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Are White German Shepherds Mean

Is The White German Shepherd A Separate Breed To The Standard German Shepherd

White German shepherd gives birth to rare lime green puppy

Technically, it isnt, but it is recognized as a separate breed. Let me explain:

The recessive gene that causes this breed to be white has always been present in the original genetic structure of the German Shepherd White German Shepherds descended directly from German Shepherds.

Since the 1930s, however, the White German Shepherd dog has been considered a fault and has yet to be recognized or accepted as a type of German Shepherd.

Supporters of the breed began forming their own breed clubs and registries for this dog in the 1970s, and eventually, in 1999 the United Kennel Club , the second largest dog breed registry in the US, recognized the White German Shepherd as a separate breed.

Are White German Shepherds Inferior To Those Of Other Colors

Some white dogs suffer from genetically linked conditions that cause them to suffer from health problems that dont afflict standard colored members of their breed.

For example, many white dogs are more likely to suffer from deafness than their normal colored counterparts.

However, white German shepherds do not suffer from such traits the genetic trait responsible for white fur color in German shepherds only appears to affect their hair color.

White German Shepherd Facts

Lets explore its interesting facts:

  • They do not have red eyes and they are not albino
  • Very rarely, they are born with blue eyes
  • Their coat color may range from light biscuit tan to light cream color. However, their ideal coat color is white
  • Their skin color ranges between gray and pink
  • Their nose, eye rims, lips, and pads are black in color
  • They are square built dogs
  • They have longer coats than other German shepherds
  • When someone is approaching, they will alert you instead of being aggressive
  • They are highly vocal and they bark, whine or howl to tell you about what they are thinking
  • They love their owners and other family members and are pleased with children
  • They are very clever and protective
  • They have mild temperaments which makes them best-suited pets for families
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    Do German Shepherds Attack Intruders

    In my experience, German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes are not naturally aggressive with strangers or guests if they are well trained and socialized. The exception is if they feel that someone is a threat or attacking their humans, which at point they turn from a sweet and happy dog into a hellhound.

    Can White German Shepherds Be Akc Registered

    White German Shepherd  Everything You Need To Know ...

    The most popular breed we call the German shepherd comes in a variety of colors like black, black, and tan and also pure white. For many reasons , white dogs are not appreciated by German shepherd breeders who compete in the national breed club or dog shows. Despite their refusal, a white puppy found in the group of the German Shepherds can still register as a German shepherd at the American Kennel Club.

    White German Shepherd Puppy

    So if you are planning to acquire a white AKC-registered German shepherd, you can expect similar temperament and behavior as he is more familiar with the stand GSD color that is black and tan.

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    Albino German Shepherd Or Just White

    There is a vast difference between albino dogs and white-colored dogs. The color might be considered part of the breed, but albinism is a severe genetic fault that is never acceptable in any breed, even in the entirely white breeds like the Samoyed. In white German Shepherds, the color comes from the recessive genes that block their actual color to make a mark, while albino dogs have a lack of pigmentation not only in their coats.

    If you know what to look for, spotting the difference between white and albino dogs is not difficult. The most significant difference can be seen in their eyes, skin, and coat colors. Albino dogs can be born within any breed, and dogs are not the only species capable of producing albino offspring. Albino dogs are rarely bred, and breeding clubs are trying to keep the bloodlines as healthy as possible, and albinism doesnt fit that description.

    Check out this article about all recognized German Shepherd colors.

    Albinism is connected and results in the light sensitivity of both eyes and skin. Albino German Shepherds can have difficulties seeing during bright sunny days and can be especially prone to skin cancer. That is the main reason albino German Shepherds are not allowed to breed and receive a breeding license.

    What Do They Eat

    Meals for every dog depend upon three things – its size, age, and activity level. A white shepherd is a medium-sized dog who has high energy. So, they need a high level of activity and dogs need different amounts of food and how many times food should be given, that varies according to age. A white shepherd should be given about 1500 calories of food. You can give them the food three or four times a day when they’re a puppy and as they grow up it can be changed to two meals a day but spread across the day proportionately according to time to avoid bloating. They can be given high-quality dog food and their meal should consist of at least a good amount of protein and fat and there should not be much activity after their meal and when in doubt, always discuss with the vet.

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    What Do White Shepherd Look Like

    As the name suggests, the white shepherd is white to off-white in color. It has a double coat of stiff and straight hair. They have a medium yet well-built body structure with an almost 26 in long body, white fluffy tail and long and straight ears. Their eye color is dark and they look similar to normal German shepherds, except their fur coat is white. It is important to note that the United Kennel Club does not consider a German shepherd with albinism disorder as a white shepherd. Hence, white shepherds are registered as a separate breed in comparison to regular German shepherd dogs.

