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Best Bones For German Shepherds

Why Does Raw Wild Add A Premix Of Vitamins And Minerals

5 Things You Must Never Do to Your German Shepherd

Maybe you’re familiar with the hunting tradition of field dressing

Field dressing is when a hunter removes the internal organs of the prey animal. And although a lot of what they leave behind is highly nutritious for our dogs, field dressing is crucial for these reasons:

  • Cooling the carcass.
  • Slows bacterial growth.
  • Preserves the meat.

So since the nutritious organ meats are left behind, Raw Wild adds a blend of vitamins and minerals carefully developed by an industry-leading specialist, according to their website.

Raw Wild chose not to add organ meats from domestically raised animals or slaughterhouses.

The reason that these options can potentially contaminate their product, and it makes sense.

Also, Raw Wild only uses meat from Elk and Deer. They don’t add any bone. So to be balanced, they need to compensate for the calcium and other mineral requirements.

Raw wild goes to great lengths to ensure that nothing in their vitamin and mineral mix comes from China.

Everything is sourced in the United States, except for vitamins A, D, and E these are sourced from Switzerland.

What Kind Of Chew Bones Are Safe For Dog

When you feed your dog bones, its best to select the dog chew options that dogs are going to love the best. There are special types of chew toys that are essentially disguised as a dog bone. In some cases, these dog bone substitutes are the best dog chew toy options on the market. However, just as with real bones, dog owners need to proceed with caution.

Chew bones are designed as synthetic bones that can be given as a dog treat. Its important to be aware of the components in synthetic bones. You want to supply them with treats that are made of natural ingredients that are grass fed. Bacon flavor dog chews are a good choice. Avoid any sort of dog bone chew or dog chew toy that contains nut butter unless you know that your dog can handle it.

Dogs naturally love to chew and will continue to do so even after their chewing has worn a dog bone down to the marrow. This is where you need to draw the line. Marrow contains fat that is bad for dogs to absorb. The dog bone also becomes very brittle at this point which can cause problems for their teeth and can even be a choking hazard . When it gets to this point, replace it with a new one.

Should You Give German Shepherds Joint Supplements

Yes, German Shepherds would benefit from joint supplements. Unfortunately hip dysplasia is fairly common in about 20% of German Shepherds. Giving your dog a hip and joint supplement that contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin are key to helping your pup at all stages of their life from puppy to senior. Joint supplements work by reducing inflammation and slowing the breakdown of cartilage. Studies have even shown that a joint supplement can help repair broken down cartilage as well.

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Do German Shepherds Need Vitamins

German Shepherds would benefit greatly from taking a daily vitamin. They are prone to health issues such as hip dysplasia and Gastric Dilatation- Volvulus. Gastric Dilatation- Volvulus is commonly referred to as bloat. To help combat these health issues, prevention is key with a proper diet, exercise and vitamins.

What Else Should I Consider When Giving My Dog A Bone

Best Bones For German Shepherd

Dr. Murithi emphasized the importance of giving your dog fresh bones. She pointed out that raw bones need to be treated like raw meat, including refrigerating them after about 15 to 20 minutes of being out and disposing of them after three to four days. “Raw bones should be served in a clean environment and after feeding the feeding area should be cleaned to prevent the growth of bacteria,” she said.

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The Risks Of Eating A Cooked Bone

Its far too easy to pull cooked bones out of your meat when youre eating a rack of ribs or to remove chicken bones from your plate and toss them to your German Shepherd. This could be the worst mistake that youve made as a pet owner.

Here are the five risks of feeding cooked bones to your German Shepherd:

  • When bones splinter, it acts like glass. Sharp edges can cut your dogs stomach, throat, and digestive system. Internal bleeding is often impossible to detect in a dog until its too late. Even if they dont swallow the pieces, the splinters can cause lacerations in their mouth.
  • Choking is another common risk of eating cooked bones. If your German Shepherd is chewing on a bone, a piece can easily break off and go down his throat. There is an increased risk of choking not only with cooked bones but bones that are way too small for your dogs muzzle.
  • Bones are incredibly dense, which is why they can lead to blockages when consumed. If your German Shepherd manages to swallow a piece of a cooked bone, it can get lodged in their digestive tract and cause a blockage. Sometimes, the only way to remove it is to pay for surgery.
  • Some German Shepherds are sensitive to bone marrow, which becomes easily exposed from chewing on cooked bones. If your GSD has a sensitive stomach, then ingesting too much bone marrow could cause sickness and diarrhea as it is too rich and high in fat.

    Oneisall Bone Chew Toy

    This nylon, non-toxic bone for aggressive chewers* is an indestructible toy in a size designed specifically for German Shepherds.

    It has a bacon scent to make it even more appealing to dogs.

    Along with being a safe and indestructible chew toy, it helps clean teeth as well.

    This chew toy will keep your German Shepherd satisfied, entertained, and healthy.

