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Best Toys For German Shepherds

Benebone Real Bacon Flavored Dental Chew Dog Toy

How To Choose The Best German Shepherd Dog Toys for Playtime

Benebone Real Bacon Flavored Dental Chew Dog Toy comes with an updated and improved design to outlast even the most AGGRESSIVE chewers.

Infused with 100% real bacon and constructed from durable nylon, the ergonomic arched design allows your dog to rise up one end of the chew for a better grip and more chewing surface.

Deep grooves give a satisfying bite to encourage chewing.

This thought to design keeps your German Shepherd busy for hours, all the while promoting healthy gums and teeth.


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Constructed of super-strong nylon designed with patented ridges to encourage chewing and remove plaque and tartar.
  • Made with real, USA-sourced bacon!
  • 100% free of artificial flavors!
  • An updated ergonomic design allows your pup to get a good chew and larger surface grip.

Trustworthy Dog Toy Manufacturers

I’ve made a lot of bad toy-buying decisions so I know it’s tough to find the perfect toys for a heavy-on-toys GSD.

I’ve found that high-quality toys come from a handful of manufacturers. And if they offer some kind of guarantee they already have my attention.

So before we get to the good stuff

Here’s a quick run-down of the dog toy makers and the guarantees they offer.

How Can You Use The Toy

Many toys will aim to serve several purposes. Puppies love nothing more than a fun game of fetch or a tug-o-war in the back garden.

Many toys work for this purpose and act as a handy treat dispenser. Any toy can be used as a chew toy.


Is it meant for chewing?

Is it durable?

Is it safe?

Your puppy is going to chew, no matter what you do. So make sure the toys you buy can withstand at least some chewing.

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Dog Toys Specifically For Training

This isnt just any ball on a rope!

The Nero ball* is a hollow rubber ball attached to a nylon throw rope, which makes it easier for you to throw it farther!

However, the tough rope also allows you to hold onto it more easily when teaching a GSD to clamp its jaws .

This tennis ball-sized toy isnt meant to be chewed. But you can remove the rope and let your dog safely chew on the ball.

As its name suggests, this toy is made for tugging*!

You can use the 11-inch, linen-covered toy to help teach a Shepherd how to tug and let go safely, for training and sporting activities.

If youre not satisfied with the quality of the toy, the manufacturer will replace or refund it at no cost to you.

The Kong Training Dummy* is used for retrieval training!

The bright orange dummy or bumper can be easily spotted from a distance, and its lightweight foam body keeps it light enough to float.

This toy would be an excellent option for water training and teaching your dog to soft-mouth carry.

Remember to put your retriever dummy away after training it isnt suitable for unsupervised play.

Characteristics Of German Shepherds

The Best Toys for German Shepherd Puppies and Adults

German Shepherds are very intelligent. This level of intelligence creates a pup that enjoys training, learning new things, and is very curious. These pups, like most Shepherds, need a lot of mental stimulation and can get bored very quickly.

Together with their high intelligence, German Shepherds have a very high drive, are energetic, and crave physical activity. They are also strong and always on alert. This means that German Shepherds have an inherent drive to guard their homes and protect their humans.

These characteristics make lovable, loyal, and protective pups that require a lot of stimulation.

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Nylabone Rompnchomp Chew Toy

This Nylabone Romp N Chomp* is one of the best chew bones for German Shepherd puppies.

It can be stuffed with treats and can be frozen, which can soothe sore gums.

Since your German Shepherd hasnt reached its full strength yet, this bone should hold up against your avid chewer.

Most customers with large breed dogs say it satisfied their teething puppies and didnt break down.

Indestructible Dog Toys For German Shepherds

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get compensated if you buy through these links this is at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

If you’re on this page, you’re looking for indestructible dog toys for German Shepherds, and you’re in the right place.

Now, I must confess I have an obsession with dog toys like other women obsess about shoes.

So I can tell you a thing or two about them toys that is not shoes!

I’m glad you’re here though! Because buying toys for our powerful German Shepherds is an investment for 5 reasons

  • First and foremost for the safety of your GSD.
  • High quality, durable toys are an investment in your dog’s development. They help you raise puppies and keep adult dogs happy.
  • Toys support your German Shepherd’s working gene. They satisfy your dog’s innate need to shred, tear, pull, and chew like they would their prey in the wild.
  • They prevent destructive chewing. I mean, I think I’d cry if one of mine gnawed away to my cherry wood dining set.
  • And, you want to stop spending big bucks on junk toys that end up where destroyed toys go to die the garbage.

Hey, if you’re in a rush check out my 2 favorite indestructible toys on Chewy

Most run-of-the-mill toys don’t last very long with power chewers like German Shepherds.