    White German Shepherd: Conclusion

    FIRST PUP: Bidens German Shepherd Puppy Takes Excited Stroll On White House Lawn

    So, if youve read through this article, you now know the truth about this magnificent breed. And, if you skipped some of the parts, here is a quick recap:

    White German Shepherds are recognized as a separate breed to the standard.

    The most notable physical difference is the white coat, which is usually longer and may not be double.

    The white color is caused by a recessive gene that hides the true color pattern.

    White German Shepherds are almost identical to the standard black and tan German Shepherds in terms of lifespan, temperament, and health.

    Even though completely white, this breed can produce colored German Shepherd puppies.

    White GSDs are loyal and friendly. Genetically no different from the standard black and tan variety, these pups are just as alert, protective, and loving.

    They are excellent working dogs, and your white German Shepherd will make a great dog as well as a cuddly couch potato whenever you need it.

    You will be amazed by what these plush white geniuses can learn. Their tricks and games are sure to keep you and your family entertained every day.

    Keep in mind that grooming, socialization, and regular exercise are a must. These dogs may be slightly time-consuming, but with a bit of effort, you will get the best dog you ever had!

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    Puppy Prices & Breeders

    The cost of German Shepherd puppy is, on average, between $1,000 and $1,500. Generally, you can expect to pay towards the higher end of the scale for White German Shepherd puppies as they are rarer. These uniquely colored pups cost upwards of $1000. This is relatively cheap for a purebred dog, however, this is down to this specific bloodline being relatively new.

    Despite the controversy, if you are considering getting one of these white fluffy pups, you have the choice between a traditional German Shepherd breeder who may focus solely on the color white, or you can source your pup from a German Shepherd specific lineage enthusiast.

    The best way to ensure the health of your pup is to buy him from a reputable breeder. Regardless of their allegiance to the classic White German Shepherd, or specific lineage view of the White Shepherd, a good breeder will always introduce and show you to the parents, as well as provide you with health certificates.

    If the specific shepherd lineage has piqued your interest then the American White Shepherd Association lists reputable breeders by state and should be your first port of call when looking into finding a pup of your own.

    Long Coat Is More Common In White German Shepherds

    The coat of a White German Shepherd is either medium or long in length. But long coat is more common. Both are double coats with a dense layer to protect them from nearly anything weather or environmental conditions.

    Shedding is a natural and constant process that replenishes fresh and new coats to keep the German Shepherd healthy. Just because their fur is white does not make them shed lesser than any of their colored counterparts.

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    White German Shepherd Genetics

    At the time of writing, in 2019, the most widely accepted theory is that German Shepherds all have one spot in their genetic code which acts like a switch for white and non-white.

    If a puppy inherits the non-white gene in this location from either mom or dad, then theyll be one of the other possible German Shepherd colors, depending on the other genes they have.

    But if they inherit the white gene for from both mom and dad, then all else in their genetic code is forgotten, and they are white.

    Because they need to inherit the white gene from both parents, it is described as a recessive trait.

    Short Haired White German Shepherd

    85+ Lovely White Female German Shepherd Dog Names

    The short haired white German Shepherd Dog is more common than the long haired white GSD.

    A German Shepherd with short hair has the same insulating undercoat as any German Shepherd, regardless of coat color.

    These dogs make for hard-working dogs who excel in guarding, herding, service, search and rescue, police, military and protection jobs.

    They are sometimes favored by farmers and ranchers.

    Their white coat helps to distinguish flock guard dogs from darker-haired predators such as coyotes and wolves.

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    Can White German Shepherds Compete

    In 1968, the German Shepherd Dog Club of America listed the color white as a disqualifying fault, which disqualifies the white German Shepherd from the American Kennel Clubs conformation ring.

    There are specific organizations, like the Canadian Kennel Club, that allow white German Shepherds to be shown in the breed ring. However, their white appearance is considered a less desirable trait.

    Do White German Shepherds Have Hearing Or Sight Problems

    It is thought that the cells that create the pigmentation of hair and skin play an important role in how your dogs inner ear works. This is why when youve seen other all-white dogs that are double-merle or piebald, they are usually all white, often are deaf, deal with vision loss or blindness, or in more severe cases, are both blind and deaf.

    While white German Shepherds have the white coat, they become this color because of a recessive color gene they arent considered albino, merle, or piebald. Because of this, they have the white-colored fur but dont deal with the same sight or hearing issues that these other abnormally all-white dogs do.

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    Why German Shepherds Are Not Good Pets

    German Shepherds, like any large breed, are prone to canine hip dysplasia, a crippling and potentially fatal disease. Good GSD rescuers will also be aware of such problems, and whether the rescued dog youre considering has shown symptoms of or has been treated for any health issues while with the rescue.

