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What Is The Best Dog Food For German Shepherds

German Shepherd Maintenance And Grooming

Best Dog Food for German Shepherd puppies ð?

All German shepherds have a thick double coat consisting of a soft, dense undercoat and a coarse, water-resistant topcoat that is medium to long. Their coat is easy to maintain most of the year by brushing them every few days. Twice a year, they go through a major shedding spree called blowing, a month-long process in which they lose their seasonal undercoat. During the blowing season, you will need to brush your dog daily to avoid matting and hair build-up around the house.

Aside from brushing, the maintenance routine for a German shepherd is straightforward. All you need to do is brush their teeth regularly and trim their nails monthly. This breed is fairly clean with only a slight odor, so they only need bathing a few times a year.

Royal Canin Specialized Dog Food For German Shepherds

This Royal Canin formula is designed exclusively for pure-breed German Shepherds over 15 months old. German Shepherds can have finicky digestive systems this recipe is intended to combat that with highly digestible proteins including chicken and a selection of specific fibers, such as brewers rice and oat groats, to aid digestion and prevent soft stools. Its available in 17- and 30-pound bags.

Royal Canin Specialized Dog Food for German Shepherds

This dry dog food is tailored exclusively for pure-breed German Shepherds and includes easy-to-digest ingredients to help support their digestive system.

The Following Are Ways To Help Your German Shepherd Work On Their Appetite Again:

  • Go for long walks with your puppy before you feed them to work up their appetite.
  • To help prevent bloat on your puppy, do not feed them an hour before or after exercise.
  • Ensure your puppys bowl is always clean.
  • Use an interactive dog feeder to make the mealtimes fun.
  • Take your puppy to the vet for examination.

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How Much To Feed A German Shepherd Per Day Feeding Amount

Commonly, foods are made for dogs at various stages of life puppy, adult, senior.

The food label should tell you how much to feed your GSD per day based on their weight/size.

If you have to feed your dog 4 cups a day, and you are feeding them twice a day, you would give them 2 cups per meal.

Per the best treats for German Shepherds guide, treats should only comprise of 10% of a German Shepherds daily intake and should replace the portion of food you were going to give them.

As a rough guide, puppies, adults and senior dogs might be fed:

Taste Of The Wild Ancient Prairie Canine Recipe

Best Dog Food For German Shepherd Puppies

The Ancient Prairie Canine Recipe by Taste of the Wild is best for active dogs because it has some of the highest protein and calorie content amongst premium dry dog food brands.

Although its top protein sources are buffalo, pork, and chicken, this variant also contains roasted venison and bison, which imparts a unique flavor that German Shepherds love.

For fiber and carbohydrates, this dry dog food uses ancient grains. That includes quinoa, millet, sorghum, and chia seeds. For that reason, it is highly digestible and is naturally high in omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Additionally, it is rich in probiotics that support your GSDs gut and boost their immune system.

Nutrition Facts Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie Canine Recipe
Top Ingredient

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German Shepherd Food And Diet

German shepherds do well on high-quality food formulated especially for large breeds. These dogs tend to have somewhat sensitive stomachs, so they should only eat human food sparingly, if at all. If you do choose to feed your dog table scraps, you should avoid fatty foods and never feed them cooked bones. When dogs eat cooked bones, the bones break into splintery shards that can perforate their stomach or bowels on their way through the digestive system.

Best Dog Food For German Shepherd

What is the best dog food for German Shepherds? Like we humans do need good amounts of nutrients for our body to function properly. Similarly, dogs do the same. The diet they eat should consist of a balanced amount of nutrients that are essential for their body, but they must also maintain their coat and skin.

A balanced diet for dogs helps them to develop and grow better. Not only has this but with a good diet, they also stay active much more throughout the day. Dietary components are the building block to develop any dog into a healthy adult dog. That is why you should be very choosy while selecting your dogs diet, a particularly German shepherd.

Most people tend to have dry diets for their dogs as they are more convenient and less costly. Below we have prepared a list for you so that you can have the best options available to find the best dog food for German Shepherds.

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Best Dog Food For German Shepherds: 8 Vet Recommended Brands

Dog lovers are hard-pressed to find a pup as reliable and dedicated as the German Shepherd. The German Shepherd dog, or GSD , have been one of the most popular dogs in the USA for over 50 years. To raise a healthy GSD, you’ll need to know all about the proper training this breed requires, potential health issues and the best dog food for German Shepherds.

In 2016, the German Shepherd took the honor of the second most popular dog in America. As a veterinarian, GSDs are one of my most common patients, and most vets usually have to study this breed extensively. Behavior, predispositions and nutritional needs have been documented through the years and help keeping GSDs healthy.

Proper nutrition is key to having a healthy dog, and finding the best dog food for German Shepherd is especially important. These dogs are active breeds that love to work. They need to be fed a diet that will meet their nutritional needs to keep the body in top shape.

