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What Apartments Allow German Shepherds

Problems With Gsd In Apartments

Can I have a German Shepherd in apartment

If you dont provide your German Shepherd with these 5 basic needs while living at an apartment, you may be in for a rollercoaster ride. And, Im not talking about the fun kind.

A lack of mental and physical stimulation means that your German Shepherd will take it into their own hands to receive these basic needs. Destructive behavior may occur without these key necessities.

This means that your favorite pair of shoe may be torn apart by the time you come home. Or, it could mean that your couch will be ripped open after a long exhausting day of work.

None of these scenarios is something youd want, but it happens a lot with many neglectful apartment dwellers.

Apartment living with German Shepherds is no easy task. However, theyre highly capable of thriving in such a living environment. Its really up to you to provide them with a way to make the best out of the situation.

Some owners even say theyre some of the best apartment dogs despite their energetic temperaments and size.

However, not all German Shepherds are the same. Some will take a little more work while others fit right in. Its up to you to create the best space and life for them.

Are there other tips you have to making apartment life work with a German Shepherd? Leave a tip in the comment section below to let us know! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

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Platform At Union Station 1650 Wewatta Stdenver Co 80202

The Platform at Union Station is located in the heart of downtown Denver, and is only steps away from the recently transformed Union Station. Residents and their pups will fall in love with the convenience of being able to walk to shops along the 16th Street Mall, Denvers Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Denver Highlands neighborhood, which was made possible largely in part due to the addition of a series of bridges that connect the now flourishing downtown transportation hub. Upon crossing the first of its kind Millennium Bridge, area residents can quickly go from taking fido on an urban stroll, to being able to enjoy the newly adopted, pop-up off-leash dog park at Commons Park or simply take in the view of the kayakers running the river from Confluence Park.

Phone: 303-592-7331

Things To Consider When Adopting

So you think you can just go adopt a pet in NYC without giving it extra thought? Now, lets not be selfish!Make sure you can truthfully answer yes to all of these questions:

  • Can your wallet handle it? Will you be able to comfortably pay for pet food, grooming, vet visits, obedience courses and extra fees related to renting?
  • Dogs need exercise! Will you have time and energy for at least 3 daily walks?
  • Can you be your pups BFF? Can you give your canine pal plenty of TLC every single day?
  • Does your apartment have the space for your new family member? If so, choose your breed accordingly. There’s a reason 4 out of 5 most common NYC breeds are small dogs.

Thankfully, some luxury buildings will be more than happy to assist you with your day-to-day doggie chores if you find yourself busier than expected.

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What Is Pet Rent And What Does It Cover

Pet rent is a fee charged on a monthly basis and is separate from the pet deposit. This monthly charge covers the cost of your pet actually living in your rental. Rentals are not required by law to allow pets to be on the premise unless they are a service pet or involved with your functioning on a daily basis .Many property managers and landlords charge this recurring monthly pet rent in the amount of $50-$100. It is simply an additional amount of money added to the regular rent, and this practice is becoming more popular. The amount of pet rent could vary based on the number and type of pets allowed.

Upper West Side Manhattan

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix: Breed Info, Traits, Puppy ...

Many may not automatically think of the Upper West Side as an iconic area of the city.

In fact, it is once you remember the beautiful views from Central Park of the towering historic buildings rising above the trees along Central Park West.

The Upper West Side has a lot to offer the dog lover, which most areas of Manhattan cannot and that is access to two large parks along the expanse of the neighborhood.

Both parks are considerate of dog owners and offer lots of spaces for dogs to have fun.

Many parts of Central Park are quite busy and is a great place to take your dog if you both like to be around people.

Riverside is much more quaint and provides a tranquil environment for your dog to explore.

Altogether both parks contain 4 dog runs, which is an unusually high number of dog runs for one neighborhood.

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Why We Chose Riverdale

While the area is not as jam-packed with pet-related businesses as Manhattan neighborhoods, Riverdale deserves to be in the top places for dogs.

It’s one of the areas of the city that offers heavily wooded areas, which will make you and your dog feel like you’re in the country rather than the city.

What dog doesn’t love a natural setting?

Riverdale also offers quite a number of dog runs as well as off-leash areas, so there’s plenty of opportunities for Fido to get exercise.

This neighborhood’s close proximity to Upstate New York makes it convenient for a quick getaway into the country.

How To Find German Shepherd Friendly Apartments

Not open for further replies.

Re: How to find German Shepherd friendly apartmentRe: How to find German Shepherd friendly apartmentRe: How to find German Shepherd friendly apartmentRe: How to find German Shepherd friendly apartmentRe: How to find German Shepherd friendly apartmentRe: How to find German Shepherd friendly apartmentHandmade puppy and dog toys – Free Shipping 100% Proceeds to animal rescues – – PICS NOW UP!

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Our German Shepherd Apartment Locating Service

I can look for German Shepherd friendly apartments in Dallas-Fort Worth up to 60 days out. My pet friendly apartment locator service is free for placing Chad w/DFW Apartment Nerdz on your rental application and guest card on the How did you hear of us section.

