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Best Chew For German Shepherd

Dental Water Additive For German Shepherds With Special Oral Probiotics Clean Your German Shepherds Teeth & Fresh Their Breath Without Them Even Knowing Every Time They Drink

How To Choose The Best German Shepherd Dog Toys for Playtime

Looking for quite possibly the easiest and cheapest way to take care of your german shepherds teeth? Consider adding an oral rinse for dogs to their water bowl. The minty scent from the rinse makes for a fresh breath and cleaner teeth, all without having to wrestle your german shepherd with a toothbrush!

Nylabone Rompnchomp Chew Toy

This Nylabone Romp N Chomp* is one of the best chew bones for German Shepherd puppies.

It can be stuffed with treats and can be frozen, which can soothe sore gums.

Since your German Shepherd hasnt reached its full strength yet, this bone should hold up against your avid chewer.

Most customers with large breed dogs say it satisfied their teething puppies and didnt break down.

Best Bones For German Shepherd In Closing:

I hope that this article gave you enough information to make a sound decision when it comes to the Best Bones For German Shepherd.

Remember, the decision depends on a lot of factors that you must determine on your own. Do your research and always supervise your doggie when they are chewing a bone.

The bottom line is that bones are very healthy for your dog and can be a wonderful chew toy for your furry friend!

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Considerations Before Buying A Dog Crate

German Shepherds are natural den animals . They prefer and want a safe place to hide or even relax. A crate provides both safety and relaxation for your pet.

They prevent unforeseen accidents, like the destruction of your property. Or worse, harm to your dog from staying alone all day left to their own devices.

Items to consider when buying your dog a crate:

  • Escape artists need a model made from solid steel
  • While the average dog can get away with a heavy gauge wire kennel
  • They are a great tool for house training and traveling.

Need an easy step-by-step guide to teaching your German Shepherd to love their new den?

Then follow this helpful guide to crate train your German Shepherd to help save yourself time and stress of using a kennel with your dog.

Given a crates many uses, its best to decide before you buy how you will use your crate.

What Are The Best Toys For German Shepherds

Best Chew Toy For German Shepherd

As a working dog, the GSD likes to have a job to do or something to occupy her time. Thats why youll want to choose toys that are durable, mentally stimulating and fun. It doesnt hurt to have some comfort toys for long hours in the crate!

These are the different types of German Shepherd dog toys we recommend:

  • Tug toys: They are made to be strong and long-lasting for hardcore biting and tugging. This is a great option for puppies, as tug toys strengthen teeth.
  • Puzzle/interactive: These toys are made to challenge a dog mentally and often incorporate treats as a reward.
  • Teething/chew: Indestructible and made from thick rubber or plastic, this is a great German Shepherd puppy toy and beneficial for dental health.
  • Soft/plush: These toys are for comfort. Go for a plush toy with no stuffing to prevent swallowing.
  • Training toys: These will keep your GSD physically and mentally stimulated great for puppies learning to obey commands. You can also take a look at our training guide, specifically designed for this breed.

Want to build your own German Shepherd obstacle course, but need some inspo? Check out this video for ideas.

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Pet Qwerks Flavorit Peanut Butter Flavor Nylon Bone

This is another good alternative to the raw dog bone. The Pet Qwerks Falvorit Peanut Butter Flavor Nylon Bone is made for aggressive chewers such as the German Shepherd.

You can coat the tiny flavor cells with some peanut butter and watch your dog go crazy licking and chewing without too many calories.

It is made from a nylon that is safe for your dog and tough enough to last for more than a few chews. It also promotes oral health by massaging the gums and scraping the teeth.

Frisco Bacon Flavor Tough Nylon Dog Chew Toy

If youre an owner who enjoys giving your dog highly scented chew toys, but your German Shepherd destroys them in record time, then this bacon nylon bone is a great deal for you!

Powerful chompers have finally met their match with this unique, four-point design!


  • Rated for heavy chewers, this non-edible dog toy is made to prevent destructive chewing on your furnishing!
  • BPA-Free nylon that has a long-lasting bacon scent.
  • Splinter-free, mold-free, stain-free, and grease-free bone alternative!
  • Safer, cleaner, and longer-lasting than real bones.
  • Infused with the irresistible taste of bacon!
  • The ridged design provides dental stimulation, which is great for not only chewing satisfaction but oral health and dental hygiene.