In this article, I will further discuss the nutritional needs of German Shepherds, what this dog breed is like, my personal experience as a vet with them. We’ll mostly focus on how to feed a German Shepherd dog and review top best dog foods for German Shepherds:

Dog Food Brands
$1.30/lb 4.6/5

* Click on the German Shepherd dog food brand for information and prices. Or scroll down below for more details.

What Are The Best Dog Food Brands For German Shepherds

The perfect dog diet | What to feed your dog | German Shepherd

There are a plethora of dog food brands on the market professing to be the best for your canine friend.

Now, thats quite a tricky place to be I know, Ive been there.

I can tell you, from experience, that it becomes supremely tricky selecting the best dog food brands for your German shepherd.

But hey, Ive got your back, Im going to share my tricks for selecting food formulas that have served me well, and the best part is, I will show you the specific dog foods Ive been feeding my dog.

So if youre ready, lets get started

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Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food

This wet diet uses only deboned chicken, together with whole grain rice and barley*. It aims to provide your puppy with the high-quality protein, carbohydrates, and fiber he needs for energy and growth.

This good dog food for German Shepherd puppy also includes sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, and cranberries. No meat meal, corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are used in this all-natural diet.

Redbarn Naturals Joint Health

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Peas, Dried Egg Product

Redbarn Naturals Chicken Pate Joint Health recipe is a grain-free and protein-rich diet that not only focuses on the joints but targets your dogs overall health as well.

It features superfoods, like green lipped mussels, which contain anti-inflammatory properties for joint support and healthy, itch-free skin. There are also dandelion greens to promote waste elimination.

There are no corn, grains, soy, carrageenan, or anything artificial so you are confident that you are feeding only the best. The ingredients list is short and limited so you can easily track each product in case your dog is also food sensitive.


  • Goes out of stock easily
  • A little more expensive than other brands

There are only 17 reviews on so far, but almost all of them are 5-star ratings. It has no negative reviews, and the lowest score is a lone 4-star rating. Dogs love the flavor and are often found licking their bowls clean.

It has a good consistency and the ingredients are all what youd call quality. However, it goes out of stock easily, possibly because of the demand.

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What To Look For In German Shepherds Dog Food

When picking any dog food, especially for an at-risk dog breed like the German Shepherd, you should look for specific things and ingredients in it. Not all dog food is the same, and some are simply better than others. Here are the most important things to look for in the best dog food for German Shepherds.

German Shepherds With Sensitive Stomachs

8 Best Dog Foods For German Shepherds In 2021

The German Shepherd dog, like many pure-bred dogs, can be predisposed to certain diseases. Some of these diseases may require a special diet for the GSD. Specifically, if you have concerns about his digestive health, work closely with your veterinarian to make sure your dog gets what he needs and hopefully, a proper diagnosis.

Notable diseases that are prevalent in this breed and which may affect the type of best dog food for German Shepherds you choose include:

  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
  • antibiotic-responsive diarrhea )

These diseases tend to cause GSDs to lose weight or not be able to gain weight effectively. In general, small, frequent meals are best for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Ask your veterinarian about diets like Royal Canin Gastrointestinal High Energy Dog Food, as it may help your GSD gain weight if he has those problems.

There’s also an article listing 15 best sensitive stomach dog foods, and a lot of these can be applicable for GSDs with a stomach upset or diseases. Bring those names up with your vet. I recommend you also read this article on upset stomachs from Dana Brown, DVM.

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Ingredients To Avoid Feeding German Shepherd


Keep chocolate bars and cocoa powder always out of your hounds reach. Weve studied that the toxic ingredient in chocolate is methylxanthines that could cause harm to your dog. At times if German Shepherds consume chocolate, it may lead to symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or low blood pressure.


Both types of grapes -fresh and dried ones are toxic to German Shepherds. Researchers have not yet concluded as to why so. But they have witnessed dogs having severe kidney failure symptoms, abdominal pain, and vomiting when consumed too many grapes.


Avocado is not highly toxic for canines but is mildly harmful to German Shepherds bodies. Theres a toxic ingredient in avocado that is called persin, which increases the obesity of pets. The fat content can lead to pancreatitis that can malfunction the whelps pancreas and affect its digestive system.

Caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine or alcohol, also in small quantities, can harm your German Shepherd Dogs internal system. Consuming it may lead to dangerous complications in your dogs body such as increased hyper activeness and restlessness. Avoid foods such as raw yeast dough and baked goods with liquor.

Whole Earth Farms Grain

Whole Earth Farms provides varied, high-quality protein sources, though it is lower in protein than the Taste of the Wild and Orijen, containing 26%. This makes it less suitable for highly active German Shepherds, but a good choice if your dog is less active. It is grain-free the carbohydrates come from potatoes and sweet potatoes.

