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When Do German Shepherd Puppies Ears Start To Stand Up

What Do German Shepherds Ear Positions Mean

How to make German Shepherd ears Stand Up?

Seeing the changing positions of your German Shepherds ears could have prompted you to ask yourself questions like, is my dog trying to communicate anything? What does it mean when a German Shepherds ears are down? or Is my dog okay?

Just like how body language can tell you what is going through a persons mind, the position of your German Shepherds ears can tell you what is going through your poochs mind. Here are some GSD ear positions and what they mean.

Is There Something Wrong With My Dog’s Ears

If five months have passed and their ears have still not perked up, it could be an indication that they are either not developing properly or that they are not getting proper nutrition. Your dog should have a diet that is abundant in protein, calcium, and vitamin D. If they are not getting enough of these nutrients from their puppy food, it might be time to switch to a higher-quality food. If you are really worried, you should take them to the veterinarian for a checkup.

However, most cases of floppy ears are an indication of non-standard genetics rather than lack of nutrition. Owners might want to rectify this problem with taping, but it rarely works because you cannot correct your dogs biological makeup.

If you are not too picky with your puppy’s appearance, then there is no reason to worry if their ears have not perked up by five months of age.

Taking Care Of Your German Shepherds Ears

Like other dogs, you should regularly examine and care for your German Shepherds ears. Examine the ears once per week and remove the dirt, waxy buildup, or debris using an ear cleaning solution approved by the vet.

To clean the ears, squeeze a few drops of the cleaning solution into the canal. Then wipe the dirt and any excess solution using a cotton ball.

Dont push anything inside the ear or use ear swabs as they could lead to deafness or injury.

You can ask your vet to clean your puppys ears if you are not comfortable doing it.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Chocolate Poisoning In German Shepherds

If your German Shepherd has consumed chocolate in your absence, it is still not too late, and several symptoms can indicate chocolate poisoning. Even though these symptoms may become evident after a certain amount of time, you still dont need to worry as there are emergency treatments that could save your dog.

Listed below are some of the symptoms which appear after your dog has consumed chocolate.

  • Vomiting: German Shepherds cannot metabolize chocolate hence as they consume it, their system will react by throwing it out from their bodies.
  • Diarrhea: German Shepherds bodies cannot digest chocolate hence they might get diarrhea.
  • Panting: As theobromine combined with caffeine leads to a hyperactive nervous system in dogs, they might start panting.
  • Abnormal heart rhythm: This also occurs as a result of a hyperactive nervous system
  • Excessive thirst: The caffeine in chocolate causes severe dehydration in German Shepherds, which increases their thirst.
  • Lethargy: The caffeine in chocolate relaxes your German Shepherds muscles while exciting its brain this could lead to extreme lethargy.
  • Seizure: This is one of the severe symptoms which start to show when a German Shepherd has consumed a huge amount of chocolate
  • Hyperactivity: Dogs become hyper when they consume chocolate, and this hyperactivity could even lead to them harming themselves.
  • Will My German Shepherd Mixs Ears Stand Up

    When Do German Shepherd Puppy Ears Stand Up?

    Crossbreeds have boomed in popularity in recent years due to their status as designer dogs. It can be difficult to determine exactly how a mixed dog will look. Breeds with totally different qualities will produce pups with characteristics from both parents, and theres no way of guaranteeing exactly what the pup will inherit from each one. Different pups from the same litter can also present with different traits from their siblings.

    That said, certain traits, like short hair, for example, are genetically dominant and therefore will be passed on over others, like long hair, which is genetically recessive. Dominant traits are those that require only one copy of a specific gene for the trait to be passed down to a pup. Recessive traits, on the other hand, need two copies one from each parent.

    However, just because a trait is passed on or carried, doesnt necessarily guarantee that it will be physically present and visually identifiable in the pup. They could just carry it and pass it on to their own offspring, even though they dont look as though they have it themselves. Its uncommon, but it does happen!

    So, which is dominant pricked or floppy ears? The answer is floppy ears! Floppy ears are genetically dominant to pricked ears in dogs. So, when predicting what your German Shepherd crossbreeds ears will look like, look at their parents. Or, if you dont know the parent dogs, consider the other breed in the mix.

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    How To Tape A Floppy

    Taping your German Shepherds floppy ears is easy to try and only take a few items.

    • Foam rollers
    • Self-adhering waterproof dog wrap
    • Clean popsicle sticks

    Dont use regular tapes that you have around your house or they will tear and rip your dogs tender skin. Its best to use self-adhering dog wrap thats waterproof so you wont injure your puppy.

    Next, follow these steps to prop your puppys floppy ears upright.

    Is Taping A German Shepherds Ears Bad For Them

    If you use the right tape to stand up your German Shepherds ears then, no, it isnt bad.

