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When Do German Shepherds Stop Growing

Things To Do In Order To Help Your Pet Reach Optimal Size And Weight

When do German Shepherds Stop Growing? Growth Stages You Must Know

If you want a larger dog you will need to choose another breed. This is actually the most recommended option of them all. Every single dog breed has a weight and size you can see within minutes online. Then just pick a breed you are the most comfortable with. Trying to make your German Shepherd reach a height and weight he is not designed to never work.

The first thing you will actually have to do is to talk to the breeder and see the size of the parents of your puppy. If they were big, your puppy would be as well. If they are small, your puppy will be small also. This isnt 100% accurate but it is a mandatory thing to consider and it does have a huge effect on the size of your puppy.

Provide your puppy with healthy food and a lot of exercises. There are even special exercises for German Shepherds that are the most effective and will help them reach the height and weight they need. Always use proper and healthy food that will help your pet develop properly. Train your dog. This is almost mandatory when it comes to German Shepherds. They do not behave that well without training.

Always keep your eye on the weight of your pet. If he loses weight, you may want to try a different food or to add an extra meal during the day. Keep in mind that there are a lot of health issues that can cause this so you will want to take him to a vet for regular checks. This is actually something you should do with all dogs.

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Stage : Neonatal Period

At this stage, the puppy has just been born. It is completely helpless and fully depends on the mother to feed, warm, and help them get rid of their waste. As a German Shepherd owner, look out for the following milestones:

  • After 10 days, their eyes and ears will open up
  • As 14 days lapse their eyes and ears are fully open, the first baby teeth come out, they begin getting rid of their waste and start walking.

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When Does A German Shepherd Stop Growing

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When you bring home your German Shepherd puppy, you may begin to wonder just how big your new furry friend will be. Though you may have a rough idea of how large your German Shepherd will get, its important to understand the growth process and just how quickly they will reach their adult size.

In this article well discuss the growing process of the German Shepherd puppy, and when they actually stop growing.

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Working Vs Show German Shepherds Size Comparison

When adopting a German Shepherd puppy, you will need to consider whether you are looking for a working dog or a show dog.

While you might just be looking for a nice addition to your family, GS puppies have been bred for specific purposes for many years, resulting in dogs that are made to work and dogs that are not.

Working dogs need to have a lot more stamina and energy because they need to do a job. They do not have the same cosmetic attributes that you will find with show dogs, instead making up for it with incredibly athletic bodies that can move all day long.

Meanwhile, show GS are bigger and bulkier and a lot less energetic. They have thicker coats, more color uniformity, and are bulkier in size. These make for better family pets, because they do not require the same level of work to keep them happy.

Start With The Dog Breed Standard

When do German Shepherds Stop Growing  Find Out the Truth ...

According to the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, the German Shepherd as a breed typically stands between 22 and 24 inches tall for female adult dogs and 24 to 26 inches tall for male adult dogs.

No weight range is given for the official dog breed standard. However, the standard does say the dog typically measures between 8.5 and 10 inches from the dogs breastbone to pelvis .

So these can give you some good starting measurements.

The American Kennel Club gives a weight range of 50 to 90 pounds, with about 10 pounds difference between adult females and adult males.

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How Long Are German Shepherds Pregnant

German Shepherds are pregnant around 63 days on average, measuring from the time of conception to the time of birth. Since German Shepherds are a large breed, sometimes, their gestation will take a little bit longer than other breeds, but it depends on the dog.

You should be able to keep track of conception as long as you have knowingly bred your dog, so have an exact date of conception to work from to get a better idea of the due date.

How Big Do German Shepherds Get

While German Shepherds reach adulthood at the 18-month mark, their growth doesnt stop until three years old. This growth is nominal from the two-year point to the three-year point .

On average, fully grown German Shepherds are 24 to 26 inches tall and 22 to 24 inches . Males will weigh between 49-57 lbs, and their female counterparts will weigh 44-49 lbs. Most GSDs are assumed to be fully grown by the end of the second year.

Whether a GSD is expected to grow beyond the second year can depend on how big the dog already is.

Regardless of your dogs sex, if their height is less than 20 inches by the end of year two, you should get them checked for growth deficiency, as they should be just an inch short of their final height.

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How Much Weight Should A German Shepherd Puppy Gain

As earlier stated, a German Shepherd puppy doesnt attain maturity until its about 2 to 2.5 years old. And as the puppy grows, you can expect to observe changes in its weight and body structure.

