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What Is The Life Expectancy Of A German Shepherd Dog

How Do I Know If My German Shepherd Is Dying


Dogs that are nearing the end of their life span are usually lethargic. They might not want to participate as much and would much rather sleep all day.

Try not to neglect them and shower them with affection instead.

They will usually lose weight and their undercoat will become quite sparse. Their double coats will no longer have the sheen of a healthy dog.

Dogs that suffer from spinal cord or joint problems might have weak hind legs.

German Shepherd Life Span: 15 Ways To Increase Longevity

Do you want to know how to extend the German Shepherd life span and increase your German Shepherds longevity?

Then youre in the right spot! This guide covers science-backed ways to extend our breeds life span and increase longevity.

Follow the advice to give your dog the best chance at a happy and healthy life with you! Here are the best tips to increase longevity in the German Shepherd life span.

How Much Should A German Shepherd Puppy Eat

So, youve just brought your adorable ball of fur home and now are not quite sure how often to feed him. Learning about and setting up a proper routine for your pups feeding schedule is quite a significant task for both his or her health and training your puppy to learn where and when to expect meal times.

Initially, when your puppy is four to six weeks old, you can start introducing some wet food along with his mothers milk. Make the transition slow and steady. Start with small amounts three to four times per day and continue over a two week period. After that point, your puppy can safely eat wet food alone. When he or she reaches eight weeks, you can start transitioning to dry food. During the transition, be sure to add only ten percent of dry kibble each day, to the existing wet food diet to give your dogs digestive system time to properly adapt to the change.

Number of Meals

Puppies usually require three or maybe more meals per day. So, following the chart on your bag of puppy food, simply divide the daily feeding amount by three , feeding it to him or her throughout each day. An example of a puppys common daily feeding schedule would be 7 am, then noon, and then 5 pm.

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Longest Living German Shepherd

Owners have reported their GSDs living well into their teens and beyond, with the oldest being between 18 to 20 years old.

However, there are no official records to go by, and these are all based on word of mouth.

Considering that theres no GSD on the list of the worlds oldest dogs, we can conclude that no Alsatians have lived past the age of 20.

It does seem that females live 1.4 years longer on average, than males do. The general median for females is 11.1 years, whereas male GSDs dont live past 9.7 years.

Average Lifespan Of A German Shepherd Mix Conclusion

Average German Shepherd Life Expectancy
  • The German Shepherd is an intelligent dog.
  • It is a large-sized dog, able to live an average of 12-13 years.
  • It should not be crossed-bred until its third gestation, which takes place around one and a half years of age.
  • The maximum age to cross a German Shepherd is 7 years old.
  • It is important to start your training when they are puppies.
  • Games that involve biting and chasing people can lead to problems when the dog grows.
  • They can memorize basic orders from the time they begin to explore their surroundings.
  • There are some typical diseases you should know of to prevent, and if necessary, treat properly.
  • This type of dog can be aggressive chewers capable of destroying almost any toy.
  • Choose toys of resistant materials that are not toxic or dangerous to your dog and avoid tennis balls.

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German Shepherd Breeding Problems

One thing to be aware of with German Shepherds breeders is the prominence and perceived desirability of a sloped-back.

This trait is now being corrected, as it is the source of joint, hip, and leg malformations that can worsen over time and prevent dogs from walking.

However, as recently as 2017, some breeders were still under fire for breeding overly-sloped top-lines . Do your research on potential breeders and use discretion.

Skeletal problems dont directly reduce German Shepherd lifespan, but they can cause such pain and loss of quality of life that they become a reason for euthanizing affected dogs.

Some Fun Ways To Exercise Your Dog:

  • Take them for a walk outside at least once a day and twice if you can
  • Play fetch with your dog using their favorite ball or toy
  • Set-up a makeshift obstacle course for them to run
  • Play frisbee with them in the backyard or at the park
  • Take them on a hike at your local dog friendly trail
  • The more your dog exercises the less bored they will be. This translates into a healthier dog overall and should keep their mind sharp.

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    When Saying Goodbye To The German Shepherd Is Too Difficult

    Having the German shepherd euthanized by the vet is certainly not an easy task.

    Not everyone can accompany their dog to the very end. Many just dont find the strength to do it. Especially when the farewell is to take place in a cold, impersonal and sterile veterinary practice.

    Those who find it far too difficult emotionally to witness the last moments of their German Shepherd need not be ashamed of it. You may ask someone else to stay with your dog until he falls asleep.

    Someone who knows the German shepherd gur and fulfills this favor for you. However, you can only stay with it until your dog has received the tranquilizer. This lets him relax and fall asleep.

    Before he then gets the overdosed and fatal anesthetic injection, you can leave the room and only come back when its over.

    Please do not leave your dog completely alone with the vet during this sad appointment. If you cannot find anyone to accompany him across the rainbow bridge in your place, please stay with him. Even if it is very difficult.