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What Do German Shepherds Like To Play With

There are different fun activities that a German shepherd would like. The most liked activity is to have a walk with them. To have a jog, a ride on a bike, or play in the park. Playing in the park can be in different ways, like throwing a ball or anything so that a German shepherd will go and fetch that object. German shepherds, after having proper training, also become active at home.

Kong Classic Chew Toy

Top 5 Best Toys for German Shepherd Review

The KONG Classic Chew Toy has gone down in pet product history for its almost indestructible rubber, making it perfect for your German Shepherd. The toy can be used as a fetch toy, chew toy or even a treat dispenser. On top of being sturdy, this toy is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

  • KONG toy is one of the sturdiest toys on the market
  • Your German Shepherd will love fetching, chewing and getting treats out of this toy
  • Dishwasher safe for an easy cleaning, especially if you use peanut butter

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Why Choose The Best German Shepherd Toys For Boredom

Choosing the best German Shepherd toy for boredom is a toy that lets them exercise not only their body but also their mind.

German Shepherds are a highly intelligent, lively breed prone to destructiveness when left under-stimulated. They need to be part of their families and to interact with their owners.

None of us want our large dogs bored when left alone indoors to find their own entertainment.

Who wants to walk into a house torn to pieces by a bored dog?

Thats why choosing what toys to keep your German Shepherd from becoming bored is so important.

Toys help keep your dog busy and happy, both with mental stimulation to prevent boredom andphysical activity for longevity and health to make for a well-rounded dog.

Kong Teething Chew Toy For Puppies

  • Teaches appropriate chewing behaviour while offering mental enrichment
  • Soft puppy KONG rubber formula is customised for puppy teeth and gums
  • Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
  • Great for stuffing with KONG Puppy Easy Treat, Snacks or Ziggies
  • Made in the USA. Globally Sourced Materials.

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Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Kong toys are, paws down, the best chew toys on the market.When they first came out, they only had one size that was aimed at adult dogs.Thankfully, over the years, they developed new sizes, shapes, and chew levelsfor dogs of all sizes and ages. The puppy Kongs were a welcome blessing!

These durable, soft chew toys are specially made for sensitive puppy teeth and gums. They are made of pet-safe and puppy-friendly soft rubber that can bounce all over and encourage your pup to play.

The hollow center leaves room to stuff the toy with a soft, nutritious treat that keeps puppies entertained and soothed.The rubber in this puppy Kong was designed to help relieve teething pain. It has just enough give and a supple, inviting texture that teaches German Shepherd pups where to chewwhich stops them from chewing on you!

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Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy

The Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy* is a great choice for German Shepherds who want a fun toy.

The Y-shape makes it easier for dogs to hold as they chew, and the bones are made with real food flavor.

You can choose from bacon, peanut or chicken for your German Shepherd to enjoy.

One of the most common words used by reviewers is durable, so your German Shepherd will be entertained by this tasty treat for a long time.

The Best German Shepherd Toy For Boredom

Best Chew Toys For German Shepherds

The Kong Extreme is the toy of choice for law enforcement and military k9 units due to its rugged durability and multi-purpose use.

Its that type of support that you want to see in an indestructible toy for your German Shepherd!

If your dog tends to chew on all the wrong things, then this Kong Extreme can be used to redirect them to the right thing you want them to chew.

Simply stuff a few dog treats inside and let your German Shepherd chew away!

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Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy

  • Best for crate training.

The Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy is a great toy for crate training your puppy. This toy is designed to mimic another dogs heartbeat, giving your pup a partner in their crate at night to keep them soothed. While finding a crate that fits your German Shepherd is important, reducing their anxiety levels during the training process will also make the process far more comfortable for your pup.

This toy is designed to create intamicy with physical warmth. You can heat up the disposable warming packs and place them inside the toy, which will ease crying and whining while your puppy crate trains. Its easy to clean, and once the heart is removed, it can be machine washed. This toy is best used during sleeping times, and shouldnt be used as chew toy due to the material and the cost.

We lovethat the Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy is designed to help German Shepherd Puppies get used to their crates at a critical time in their lives. While we wish it was cheaper, its still a great solution for young pups that are crate training early on.

Top 10 Best Toys For German Shepherd Of 2022 Review And Buying Guide

It is fairly typical to be perplexed regarding which toys for german shepherd to buy. This difficulty occurs because to the wide variety of toys for german shepherd available on the market. To help you choose the finest toys for german shepherd available on the market, we have produced a detailed guide.

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Runner Up: Outward Hound Dog Brick Puzzle

  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Interactive

This is one of the best interactive puzzle toys for German Shepherds. Your pet will love figuring out how to move the sliders to uncover hidden kibble treats.

If your German Shepherd is anxious when youre not around, this is the ideal toy to keep it busy.


  • Ideal for the German Shepherd that inclines toward boredom, anxiety, or depression.
  • A durable toy, made from plastic material.
  • This is a food-safe toy that is easy to clean by hand.
  • This is one of the best intermediate puzzle toys for German Shepherds.


