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Why Do German Shepherds Bite Their Owners

How Do German Shepherds Affect Homeowners Insurance


According to the Insurance Information Institute, HOI policies typically cover $100,000-$300,000 for dog-bite-related liability claims, subject to the breed of the dog.

Certain insurance companies will look at each case and decide based on individual dogs. These companies will investigate all dogs, not just the breeds known for being more aggressive or having higher dog-bite statistics.

HOI service providers may decide to cover you for dog-bite liability at no increased cost. Then, if your German Shepherd bites someone, they will increase your premium by a certain amount.

You should check what this amount is before accepting the policy.

Alternatively, after an incident, your insurance company can decide that your risk now exceeds what they are willing to take on , and they will refuse to renew your policy when it expires.

Insurance companies may provide you with full HOI cover, including dog-bite liability, but start you off with a higher premium.

If you are happy to pay this, bear in mind that they can still increase your premium further if there is an incident. Once again, they may also decide to cancel your policy altogether.

Some insurance companies will give you HOI cover, but on the condition that you sign a dog-bite liability waiver, releasing them from any responsibility should your German Shepherd bite someone while they are on your property.

Do German Shepherds Need A Big Yard True Or False

German shepherds are strong energetic dogs that need regular exercise to help maintain their physical and mental needs. So does a big yard matter when you decide to keep a German shepherd? The answer is absolutely no. German shepherds do not need a big yard to meet their daily physical and mental needs. Playing with

Most Common German Shepherd Behavioral Problems

Before we dive into the most common behavioral problems associated with German shepherds, I think its important to look at where the breed has actually come from.

Over the last century, German shepherds have been used for tracking, search and rescueespecially for the police and protection and guarding. So, its no surprise that a lot of the issues are in this exact area.

They have been intentionally bred for traits such as fierce loyalty, intelligence, and strength.

This leads to one of the first common problems for German shepherds, which revolves around aggression and the need to protect. Its very possible that an untrained German shepherd would be likely to bark or lunge at other dogs or people, especially on his own property.

Its not at all that this type of dog is being mean or nasty. In fact, from the dogs point of view, he believes hes just doing his job of protecting his family or territory.

Its a very, very common problem, and, at the end of the day, it is what the German shepherd has been bred to do a lot of the time.

The good newsthis behavior can be untrained. Or even better yet, if youre working with a German shepherd puppy or a young German shepherd, you can easily avoid this behavioral problem. And in case you are wondering, this does not automatically mean, that if you ever really do need help, that they wont rise to the occasion!

Once again, with some basic training and a good sturdy harness, this behavior can be easily prevented.

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How Do You Know When A Gsd Is About To Attack

Aside from the obvious signs like growling, gnashing teeth, and lunging at you, how else can you tell when a GSD might attack?

A dog emits calming signals to help defuse certain situations.

Dogs have developed a set of calming signals over time that they use to reduce the chances of aggression and conflict with other dogs, their human companions, and other species they may be living with. Learn to spot these signs on an aggressive dog, and you might avoid confrontation altogether.

Unfortunately, there is not always a 100% sure way to know when a GSD might become very aggressive because every dog is different, but for the most part, a German Shepherd Dog might:

  • The dog will freeze. Their body will become stiff and sculpted. They will look alert and unflappable at this point, ready to charge.
  • The tail will be close to the ground. No wagging or playful curls, just a sunken, immobile tail.
  • The eyes will enlarge, possibly even showing white.
  • Both ears will return. They are likely to keep their ears flat, immobile rather than twitching and listening to sounds around them.
  • The fur on the back of the neck and along the spine will bristle and bristle. This can make the dog appear much larger.
  • The head may dip a little, but not all dogs do this.
  • The dog may begin to growl or bark, but not all German Shepherds will vocalize before attacking.

Dog Bite Statistics Children Are Most Likely Victims To Be Bitten By A German Shepherd

Why Do German Shepherds Bite or Chew Their Nails?  The ...

German Shepherd. By Ellen Levy Finch Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

There are approximately 4.7 million dog bites every year according to the Center for Disease Study. Approximately 1 out of every 5 dog bite victims require emergency medical treatment. Children ages 5 to 9 years old sustain more dog bites than any other age.

Dog bites disproportionately affect children. Young children are full of wonder and curiosity and are often prone to exploration and experimentation. Most do not understand there should be physical boundaries between humans and animals especially between dogs and children who are often naturally drawn to animals. A childs innocence and naiveté coupled with an over protective dog can lead to problems. Children will almost instinctively kiss or hug a dog around its neck . A dog exhibiting any forms of the aggression listed below will likely snap if confront with an innocent embrace.