That said, theres a noticeable weight difference between male and female GSD puppies, with the male pooches tending to weigh more than their female counterparts as they both age and when they attain full maturity.

The charts provided below provide an idea of how much both male and female German Shepherd dog puppies should weight at different stages of their growth:

Working Dogs Versus Show Dogs

When Do German Shepherd Dogs Stop Growing? Complete Growth Pattern of German Shepherds Explained

Something that may determine your German Shepherds overall body conformation is whether they were bred to be a show dog or a working dog. Years of line breeding has produced several distinct types of Shepherds.

Show dogs are known for a sloped back in which the back legs are shorter than the front. This unnatural formation can cause back and hip problems along with an abnormal gait. German Shepherds bred for show will also be thinner than their hardworking cousins.

As you can see in this picture, this is a show-bred German Shepherd with an obvious curved back and short back legs.

Working dogs, on the other hand, are bred for a sturdy, straight back so they can work long hours without getting sore. They tend to be thicker than show dogs and will, therefore, weigh more, even at the same height.

As you can see in this picture, this dog has a straighter back and longer back legs, so it has been bred for working.

Something else I wanted to mention here is that, according to some sources, Black German Shepherds are larger than their bi-colored cousins, despite being otherwise the same. Its hard to prove for sure, but its possible that their recessive genes that carry the black gene may also contribute to a larger size.

White German Shepherds, on the other hand, arent known for being any different in size than other dogs. So, if you have one of these rare and beautiful creatures, you can follow the same charts that were listed above.

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What To Do If Your German Shepherd Is Not The Right Weight

Whether you have a male or female German Shepherd, they go through growth spurts occasionally, which can hamper weight gain. Giving them additional calories can help you get to an ideal German Shepherd weight.

If your dogs low weight is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite, you should consult with your vet ASAP. He might have an intestinal blockage or a heavy infestation of parasites.

Puppies on the heavier side should be appraised. Is he growing too quickly?

Of A German Shepherd Dog

German shepherd: is BIGGER the better?The full adult size of your GSD will depend in large part on the genetic background of its parents. Adult males should range between 24-26″ at the shoulder blade, females from 22-24″. Males within the standard may weigh anywhere from 75-90 lbs. depending on their bloodlines. Females may weigh anywhere from 55-75 lbs. Although your pup will reach close to adult height by 10-18 months, he will continue to fill out until up to 3 years old.

Beware of breeders who emphasize “oversize”, “huge”, “big-boned” breeding stock or puppies.

Bigger is not better in German Shepherds.

The German Shepherd is not built to have a skeletal and muscular structure of an oversize breed. An inch or so out of standard may be acceptable providing the general line is not consistently out of standard. A responsible breeder will offset an oversize dog by breeding with a line that is a bit smaller in order to maintain the standards as closely as possible.



32 kg/70 lbs

Finally, we want to once again address the size of a German Shepherd Dog as an adult as it is listed in a breed standard.Per official SV Breed Standard:

Vom Geliebten Haus, Image and Text – Veronika, 1/18/2020Use without permission is prohibited. Shares are welcome.

For this article we have used the following sources:*The Breed Standard for the German Shepherd Dog,

*German Shepherd Growth Chart, The Total German Shepherd,

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What Can Affect Your German Shepherds Growth

There are a number of things that are going to affect your german shepherds growth. Some of them are going to be in your control, and some of them arent.

Not only are they going to affect your german shepherds height, but some will also affect their weight. So its a good idea to keep them in mind, to make sure nothings wrong with your pup.


As previously mentioned, nutrition is going to have a massive affect on whether your german shepherd will grow properly or not. When your german shepherd isnt getting enough food, you may notice the following problems.

  • A visible rib cage
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Always scavenging for food

The best and easiest way to check if your german shepherd is overweight is to run your hands along their ribs. If you notice that theres a thin later of fat over their rib cage then theyre a healthy weight. However, if it just feels like skin and bone then take the to the vet. The chances are theyre underweight.


Another determiner that you have no control of is their genetics. If your german shepherd has small parents, then the chances are theyre going to be small as well.

So if you know the size of the parents youll get a pretty good idea about the size your pup should grow too.

Getting Spayed/Neutered

While its best to talk to your vet, its often recommended to spay or neuter your german shepherd when theyre around 1 year old.

What Is The Growth Process For A German Shepherd Puppy

When do German Shepherds Stop Growing?

