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Blue German Shepherds For Sale

How To Recognize Blue Bay Shepherds

Light Blue Collar – Purebred German Shepherd Puppy for Sale

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People have been fascinated by wolves for thousands of years, so the idea behind creating the Blue Bay Shepherd doesnt surprise us. This is a new breed whose development started in the early 2000s, and the foundation litter was born in 2011.

The Blue Bay is still a relatively unknown breed, but their stunning wolf-like appearance and a much milder character than those of other wolf-like breeds make them increasingly appealing to more and more wannabe owners. These dogs are new, so getting unbiased information about them would be the first step towards getting one. We spoke to different people involved in the breeding program, and this is what we found out about them.


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Florida German Shepherd Puppies Dog Breeder

Location: Fort White, Florida.

Address:36045 Fentress Ln Eustis, FL 32736



Located in Florida, the Florida German Shepherd puppies breeder is a family-owned and operated business that maintains a breeding program for both imported and American-bred German shepherds.

All of their German Shepherds are registered with the American Kennel Club, and they have a federal license to breed with the breed.

They fed their dogs a raw food diet that was specifically designed for their breed. This company’s website,, also sells German shepherd supplements and other supplies, as well as other dog food and supplies.

Working with a Florida German Shepherd pups breeder is a terrific option if you are seeking a great German Shepherd puppy or adult dog for work, protection, showing, or as a family pet.

They have been breeding top-quality German shepherd dogs for a while now, and they are considered to be one of the most reputable breeders in the region.

The German Shepherd puppy breeder in Florida claims to put your satisfaction above anything else in the breeding process. In collaboration with you, they will identify and select the most suitable German shepherd for your needs and preferences.

Grooming An German Shepherd Dog For Sale

You can recognize any German Shepherd by its distinct features. They have ears that stick straight up, dark eyes, a long muzzle, a medium-length double coat, and a long and bushy tail. It is crucial to be prepared for a regular grooming routine to keep your dog healthy.

You can expect German Shepherds to shed a lot. There are a couple of weeks out of the year where they will shed even more, so be prepared to increase brushing during this time. You will want to brush them every other day with a pin brush to get rid of excess hair and prevent any knots or tangling during the rest of the year. We love the FURminator de-shedding tool to reach their undercoat. You wonât need to bathe them too often, as it can get rid of helpful natural oils in their coat and make their skin dryplan on bathing once every three to four months.

Clip your dogâs nails about once a month or whenever you hear them on hard surfaces. Brush their teeth regularly to keep their smile pristine. Check their ears while brushing them and use ear-drops every so often to prevent infection. Take them to the vet right away if you notice any redness or infection inside the ear.

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Exercising An German Shepherd Dog To Buy

German Shepherds are a large breed with a lot of energy, so they need a lot of exercise. We recommend around two to three hours daily, including mental exercise. This can be spread out between walks and runs, swimming, hiking, searching for treats, and interactive toys. German Shepherds can run up to 30 miles an hour, so make sure you train them on a leash, so they do not get away from you.

Keep in mind that German Shepherd puppies will need a different exercise routine than adults. Be wary of too much exercise that can end up damaging their joints as they grow. Aim for low impact exercises on softer surfaces. We recommend off-leash walking and running because they can go at their own pace and stop and start as much as they need to. Also, throw in some brain-engaging exercise that can help teach them commands, like obstacle courses and treasure searches.

Adult dogs’ exercise will need to be spread into physical exercise, obedience training, mental stimulation, bonding activities, and recovery. You pretty much cannot over-exercise an adult German Shepherd. They have a high tolerance for exercise and love every minute of it. This is a brilliant breed, so you will want to vary the activities you do with your German Shepherd to make sure they don’t get bored.

Is The Blue Bay Shepherd Right For Me

Powder Blue German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

The Blue Bay Shepherd is a gentle giant who makes a loving companion. This dog breed is also healthier and more active than many purebred dogs.

Fans of rare dogs often rush into the latest dog fad without proper research. If youve done your homework on this breed and have experience handling large dogs, you may consider getting a Blue Bay Shepherd.

However, these dogs are only bred at Palm Bay, Florida by Vicki Spencer. Dont let anyone else claiming to have this dog fool you.

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You Already Have The Puppy At Home Or Have Paid The Full Price

If you already have a puppy in your household from a breeder with some red flags called out here, then love it and take the best care of it you know how! Many of the potential problems are simply risk factors and you could very well end up with a perfectly normal, healthy and happy GSD from even the worst of situations.

Do Lycan Shepherds Need A Lot Of Physical Activity

In general, these dogs are high-energy. They can also cross great distances. As a result, this crossbreed will need a lot of exercise each day.