    There is nothing worse for a dog than to be alone in this moment and to be abandoned by his loved one. Many veterinarians also confirm this. The dogs are excited, scared, maybe even panicked. Whereas there is much more peace and relaxation when the two-legged friend is at the dogs side until the end. This gives him security. Try to talk to your German Shepherd, stroke him and just be there.

    What Happens To The German Shepherd After He Dies

    German Shepherd Life Span: How Long Do Live and Ways To Make The Most of It

    There are various ways in which you can proceed after the German Shepherd has died. If you think about it early on and find out more, you can make a suitable and, of course, very individual decision on how to say goodbye to the dog.

    Money, personal taste and individual requirements play a decisive role here.

  • Veterinary practice and carcass disposal
  • Anyone who leaves the German Shepherd in the practice after it has been euthanized puts the responsibility for the disposal of the dead dog into the hands of the veterinarian or the removal of the animal carcase. She picks up the dog there together with other deceased pets and then cremates the carcasses for disease protection reasons. Sometimes, however, the animals are also processed into other products, such as soft soap or animal meal.Some vets also offer to have the deceased German Shepherd cremated on your behalf and then give you the ashes.

  • Pet cemeteries
  • If you are considering this option, you can either get in touch with the staff at the pet cemetery directly or visit an undertaker in the vicinity who will do the work for you and take care of important processes for you.

    You have the choice between a classic burial or an urn grave. In addition, you have many design options for the grave site, with different stones, lights, jewelry and accessories.

  • Burial in your own garden
  • Bury my German Shepherd in my own garden. What should I put attention on?

  • An urn for the home?
  • Jewelry Animal Diamond
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    Old Age Health Issues

    Black German Shepherds face health issues once they start growing older. Most of the problems have medical treatments, surgical procedures, and some can cure them through physiotherapy. It is imperative to regularly visit your veterinarian for physical examinations to get rid of the disease well in time. Some of the issues which Black German Shepherds face during old age are:

    • Hip dysplasia
    • Cauda equine syndrome
    • Cancer

    These diseases are too painful and may cause disability to your dog. These can be fought with the help of your veterinarian and by taking proper care of your pet.

    Inbreeding Vs Cross Breeding

    Inbreeding can reduce the lifespan of canines. Cross-breed dogs have a longer lifespan in comparison. Inbred dogs have a risk of carrying genes for illnesses that are common to that specific breed. Further, mutts who have at least two breeds and commonly more tend to have the least health problems and live longer than their purebred counterparts.

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    Average Lifespan This Lifespan Is Based On Information From The American Kennel Club

    The average German shepherd life expectancy for the full-blooded breed is between eight to ten years. As with any breed, this can vary significantly from puppy to pup, although it is not uncommon for the full bloodline to live longer than this.

    German Shepherd health issues and illnesses are relatively rare compared to other breeds. Although the German shepherd does carry some inheritable health issues such as non-degenerative myelopathy, they are actually quite rare. German Shepherds have even been known to develop congenital causes of some conditions. In comparison, however, there are an estimated five to eight times more cases of genetic diseases in the German shepherd that are caused by non-genetic factors. Because many of these genetic diseases are extremely rare in other breeds, German shepherd owners must be especially careful to avoid breeding their dogs to cause a genetic disease.

    What Kind Of Dog Is A German Shepherd Mix

    What Is the Average Lifespan of a German Shepherd ...

    The Shepsky is mix of Siberian Husky and German Shepherd. This mix has the Siberian Huskys blue eyes and German Shepherds signature black mask. This gives them a wolflike appearance. The Shepsky is a breed with lots of confidence. Their confidence makes them friendly around others dogs, humans and pets.

    Recent Posts

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    Doberman Vs German Shepherd

    The Doberman Pinscher is a sleek and powerful breed of dog, possessing both a magnificent physique and keen intelligence.

    The Doberman is incomparably a fearless and vigilant breed of dog that stands proudly among the worlds finest protection dogs.

    Dobermans are actually a relatively new breed as far as common dog breeds are concerned.

    They were first developed in 1880s in Germany, they are less than 150 years old and with their beautiful looks theyve remained a staple breed for well over a century.

    Dobermans are the eighth fastest dogs in the world running at speeds of 32 miles per hour, moreover their hearing is sostrong they can hear sounds from 250 yards away.

    The doberman pinscher is a medium large breed of domestic dog, that was originally developed around 1890 by Carl Fredericks Louis Dobermann, a tax collector from Germany.

    He wanted a fierce guard dog to accompany him on his rounds, so he thought of developing one of those kind of dog breed.

    Doberman also kept the local dog pound where he had access to many strays.This breed is believed to have beencreated from several different breeds ofdogs that actually have the characteristics that Dobermann was looking for.

    Some of the breeds thought to beinvolved include the rottweiler, germanpinscher, great dane, german shepherd manchester terrier, english greyhound shorthaired shepherd, bushren, and weimaraner.

