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Can German Shepherd Puppies Live Outside

Dogs Have Special Attributes To Keep Warm

Can German Shepherds stay outside in the cold?

According to Dog Discoveries, all dogs have basic traits and behaviors to stay warm when it is cold out. Your German Shepherd is better adapted than some other breeds.

  • Bushy tail to cover face when sleeping Dogs will often sleep in a curled position to minimize heat loss and GSDs have exceptionally bushy tails to keep nose and eyes warm.
  • A counter-current heat exchanger in paws A network of blood vessels maintains heat in a dogs paws similar to a penguins feet.
  • Piloerection When your German Shepherd puffs up, her guard hairs and undercoat trap cold air away from her skin and body.

Coat Problems And Grooming

German Shepherds require quite a bit of grooming as they are thick-coated, large breed dogs, but there are only a few small differences with their grooming when kept indoors.

Clipping their nails will need to be done more frequently when kept indoors as they dont get to wear them down from running around the garden and through constant digging.

Maintaining a German Shepherd coat requires a lot of grooming, whether you keep them indoors or outdoors because of that double coat. The main difference is in managing their coats when indoors because their shedding will be more noticeable, so you will need to brush them more often.

Many people dont like dog hair all around the house, especially if theyre allergic. If you have allergies due to the large amount of hair they lose, you may want to keep them regularly groomed by a professional, or keep them outdoors.

What To Look For When Choosing An Outdoor Dog Kennels For A German Shepherd

Here are some things to consider when buying a Dog Kennel for your German Shepherd:

Purpose. Before you buy, consider what kennel you need in advance. Do you need a crate for outdoor, your backyard, or just a few occasions?

Durability. If you are buying online, read some reviews and check out the kennel structure. Good German Shepherd kennels should be sturdy and have door hinges made to withstand dog escape attempts and prevent bending.

They should also have locks that prevent them from being damaged by your German shepherd, but you can quickly and easily unlock and unlock them.

Portability. A good dog kennel no matter how big it is, it should be easy to collapse and assemble, and easy to carry.

Easy to clean. Choose a crate that you can clean without much trouble.

Here are Our top Picks for the Outdoor Dog Kennels for German shepherds

  • This large dog kennel provides ample exercise space while the chain link mesh all around helps prevent mischief and unexpected accidents while enabling ventilation.
  • Thanks to the sturdy and heavy-duty galvanized steel construction, this high-quality dog kennel is durable and built to last. The included top canopy, made of 100% polyethylene, is fire-resistant and UV protected, providing protection from sun, rain, snow, and other weather conditions.
  • The hinged door ensures extra security and safety for your dogs thanks to the lockable latch system. It is easy to assemble.

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A German Shepherd Dog Is Not A Golden Retriever

Sometimes I feel like many people assume that a lab/golden retriever is just the default dog personality . Obviously, this is not true for every GSD, but shepherds tend to be one person dogs. Your shepherd doesnt think that every person she meets is her best friend, and thats part of her heritage. Shepherds are a bit suspicious of strangers. Also, be prepared for your shepherd to pick someone to be her person in your family. This can be saddening, but its also a trait of the breed.

Can They Be Left Outdoors

Can German Shepherds Live Outside?

The short answer is NO.

A GSD, especially a German line GSD, is a hardy animal. Sure, they are a close relative of the wolf and can survive outside. They can be out for short periods of time. In my experience though, anyone asking this question is NOT prepared to get a GSD.

A German Shepherd is a very intelligent dog. When you get a shepherd you are adding a new member to your pack. You wouldnt leave your kids out all night long, would you? No. Sure, the kids might be fine but even if they survive physically, it is really going to screw with them mentally if you send them out the back door each night.

Now you might think that I am saying this as a dog fanatic. Rest assured I am not. Socialization and exercise are mandatory for this breed. Exercise levels depend on the dog but expect to be walking this dog daily or giving it a thorough workout every 48hrs, at least throughout the teen years . They have a certain amount of energy that must physically leave their body. It WILL leave their body one way or another if it leaves in a healthy manner or not is the humans responsibility.

In other words, no, a GSD should not be an outdoor dog. Rescues will not let GSDs go home with you if the dog will not be indoors, nor will any responsible breeder. They are a pack member and sending them outside is unhealthy.

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Do You Want A Pet Or A Working Dog

Theres a strong argument that allowing your dog to live inside with you will create a better relationship and bond compared to living separately. So Its important to consider this and think about whether you want a pet, or you purely want your GSD for working purposes only.Do you want your GSD to cuddle in the morning and scooch up to during the evenings? If you want an affectionate, family-orientated german shepherd, then allowing him to sleep inside with you and your family is a must.

