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When Do German Shepherds Get Their Period

How Do Dogs Feel When They Get Their Period

German Shepherd Pregnancy: Gestation Period Period, Signs and Stages ! Dog Health Tips

While we humans have no way of knowing for sure, since we cant read a dogs mind , many experts agree that dogs can feel many of the same symptoms that humans can when it comes to their time of the month.

Humans get their periods when their uterine lining is shedding, and these contractions will cause cramping and pain in the process. However, in dogs, the cramps arent due to the shedding because dogs are starting their fertile period, not ending it.

Most agree that the cramping is caused by a hormonal surge since this is common at the beginning of a menstrual cycle.

This hormonal surge can leave your dog feeling irritable, scared, and more. It depends on her personality and potentially whether or not this is her first cycle. Many dogs will feel motivated to find a mate, too, as you can imagine. Since her entire heat cycle signals that shes ready to mate, shell feel agitated to get out and find a male.

Signs Of Estrus In German Shepherds

So how do you know if your German Shepherd is in estrus? With this being a dogs most fertile period, its important to be aware of the signs.

Whether you are choosing to breed or avoiding pregnancy in your furry friend, knowing the signs of estrus can help you and your pup in the long run.

Some of the most common signs of estrus in German Shepherds include:

  • Swollen vulva
  • More receptive to male dogs
  • Increase in urination

Training Goal #: Begin Obedience Training

The German Shepherd Dogs work ethic is legendary, and you can encourage your dogs best working traits with early and ongoing training. GSDs excel at obedience, so begin teaching your puppy basic commands like sit, down, and stay, as well as loose-leash walking, from an early age. Enrolling in a puppy obedience class can be extremely helpful both for teaching these commands as well as socialization, and its not too early to begin thinking about CGC training as well.

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Catahoula Leopard Dog Is Afraid Of Water What To Do

At this duration, you will notice the symptoms in a female German shepherd being in heat. However, there are different stages that compose the 4 weeks duration of the heat cycle.

To understand the signs that the heat cycle is ending, you should first know what to expect when your female German shepherd is in heat. After all, there are no indication that the heat cycle is ending besides the fact that the signs starts to fade away. This lasts for an average of 9 days.

The most obvious sign of this stage is when male dogs start to crowd outside of your house. They become attracted.

Are Male Or Female Gsds Less Aggressive

How To Keep Your German Shepherds Ears Healthy  Love My ...

Research shows that males German Shepherds are more aggressive than female German Shepherds.

This means that a family should consider choosing a female for a companion over a male. Males tend to perform better for roles in protection and guarding and could do well in a home without children and the proper training.

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How Do You Tell If A Female Gsd In Heat

There are four stages in the heat cycle, and the signs that a female German shepherd is in heat depends on which stage shes currently in.

  • Proestrus: This is the stage where males are attracted to female GSDs, while the female isnt. This lasts for an average of 9 days.The most obvious sign of this stage is when male dogs start to crowd outside of your house. This is because its how male dogs react to a female in heat. They become attracted.However, your pet is likely to reject them since she still isnt susceptive to mating. Plus, fertilization isnt possible at this point.Regardless, your female dog will start to show vaginal bleeding at this stage, although the blood becomes lighter as the period progresses.
  • Estrus: The female GSD will be susceptive to mating at this stage and it can last anywhere from 4 to 21 days. This can be called the flagging stage.During the flagging stage, the dark red vaginal discharge will turn lighter. You may also notice your pet rubbing their rear end against furniture or other objects. These are indications that your female German shepherd is ready to mate. This is also the stage where mature eggs are released from the ovary.
  • Anestrus: Anestrus is the period between each heat cycle and as previously said, it lasts for about 6 months. While we mentioned this as the fourth stage, its not exactly a part of the heat cycle.Regardless, at this stage, there will be no growth and development in the female German shepherds reproductive organs.

How To Control Bleeding During Heat

Purchasing some pet diapers for your dog to wear throughout the house can help to control the bleeding.

It may appear awkward the first time round, but as you go through the continual cycle, youll find that pet diapers save you time and energy that you can spend playing with your pet.

We have to let them stay away from the furniture when possible and place her in an area of the house with a floor that cleans effortlessly instead of carpet or rugs for the duration of the heat cycle.

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Month Old German Shepherd Puppy:

When taking your German Shepherd puppy out try to introduce them to as many other friendly dogs, humans and noises you can. This will help your German Shepherd puppy to grown into a confident well-rounded dog. If you dont socialize your puppy, they will at some point lose their friendly fearlessness which will make it much harder to get them to accept other dogs, humans and environments when they are older.

