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What To Do With A German Shepherd Puppy

What Is The Size Of A Full

How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy – A Detailed Video on GS Training Tips

An adult male German Shepherd is typically 24 to 26 inches tall, while adult female German Shepherds are 22 to 24 inches tall, according to the American Kennel Club German Shepherd Standard.

The estimated full-size varies significantly between sexes. In terms of weight, an adult male German Shepherd weighs anywhere from 75 to 90 pounds. A female German Shepherd weighs notably less at 55 to 70 pounds.

Please keep in mind that these numbers are only estimates to give you an idea of how much bigger a German Shepherd puppy may get. Some dogs will be both smaller and larger than these weight ranges when fully grown due to a variety of genetic and environmental factors.

Your Dog Does Not Communicate Like A Human

Your German Shepherd will respond to many different stimuli. Your body language and tone of voice being the two most important.

In time, your dog will understand certain commands such as sit, stay and come, drop etc.

But, dogs only understand single direct commands. Use language your dog will understand. Calm, simple commands and body language will make your message crystal clear.

Where To Get A German Shepherd Puppy

Never buy a German Shepherd puppy from a pet store or from an Internet site that will ship a pup to you without asking you any questions beyond “Check or charge?” These puppies come from puppy mills. They will not only be sickly, but they will have missed a major learning period for basic training and will be harder to train and more uncontrollable.

The best German Shepherd puppies come from breeders, animal shelters, or rescuers. German Shepherds are most often abandoned when they are six months old and past the cute stage.

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Keep Them On The Same Food They Were Eating Prior To Adoption

When you adopt a German Shepherd puppy from Vom Springer, youll be given a bag of Nutri Source puppy food to bring home with you. Keep your pup on this food for an extended period time, as switching them to another food too quickly can cause them to get sick. We recommend continuing to use Nutri Source throughout their lives , but if you do want to try a different brand, then make the transition slowly.;

How Can I Stop My Puppy From Biting

Five things to do before bringing your new puppy home ...

It’s important for puppies to learn to control their bites.; This is best taught at a young age.Carefully watch your puppy for signs that he is about to grab your hand. Before he can do that, give him a soft toy or a Kong as an alternative.

If puppy bites you before you can give him a toy, make the squealing sound a littermate would make when it is bitten by another pup “eek” or “ouch”. Then quickly redirect the puppy to an appropriate toy that is “chew safe”.;

When a puppy can’t be supervised he should be safely in his crate or an exercise pen with Kongs or other dog-safe toys that can’t be chewed up and swallowed.; DO NOT LEAVE STUFFED TOYS IN A CRATE WITH A PUPPY.; Talk with your breeder and/or vet about safe toys for puppies.Also, a tired puppy is a good puppy. Be sure your puppy gets plenty of exercise for his body and his brain .; Exercise for 10 minutes every hour or so is better than 2 hours at a time.; Puppies need naps just like babies.

Start training at an early age in a good puppy class in your area.; Puppies of all breeds get your puppy used to other types of dogs.– Cheryl May

For more information: Use Google to search for ‘puppy training’ in your area.; Look for local classes that are affiliated with the AKC’s S.T.A.R. puppy training.; Also look at our Regional Club listings to see if there is a club that offers puppy classes in your area especially for German Shepherd puppies.

Consider why puppies pull when they are walking:

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Despite professional advice, boop nose training, puzzle boxes, distraction/swapping for toys, crate calming, etc., etc., etc….This dog bites. She also jumps up on the counters, and harasses people for food. Not too concerned about the latter two behaviours at the moment, as she has learned many other things, and weâll probably get these under control in time. Worried about the biting, though. She does her best to inhibit sometimes, but not nearly consistently enough. Weâre intrigued by the Mama neck bite correction method, but have some concerns/questions. We are operating on a positive reinforcement/relationship building/communication model. It has been successful for many things, but not that. We wouldnât want to undo the good work weâve done with an unexpected result. Is she too old to benefit from the mama neck bite method? Last, but not least, this dog has given unexpected reactions to us when we have gotten authoritative with her about a month ago, when she was still a little puppy. When we have roared âNo!â At her she has replied, âNo! YOU no!âWhen we appear aggressive, she ramps up. Smart, sweet, loving, but the biting will become a very big problem if not nipped in the bud – pardon the pun.

Adopting A Sable German Shepherd Puppy

While you may find a sable German shepherd in a shelter, they are relatively rare. If you are looking for one of these puppies specifically, you may need to go to a breeder.

The sable color is relatively rare, and breeders have to control specifically for this kind of coat.; As a result, you can expect to pay a bit more for a sable puppy than you would a German shepherd of any other more common colors.

Most German shepherd litters have between 5 and 9 puppies, and you can expect to pay over $1,000 for a pup of the standard colors.