    However, if you injure their ears because youve taped them improperly or inserted anything too far into their ear canal then, yes, this isnt healthy and is bad for them.

    When in doubt, get your vet to show you what to do for their ears.

    Your puppy might become annoyed with the tape on their ears, so they may need close supervision and even some distraction during the taping process.

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    Make A Popsicle Support

    Now, take the popsicle sticks and place them at the top of the foam rollers .

    You might need another pair of hands to help with this, so ask your family or friends to help.

    Take the self-adhering waterproof tape and place a medium-size piece across and around the two foam rollers and popsicle sticks. Youre creating a bridge between your pups two ears to help align and support them together.

    This ensures even and symmetrical growth.

    Never, ever shove the popsicle stick into your dogs ears or youll injure them! Make a bridge across their ears instead.

    Be Careful With Glucosamine

    Pet Care – At What Age Do German Shepherd Puppy | Dog Breeds Ears Stand Up Straight? BholaShola.

    Glucosamine is an over-the-counter supplement made for humans that maintains healthy cartilage and keeps joints lubricated, but its also commonly given to dogs too.Im not saying Glucosamine is necessarily bad for dogs, but its something you will need to talk to your veterinarian about first. Dont automatically assume your puppy needs Glucosamine because his ears are staying floppy for a little longer than usual. One thing about Glucosamine is that we rarely give it to young children, so this leads me to believe that puppies should stay away from it too. But as I said, speak to your veterinarian if youre considering Glucosamine.

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    How Do You Know If Your Dog’s Ears Will Stand Up

    In a perfect world, with ethical breeders who don’t breed for looks but rather for breed preservation and barring ear trauma, your dog’s ears should stand up in good time.

    But as a rule of thumb, if your puppy’s ear cartilage has perked up, even a little, this is a good sign that they are developing and the cartilage is getting stronger.

    Do Male Dogs Have Any Discharge Or Reproductive Cycle

    Male dogs can reach sexual maturity around 6 months of age, the same as females. If you are raising a stud, the optimal amount of semen is 10 million sperm per pound of body weight.

    Any discharge that comes from a male dogs penis during any point of life should require a trip to the vet.

    Male dogs dont go through any heat cycles. Once they are sexually mature, they will be ready for any female dog in heat. They can smell a female dog in heat from up to three miles away and will take aggressive means to get her by natural instinct.

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    German Shepherd Puppy Ear Stages

    Dont you love the quintessential look of a German Shepherd? Bright eyes, strong profiles, and of course, those perky, attentive ears!

    When you first bring your German Shepherd puppy home, its ears will probably be floppy and droopy at times, those ears may try to make a stand, only to fall back down again. What gives!?

    A dogs ears are made of cartilage, and that cartilage must grow strong enough to hold up the weight of those big ears. As your German Shepherd grows and gets the right nutrition , the cartilage gets stronger and stronger. And voila straight, pointy German Shepherd ears!

    But is it really that simple? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

    Many GSD owners worry their puppys ears just arent doing the right thing and wonder if theres anything they can do to help. This article covers all you need to know about your German Shepherd puppys ear stages and what to do if those ears arent standing up.

    Why Does My German Shepherd Have One Floppy Ear And One Ear Upright

    When does a German Shepherd puppies ears stand up ...

    Occasionally, your German Shepherd might have one floppy ear and one ear standing upright. If they are a small puppy then they are most likely growing and the one ear down still needs time to go upright naturally.

    Remember, having one ear up and one floppy ear might mean that your dog hasnt developed the right amount of cartilage or muscle strength to keep both of their ears upright.

    But, there are options to try if you decide to make your German Shepherds floppy ears stand up with your help instead of waiting.

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    Placing The Form Roller Inside The Ear

    Remove the plastic clip in the foam roller and place it gently against the inside skin of your puppys ears.

    Do not push the roller inside the ear, it only needs to be placed inside the ear enough to support the growth of the cartilage. Ensure that there are no folds or creases in the ears before doing the next step.

    Why Are My German Shepherds Ears Floppy

    Why your German Shepherds ears are floppy could depend on a few things have they always been floppy, or have they suddenly flopped? Are they both floppy or is only one of them drooping whilst the other stands up normally?

    To start off, lets explore some of the most common reasons for floppy ears during puppyhood in German Shepherds.

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    What Other Conditions Do I Need To Know About In The Vulva

    The discharge from a dog in heat is not in any way connected to its urine stream. While the liquid comes from the same area, they are two different critical functions of a female dog.

    If you notice a bloody discharge coming from a dog that is not in heat, then you need to see the veterinarian. It could be an infection or blood clotting disorder.

    Certain breeds can be impacted by Vaginal Hyperplasia and Prolapse. This is when a mass protrudes from the vulva. A novice breeder might think this is the vulva swelling because of heat, but its a real medical condition that needs professional attention. This mass could also make itself noticeable during heat because the vulva is already swelling and reveals the problem.