At 3 months old your German Shepherd will go down from four daily meals to three. These three portions will be larger than what they are used to which may cause stomach upset. If your German Shepherd puppy does get an upset stomach, try going back to four smaller meals for a couple of days and they try the three larger portions again.

What Does It Mean When A German Shepherd Is In Heat

At What Age Will Your German Shepherd First Get Aggressive

All canine females go through the heat cycle once they reach a certain age.

That age is based largely on their breed and size, but there is always some wiggle room here.

Generally speaking, a female dog can enter estrusthe heat cyclearound six months of age to nine months, though some wait until a year or longer to begin.

The only exception to heat is any female thats been spayed. Since her reproductive organs have been removed, she no longer goes through the cycle.

German Shepherds are large dogs. This means they are more likely to wait a bit longer to have their first heat.

Some wait up to two years. Even so, you should be watching your GSD closely for signs of estrus as early as four months of age.

If youre new to canine reproduction, all of what you just read might seem like a foreign language. What does all of this actually mean?

Heres a primer on canine estrus cycles.

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What Is A Heat Cycle In German Shepherds

When a female dog reaches sexual maturity, she will begin what is called the heat cycle.

The medical term is estrus, though some people call it being in season or sometimes doggie periods.

Even with all these different names, its all talking about the same thing.

The dogs body is releasing more of the hormone estrogen, then levels quickly drop, signaling the ovaries to release eggs.

When a dog is in heat, she will be receptive to breeding, usually resulting in a litter of puppies.

When a female GSD is in heat, she will give some fairly obvious signs. Or at least theyre obvious if you know what to look for.

What Exactly Is A Season In Dogs

A season is what we call the time when a bitch is able to get pregnant . An average season lasts approximately three weeks, during this time the vulva becomes pink and swollen, there is often a bloody discharge for around 9 days, this is followed by ovulation . After this time, things start to settle back to normal.

Bitches usually have one to two seasons a year. During a season bitches give off pheromones, which attract entire male dogs from a long-distance away. Also at or near the time of ovulation the bitch may stand with her tail held up and to the side to allow herself to be mated. Some bitches can become aggressive during their season, others more clingy.

Typical stages of a dogs season

  • Anoestrous not in season, around 6-8months
  • Proestrous around 9 days, vulva swells, vaginal bleeding
  • Oestrous around 9 days, usually stop bleeding allows mating
  • Dioestrous around 2-3months, high levels of the hormone progesterone which can sometimes lead to false pregnancies
  • The above is just a simple example of an average season, there can be lots of variation in how a bitch behaves and shows its season and of the length of the individual parts of the season.

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    How Old Does A German Shepherd Need To Be To Breed

    When I bred my first female German Shepherd, I did not breed her before she had her third season. After talking to the Breeder that I purchased my dog from, he told me to wait until your dog has had her fourth season before you breed her, but she should be three years old or older before she is bred. He has experience breeding a female too young and its a risk because some female will not want to take care of her puppies because shes too immature and then he would have to bottle feed all the pups to save the letter, and thats a lot of work and time youll spend taking care of puppies.

    Just in case youre wondering

    Male German Shepherds can be bred at 18 months up throughout their lives, but its not being bred they can become sterile as they ages.

    Stop Your Gsd From Mixing With Other Dogs

    How to Exercise Your German Shepherd

    During their heat cycles, female GSDs can get in trouble with other intact female GSDs. This is because they are prone to show excessive aggression during this period. It is best to stop your German Shepherd from mixing with other female dogs at the moment.

    On the questions of male dogs, unless you want a bucket of German Shepherd pups, you need to keep male GSDs away from your girl as well. This is easier said than done. You cannot imagine the extent to which males will go if they sniff out a female who is ready to mate. So lock that door and take your dog out on a walk only in the wee hours of the morning, when the possibility of a lurking male German Shepherd is less.

    And they say females go crazy on their heat cycle!!

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    What Are The Signs Of Estrus

    The earliest sign of estrus is swelling or engorgement of the vulva, but this swelling is not always obvious. In many cases, a bloody vaginal discharge is the first sign that a pet owner will notice when their dog comes into heat. In some cases, the discharge will not be apparent until several days after estrus has begun. The amount of discharge varies from dog to dog.

    “In many cases a bloody vaginal discharge is the first sign that a pet owner will notice when their dog comes into heat.”

    The vaginal discharge will change in color and appearance as the cycle progresses. At first, the discharge is very bloody, but as the days pass, it thins to become watery and pinkish-red in color. A female dog that is in heat will often urinate more frequently than normal, or may develop marking behavior, in which she urinates small amounts on various objects either in the home or when out on a walk. During this phase of her cycle, the urine contains pheromones and hormones, both of which signal her reproductive state to other dogs. This is the reason that dogs in heat will attract other dogs, particularly males.