Child dog bite attack injuries are usually more serious then those suffered by adult victims. Children are smaller and weaker and thereby less capable of fending off dog attacks. Children are also shorter and their head, neck and face are in closer proximity to a dogs mouth.

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Experienced Boston Area Personal Injury Attorneys Initial Consultations Are Always Free No Fee Unless We Recover For You

If you or a loved one has been bitten, attacked or fatally mauled by a German Shepherd dog, mix breed, or any type of dog you need an experienced attorney to pursue a claim against the dogs owner or other responsible parties. Our lawyers have have a proven track record with over 35 years of legal experience in helping dog bite and accident victims pursue civil claims and we are ready to take on your case today.

No matter where you are located, we are just a phone call away. Call our law offices today to schedule a free no-obligation case review and consultation at 588-0422 or click the link below to use our Free Case Evaluation Form.

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German Shepherd Puppy Biting Is In The Genes

If you’re already the lucky parent of a German Shepherd puppy, you’ve probably noticed that your GSD puppy is particularly nippy.

And you’d be right

Some owners loving refer to their German Shepherds as land sharks. And it’s true, to begin with.

Of course, that’s until they have learned that biting human limbs is off-limits.

German Shepherds have extremely high prey drives, so they love anything that moves fast!

Anything from balls, garden critters, to other puppies, and unfortunately your hands, feet, or even your pants can become a target.

And the faster you try to move your hand, foot, or something else away, the faster your puppy will move to catch it.

To top it off, your German Shepherd puppy is from strong herding stock so chasing and gathering’ moving objects is pre-programmed into their genes.

Being a herding breed their job is to ensure the flock is contained at all times, and to deal with the wayward sheep by gripping them at the back of the neck, above the hocks, or the ribs.

Keeping in mind what your puppy was originally bred for will be really useful as you work on bite inhibition.

Before we look at how to take charge of your German Shepherd puppy biting we should first understand a few key things about biting

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Games To Curb German Shepherd Puppy Biting

The best time to curb a German Shepherd puppy from biting is during a play session between you and your puppy.

I suggest initiating play sessions with your puppy as often as possible until you have taught your puppy to have a soft mouth.

I suggest using a clicker for these games. If you don’t already know how, check out my article on before getting started.

When Do German Shepherd Puppies Stop Biting

How Hard Does A German Shepherd Bite? (Bonus: Tips For Reducing Biting!)

Biting persists especially when the owner ignores or encourages biting. German shepherd biting habits can be stopped when their owners train them properly as early as possible. Dont be too gentle or lenient towards your German shepherd puppies if you dont want unwanted behaviors to arise in the future. Correct and control your GSDs biting behavior by following the strategies above. If you dont address unwanted behaviors like biting immediately, it can get worse and your GSD might become aggressive which would be difficult to control.

German shepherd biting is a common problem but it can be stopped. Take time to learn the different ways to stop German shepherd puppy biting especially if you are inexperienced. If the redirection technique works for you and your GSD, then be firm and consistent. If its not effective, try other approaches. If youre not sure how to handle this problem, you can always ask for a professionals help.

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Is Your German Shepherd Puppy Biting Hands

So, why didnt Allie bite ankles? Because she was too busy biting hands! This was my little piranhas specialty she wanted to nip my hands at every opportunity.

There are lots of reasons why a pup may decide to start biting your hands. For one, good things come from hands. Also, hands are almost like swinging toys from the perspective of a playful pup too enticing to pass up!

The following tips will help you curb your German Shepherd puppys biting instincts, whether they target hands, ankles, or anything else!

S To Take When Your German Shepherd Attacks You

If your German Shepherd becomes aggressive under certain situations, you should try to avoid the situations that may trigger the aggression. You may get the help of a dog trainer to help you handle the dog. It is not advisable to try to train your dog not to attack you. Instead, you should consult a professional or a dog behaviorist.

If you suspect that your German Shepherds aggression is due to an injury, you should take the dog to a Vet. This will be the best option if the dog shows signs of injury. You may still take your dog to the Vet even if you do not understand the trigger of the aggressive behavior. This way, you will be able to rule out medical issues as the cause of aggression.

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What To Do When Someone Unleash A German Shepherds On You

For the most part, an unleashed dog running at you barking and growling is not usually coming in with the intention of biting you. Most likely the dog is just trying to tell you to leave the area.

But if you start to become agitated and run away, the dogs hunting instincts will kick in and chase you.

Sometimes, however, even if you dont panic and try to avoid the interaction with the above tips, the dog may attack anyway.

If none of those tips work and the dog still decides you are worth chasing, you are not powerless. This is where your big human brain will come in handy.

