freckles will typically be visible upon the canines birth or develop when the pup is very young.

    Why Does My German Shepherd Have A Purple Tongue

    Why Do German Shepherds Have Black Spots on their Tongue ...

    These include kidney disease low blood oxygen, often as a result of heart or lung problems niacin deficiency and oral ulcers. Like cancerous growths, these spots appear suddenly they were not present at birth. Have your vet check any change in your dogs tongue, including turning a purple-black color.

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    Do All Golden Retrievers Have A Black Spot On Their Tongue

    No, all Golden Retrievers do not have a black spot on their tongue. These black spots are equivalent to the birthmarks that can found on human bodies. These black spots will manifest randomly on different Golden Retrievers. Just like some people have birthmarks, and others do not, the same applies to Golden Retrievers.

    Some Breeds With Black Spots In Their Mouths

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    This article is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

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