    Male dogs can detect a female in heat from a great distance and may begin marking your property with their urine in an attempt to claim their territory.

    A Dog’s Menstrual Cycle :

    Introduction1) ProestrusThe first phase of the estrus cycle begins with proestrus and lasts approximately 9 days. The dogs vaginal area becomes swollen and excretes a bloody discharge during this phase. This is also the phase that is often confused with a menstrual cycle. During this phase the dogs body prepares itself for a possible pregnancy, but the female will not accept the male at this time.The estrus cycle of a dog can take 6 8 months from start to finish, but some breeds of dogs have a cycle which lasts one year. How long, or short, a dogs estrus cycle is depends on the dogs age, health status, and breed. A dogs estrus cycle will continue for most of the dogs life because, unlike primates, dogs do not go into a menopausal phase when they grow older. Instead, the length of the estrus cycle gradually increases as a dog ages.The second estrus phase also lasts approximately 9 days and this phase is called estrus. During this phase the female ovulates, and she will readily accept a male.3) Diestrus :The third phase of the estrus cycle is called diestrus, and this phase can last between 70-80 days. The diestrus phase will begin regardless of whether the female dog becomes pregnant or not. During this phase the dogs body is hormonally pregnant, and this phase may also appear as a false pregnancy. Female dogs that are not pregnant may begin to mother other animals or toys at this time, and they will not accept a male.4) Anestrus :Spaying While In Heat :

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    Aging Across Different Dog Breeds

    There are numerous dog breeds, and they all grow and age at different rates. However, you can group the various breeds by their size.

    Small-sized breeds grow slowly therefore, they age slowly too.

    On the other hand, large-sized breeds tend to grow faster, making them age more quickly.

    To get a more explicit description, a 10-year-old small-sized dog is equivalent to 56 human years, while a 10-year-old large-sized dog is equivalent to 66 human years.

    The intense growth that larger breeds undergo directly affects how quickly they age.

    Thats because their metabolism is a lot faster, making their bodies produce and expend more energy as well as free radicals. Free radicals are leading contributors to aging.

    Besides, certain variables pertain to particular dog breeds. Variables such as orthopedic issues and arthritis affect the overall aging process.

    Such conditions limit a dogs mobility, which in turn creates a decline in their cognitive function.

    Alsatian Male And Female Dogs

    When do German Shepherds Stop Growing? Growth Stages You Must Know

    German Shepherds are also referred to as Alsatians in parts of Europe and in Great Britain. The breed is named after a region in Europe where the GSDs were originally bred .

    Later, the name was changed back to the German Shepherd Dog after World War II was over and it was more acceptable to use the dogs country of origin Germany. Although the name Alsation Dog is rarely heard, it is more popular in Europe and the United Kingdom vs. the United States.

    Regardless of their name, they are one of the most popular dog breeds in both America and Great Britain.

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    When Do German Shepherds Stop Growing German Shepherd Growth Chart And Guide

    Before German Shepherds grow to become large dogs, they go through different stages of growth. In this article, well discuss those stages along with other aspects of their growth, such as expected heights, weights, and when German Shepherds eventually stop growing.

  • Why Is My German Shepherd So Fat?
  • Caring For A German Shepherd In Heat

    So, now you have got this far, youre basically an expert in how the heat cycle works and what to look out for. The next step is taking the necessary precautions to take care of your German Shepherd while she is in heat.

    In this section of this guide, we will take you through some steps you can take to make your poochs cycle a little easier for everyone involved. We will also give you some tips on how to handle a male German Shepherd who doesnt know what to do with himself when hes near a female in heat.

    • Let Mother Nature do her thing

    Fortunately for you, you mostly just have to leave your dog to do whatever she needs to do. Mother Nature works in wonderful ways, and just because we cant hear what the dog is thinking doesnt mean she doesnt know what to do. From the moment she has her first heat cycle, her natural instincts will set in immediately.

    This means that you dont need to interfere too much with your dog while she is in heat. It might seem a bit inhumane, especially if you have a uterus yourself, and you can empathize with the potential discomfort your dog is going through. However, its much safer for you to allow Mother Nature to do her thing than to get involved and potentially stress your dog out.

    • Give her some love
    • Protect your home

    While there are disposable dog period pants available, we recommend buying reusable washable ones for the benefit of the environment.

    • Use your leash
    • Isolate the dog
    • Go to the vet
    • Get her spayed

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