For a rare and prized sable German shepherd puppy, donât be surprised if the breeder asks for over $2,000.

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Running The Dog How Much

The running distance depends upon the training given to the German shepherd. A healthy German shepherd can run a distance of 5-30miles per hour on average. Above this running limit, it is too much for the dog to run a greater distance. Some of the factors are as follows, which influences the running speed of the dog. 1. the health of the dog, 2. level of training and 3. age of the dog.

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Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs

Do German Shepherd Puppies Sleep a Lot?

With the right training and socialization, German shepherds are excellent dogs for an active household. They will be loving, obedient, and protective.

They are good around children, though small children should always be supervised around dogs, regardless of the breed and their level of familiarity. Accidents happen, even when children are around dogs they have grown up with and know well.

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The First Ride Home: Making It Safe And Secure

If youre a first-time dog owner, you often forget that the dog also needs to be secured when driving in a car.

The most important thing to have with you when you go pick up your German Shepherd is a carrying crate in which to bring him home.;

Heres a travel crate big enough to fit a 30-50 lb puppy, which is suitable for your GSD puppy up to 6 months:

This ride will probably be the very first ride for your pup.

And puppies tend to be known for having a sensitive stomach and a moving car might make them vomit.

And trust me, its a lot better if theyre in a crate rather than on your lap when that happens.

Another reason, for the German Shepherd puppy to be in their crate is that a puppy tends to be quite nervous and squirmy during their first car ride. They are in a strange place with a stranger who wouldnt be a bit nervous?

Accidents could occur if puppies crawl under the brake pedal, knocked the gearshift, and simply taking the drivers eyes off the road.

The ride home is not necessarily a bonding moment, the only thing that matters is that everybody gets home safe.

How Can I Keep My German Shepherd Busy

Keeping your German Shepherd mentally active is as important as keeping them physically active. For those times when you need them to be calm in the home, there are lots of strategies you can use to keep them occupied.;

Take a look at our enrichment games and activities article for lots of great ideas on keeping them busy, or check out our top 10 indoor games for those days when you cant get out of the house for a walk.

With the right exercise routine and plenty of mental stimulation, your German Shepherd will be happy and healthy. Keep track of how much activity they are doing every day with a PitPat dog activity monitor for just £39.

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Expect A Dog Who Wants To Know Your Business All The Time

If you dont like having a dog follow you;everywhere, even into the bathroom, perhaps reconsider getting a German Shepherd. These dogs are busybodies, and they want to know where you are and what you are doing at ALL times in the event that your actions could compromise the security of the house and the family. Theyre just doing their jobs, you know.;?

What Do German Shepherd Puppies Like To Play With

German Shepherd Dog Puppy Royalty Free Stock Image

The;best toys for young German Shepherds;are interactive ones that stimulate their senses. Especially exciting are treat dispensers and squeaky toys while teething toys provide tons of comfort. They also love balls that they can grasp and chase after.

But GSD puppies dont just love toys and things. They also love playing with people and other animals. Its best to start socializing your pup as early as possible so they can enjoy being their playful selves with others.

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Poor Diet Can Make Your Puppy Tired And Sleepy

The cause behind your puppys extended sleep might not always be positive. Your puppy might also sleep a lot, if its not getting enough nutrients and energy.

If your puppy is sleeping more than 20 hours a day, and is exhausted even when its awake, its worth it to check its diet, improve it or maybe change it entirely. Its advised to consult your vet about it.

What To Feed Your New Puppy

Its best to choose a top scientifically-researched food to keep your German Shepherd puppy healthy and avoid lifelong complications, like this Nutro Natural Large Breed Puppy formula for proper growth.

You can feed your puppy this formula for up to 18 months to ensure they grow at a steady rate and avoid stress to their joints.

All while getting the proper nutrients and keeping your mind at ease.

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How To Get A German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting

You have to remember that it isnt as simple as taking your puppy to a class once or twice a week and then hoping for the best.

It requires constant effort on your part. You will need to consistently work with your dog to reinforce what you learn at obedience class and continue working with your puppy after completing the training course.

If you dont, your puppy is likely to backslide and stop listening to your commands.

That is why getting a good pet training course that you can continually reference is a fantastic idea.

German Shepherd Energy Level

How to start protection training with a German Shepherd puppy

German shepherds are very playful and active dogs, so they need lots of physical exercise and mental stimulation in order to thrive.

This is another reason why they often do well as working animals. Working gives them both the physical and mental stimulation to complete these challenging tasks. Pleasing their handlers is also attractive to these highly reward-oriented dogs.

Ideally, German shepherds need at least 60 to 90 minutes of exercise every day, preferably spread over at least two different sessions. However, this should be slightly less when they are puppies.;

There is always a risk of over-exercising puppies, especially when it comes to large dog breeds.