When it comes to your German shepherds growth, its all about the bones. Similar to the growing process in children, the growth of the bones happens within the growth plate.

Your German shepherds growth plates are located at each end of most of the long bones and contain cartilaginous regions in which new tissue can be created. During the process of the growing puppy, this tissue is flexible and pliable.

Once time has passed and the bone has reached its final size this tissue hardens to become the tough bones we generally think of in an adult dog or human. A GSDs growth plates will close around 18 months on average.

This process of the bone transformation in young dogs is why its so important to prevent puppies from activities that can possibly injure their growth plates. Vigorous activity, jumping from high places, and any other activity that puts a strain on their bones and joints can hinder the aging process of the bones.

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When Is A German Shepherd Fully Grown

Female German Shepherds often stop growing at around two years. Males may continue to grow for another six months or so. The exact time that each dog stops growing depends on genetics and their diet. You shouldnt feed a dog extra calories in the hopes that theyll grow faster or larger. This can make them grow too fast, which can mess up their joints and cause other health problems. In fact, hip dysplasia is much more likely in dogs that were improperly fed as puppies.

Instead, we recommend patience.

Dogs may not grow evenly. Many may reach their full height before gaining much of their muscle mass and fat. Others may fatten up for a time and then grow another inch. Dogs are a lot like children in this way. They grow at their own pace.

While these dogs reach sexual maturity before they are fully grown, it is generally not recommended to breed them until they have reached their full size. Otherwise, it can stunt their growth and potentially cause health problems for the mother and the puppies. After all, the mother will be much smaller than shes supposed to be to carry the puppies and deliver them safely.

How To Help My German Shepherd Lose Weight If He Is Overweight

Excessive weight can lead to health complications in your German Shepherd puppy. If your German Shepherd is overweight, the following ways can help them lose weight:

  • Reduce calories first, you need to know the right number of daily calories your German Shepherd should be eating according to their age. Reducing between 10% and 20% is recommended, but you should seek advice and help from your vet when reducing the numbers.
  • Reduce meals if you are free-feeding your German Shepherd puppy, you should start feeding them at scheduled mealtimes. If you feed your puppy several times per day, ensure that you reduce the amount you are feeding them. Use measuring cups and evenly space mealtimes.
  • Exercising ensure that your German Shepherd is getting at least 1 hour of exercise every day then progress to 2 hours. Walking and jogging are some of the good exercises for your German Shepherd.

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German Shepherd Growth By Age

At about a month, German Shepherd puppies will weigh 4.5-9 lbs. females weigh less, and males will be at the top of the range.

At two months, you can expect them to weigh in at 11-20 lbs.

When they reach three months, your pup should be about 17.5-31 lbs. depending on gender.

At four months, your German Shepherd puppy will weight somewhere between 28.5-39.5 lbs. Thats pretty big! Its about half of the adult weight your dog will eventually reach.

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Large growth spurts will take place between 2-5 months, so keep a close eye on your puppys weight during this period especially.

At six months, the average male is 53 lbs., and the average female weighs about 46 lbs.

German Shepherd puppies generally stop growing significantly in height by nine months for males, eight months for females males may get an extra inch by 15 months and females slightly less than that by 12-15 months. They reach their adult weight at 36 months.

German Shepherds, like many larger breeds, are considered fully grown by about 18 months, when they have reached 98 percent of their growth.

When Do Male German Shepherds Stop Growing

When Does An Australian Shepherd Stop Growing: What to Expect As Your Aussie Grows Up

When I asked the opinion of German Shepherds parents in the forum, many said their male GSDs stop growing when they reached 2 1/2 to 3 years old of age.

Few even said that their GSDs filled out to 105 lbs!

So if you have male German Shepherds, you need to be prepared for all the extra costs that you may incur as he keeps growing.

Its vital during the growing period that you supply them with a well-balanced diet and arrange regular veterinary visits.

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When Do German Shepherds Stop Growing Find Out The Truth Now

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Are you planning to invite a German Shepherd into your life?

May be you finally owned that German shepherd youve always wanted to have. They look good with you and you play well together. But, there comes the point in your life where you might ask yourself when do German Shepherds stop growing?

If you are still searching for answers, then you better stop right now because you have come to the right place. Let me show you an in-depth explanation of the growth of German Shepherds and just when exactly do they stop growing?

A German Shepherd is a breed of medium to a large-sized dog that originated in Germany. Their strength, trainability, intelligence, and obedience made them popular as a working dog.

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