Take The Quiet Approach

Pin on Things for my dogs

Ignoring your German Shepherd means not giving them attention when theyre acting out and biting you.

Dont reward mouthing or aggressive biting by responding to it. Ignore them altogether.

You can choose this option if youd prefer not to say no to your puppy or the ouch method didnt work.

To ignore them, walk away and go into another room, remain silent, and dont make eye contact. Only offer them interaction and come back to them when they show you calming behaviors.

Our dogs love our attention.

And German Shepherds crave it!

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Things To Remember Before Training Your German Shepherd

Before you train your german shepherd to stop growling there are some important things you need to remember. If you dont remember them then you may end up doing more harm than good.

Your German Shepherd Isnt Being Bad

Its often thought that when a dog growls that its bad behavior. However, when a dog growls theyre simply showing the emotions they feel at that point in time. No emotion your dog feels is bad, its just natural behavior.

If your dog is growling, you should aim to change the behavior, not punish them.

There Are Often Other Warnings Before Growling

If your German shepherd is growling in an aggressive way, there are often lots of other warning signals that will occur before and during the aggression.

As well as growling you may notice that your german shepherd has become completely still and theyre watching your moves carefully. Theyll seem a lot more amped up and ready to jump at any moment. On top of this, they may also snarl at you, or move away from you if theyre resource guarding.

Your german shepherd will show warning signs before and during growling, and if you continue the behavior they dont like, they may end up snapping.

A Well Trained German Shepherd Is Less Likely To Growl

Lastly, you should know that if your german shepherd has been trained well theyll be a lot less likely to growl.

When a dog is trained well, they will become used to a range of different scenarios as well as how to act in them.

And in most cases its still going to be:

Why Do German Shepherd Puppies Bite

Its important to understand that your fuzzy little friend isnt being aggressive this is just how your puppy plays. Up until this time, your puppy was with its littermates, and playtime meant lots of mouthy, nipping fun.

Accordingly, this is the only way your GSD knows how to play! As a new puppy parent, youll need to teach your dog other gentler ways to play.

A German Shepherd puppy also uses their mouths to explore different things like toys or hands, ankles, furniture pretty much anything they can get their mouth around.

Because dogs cant pick things up and examine them, they resort to using their mouths. While being mouthy isnt inherently a bad thing, youre in trouble when teeth start getting involved.

Your puppy could also be teething, which can increase their mouthy behavior.

Now that you understand a little more about why your pup is biting, you shouldnt be alarmed. Just be patient as you work through the German Shepherd puppy biting phase give your pup time to learn to be gentle when playing or seeking your attention.

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Teach Your Dog Where Its Territory Is

Finally, before you start teaching your dog to protect you and your family, you want to ensure it knows where its territory is. You dont want your dog barking at strangers out on the street, but you need to teach it where its territory begins and ends, so it strengthens its protective nature. Dogs are naturally territorial, so this step is relatively easy.

Walking your dog around your property with a leash will help it realize where the territory begins and ends. You dont want to let your dog bark at someone whos outside your property. You also dont want your dog chasing random strangers down the street, so you need to ensure your dog follows your directions on these walks strictly.

They Have High Prey Drives

Why I hate small dog owner mentalities | My German Shepherd got ATTACKED

German Shepherd dogs have a high prey drive and there is no way to totally eliminate this!

The slightest movements and faintest sounds are bound to draw the attention of your German Shepherd. Your dog easily starts chasing small animals and even insects in the yard.

It becomes understandable that even after some time, your hands, ankles, feet, and even clothes become a target!

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Why Should You Keep Puppies With Mothers For Longer

German Shepherds have an instinct to bite as puppies. The easiest way to discourage them is to keep them with their litter until they are eight to twelve weeks old. This allows puppies to be on the receiving end of their littermates and to understand that it is painful. In turn, this reduces the chance of the puppies biting humans.

Are German Shepherds The Best Military Dogs

German Shepherds are used as the standard breed for the military. They are preferred for many of the same reasons that make them effective police dogs bravery, obedience, and aggression. The breed was first used in the German army in WWI. There are now more than 600 dog teams in the U.S. Army, the vast majority of which are German Shepherds.

How are German Shepherds Trained to Attack?

Most dog bite incidents and attacks are a result of inexperienced owners losing control of their dogs. However, German Shepherds can also be trained to attack on command. This practice is mainly used for dogs in police or military use.

This is done by an owner or handler forming a bond with the dog, teaching it basic commands, and then moving on to instructed attacks in controlled environments, using a trainer wearing a protective sleeve or suit. Positive reinforcement is also used.

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