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When Will My German Shepherd Puppy Calm Down

Teach Them Obedience Training

Calm your German Shepherd with GSM & Rachel

Your German Shepherd puppy is an intelligent dog. That will get them through obedience training.

Obedience training should be taken early in a puppys life. That way, it can prevent behavioral problems later on.

This was exactly what this research found out. It studied 142 dogs divided into 4 groups: puppy class, puppy party, adult class and no class.

The puppy and adult classes underwent an hour of training each week for 6 weeks. The other 2 groups did not undergo formal training.

The findings showed that the groups that attended training responded well to commands. The puppy class group also showed positive responses to strangers.

The study concluded that this could prevent behavioral problems such as disobedience or fear of strangers.

In training, its important to consider the short attention spans of puppies. That being said, spend at least 30 minutes each day for their training.

Train them young starting with basic commands. These are useful commands that you can use at home or when outside.

Also, get them busy with leash and off-leash training. This is particularly useful for when you are taking walks or running.

Since obedience training uses focus, its a perfect way to tire them out mentally.

How Do You Figure Out If Your German Shepherd Is Hyperactive Or Happy

It can be confusing to tell.

But dont worry because there are ways to make the distinction. A happy puppy has:

  • A relaxed body.
  • A high and waggy tail.
  • Floppy ears that are relaxed and rest against the sides of their head.

Aside from these, a happy dog leans into your hand when you pet them. They also love to do the play bow. Its when they lean on their elbows with their rear up in the air. This is an indication of a happy mood.

On the other hand, a hyperactive puppy shows any of these signs:

  • Nipping or biting.
  • Engaging in rougher play than usual.
  • Excessive barking, yipping and snarling.

Super Smart Ways To Make German Shepherd Training Easier

Imagine you knew how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy the right way so that your bond with your dog grew instead of fell short!

Wouldnt your life look more peaceful, calm, and happy with the right German Shepherd training?

Learn how to communicate with your pup and get the behaviors you want using these simple and easy methods for training a German Shepherd puppy.

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Finding A Puppy Who Is The Best Fit For You

Finding a good, ethical breeder is one of the most important ways to ensure you are getting off to the right start in obtaining the puppy who will be the best fit for you and your household. Breeders observe their puppies personalities and drives and can match the right puppy to the right individual or family.

You may also wish to acquire a puppy from one of the breed-rescue organizations listed in the AKC Rescue Network currently, over 40 GSD rescues are listed, a testament to the popularity of this magnificent breed. If you choose this route, be sure to discuss with the breed rescue organization your needs and what you are looking for in a puppy they should also be able to help you find the puppy whose temperament and personality will be the best match for you.

Nadia Adams of Oher Tannen German Shepherd Dogs has been a GSD breeder for 15 years and comments, A well-bred German Shepherd Dog is highly intelligent, thriving on praise and wanting to please the owner. This combination makes them very trainable, which is one of the most appealing qualities of the breed.

This breeds high level of intelligence and strong willingness to work mean your GSD must receive consistent and ongoing training from an early age. A bored GSD is a destructive GSD. That said, states Adams, the sky is the limit, if the owner ca devote a good amount of quality time to the dog, especially during the critical first year of life.

The Right Way To Correct Bad Behavior

Why won

When it comes to training your puppy correct social behavior its not all that intuitive.

Whenever your puppy misbehaves or is testing your limits, it can be easy to lash out and tell them off. Anytime you find yourself yelling at your puppy, its a time to reassess and take a breath.

The most effective training method for all dogs is to only use positive reinforcement. Using negative training through your anger will only result in a puppy with anxiety and behavioral issues.

If youre sometimes unsure how to deal with bad behavior or on setting boundaries, be sure to read our post on how to Discipline Your Puppy: Safe and Effective Methods.

If you think your puppy may have a problem with aggression, please read our comprehensive guide to puppy aggression.

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Never Discipline By Pushing Your Dogs Nose In Their Accidents

Never discipline a German Shepherd puppy for having accidents during potty training.

Whether your German Shepherd is potty trained or not, never push their faces into their potty accidents.

Even if you think your dog soiled in your house on purpose, punishing them for having an accident indoors wont necessarily prevent it from happening again.

This also isnt discipline for a German Shepherd, its abuse, both physically and mentally.

Your dog is counting on your leadership to show them the rules in a positive manner. Work on setting a consistent schedule with feeding and walks to avoid potty accidents indoors.

German Shepherds are easy to train given the right attention.

And they need to understand their schedule by having you teach them using consistent patterns, rather than receiving punishment or discipline.

Keep a potty schedule posted nearby so all your family can see it and help prevent your puppy from having an accident.

Working Vs Show German Shepherds Size Comparison

When adopting a German Shepherd puppy, you will need to consider whether you are looking for a working dog or a show dog.