Should German Shepherds Sleep Outside

Can a German Shepherd puppy sleep outside? German Shepherd puppies can sleep outside, but not until they are around 4-6 months of age. This is because puppies are unable to regulate their body temperature, are more susceptible to diseases and parasites, and they need a good amount of time bonding with their family.

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Top Best Answers To The Question Can You Keep A German Shepherd Outside

Short answer, YES a German Shepherd can live outside, I have had several and they all were outside dogs. However, they always had proper shelter and shade too keep cool and out of the weather German Shepherds have a double coat. The outer coat, which sheds all year round, is close and dense with a thick undercoat.

As long as a GSD can stay dry and out of the wind, it can stay outside in the cold for longer periods of time Keep in mind that during times of extremely hot or cold weather, even if your GSD really enjoys being outside, he needs to have the opportunity to come back in from time to time to avoid getting too cold.

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «Can you keep a german shepherd outside?» often ask the followingquestions:

What Temperature Is It Okay To Leave A Dog Outside


50-60 degrees and higher are safe temperatures for your dog. 85+ degree temperatures are a different beast in itself, but were just talking about cool to cold temperatures here. 45 degrees or so are generally acceptable, but youll still want to keep an eye on how your dog is handling itself in these temperatures.

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Breeders & Puppy Costs

A good place to start your search for a German Shepherd puppy is on the website of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. Always choose a breeder who respects the clubs code of conduct that doesnt allow the sale of puppies through brokers, commercial dealers such as pet stores, or at auctions.

When you buy a puppy, a good breeder should provide you with a written contract that guarantees they will take the dog back at any time during the animals lifetime if youre unable to keep him. You should also receive written confirmation that the puppys parents and grandparents have the requisite temperament and health certificates.

Look for a breeder whose dogs have won titles in sports, rather than just in the show ring. Make sure you are prepared to bring your German Shepherd puppy home, with the perfect name for your pup.

Cheap German Shepherd puppies are often offered for sale by puppy mills. These operations are purely run on a commercial basis, producing many puppies as cheaply and quickly as possible. Usually, the breeding animals have not been health screened, and puppies from these enterprises often have inherited health conditions and may even be carrying disease or a heavy worm burden from day one. Many pet stores buy their puppies for a cheap wholesale price from puppy mills.

Good quality, well-bred puppies typically cost from $800 to $1,500. However, some animals with an excellent show pedigree in their bloodlines can command prices of up to $4,500.

What Do German Shepherd Puppies Need While Sleeping Outside

To ensure that your German Shepherd puppy is healthy and safe while sleeping outside, there are a few things you should always make sure he has.

These items include:

  • A doghouse. Now, this is not necessary, but plenty of dogs especially puppies enjoy them. It gives them a safe space to snuggle and feel safe, which is what any puppy of any breed can truly appreciate. Plus, you can put all their favorite items inside, making the doghouse more appealing. If you live in a cold climate, then a doghouse with sufficient warm bedding is essential. I would definitely have this Petmate doghouse from Amazon on my wish list! Its really cool and even has an asphalt roof for extra protection from the weather.
  • Water bowl. Your dog is going to get thirsty no matter what the temperature is at night. Make sure he has a water bowl that is filled to the brink every night. Try and put his favorite water bowl out there to make him more comfortable.
  • All his favorites. I cannot stress this enough! You want your German Shepherd puppy to feel comfy and cozy, as this will make it an easier transition for you and your dog.

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Exercise & Living Conditions

A German Shepherd needs plenty of exercise, both to keep him in good physical condition and to stimulate him mentally. If youre an outdoorsy family, a German Shepherd could be the perfect companion for you.

These dogs love long walks and games of fetch with a ball or Frisbee too. Youll need to make time to give your German Shepherd two good walks every day, and you should include a couple of playtime sessions also.

In theory, a German Shepherd could live outside your home, as long as you provide him with a waterproof, well-ventilated, cozy dog crate. The breed has a double coat with fluffy underfur that will keep your pup warm in winter.

However, German Shepherds are fiercely loyal to their human families, and your pup may become stressed and feel isolated if hes separated from you. So, although a German Shepherd could live outside, he would much prefer to stay with you indoors on a cozy dog bed!

What Do You Need To Provide Your Dog When It Is Cold

Can a German Shepherd dog Live Outside in the Backyard ...

Have you acclimated your dog to cold weather? Even if your dog is accustomed to staying outdoors in all conditions for eight to 12 hours, she needs basic amenities. Not only is it the law in many areas, but it ensures her comfort and well-being.