Ill even throw in a rent rebate on top of any apartment move in specials that I can get you. Additionally a few of our partners are now offering 24 month leases which will lock in your rental rate. This way you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to pet deposits and pet fees .

If youre moving within the next 60 days, please complete my apartment locator search form, call/text 469-307-8218 or email for more info.

Physical Activity Is A Must

Living with a German Shepherd in an apartment | living in an apartment with a dog

There are some breeds of dogs that are perfectly fine lazing around the house or apartment and hardly going out. German Shepherds are not this breed.

German Shepherds are extremely energetic and athletic dogs, as they used to run through fields herding flocks. They are used as police and fire dogs nowadays because of this energy as well.

If you want to live in an apartment with your German Shepherd, make sure you have time to take them out to exercise. On average, German Shepherds require about 2 hours of exercise a day. Its good for some of this to be off of a leash as well so that its movement is not limited and it can run a bit more free ly.

A good idea is to live in an apartment near a park. That way you can take it there for a few hours and allow it to play and have fun in a nice open field.

Some people choose to run with their dog, so if there are running trails near the complex, that may be a good option as well. Just make sure theres soft ground for your dog to run on so that its paws dont hurt. And keep it leashed especially for the first few months it starts running with you.

If these arent options, it may be able to make do with several longer walks around the complex.

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How Will You Handle With The Hair Shedding Of A German Shepherd

Even if you take a lot of time out of your daily routine and spend it with your German Shepherd to keep him physically active and mentally stimulated, there is still a problem associated with him in apartment life.

German Shepherds are infamous as the breed that shed a lot. Some people even name them as German Shedders.

This is because they have a double coat of hair, and whenever the season changes from fall to spring, they shed a lot.

So the problem is that you have to vacuum and clean a lot if you have a German shepherd in your apartment. Also, if someone in your household has allergies, their shedding can make it worse.

The Collection At Riverside Rent Starting At $799

Allowing a maximum of 2 pets, this community offers many perks such as grilling stations, a sparkling pool and great proximity to Austin Community College, Riverside Campus. The Collection at Riverside is eager to welcome any pet, be it a 9-year-old German Shepherd, a Chow Chow puppy or an overweight Akita, so dont stress about any restrictions. If you love it dearly, dont think twice and bring it along.

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Breed Restrictions: What Should You Know When Renting With Pets

Pets are family and your four-legged buddies are a big factor in major decisions, including renting an apartment. The entire process of searching for the perfect place, applying and anxiously waiting to get approved can become even more of a struggle if the apartment building youre trying to move into has breed restrictions.

However, there are ways to avoid the disappointment of getting rejected because of your pet. Weve put together a simple guide to help you understand how apartment breed restrictions work so that you can make sure your doggo can tag along whenever you decide to move.

What are apartment breed restrictions?

Breed restrictions are rules that prohibit certain aggressive dogs from many properties. Theres a high number of dog breeds found on the restricted lists because landlords want to avoid liability as well as any possible damage to the property. In fact, many insurance companies require breed restrictions in order to insure a multifamily dwelling. Since not all pets are properly trained, some might even turn out to be a danger to other pets or residents living there. Therefore, the simplest solution for property managers is to stay on the safe side and ban all aggressive breeds, regardless if the pet is trained or not.

What dog breeds are considered aggressive?

  • German shepherds
  • Great Danes
  • Doberman pinschers

How to get around breed restrictions when renting?

Finding a home for you and your pet

Best Neighborhoods For Pet Owners

Can German Shepherds Live in Small Apartments? An Ultimate ...

When moving to a new area in NYC as a pet owner it is very important to consider factors which you may not have considered without a pet like nearby veterinary clinics, pet stores, walking areas and parks.

Here are the top 3 pet-friendly areas to live in with your pooch:

  • The Upper East Side seems to have it all for pet-owners including pet-friendly parks , pet-friendly buildings and more pet stores than youd think imaginable.
  • The Upper West Side offers sufficient ample space for your pet to explore not only the apartment but the area as well! In addition to Central Park, the UWS offers residents Riverside Park on the west side, which has plenty of fun dog runs for you AND your pet!
  • The Financial District is beginning to offer more of more pet-friendly options in its luxury rentals and new condos. This area takes the bone when it comes to pet-friendly luxury buildings. Private dog park? In-house pet sitting and dog walking? Done and done!
  • Animal-loving-buyers have plenty of green space for their furry companions including Tribeca Dog Park or Battery Park Citys Kowsky Dog Plaza.

    Check out surrounding dog parks and chat with other owners about where they found their pet-friendly apartments.

    Sometimes, word of mouth is the best way to find the most hidden gems. Who knows, you may even get lucky and snag a no-fee apartment!

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    How To Be A Good Dog Owner In New York

    Training yourself to be a good dog owner is the start of changing the bad rep dogs have.