While you might just be looking for a nice addition to your family, GS puppies have been bred for specific purposes for many years, resulting in dogs that are made to work and dogs that are not.

Working dogs need to have a lot more stamina and energy because they need to do a job. They do not have the same cosmetic attributes that you will find with show dogs, instead making up for it with incredibly athletic bodies that can move all day long.

Meanwhile, show GS are bigger and bulkier and a lot less energetic. They have thicker coats, more color uniformity, and are bulkier in size. These make for better family pets, because they do not require the same level of work to keep them happy.

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Great Jobs For Energetic German Shepherd Dogs To Do

As the California Golden State German Shepherd Rescue organization explains, there is no longer a great demand for herding and livestock guarding dogs.

While some ranchers still do employ dogs in this type of job, the vast majority of herding dogs are now in demand in other types of fields.

For the German Shepherd, the main types of jobs these dogs do today include the following:

  • Police and personal protection duty.
  • Guard dog and military dog duty.
  • Search and rescue duty.
  • Nosework and scent work.Hunting and tracking.
  • Guide dog and service animal work.

Other great avenues to give your GSD an outlet to burn up that considerable daily drive and energy include these:

Canine athletics such as dock diving, herding, agility.

Schutzhund training .

Obedience, Rally, and show dog competitions.

Sexual Maturity Period: 6 Months 16 Months

How to have a CALM German Shepherd with Reign, Maverick and GSM

A German Shepherd puppy between the ages of 6 months and 16 months will reach sexual maturity. If you have no intention of breeding your German Shepherd, it is during this phase that you will want to have your dog spayed or neutered.

Talk to your vet about what the right timing is for spaying and neutering as well as what the risk is of your dog inadvertently mating. It is dangerous for a puppy to get pregnant, because her bones will not have fully developed.

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How Do You Train A German Shepherd Puppy

Training a German Shepherd Puppy Begin your training attempts at around eight weeks old. Start gently handling your puppys paws, ears, tail, etc. Begin training your puppy with basic commands. Use food treats and praise to reinforce your commands. Prevent feed bowl aggression. Address food aggression. Use feeding time as a training time.

Recent Posts

Why Does My German Shepherd Whine All The Time

Anxiety can stem from a new home, new people or animals in your home, and when you leave them alone. If your german shepherd is suffering from separation anxiety then in most cases, youll need to speak to a dog behaviorist. When your dog knows theyve done something wrong, they will often whine as a way of apologizing.

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How Many Times A Day Should A German Shepherd Puppy Eat

Feed 3 times per day from 8 to 12 weeks of age and twice per day thereafter. If you want to change the food, always choose a high quality puppy food labeled for large breeds. Mix the new food with the old food gradually at a rate of ¼ new for 2 days ½ new for 2 days ¾ new for 2 days until you are at 100% new food.

My German Shepherd Has Separation Anxiety Will He Ever Be Calm

When German Shepherds Calm Down in 2020

German Shepherds have a tendency to get separation anxiety at a young age. We do not yet know why this breed is prone to this disorder, but it can be remedied.

We picked up our pup when she was 8 weeks old. The first night, she squeeked and yipped all night, until she fell asleep. The first time we left the house as a family we came back to a blanket ripped to shreds.

Over the next few weeks, we learned how NOT to treat our German Shepherds separation anxiety:

  • Dont punish your dog. They have a problem, you are the solution. Also, they have no idea what you are punishing them for, only that you are being mean.
  • Another dog or companion animal will not help. Their anxiety stems from separation from you. So adding another pooch into the mix may cause more issues.
  • Crating your dog. This may seem logical to do, but it may intensify the behavior. Your dog may hurt themselves trying to escape. Then again, Houdini may just show up in your house and more things get torn up anyway.
  • Unless you have trained your dog to cue in on the TV or radio as a safety cue, leaving these on only uses electricity and will not help your dogs anxiety.
  • More obedience training. Again, this is a disorder your dog has and is not related to obedience.

The key to getting the separation anxiety under control is to desensitization of your dog to your arrival and departure.

Some things you can do to habituate your dog to your coming and going :

What do you do with a more severe separation anxiety case?

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Average Adult German Shepherd Height

You measure a German Shepherds height from right above their shoulders , which is the tallest spot on a German Shepherds back when he is standing up.

You never measure them by their head, because dogs cannot consistently keep their heads completely upright, so the shoulder is just easier.

Normally, male dogs are larger than female dogs, but that is not always the case. On average, a male German Shepherd will be 24 to 26 inches tall and a female German Shepherd would be 22 to 24 inches tall. The difference between the sexes is minimal when compared to other breeds.