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    Best Toys For German Shepherds & Their Exercise Needs

    German shepherd dogs regularly make the AKCs list of the most popular dog breeds. They are loyal, courageous, smart, and very protective of their human friends. They are herding dogs that bond strongly with their human companions.

    Youll fall in love with this dog breed, and youll want to make sure he leads a happy, healthy, and fun life that includes lots of toys!

    As German shepherd owners know, GSDs are large dogs that require virtually indestructible everything! They are aggressive chewers with lots of energy so finding the right durable toys is important.

    As a large breed dog, the German shepherd requires lots of playtime and some high-quality, long-lasting toys to keep his attention. German shepherd puppies may turn to destructive behavior if they dont have some durable puppy toys that keep them occupied while their human friends are away.

    What Should I Give My German Shepherd To Chew On

    German Shepherd Confused by Meeting with German Shepherd Puppy

    There are a few things to consider when choosing a chew toy for your German Shepherd. The size of the toy is important, as you dont want your dog to be able to swallow it whole. You also want to make sure the material is durable, as German Shepherds are known for their powerful jaws.

    Kong Rubber Chew Toys and Benebone Wishbone Chew Toys are both good choices that meet these criteria. If you have a puppy, the Nylabone Key Ring Bone is a good option, as its specifically designed for teething puppies.

    For older dogs, the Oneisall Chew Toy or Pet Qwerks BackBone Chew Toy are both excellent choices that will provide hours of chewing fun.

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    Raw Wild Preparation And Food Safety

    The first step is to transfer Raw Wild into your freezer as soon as your delivery arrives. According to their website, if it’s slightly thawed, you can refreeze and use it as needed.

    But I have not found any complaints from customers saying that Raw Wild arrived even slightly thawed. But it’s still vital that you transfer the food into your freezer asap.

    Raw Wild dog food should be handled like you would any other raw meat. Use clean utensils and containers.

    And once you’re done, wash everything with hot, soapy water.

    I highly recommend thawing Raw Wild in your fridge and not on the counter or in the sink.

    Also, place the package inside a bowl or on a plate to catch any meat juices released during thawing.

    This juice is high in water-soluble vitamins and free amino acids. It’s good stuff! You should add some to your dog’s bowl don’t throw it away.

    West Paw Jive Zogoflex Durable Dog Ball

    West Paw makes some of the coolest dog chew toys on the market.

    They have bright, exciting colors and fun shapes. Both extremely stimulating for dogs. The ball comes in 4 awesome, easy-to-find colors. So no more hunting through snow, long grass or water for MIA toys.

    The Jive comes in 3 sizes 2, 2.6 and 3/4. So it will take your GSD from puppyhood into adulthood.

    The ball has that fun, unpredictable bounce making fetch a high energy game. But that’s not all

    It also fits in a regular sized ball thrower so you can pelt it as far as you can.

    The Jive Zogoflex is BPA-and-Phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant. And it’s 100% recyclable. It’s made in the USA and it’s 100% guaranteed against dog damage! What more could you or you GSD ask for?

    Just one thing The ball is heavier than a regular ball so watch out for your toes!

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    Nylabone Healthy Edibles Wild Dog Treat

    The Nylabone healthy edibles are long-lasting delicious treats that will keep your German shepherd entertained for long. Your dog will love the real bison flavor in these bones. The bones contain more than 4% protein, 15% moisture, 8% fiber, and 1% fat among other nutritional contents.

    The bones have a good amount of carbs from potato starch and rice flour, to give your furry friend energy every time they chew. They promote healthy teeth, gum, and jaw for your German Shepherd. They leave the dog with fresher breath because they promote healthy chewing.


    They have a unique bison taste

    They contain healthy carbohydrates

    The nutritional content is holistic

    They have fiber for easy digestion


    The protein amount is low

    The natural color may stain surfaces

    Best Dog Bones For German Shepherd

    Best Bones For German Shepherd

    German shepherds no matter how much better you have to feed them, need a bone to chew on. When you offer them the bones, they have a hard time letting go. While some dogs prefer to chew on it until they are tired of it, and others prefer to hide it in a secure location away from other dogs.

    Although there is a lot of option available in the market and also are affordable but finding the best dog bones for German shepherd can be a little tricky. For some dogs, the best bones arent the same as for others. Choosing bones for your dog to eat should be a very hard decision.

    So we make a detailed test on our GS that what they like in the bone and what they do not. Then we compiled the list of some best products which must be helpful for your dogs. Also, read the points we have noticed in the dog bones.

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    Best Bones To Give Your German Shepherd

    German shepherds are large dogs and they love to chew! It is important that they are participating in healthy chewing rather than something that could potentially be harmful for them!

    This breed of dog can also be prone to have some chewing habits based on their anxiety, so for your best interest and your pups you will want to keep the occupied with something other than your home furniture.

    Natural Material Rawhide

    If your pup is more of an aggressive chewer than this could be the perfect thing to keep them occupied.

    This chew can be found in many different sizes and shapes, so you are able to customize what you want for your dog.

    one thing great about this bone chew is that in times where your dog may need to be distracted, whether that be along car ride or a quick trip to the supermarket, you can tag the chew along.