As a general rule, you should exercise a puppy daily for five minutes for every month of their age until they are an adult. German shepherds reach adulthood at around 18 months.

So, for example, a six month old pup should be getting 30 minutes of exercise a day if we follow this rule, as six months times five minutes comes out to 30 minutes per day.

What to know more about exercising your puppy? Read our article: How far can I walk my puppy?

German shepherds will love to accompany you on adventures, such as hikes and walks, and they also love swimming.

They will do well at the lake, on the beach, or even accompanying you on a boat. However, even though they are excellent swimmers, they should have a doggy life vest if you are out at sea.

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At What Age Do German Shepherd Puppies Stop Biting

Puppies are somewhat like children in this particular respect. Some of them stop biting at a relatively young age, while others continue to display this behavior for so long that you might start to fear it will never go away.

Typically, a German Shepherd will tend to bite things for roughly the first year of its life.

However, that doesnt mean that every dog is automatically going to stop biting when it turns 12 months old. Most dogs will stop chewing on things by the time theyre six or seven months old. Unfortunately, others might continue displaying the behavior until they are two or even three years old.

That is why give your German Shepherd puppy basic obedience training and learn commands such as leave it, sit, and stay. And to continually reinforce the behavior you want with ongoing training and positive reinforcement.

If you have a dog trained to listen to you and trained not to bite down on things, it shouldnt be biting in the first place. Its much easier to curb this behavior than simply hoping it will stop on its own.

When its all said and done, its important to remember that a puppy is not a novelty item.

When you decide to get a puppy, ask yourself if youre genuinely willing to put in the time and effort required to teach him the behaviors you want him to learn.

Training a German Shepherd puppy requires a great deal of patience.

Furthermore, you have to remain calm. If youre not calm, your dog will pick up on your emotions and will tend to act out.

How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy The Ultimate Guide

Fully Qualified COAPE Behaviourist and Registered Training Instructor with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council

In this article:

So you have your new German Shepherd puppy at home, we see.

Glad to hear theyre doing well puppy eyes shining bright, and tail that doesnt seem to stop wagging.;

Weve also heard they have gained a special liking for your living room carpet as the perfect place to go for a wee. Oh, and your favourite shoessorry to hear theyve been chewed on. Apologies to your neighbour Alfred too; we heard his favourite pair of trousers were left muddy after your puppy showed such enthusiasm to say hello.;

Wed love nothing more to see you both become a wonderful duo; one that has overcome the hiccups of starting fresh, and only see bright days of licks, treats, and cuddles ahead.;

In this training guide, youll learn everything to tackle those first 8 weeks with your German Shepherd puppy and be as well prepared as possible.;

Every question youve asked yourself is pretty much covered. What you do need to know is that everything will be just fine only happy days lie ahead of you.

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Play Routines For Stimulation

One of the most natural urges is that of play.;

Your dog wants to explore their world through fun and excitement. Use play to help your dog understand appropriate behaviors.

Think twice about using confrontational and rough games like roughhousing, when your dog is little and forming connections between you and their behavior.;

Stick to cooperative games such as:

  • fetch
  • playing with toys of all types together
  • brain games and
  • gentle play that avoids confrontation

Some people think rough games early on may produce a more confrontational relationship later. Whereas cooperative games instill a fun-loving attitude that doesnt involve your dog having to pit their strength against you.

Only use toys that are non-toxic, and made for heavy chewers, like the ones listed in thisguide for safe toys for German Shepherds to prevent boredom.

And, I dont know about you, but I think every German Shepherd puppy should have a job from the very beginning.

I bet your dog will love it when you give them one of thebest jobs for German Shepherd puppies!

Finding A Puppy Who Is The Best Fit For You

German Shepherd Watch Dogs Do Titles Really Matter ...

Finding a good, ethical breeder is one of the most important ways to ensure you are getting off to the right start in obtaining the puppy who will be the best fit for you and your household. Breeders observe their puppies personalities and drives and can match the right puppy to the right individual or family.

You may also wish to acquire a puppy from one of the breed-rescue organizations listed in the AKC Rescue Network; currently, over 40 GSD rescues are listed, a testament to the popularity of this magnificent breed. If you choose this route, be sure to discuss with the breed rescue organization your needs and what you are looking for in a puppy; they should also be able to help you find the puppy whose temperament and personality will be the best match for you.

Nadia Adams of Oher Tannen German Shepherd Dogs has been a GSD breeder for 15 years and comments, A well-bred German Shepherd Dog is highly intelligent, thriving on praise and wanting to please the owner. This combination makes them very trainable, which is one of the most appealing qualities of the breed.

This breeds high level of intelligence and strong willingness to work mean your GSD must receive consistent and ongoing training from an early age. A bored GSD is a destructive GSD. That said, states Adams, the sky is the limit, if the owner ca devote a good amount of quality time to the dog, especially during the critical first year of life.

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