It is important to remember as well that these are only averages. Your German Shepherd might be bigger or smaller, just as humans come in all shapes and sizes. Much of it will have to do with how large your dogs parents were as well as the type of German Shepherd he is.

When Do German Shepherds Start To Get Cancer

Hemangiosarcoma is common cancer affecting middle-aged to older German shepherds. Studies have found it is slightly more common in males than females.

Hemangiosarcoma most commonly occurs in the spleen, though it can originate in other organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, skin, muscle, and bone. This cancer occurs most commonly in dogs older than 6 years of age.

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How Much To Feed A German Shepherd Puppy

Knowing how much to feed a German Shepherd puppy can help you avoid these potential problems. Ideally, they should be on food with lean protein and low fats to keep their slim physique. Puppies should be fed about 2 cups of food daily, on average. The amount of food depends on the crude fat contained within the food.

Do German Shepherds Have Common Health Problems

How To Develop Boundaries around Food with your Dog! (Dog Nation Shorts)

All dog breeds have a tendency toward some kind of health problem. The severity and risk will vary, however. German Shepherds biggest issue is hip dysplasia.

This is when the hip bones do not sit well within the joint, making them easy to dislocate and injure. German Shepherds can also get elbow dysplasia, where the same thing happens, but with the elbow joint.

A major health concern that you will need to watch out for with German Shepherds is bloat. This is not like the type of bloating that humans experience and it can be life-threatening. It is where the dogs stomach becomes distended to the point of cutting off air to the dog, causing trouble breathing.

It can be avoided by keeping your dog on a consistent schedule and not feeding him right before taking him out for vigorous exercise. You should also make sure your dog is not eating too quickly.

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Common German Shepherd Behavioral Problems And Personality Traits

Over the years working as a dog trainer, Ive probably worked with as many German shepherd dogs as any other breed.

Most often, they are an incredibly loyal breed, are devoted to their owners, and have really sweet and fun personalities. And so, to those of you who love the breed and wouldnt consider anything but a German shepherd in the future, I understand!

Yet, some people are terrified of them and feel they are dangerous dogs to own.

To those of you that are wary of German shepherds, I understand where you are coming from, too! First off, they are very large dogs and can come off very intimidating.

Second, their instinct to protect their family or property is strong and can lead untrained German shepherds to becoming very protective, aggressive, and scary dogs.

The keyword here is untrained, as any untrained dogregardless of breedcan have the same problems.

Over the last decade I really feel like Ive come to understand German shepherds and have personally fallen in love with this breed. Ive also realized that theyre so misunderstood due to poorly trained German shepherds often ending up in the news and how they are portrayed on TV and in the media.

For this reason, I wanted to write todays post in hopes that, if you are someone who fears this breed, are looking for help and direction with your dog, or you know someone who is wary of German shepherds, then this honest truth about this lovely breed might change your mind.

Will My German Shepherd Calm Down

If you have recently got a German Shepherd and it is hyperactive youre probably wondering if it will calm down. This post will help you to figure out if it will calm down and what you can do about it.

So, will your German Shepherd calm down? German Shepherds will generally calm down a bit as they get older. The amount that it calms down might not necessarily be as much as you want. To calm it down more you will need to make sure to give it lots of exercise and training so that it is properly stimulated.

If your German Shepherd is currently not very calm then there are actually a number of things that you can do about it.

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What Research Has To Say About Dogs And Music

Theres a science behind dogs relaxing to classical music.

This research observed 117 shelter dogs exposed to classical music, heavy metal and altered classical.

Heres a compilation of the interesting results of the study:

  • Dogs exposed to classical music spend more time sleeping and less time vocalizing.
  • Dogs exposed to heavy metal display body shaking, suggesting nervousness.

Another study has the same findings. This one observed 2 groups of dogs. One group was observed with classical music. The other was observed in silence.

The study found out that when exposed to classical music, the dogs were calm. Their stress levels decreased significantly.

Not only that. Dogs were in a relaxed state while listening to music.

But why classical music? Whats wrong with hard rock or heavy metal?

The answer lies in the tempo.

Music with long, continuous tones is relaxing. Think of classical, reggae and soft rock. This was proven to relax dogs.

On the other hand, music with short, choppy tones is excitatory. That includes hard rock and heavy metal. These have a faster tempo that caused an increase in anxiety and agitation among dogs.

In addition, heavy metal music has loud percussion that can frighten dogs. Its the same effect that fireworks and thunder have on them.

When Do German Shepherds Start Teething

Will My German Shepherd Calm Down?

Starting at 4 months old, German Shepherds will begin to lose their puppy teeth. But some puppies start losing their teeth earlier or later. You may discover a discarded tooth on the floor. Or you may see a few drops of blood on her chew toy. And it is not uncommon for a puppy to swallow her tooth, which is perfectly normal.

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