It can be difficult to ascertain but you should assume that a Lycan Shepherd may need between an hour and two hours of moderate exercise. This can vary from one dog to another. You will have to find out how much a particular dog needs through trial and error.

For instance, you can start by providing your dog with an hour of brisk exercise. If they still appear to have lots of energy, you can slowly increase it. A well-exercised dog should be calm but not overly tired.

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Blue German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

A word of warning before you get reading blue German shepherd puppies are easy to recognize with their light blue eyes and grayish blue coat. However, as they grow, the pigment in the hair can become indistinguishable from, let us say, a black German shepherd.

For this reason, most breeders cannot guarantee coat colors but simply predict them based on the parent dogs coat color. This should not dissuade you from getting one. Most blue GSD puppies have very unique shades even when adults.

If you are dead set on getting a distinctively blue shepherd, then a blue Dutch Shepherd is the dog for you.

Are Blue Bay Shepherds Hypoallergenic

Blue Collar – Purebred German Shepherd Puppy for Sale

There are no written pieces of evidence that state whether Blue Bay Shepherds are hypoallergenic. But based on its shedding characteristic, these pups arent that suggested for those who have allergies.

Its German Shepherd origin is among some of the most allergy-causing breeds out there so you better be cautious.

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Origins And History Of A Blue German Shepherd Dog

This variety of German Shepherds is very attractive. The dogs are not really blue. It is a diluted black color that looks quite specific. Despite many myths and wrong beliefs, there are not any sufficient differences in the overall look and behavior of such doggies. Moreover, it is not a separate breed as some people may believe.

That is why the history of a blue GSD started simultaneously with the history of a German Shepherd as a breed. Sometime in the middle of the 19th century, a retired German Cavalry officer, Max von Stephanitz by name, decided to breed the most perfect canines for his sheep farms. It took him about forty years to complete the process and obtain a working dog that could deal with herding and guarding.

Of course, a blue coat German Shepherd is not navy-blue or sky-blue. It looks like its immediate predecessor a wolf but only a bit darker. Such a color is also called diluted black. The color is a result of completely disabled D genes. A D gene produces a deep black color. Parents with the DD or Dd combinations of genes are unlikely to produce blue-coated offspring. Though, the latter combination can sometimes result in this if both parents do have it.

As you have already understood, D stands for a black color. And what about d? Geneticists argue that it stands for blue or diluted black. This gene can completely block black, resulting in an ultimate blue.

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Additional Costs Of Owning A Blue Bay Shepherd

Photo from: @raven_the_blue_bay_shepherd

Are they expensive to keep? Well, they can be.

In many ways, the cost of owning a Blue Bay is approximately the same amount as other large breeds. However, besides the initial cost of purchasing a Blue Bay puppy, you will also have to think about shipping them from Florida.

If you live somewhere close to Florida, it will be easier to ship your puppy, but if you are from another state, you will have to travel and pay for the shipping, which can cost different amounts depending on the distance.

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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Temperment

German Shepherds are alert, obedient, loyal, and curious. The motto for German Shepherds is “protect and serve.” This is apparent in their loyalty to their owners. They were born and bred to be guardians, making excellent watchdogs. Because of this, they might be wary of strangers, so be careful when introducing them to others.

German Shepherds are known to bark to alert you. Training from a young age is vital you could start by teaching them puppy words such as “quiet” and “no speak” to control the barking as quickly as it starts. These eager to please dogs will be easy to train as long as you get started right away.

You’ll want to start training your German Shepherd puppy at eight weeks or whenever you adopt them. Socialization is the first step and is crucial to long-term success with strangers and other pets. We recommend crate training to assist in house-training. This helps provide a secure environment for your puppy to relax. You’ll want to begin obedience training and impulse control around three months of age. Also, teach them to come when called at this time.

Once your German Shepherd understands all the basic commands, you can move on to things like scent work and tracking, agility, and herding to keep their minds engaged.

Nutrition For An German Shepherd Dog To Purchase

Blue German Shepherd For Sale

German Shepherds are known to have sensitive stomachs, so you’ll want to choose your dog food carefully. These dogs need high-quality protein, grains, fruits, and vegetables. You’ll want to find more nutrient-dense foods for puppies than for adults. We recommend feeding your German Shepherd dry food. Not only is this the most economical, but it promotes healthy teeth and gums.

The total amount of calories needed for your German Shepherd depends on their life stage and activity levels. Most German Shepherds are only fed puppy food until they are six months old to prevent joint damage as they proliferate.

Ensure the primary ingredient in whatever food you decide on is whole meat, not a meat byproduct. Also, look for barley, rice, and rolled oats, which are easier to digest.