    Dogs more prone to this condition are:

    • German Shepherds
    • Springer Spaniels
    • Walker Hounds

    If a dog has this condition, it probably isnt going to mate even if she goes into heat. Most cases of vaginal hyperplasia and prolapse just require the owner to keep the area clean and look for anychanges in size and color.

    If you notice blood in the urine stream, that is most likely a kidney or urinary tract infection. Its not connected to the heat cycles.

    Why Would A Dog Breathe Heavily

    When Will My German Shepherd’s Ears Stand Up

    A dog may breathe heavily when they have just played or run about. This is normal, and you shouldnt be alarmed. However, if your dog breathes heavily while sleeping, and you notice they are struggling to breathe, pushing air with their stomach muscles, and drooling excessively, you need to consult a vet.

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    Can A Dog Get Pregnant While Bleeding In Heat

    A female dogs heat cycle has a predictable pattern, but no two dogs go through heat cycles the exact same way. Any time the dog is in heat, she can get pregnant, but theres the sweet spot for the most fertile days, which generally happens just as the bleeding starts to taper off.

  • I Dont Want My Female Dog to Go Through Heat
  • Its important for a responsible breeder to be aware of every stage during the heat cycle to care for the health and safety of the female dog. Keep notes as theres going to be a little nuanced activity during this time, in addition to clear key indicators of heat. You are going to be very busy, so the notes help with this heat and the heats to come.

    Vitamin D For German Shepherd Ears

    Unlike vitamin C, vitamin D is a different story. Your pup can produce some of their own vitamin D by basking in the sun, but thats not enough to meet their nutritional requirements.

    To help meet their vitamin D requirements, you need to add vitamin D to their foods. Most commercial dog foods nowadays add vitamin D to their formula to ensure that dogs get the required amount of vitamin D that they need.

    If you resort to feeding your pup with 100% natural diet foods, you need to add vitamin D to your pups diet since vitamin D deficiency is quite common in German Shepherds that eat home-prepared foods.

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    Why Do Some Gsds Have Floppy Ears

    There are a few different reasons why German Shepherds can have floppy ears.

    The most important factor is hereditary.

    Because of their genetics, some puppies are born with round, floppy ears.

    Its also a fertile ground for misconceptions- many people think that if a GSDs ears dont stand up, then he or she isnt purebred.

    Taping German Shepherd Ears


    Taping is by far the most common practice when it comes to correcting German Shepherd ears. Recommended by vets and breeders, taping is a painless and non-surgical approach that should get your dogs ears to perk up.

    Please note, while taping can help your dogs ears to stand up, it cant beat genetics, and might not always work. So if you dont see any change after some time, you should stop and just accept your dog the way he is, floppy ears and all.

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    Is Taping German Shepherd Ears A Common Practice

    many breeders recommend taping, and this is a fairly coarse practice, specially in show frump circles. But taping is a less common practice with syndicate or work german Shepherds for two reasons :

  • Dogs that are bred to be family pets or working dogs are less likely to come from show lines, which means they are less likely to be purebred dog.
  • Owners of dogs that are not going to be shown in competitions are sometimes less concerned about their puppies being standard in appearance and may be perfectly happy with a floppy-eared adult German Shepherd.
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    Pressure On The Windpipe

    Many pet owners like to fit their puppy with a collar, but this can lead to obstruction of the windpipe and pressure on the puppys throat when they are sleeping while wearing the collar.

    What to do

    Remove the collar while your puppy is sleeping and while they are playing. If the heavy breathing continues, have the vet check your puppys throat for damage from the collar.

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    How To Make A German Shepherds Ears Stand Up Naturally

    If your German Shepherd is still a puppy, you can encourage their ears to stand up naturally by feeding them well, providing good chew toys, and avoiding injuries.

    As we mentioned above, nutritional deficiencies can cause the ears to flop. So, properly nourishing your dogs entire body will ensure that everything works the way its supposed to including their ears! If your dogs ears are supposed to stand up, nourishing them with a natural and healthy diet will ensure that they do so.

    Puppies should eat nutritionally complete and balanced food that is enriched with calcium, vitamin D, and DHA for healthy bone and brain development, as well as high-quality protein sources like chicken and fish for strong muscles, and tasty, fiber-rich fruits and veggies.

    All puppies should have a handful of strong, hardy chew toys to avoid being destroyed during teething, but they can also help the ears to stand up. This is because the ears are connected to the jaw. So, strong jaw muscles means stronger ears, too! We highly recommend the pet brand Kong for their hardy rubber chew toys, as well as Outward Hounds Invincibles line for some invisible and cute plush toys.

    Finally, you should avoid playing too rough with your pup and interacting with boisterous dogs to prevent accidents and traumas, which, as we mentioned above, could damage or change the shape of their ears.


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