  • Do not clean this toy in the dishwasherit must be washed by hand.
  • Do not leave your pet alone with this toy. Supervise play if you want it to last beyond a few days, especially if your pet is aggressive during play.
  • Compartments are not removable, making washing a little more difficult.

There Are Certain Kinds Of Puppy Toys You Should Avoid Buying For Their Own Good Here Are Some Tips

Adorable toddler shares her toys with German shepherd guard dog
  • Avoid toys with stuffing. Theyll try to eat it.
  • Avoid squeaker toys. As much fun as they are, they pose a choking hazard. Not too mention, your German Shepherd will solve that problem in minutes.
  • Avoid vinyl and latex toys. It wont take your Shepherd long to demolish them.
  • Always supervise your puppy when he gets a new toy.
  • When a toy has seen better days, get rid of it so the pup doesnt chew it to bits and swallow small parts.

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Zippy Paws No Stuffing Plush Toy

Price: $

  • Made from high quality cloth fiber no stuffing
  • Can be used indoors & outdoors

Our Overview

When your GSD isnt busy tearing up the training course, shes going to want to curl up at home with a comfort buddy. Thats where this adorable plush squeaky toy comes in.

Besides an unbeatable low price, this manufacturer thought of everything when it comes to plush toys for dogs. There are 10 squeakers inside the toy, ensuring hours of play time. We also love the fact that there is no stuffing, making it safe and easy to clean.

Best of all, you can choose your dog breed! So, your dog can have a mini German Shepherd stuffed animal to sleep with in her crate and keep her company.

For pricing and availability .

Best Fetch/tug Toy For German Shepherd Puppies

Fetch/Tug toys are excellent purchases because they can be used for different types of interactive play. Generally, theyre made to withstand the outdoors. Theyre also generally light enough for tossing, but tough enough for tugging.

The best fetch/tug toy for GSD puppies is the West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Dog Tug Toy. It is an S-shaped toy made with West Paws proprietary Zogoflex material.

That makes it remarkably durable but is also stretchy, bendy, and bouncy, which makes it extra exciting for dogs of all ages. Plus, its dishwasher-safe and non-toxic.

What I love:

  • Stands up to biting and tugging

Possible Downsides:

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Toys Provide Mental Stimulation

A bored dog can be a dangerous thing. When left to their owndevices in a house devoid of toys, German Shepherds often turn towarddestructive behaviors. This can result in chewed furniture, torn curtains, anddamaged clothing or shoes. Thats not even covering the damage a GSD can do toother pets or people in the house if theyre bored.

If you give your GSD the right toys, he will have a safe placeto turn to for mental stimulation. Hell keep his mind busy trying to figureout the puzzle or work out the best way to play with his new toys.

What Toys Are Best For German Shepherd Puppies

What Are The Best Toys For German Shepherd Puppies?

When it comes to puppies, that shows that they are kids and not like the adults, so you must take care that the games level should be for beginners. Therefore, you can choose toys like JW Pet Company Tanzanian Mountain Ball, West Paw Design Zogoflex Tux Dog Chew Toy. West Paw Design Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy. ROGZ Pupz Da Bone Chew Toy. Kong Puppy Tires etc.

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Why Use A Kong For Your German Shepherd

Because dogs are genetically programmed to hunt for their food, not just lie around all day and then get served their dinner from a bowl. One reason there is such a prevalence of behavior problems in German Shepherds is that they have so little mental challenge.

They need to have work to do and perform jobs for German Shepherds at home, every day.

So, instead of giving them their food for free, do what zoos are doing to improve the quality of life of many of their primate and predator species.

Give your GSD problems to solve in order to receive their food.

In fact, German Shepherd Kong toys are widely recommended for therapy, as well as an aid in the prevention of under-stimulation, boredom, separation anxiety, and several other behavior problems .

Without an acceptable outlet to fulfill your dogs natural instincts, your GSD will find something to do with their energy which more often than not, leads to problem behaviors.

The Best Chew Toy For Energetic Dogs Who Love To Paw Things

The durable chew has another great purpose: massaging your dogs gums.

The textured ridges and bumps create a soothing massage for teething puppies or dogs who like a gum massage just because it feels good.

Chewing for gum massage encourages better dental health by releasing debris from teeth. And, the unique shape allows your dog in different positions to use those big paws, helping to satisfy their urge to paw things.

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Choose The Right Style Of Kong For Your German Shepherd Based On Their Age


The traditional Kongs are available in six sizes and five rubber strengths to meet the needs of a wide variety of German Shepherds throughout their growth and lifespan.

Its essential to use the right size Kong, based on your dogs age so that your German Shepherd has the safest and most fun experience.

Choose the Kong that is the most suitable for your GSDs head and mouth size, age, and chewing temperament.


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