    Always clean up after your pup, whether it’s an accident in the elevator or just everyday elimination on the sidewalk.

    Take excessive barking and behavioral issues seriously with your dog.

    Invest in some anti-barking devices or hire a trainer to help curb unwanted barking, jumping on people, or aggressive behavior towards other dogs.

    If your pooch has special issues with other dogs, tie a yellow ribbon to your leash to show other dog owners that they should keep their dogs away.

    Understand that some people don’t feel comfortable around animals, and you needn’t subject them to your dog’s antics no matter how sweet or funny your pup is.

    Most importantly, be attentive to your dog’s needs, anxieties, and sensitivities.

    Helping your dog cope with their issues can help prevent unwanted behavior and leads to a happy and healthy companion!

    Top 10 Denver Dog Friendly Apartments

    When choosing a Denver apartment, we know its important to find the very best for you and your pup, so your friends at Woof in Boots have put together a comprehensive list of the top 10 Denver dog friendly apartments of 2016 for you and your furry friends to consider. In compiling our list of Denvers top dog friendly apartments, we visited over 25 pet-friendly apartments across the city, seeking out the very best dog friendly amenities that you, and your pet are sure to love! In narrowing down these posh puppy pads, fit for both for human and hound, we took the following criteria and dog-related amenities into consideration.

    Maximum number of dogs or cats allowedAdditional pet deposit per dog and catAdditional pet rent per dog and catOn-site dog wash stationOn-site dog run or parkOff-site dog park in neighborhoodBreed restrictions

    • Presa Canarios

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    Challenges Of Owning A Dog In Nyc

    Once a year, New York goes to the dogs in a huge way. But it doesnt take the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden to prove that every days a dog day in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs. Walk down any street, any time and theres living, four-legged proof that New Yorkers love their dogs and, therefore, have found a way to stash them in their closet-sized apartments.

    Doggy devotion is such a potent force that resourceful New Yorkers fly right past its too damn hard to keep a dog in New York and immediately hunt down solutions for housing Fido. It takes ingenuity and a lot of determination and thats exactly what Baltimore native Jennifer Scully brought when she moved to New York with her beloved King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Emma.

    Emma on a NYC park bench.

    I found it tough. My first two apartments, I didnt even think to ask about it and no one asked me if I had a dog, but it was on the lease that dogs werent allowed. I noticed that little detail months after I moved in, Scully said.

    From that point, Scully decided she wanted to be aboveboard about her canine companion. Subsequent apartment searches prompted her to look specifically for dog-friendly rentals. The feedback she got was sobering.

    Sometimes I would go see a place, then talk to the agent and see if I could persuade them to persuade the landlord: If you could just meet Emma! Shes so sweet and quiet! Well, she really was, Scully said.

    What Is The Best Apartment Finder App

    Can German Shepherd Dogs live in an Apartment?

    The Most Helpful and Free Apps for Any Apartment Rental Search

    • Best for ease of use: Zumper.
    • Best for budget: Zillow Rentals.
    • Best for neighborhood research: Trulia Rentals.
    • Best for finding roommates: HotPads.
    • Best for landlord-tenant relations: RENTCafé and RENTCafe Resident.
    • Best for visualizing your new space: RadPad.

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    Our Prompt On The Search Result: For Rent Apartments Allow German Shepherds

    Reminder! Next-Immo is unpaid portal of properties offering great choice of apartments and houses for sale and for rent in your area. If you are searching for for rent apartments allow german shepherds then you are in the right place and you will most probably find something for yourself. However, if you didn’t manage to find anything today, then DON’T GIVE UP! Register to our Newsletter and get current prepared especially for you job offers FOR FREE.Sometimes change of the search criteria can also help.

    • Do not take large amounts of money with you.
    • Do not sign a contract which is not fully clear to you.
    • Just watch out for cheaters.
    • Check opinions about the seller before you send your money.
    • Remember that there are many frauds online who want to swindle personal data.

    What A German Shepherd Will Need To Live Happily In An Apartment

    The key to living happily and peacefully with a German Shepherd in any small space is to be able to meet your dogs daily mental and physical stimulation and activity needs in creative ways.

    Because GSDs are so mentally intelligent as well as physically athletic, they have needs on multiple levels.

    If you want a tired German Shepherd that sleeps soundly at night and is quietly self-contained when you are all inside your apartment together, then you need to be the one who is tiring your dog out!

    When your vet clears your dog for more physical exertion , you will need to find room in your schedule for plenty of exercises.

    An adult GSD with a fully mature skeletal system will need one to two hours of vigorous exercise, activity, and playtime on a daily basis to be a quiet and calm housemate inside your apartment, according to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.

    Earlier than that, you will want to provide 30 to 60 minutes of moderate training, exercise, and interactive playtime per day to achieve the same result.

    That being said, some German Shepherds may have a higher energy level than others, which may mean your particular dog needs less exertion than this or more every day. The key is to identify in advance where and how you will meet your dogs needs.

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