    Some might even use the chew to calm down some more anxious dogs in times where it can be a bit hectic.

    Overall, this choice of chew can serve many purposes that will benefit you and your dog.

    Rubber/Fetch Toys

    If you are interested in something that wont damage their mouths or cause any potential harm to them then this is a great option.

    This heavy-duty rubber toy is something that can definitely stand up to your dogs chewing habits. Especially for a German Shepherd.

    One of the best things about this chew toy is that it is reusable, and can double as a toy for fetch. Let your dog get plenty of exercise , and that way you can curb their need to chew.

    What Bones Are Good For German Shepherds

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    We all know that German Shepherds love to chew on bones, but there are plenty of concerns about the risks involved. After all, some types of bones can chip and become lodged in their throat. So, what bones are good for German Shepherds?

    Large raw bones are good for German Shepherds. Cooked bones are softer and can splinter causing injuries to your dogs mouth, throat, or digestive tract. Bones should be larger than their muzzle so they cant swallow it whole. Good choices are beef and lamb shank bones.

    Throughout this post, youll learn which bones German Shepherds can and cant eat, common misconceptions, risks, alternative chew toys including the pros and cons of both, and what to do if your dog swallows a bone.

    Want to see the latest dog supplies that are popular right now? You can find them on Amazon. You can also click the button below.

    Welcome to my complete guide on what bones are good for German Shepherds. Lets get started!

  • Final Thoughts
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    Qt Dog All Natural Chew Toy

    Antlerz brand natural chew toys* are made from naturally shed deer antler.

    It contains no plastic or chemicals.Its a long-lasting chew and customers note that there is little to no odor on them.

    Some reviewers warn that occasionally they have received one that has dry rot on the inside, but it can be returned and replaced with a better quality one.

    What Do People Get Wrong About Dogs Eating Bones

    My New German Shepherd Puppy: The First Week at Home

    The below risks and dangers arent meant to scare you away from giving your dog a bone. After all, bones provide numerous benefits including providing calcium and phosphorus, help to keep teeth and jaws healthy, and are good to relieve boredom, stress, and anxiety.

    Its natural for dogs to want to chew and with safe supervision, theres no reason that your German Shepherd cant enjoy a delicious bone.

    Check out the list below to see the common misconceptions that people have about dogs eating bones.

    As you can see, there are plenty of problems that dog owners run into when theyre giving a bone to their German Shepherd. Now that you know what to avoid, you can find good bones that fit within the healthy parameters from the previous section. Lets continue with the dangers of cooked bones for your German Shepherd.

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    How Often Should I Give My German Shepherd A Bone

    Dogs love bones and it can be tempting to feed them all the time, especially if they thank you for it and savor every mouthful. However, you should avoid feeding more than two or three bones a week, and always take bone consumption into account when calculating their daily diet and calorific intake.

    The Best Bones For German Shepherds

    May 23, 2018

    This will come as no surprise to German Shepherd Dog owners German Shepherds have incredible bite force and can easily destroy objects without breaking a sweat, which can pose somewhat of a challenge when providing safe bones, chews, and toys. What is the bite strength of a German Shepherd? According to the results of a study by Dr. Brady Barr with National Geographic, the domestic canines with the most powerful bite force are as follows :

    • Rottweiler: 265-328 pounds of pressure.
    • German Shepherd: 130-238 pounds of pressure.
    • Pitbull: 130-235 pounds of pressure.

    When providing bones for German Shepherds, there are a few good rules of thumb that you can follow and each dog is different. There are gulpers, gnawers, gorgers, swallowers, and then those that will actually chew the bone and whittle it down. With that in mind, ultimately, you have to choose the best and safest bone for your dogs chewing style.

    Rule of thumb when feeding bones:

    • Match the size bone to your dog’s head .
    • Remove small pieces of raw broken bones.
    • Never feed cooked bones as they splinter are dangerous.
    • Supervise dogs while they eat raw bones.
    • Stay away from large weight bearing bones that can break teeth, get caught in jaws, ect.
    • Antlers have become more popular but there have been more and more dental injuries being reported.
    • Pork and rib bones are the bones most likely to splinter.
    • Half or whole chickens

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    Video Answer: German Shepherd Swallows Chicken Bone

    German Shepherds, as a dog breed, are really prone to skin allergies. Pollen-related allergies are one of the most common. The dog’s immune system thinks pollen is a threat so it fights back through an allergic reaction. This happens usually in the summer or in the fall.

    However, the German Shepherd, despite early canine socialization or training, is naturally aloof. Generation upon generation of training and breeding has created a natural guard dog out of the breed and this archetype comes with an attentiveness absent in most dogs.

    German Shepherds are highly attuned to their owner’s emotions. If you become emotional around your German Shepherd then it will too. This means that the reason why your German Shepherd annoys you could be that it doesn’t know how else to react when you get agitated yourself when it is giving you attention.


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