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West Paw Jive Zogoflex Durable Dog Ball

West Paw makes some of the coolest dog chew toys on the market.

They have bright, exciting colors and fun shapes. Both extremely stimulating for dogs. The ball comes in 4 awesome, easy-to-find colors. So no more hunting through snow, long grass or water for MIA toys.

The Jive comes in 3 sizes 2, 2.6 and 3/4. So it will take your GSD from puppyhood into adulthood.

The ball has that fun, unpredictable bounce making fetch a high energy game. But that’s not all

It also fits in a regular sized ball thrower so you can pelt it as far as you can.

The Jive Zogoflex is BPA-and-Phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant. And it’s 100% recyclable. It’s made in the USA and it’s 100% guaranteed against dog damage! What more could you or you GSD ask for?

Just one thing The ball is heavier than a regular ball so watch out for your toes!

Kong Extreme Chew Toy

5 Things You Must Never Do to Your German Shepherd

Click HERE to check the latest price on Amazon

This is KONGs most durable chew toy featuring its classic cone shape with the crazy bounce, albeit with tougher material. The option to fill the cone with treats is present in this toy as well, and with over 39,000 reviews and ratings on Amazon, it has a global average of 4.6 stars out of 5.

The roundness of the cones exterior is quite prominent as it is for larger jaws, and the curve minimizes the pressure damage from your dogs bite. This explains the toys longevity rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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Tips To Keep Your German Shepherd Entertained

Theres more to mitigating destructive behavior than simply sitting a chew toy in front of your dog. Though diversions like this certainly help, there are additional actions you can take to ensure that your German Shepherd stays entertained even when you cant be there. Here are 6 tips to help accomplish that goal!

  • Crate your dog It may seem counter-intuitive, but one of the best things you can do for your German Shepherd if you have to leave them at home alone, is put them in a crate or kennel.Think about dogs ancestorstheyre den animals. Leaving your dog in a smaller domain that belongs only to them will give them fewer options for mischief and will help ease the anxiety of missing you. It will also help your German Shepherd stay focused on and entertained by the items you leave in the crate with them.
  • Provide distractions This goes hand in hand with crating your dog, as they will need items in their den with them in order to stay entertained. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we think chew toys are the perfect crate accessory. Providing these kinds of distractions will also help ensure that your German Shepherds attention does not wander to more practical crate items that you dont want torn up, like their bed or blanket.
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    Petsla Dog Chew Toy Best For Large Dogs

    A large dog might not be an aggressive chewer. While researching, I found an excellent chew toy for large dogs who love bones. This product is suitable for dogs that are up to 55lb. This chew toys material type is nylon, and it is very safe for your pup.

    This product improves your dogs dental hygiene trust me, youll save some money on your dogs dental bills with this product. As with all nylon-toys, your pup would be able to chip small pieces off the toy and make teeth marks. DO NOT allow your dog to chew on this product when you are not supervising he or she may chip off and swallow pieces. Also, excessive use of this chew toy might crack your dogs teeth or cause bleeding gum. However, chewing on this can help clean the teeth and control plaque and tartar.

    While this chew toy may pose a threat to your dog when not supervised, it still has many benefits for your canine buddy. In case you are not satisfied with this product, theres a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

    ProsIt is suitable for large dogs.It improves the dogs dental hygiene.

    ConsExcessive chewing might injure the dogs gum.

    Pet Qwerks Bbq Barkbone

    7 Best Chew Toy for a German Shepherds in 2021

    BarkBones nylon chew toy* is a flavored treat for your German Shepherd to enjoy.

    It comes in bacon and bbq flavors, and is made in the USA with locally sourced materials.

    The curved shape of the bone make them easy to hold, and cares for their gums and teeth.

    Reviewers say that dogs love the flavor, and it holds up to hours of power chewing.

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    Best Crates For German Shepherds To Fit Any Lifestyle

    Choosing the best crate for a German Shepherd can feel overwhelming with all the choices on the market.

    There are crates for German Shepherd puppies, travel crates, and even heavy-duty escape-proof kennels for the Houdini dogs.

    I was so confused when I bought my German Shepherd a crate because I didnt know the right size or which crate is actually the best for a large breed dog.