Freshwater Although it seems common sense, water provides the hydration necessary for all metabolic processes, including staying warm.

Shelter Your German Shepherd needs shelter from the wind. A doghouse will also protect from rain, sleet, and snow, and provides additional insulation. An appropriate size will trap your dogs body heat inside, although some still need heaters depending on where you live.

Bedding hay, and straw, as well as blankets and clothing, can provide additional insulation.

Proper nutrition Staying warm requires a lot of fuel.

Supervise and prevent the ingestion of de-icing salt. Rinse feet after walking on salted surfaces.

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How Do You Know Your Shepherd Cannot Handle The Cold

No matter how adaptable your German Shepherd is, always stay attuned to what his body language is telling you. You may see several signs your dog is having a hard time with cold weather.

  • Shivering Shivering is a survival mechanism and generally indicates your dogs core boy temperature is falling.
  • Burrowing Nesting and burrowing into the bedding to get comfortable is normal. If your dog persists, he may be letting you know it is time to come inside.
  • Anxiety and whining Do not ignore your dog if she seems in any kind of distress.
  • Unusual and sudden lethargy or sluggishness This is a serious indicator of hypothermia.

All dogs have limits where cold weather is concerned. Shepherds who have not acclimated to cold temperatures should not be left outside.

The following videos have been included to show contrasting body language.

This Shepherd is clearly excited and happy to be outside. Notice how the coat keeps the snow away from the dogs body and repels moisture. The snow does not melt because the fur keeps it away from the body. This GSD is active, further warming him. Watch the first video.

This German Shepherd is not as exuberant as the former but is not showing any distress with the cold weather. She may need to come in soon, however, based on the snow accumulating on her fur, her immobility, and her low tail set. She is also showing piloerection along the neck. Watch the second video.

Are There Small Dog Breeds That Live Outdoors In Cold Weather

Most outdoor dogs are medium or large-sized breeds. Thatâs because larger dogs do better than small dogs outdoors in cold weather. Larger dogs have greater body mass to retain heat. Small dogs often donât have enough body mass to comfortably spend many hours outdoors in the cold.

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Experts suggest three small dog breeds which might be able to spend extended periods outdoors, depending on the weather. Norwegian Elkhounds, Tibetan Terriers, and Welsh Terriers may tolerate colder temperatures, but not extreme cold. Like all outdoor dog breeds, these smaller dogs will need access to the indoors to spend time with you and remain healthy.

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Can Your German Shepherd To Sleep Outside In Winter

A healthy adult German Shepherd with a thick double-coat will be able to tolerate very cold conditions without much problem. And will be able to sleep outside as long as they are kept in protective weather-resistant housing.It goes without saying that housing is a must. Without a sturdy protective housing no german shepherd, or any dog, could survive sleeping outside in winter conditions when the temperatures are very low.German shepherds are not as well adapted to the cold as some other northern breeds are, but they still boast thick double-coats with impressive insulating qualities. GSDs have a coarse semi-water-resistant topcoat that protects against snow, rain, and dampness. The undercoat is the soft fur thats next to the skin. This is the layer that will keep a German Shepherd warm when the temperatures drop.

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Dont Neglect Their Health

Why You Should Crate Train Your German Shepherd Dog! Even if they Live Outside.

Dog owners keeping their pets outside can neglect aspects such as health and hygiene. When the dog is not under your scrutiny all the time, it can get quite dirty.

Dirty fur does not provide adequate protection to the dog and can lead to health issues. So, wash your dog regularly even if it lives outside in a dog house.

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Can A German Shepherd Dog Live Outside In The Backyard

Amy L: Can a German Shepherd live outside in the backyard?Well, I really want a German Shepherd and my father wants one too. My mother is afraid of dogs so it can’t ever go inside. So, it has to stay outside in the backyard. I’m planning on getting an adult one. Also, I’m going to have to go to school for 8hrs. So it also has to stay by itself at home until I come back. My father also wants a dog that can protect the house from any unwanted intruders.

Answers and Views:

Answer by crazydaisy993Well, I don’t think it would be fair on the dog to never be allowed to go inside. If you were to give it a lot of shelter outside that would maybe be okay but animals require lots of love and attention. Don’t get a dog just for it to be a less expensive alarm system, get one because you want a companion. Also, you should remember that having a big German Shepherd means that you will have to give it exercise as well.

Answer by ZeroYou dont sound like a very experienced dog owner at all! Yes, German Shepherds can sleep outside but dogs never allowed inside will develop serious behavioral problems! He will bark 24/7 because he is bored and your backyard will be in utter ruin! If you see your dog merely as an alarm system instead of a companion well, I would recommend you to stick with a proper alarm system.

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