Explore all Available Puppy Breeds at Blue Sky Puppies

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Blue German Shepherd Price And Breeders

According to researchers and a reputable breeder, the average price of a Blue shepherd is not bigger than a local shepherd.

The price of a shepherd lies between 1400$ to 1500$, maybe up. The price of a shepherd totally depends upon the breeder and the dogs age. Also, the repute and quality of dog breeders matter a lot.

But, as we discussed that the blue color is rare. So, if you want to buy this premiere dog then you need to pay a little bit more.

Rescue Centers

But, if the price doesnt lie in your budget then dont worry. You can also buy the dog from a rescue center. On a dog rescue center, the average price lies between 50$ to 300$.

Are you thinking not to buying? because it is a rescue center.

No worries, actually if you buy a dog from a rescue center, there are two benefits. Firstly youre saving a life and secondly, you can spend extra money on his toys.

Be Bright German Shepherdsgerman Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Central Florida

Location: Eustis, Central Florida.

Address:36045 Fentress Ln Eustis, FL 32736


Phone: 978-9392

Be Bright German Shepherd Breeders has been breeding top-quality German Shepherds for over ten years.

All of these puppies are AKC-registered, and you will receive your puppy’s registration paperwork when you pick up your new family member.

The puppies will also have received their first shots, been dewormed, will have a health certificate, and will be guaranteed to be healthy.

They have a 23-acre farm where their dogs can run around and play. They also have a kennel where the dogs can spend time indoors with air conditioning to keep them cool in hot weather.

Furthermore, they do not ship puppies, but they can meet you halfway within a reasonable driving distance or arrange alternative options if necessary.

Their website is being constantly updated with the most recent German shepherd puppies for sale.

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Are Blue Bay Shepherd Really Blue

Although the coat color is called blue, it doesnt mean the dog is sharp blue colored. Blue in dogs refers to a diluted version of black, and a Blue Bay Shepherd has a hint of bluish color in an otherwise black coat.

Blue Bay Shepherds also have blue skins, noses, paw pads, lips, and eye rims. Sometimes, they even have blue eyes. Although they may have other shades on their coat, they are blue dogs as long as their skins are blue.

Are Lycan Shepherds Good For First

Rare Solid Blue German Shepherd Puppy | GSD Newborn Puppies | Ayers Legends #Shorts

No, the dogs arent suitable for first-time owners. For one there is too much uncertainty regarding the temperament and behavior of the dog. As such, you need a seasoned owner who can adapt their tactics to suit the nature of the dog.

To add to this, the pups arent easy to take care of. They can have a dominant nature and you will need to know how to circumvent this at a young age. If you fail to do this, you may find a stubborn and misbehaving Lycan Shepherd on your hands.

These dogs may require special attention when it comes to their diet and physical activity requirements. Once again, a long-time dog owner will be better equipped to figure out.

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Blue German Shepherd Faq

There might be a few confusing things regarding blue German shepherds, and this FAQ is here to clear them up. Most of the questions are probably regarding the colors, so let me answer them.

We will also touch on size, weight, some distinguishing characteristics, and why you should or should not own one.

While This Color Is Not As Rare As Isabellas It Is Still Not Common

They can be gray, tan, or even black. This can be a great choice if you want a blue German Shepherd. Despite its rarity, the breed is extremely popular for many reasons. While a blue German Shepherd can be a great addition to your family, its a beautiful dog that is sure to make you proud.

Whether youre looking for a dog for your family or just a companion for your home, youll want to consider how much youre willing to spend on a blue German Shepherd puppy. A great breeder will charge at least $400 for a puppy that is free of defects. A special coloring can cost as much as $5,000. You dont want to spend that much on a dog.

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Health Characteristicsof A Blue German Shepherd Dog

The blue GSD has thesame health tendencies as the normal black and tan variants, and their lifespanis 7 to 10 years.

Unlike other breeds,such as the French Bulldog, the colour blue is not indicative of health issuesor problematic personality traits. The diluted gene is often linked to healthissues in other breeds, such as Colour Dilution Alopecia in Weimaraner, but theblue German Shepherd is not known to suffer any diluted colour related healthissues. Simply put, the blue German Shepherd is simply a colour variation, andtheir health is exactly the same as a traditional coloured German Shepherd.

If looking at buying apuppy the National Breed Club for the German Shepherd recommends that bothparents are tested for Elbow and Hip Dysplasia, and that they should both scoreat least Fair. Elbow and Hip Dysplasia is an abnormal formation in the elbowand hip joints which is prevalent in larger breeds of dogs. Over time thisformation can cause pain in their joints and can often lead to cripplingarthritis in older dogs.


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