    But, luckily, you have this guide to help you buy the best crate for your German Shepherd while avoiding all the stress and hassle of finding the perfect match.

    Tips For Playing With Your German Shepherd

    Toys can give dogs a way to enjoy playtime, either by themselves or with you. With a variety of toys available, theres likely always to be a way to entertain your pup and catch their attention. When playing, though, its important to think so that youre doing whats best for your dog. Here are some tips:

  • Dont let your pup get too aggressive when playing. If you dont stop your dog early, they can develop dangerous habits that may injure you or other dogs. German shepherds have strong jaws, which can cause a lot of damage!
  • Use playtime as an opportunity to give your dog some exercise! Games like fetch, tug of war, and hide and seek mix fun with healthy habits.
  • Try out different toys and games. Dogs have their individual preferences, just like people do. They also like variety, so dont be afraid to mix things up.
  • Try only bringing out toys during playtime. Limiting how long your pup has access to something will make them more excited when you bring it out.
  • Dont let your dog play with toys unsupervised. You want to be able to take away the toy if it breaks.
  • Use treats to teach good habits while playing. This approach can be helpful when teaching rules to games.
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    The Best Chew Toys For German Shepherds

    Sometimes you really need your dog to go sit quietly somewhere for half an hour, and for that, you need a chew toy. Chew toys fulfill a natural need in your dog to chew and are especially important for German Shepherd puppies who are teething.

    Durability is especially important for chew toys because your dog will be spending a lot of time with them. As soon as a chew toy starts to rip or you see chunks missing, throw it away and replace it to avoid any dangerous choking hazards.

    Use The Best Toys To Reduce Boredom + Give Your German Shepherd A Job

    Top 5 Best Toys for German Shepherd Review

    While theres no truly indestructible chew toy for a German Shepherd, brand manufacturers are getting closer every day.

    Your best chance of keeping your dog entertained and out of trouble is to invest in quality toys that GSDs love that will keep them busy and happy.

    Pick from this list of the best German Shepherd toys for strong chewers to help avoid boredom.

    Remember that a bored German Shepherd doesnt only need engaging toys, but they need to be trained to help around the house.

    In fact

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    West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Interactive

    West Paw places a large focus on environmentally friendly production in their dog toys. The Zogoflex is a proprietary material that is both tough yet flexible.

    West Paws Zogoflex is proud to have toys that are free of any known sources of lead, cadmium, mercury, latex, natural rubber, phthalates, hormones, Bisphenol A, or asbestos. We cover things to avoid in dog toys on a list down below.

    The Qwizl Interactive Treat Dispenser offers a great toy for your puppy to chew on and has the ability to dispense treats as your puppy plays with it, ensuring an exciting an extended playtime.

    With treats hidden inside, your puppy is sure to chew until theyre satisfied.

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    Best For A Playful Puppy: Houndgamestoy Mat

    If youre on the go, want to take your playful GSD with you and the toys are all over the place? You love him to play, but would be getting the toys packed take some time?

    Houndgames Toy Mat is a large and light 20 x 20 x 2 inches 1.39 Pounds high-quality sleeping pad. Its portable.

    Its attached with rope toys, multiple chew toys, and a nose squeaker on the four ends for your playful puppy.

    The dental chew toys contain massaging nubs to soothe gums, and teeth are durable and non-toxic.

    The toy mat is machine washable and comes in colors easily recognizable by dogs to increase interaction and play.

    Pet Qwerks Zombie Barkbone

    Best Chew Toys For German Shepherds

    Click HERE to check the latest price on Amazon

    This flavored chew toy is designed to entertain your German Shepherd more than to brush his teeth or keep your furniture safe. I like this emphasis on the dogs needs. From flavor to interesting texture, the toy is a likely candidate to be your dogs favorite.

    It is made for aggressive chewers and is made from safe material, which, even if scraped and small particles accidentally swallowed, will pass through your dog like a ping pong ball through a hula hoop.

    With over 2,000 reviews and ratings, this is a relatively underrated toy, which means you could be among the first to adopt it in your German Shepherds walking circle. Showing off a rare find to your friends can be quite fun, and introducing them to a chew toy thatll help their dogs as well is even more rewarding. With its current 4.3 out of 5 stars average, the product is a safe bet for your aggressive chewer.

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