    Do They Make Good Working Dogs

    Why Try Whites (German Shepherd)

    Absolutely! White German Shepherds can make fantastic working companions, especially if you are a farmer or rancher. They are going to love taking commands and they have awesome herding abilities. Their intelligence means that they are a breed that can be trained to take on any task. But they are particularly good at herding and they can also make good guard dogs too.

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    Search For A Lock Breeder

    The first and foremost search one can do while planning to bring a white German Shepherd home. Then, you can search for a reputable breeder. Not just will it be safer to bring a dog from a local breeder, you will be getting a dog with a calm temperament and well-mannered.

    You might find it a little expensive to bring a white German Shepherd from a local breeder. Also, it has a higher price because of its white coat. The smart looks of a white German Shepherd will add the extra money to a German shepherd price.

    But if you tend to bring a dog from a local breeder, not just you will find a properly trained dog, but a healthy dog as well. Still, you can check the temperament and health condition of the dog you are bringing. Take their temperament test and health checkup before getting them home to avoid any drastic situation.

    It May Be Worth Investing In A Good Hoover If You Own A White German Shepherd

    German Shepherds are notorious shedders and the white variety are no expensive. Their thick, double coats need a lot of attention to help keep them in good condition and to minimize the amount of hair you will find around the home. Even when they receive a lot of grooming, do be prepared to have to clean up hair regularly.

    Using a good de-shedding comb can be really helpful for keeping the hairs at bay. The Furminator has a great reputation for removing the dead hairs from the coat, you may want to do the grooming session out in the garden though, to save your home getting covered in the loose hairs!

    It is also sensible to consider a really good hoover that is designed to be effective at lifting up pet hair. See our article on good hoovers for pet hair for more recommendations.

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    Staying Healthy: White German Shepherd Health Issues

    White German Shepherds are prone to a variety of health concerns.

    Talk with your vet before you commit to adopting a White German Shepherd.

    Make sure you are prepared to handle the medical expenses that are often associated with this breed.

    Below are some of the most common medical concerns within the White German Shepherd breed. Talk with your vet, breeder, and/or rescue contact about the following medical issues:

    • Allergies
    • Deafness

    It is important to bring your White German Shepherd to a veterinarian at least once per year for an annual check-up and shots.

    Genetic Structure Of Albinism

    GSD Puppy

    An albino German shepherd must carry a genetic structure from albinism, as with albino animals.

    But even all-white German shepherds show no trace of albinism in their genes.

    The gene responsible for the white color is the same gene that makes Labradors yellow, or have fading colors.

    There are many issues regarding albinism as well, but you wont find any of them in white German shepherd dogs.

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    White German Shepherds Are Rare

    A white pup only occurs when both parents carry the recessive gene, which makes them white. And if a white GSD parent mates with a non-white who carries the recessive white gene, there is only a 50% chance of producing a white pup.

    That said, if you are looking to buy a White German Shepherd puppy, be prepared to pay a little bit more. Breeders charge more for rare colors in high demand.

    How Much Will It Cost To Have A Swiss White German Shepherd

    Having a dog is not cheap. Buying a White Swiss German Shepherd puppy is not cheap at all. Breeders can charge between $ 750 and $ 1,500. The initial cost of supplies could be around $ 500. Annual medical costs could be around $ 500, while annual non-medical costs could be as high as $ 1,000.

    If you are lucky enough to find a white German shepherd at a rescue shelter or adoption organization, you could spend as little as $ 150 to $ 250 on adoption fees.

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    How Much Food Do They Need Daily

    Adults white German Shepherds needs at most 2200 calories per day to fulfill their energy needs. Depending on the size and weight of White Shepherds, you may increase or decrease the dogs amount.

    You can give him 3 cups to 5 cups per day, so he gets the perfect amount of nutrients that these dogs need.

    Like All German Shepherds They Are Prone To Health Problems

    With German Shepherd rescue at White House, a warning they’re not for everyone | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    The German Shepherd breed can, unfortunately, suffer from numerous health issues. The number one concern for this breed is hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. This condition occurs when the ball and socket joint is malformed and can result in arthritis or even lameness. This can be helped by maintaining a healthy weight in your dog. Other potential health problems include:

    • Heart disease
    • Cancer

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    Cost Of White German Shepherd Dogs

    As their white color coat gives them a completely fresh look, you will find a White German Shepherd puppy at a slightly higher price than a basic German Shepherd puppy.

    While on the one hand where you can find German Shepherd puppies at a price varying from $300 if you adopt them, and its price goes up to $900 depending on the breeder, look, health, and height of the German Shepherd.

    On the other hand, a White German shepherd puppy can cost you slightly higher with a price ranging from $ 750 to $1000 depending on the color, size, and parents of the White German shepherd puppies.

    It is crucial to know about the parent bred of the white German Shepherds you have shortlisted to buy. It will help you all the health problems that the litters of those White German Shepherds are prone to.


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