    Dobermans started to become popularwhen they were used in the second world war as guard dogs.

    How To Keep Your German Shepherd Feeling Their Best

    When it comes to making your dogs daily life comfortable, there are a number of ways in which you can help them feel their best. Some examples include:

    • Feed them a healthy diet that nourishes their body.
    • Keep them at a healthy weight.
    • Give them a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise.
    • Give them daily dental chews to keep their teeth healthy.
    • Implement basic obedience training to improve their behavior and boost their confidence.
    • Establish a routine veterinarian in which you can see yearly, or if any illnesses occur.
    • Consider joint supplements to keep their joints and bones strong.
    • Keep up with their daily and monthly grooming needs.
    • Adjust your home to fit their needs as they age.
    • Offer them plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep them occupied.

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    What Traits Influence A Breeds Longevity

    So what is it about long-living breeds that allow for their outstanding health? According to science, several factors are likely to contribute.

    It is true that smaller dogs usually live longer than large dogs. You can count on most small breeds of dog to live into their teens, with many living into mid-to-late teens. This is usually attributed to heart health, as large breeds hearts must work harder to circulate blood.

    However, medium-small dogs such as Collies seem to have the longest maximum lifespan. The two oldest living dogs, according to Guinness World Records, were 24 and 29. Both were Australian cattle dogs.

    Additionally, two out of three of the dogs with the highest median lifespan are Collies. These types of breeds have one major thing in common that likely contributes to their longevity: hardy breeding practices.

    These breeds of mid-sized, lightweight herders and workers were bred to be smart, healthy and athletic. Their lineages were not bred for cuteness or other physical characteristics that are perceived as desirable but often result in health complications, such as snub noses and sloped backs.

    Smaller mid-sized dogs also have less broad chest cavities which limits the risk of exercise-induced collapse and the collection of air between the outside of the lungs and chest wall known as pneumothorax.

    So, the major contributing factors to a breeds longevity seem to be size, for circulation and heart-health, and breeding practices that avoid genetic disease.

    How Long Do German Shepherds Live 5 Signs Your Gsd Life Is Ending

    How Many Puppies Can A German Shepherd Have

    Welcoming a German Shepherd into your family can be an exciting decision to make, but it also comes with a couple of important thoughts and expectations. Some of which would be its lifespan, how you can lengthen it, and how you can make the most out of its life.

    How Long Do German Shepherds Live? German Shepherds reach their seniority once they turn 7 years of age, and while most GSDs live as long as a decade, the average lifespan would range from 9-13 years. Many dog owners would consider this a reasonably long life, but if you wish to cherish more time with your buddy, increasing your awareness of what commonly affects a German Shepherds longevity may help you stretch out its lifespan.

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    German Shepherd Health Issues

    Like every breed, GSDs can be affected by a variety of health issues that are frequently seen and spread within the breed. Inbreeding and line breeding greatly promote the inheritance of recessive diseases.

    You have probably heard of inbreeding before where close relatives are being bred together to produce offspring.

    Diseases that would normally be recessive are now transmitted from both parents and as the gene pool becomes smaller and smaller the risk for inherited health issues becomes significantly larger.

    Linebreeding is a bit more complicated. Assuming you have two dogs that are siblings and you take one of them and pair him with a dam that is not related to the bloodline.

    You would get an x amount of puppies. Now you take one of those puppies and breed her with her fathers brother. In conclusion, this example would be for the breeding of an uncle to his niece.

    This is called line breeding as you are breeding back in line to the original sire. As a form of inbreeding, it still has a high risk of genetic defects.

    The German Shepherd Crosses The Rainbow Bridge My German Shepherd Is Dying Say Goodbye

    My German shepherd dies and walks over the rainbow bridge

    A day that every dog owner fears: The beloved four-legged friend begins his last journey over the rainbow bridge.

    For some, this moment comes completely unexpected, while others can take a long time to prepare for this moment, for example if the German Shepherd is already very sick.

    Of course, its not nice to deal with the subject of the death of the dog.

    However, if you know how to deal with the situation in an emergency and what options you have after the death of your four-legged friend, you are prepared and do not have to worry your head in this difficult emotional situation and can make clearer decisions.

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    Average Dog Life Expectancy

    Life expectancy in dogs varies greatly based on breed, lifestyle, diet, and overall health, so it’s to say what the average life expectancy is for dogs in general. Here we can see the average life expectancy for a wide variety of common dog breeds:

    Life expectancy also varies based on if your dog is a pure bred or mixed breed dog. Research has indicated that mixed breed dogs tend to live longer than pure bred dogs, as pure breds tend to inherit more genetic disorders. This being said, you can ensure you adopt a healthy dog by doing thorough research on the breeder and diet/lifestyle needs of the breed, and breeders can do their part by testing their dogs for genetic disorders and breeding accordingly.


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