While the only fruit in the recipe is blueberries, it does contain lots of vitamin and mineral supplements. Something I love about this dog food is that they take the care to add herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme for your dog to enjoy a more flavorsome meal.

Another factor that got this brand in the top four for the German Shepherd is that it contains chondroitin and glucosamine.

Whole Earth Farms is the most affordable option of the four.


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In A Hurry Heres Our Top Picks


Blue Buffalo is easily one of the most respected brands on the market, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Although this product is not going to be easy on your wallet, it offers a lot of benefits for your canine friend.

Like all other products made by this company, everything is sourced from organic and natural substances with a bare minimum of processing. This alone is probably the main explanation for the brands good reputation.

We like the fact that this food is made with real chicken. Most of the time, dog food is made with meat by-products that are purchased cheaply from slaughterhouses.

Obviously, these companies dont take a lot of care with their waste products, so the risk of contamination is greater. Blue Buffalo has a pretty good track record for being truthful about this kind of thing, which is always a plus.

This dog food contains generous amounts of chondroitin and glucosamine, two substances that have been proven to improve bone/joint health in dogs and humans.

These substances, along with other nutrients and vitamins, are contained in small particles called Lifesource bits. These bits are one of the most distinctive qualities of the product.

Although most dogs wont have an issue, some of them will avoid those Lifesource bits, suggesting that maybe they dont taste that good. Still, we dont worry too much about them because this company has a good safety record.

Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food Puppy Large Breed

Best Food for a German Shepherd Puppy

Hills Science Diet Large Breed Puppy dry food is specially made with a delicious chicken flavor and a balanced calcium level for controlled bone growth. It fulfills the unique developmental need of large breed puppies. Give your large dog his or her best start in life so they can grow to their full potential with balanced minerals that promote strong bones and strong teeth. This dog food made with natural ingredients uses DHA extracted from fish oil to support your dogs eye development and brain function.

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The Doggy Bag A Take Home Message

German Shepherds tend to live the longest, healthiest lives when they are kept in a leaner body condition, receive life-stage-appropriate balanced nutrition, plenty of exercise and routine veterinary care. This is why working with your veterinarian to find the best dog food for German Shepherds is so vital to your pet’s overall health and well-being.

Regardless of which dog food you choose for your furry family member, it is important to follow feeding instructions carefully, You should also consult with your veterinarian if you are ever concerned about your German Shepherds health or nutrition.

Disclosure: We may earn affiliate commissions at no cost to you from the links on this page. This did not affect our assessment of products.Read more here and findfull disclosure here.

Best Dog Food For German Shepherds With Sensitive Stomachs

All dogs can have unique issues, regardless of their breed. If your German shepherd is having stomach issues, its likely due to digestive problems.

Wild Earth Dog Food is without a doubt the best selection for dogs with digestive issues since its so high in fiber. A high fiber diet will get your German Shepherd back to optimal health and happiness in no time!

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Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

Nothing beats Royal CaninGerman Shepherd puppy food, as you will find from the raving reviews from satisfied pet parents of GSDs. It is a formula specifically made for a German Shepherd. And, they know their German Shepherds. So, they have taken into account the smallest of considerations.

The unique kibble shape is easy to grip with the long and robust muzzle of your German Shepherd. The glucosamine and chondroitin make for smooth digestion. Vitamin E is excellent for your puppys muscle development, healthy heart, and liver. Plus, the antioxidants keep the immune system up and running. In short, Royal Canin ranks as a topper in the list for the best diet for German Shepherd puppies.

Why Buy From Chewy

Top 6 Recommended Best Foods for a German Shepherd

If this is not practicable either for you, there are various commercial brands of dog food for large breeds like the German Shepherd. You can buy dry, wet, and semi-moist dog food in a variety of ingredient combinations. Dry dog food is considered more nutritious as it contains the least amount of water content.

Check the manufacturing date to ascertain that the food hasnt expired, and be sure to read the ingredients list to ensure that there are no undesirable food items like animal by-products, junk fillers, food substitutes, and artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

Even if you decide to feed your German Shepherd commercial dog food, its ideal to include fresh food items several times a week to vary their diets. Like us, our pets enjoy a change in their regular food. It is also healthier to eat a variety of different foods.

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Which Dog Food For German Shepherds Is The Right One For My Best Friend

Barring the most expensive foods on our list, all of the brands fall within a relatively similar price range.

As such, the food that you choose to feed your German Shepherd is a decision that you will need to make after carefully weighing up all of the options.

Hes your best pal, you know what he likes, so follow your heart and listen to what your gut tells you is the right choice and you wont go far wrong.

However, if you wanted our advice and wanted to follow our lead and feed your German Shepherd the same food that we feed choose, wed always recommend Royal Canin.

Its more expensive than most of the food on our list but weve always pushed the boat out for our boy, as we think that hes worth it. And he does too.


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