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What Does Straight Back German Shepherd Mean

German Shepherds And Children

Awesome Straight Back German Shepherds. Best German Shepherds for Normal Homes. Double Coat GSD

Adult German Shepherds can range from being calm and patient to bouncy and boisterous, depending on their personality, training and socialisation. Some can make great family pets in homes with children of all ages, but dogs should always be supervised around young children.

Make sure you can recognise the signs of unhappiness or anxiety in your dog to help avoid any conflicts. German Shepherds can be nervous of strangers so make sure theyre never left unsupervised. Be careful if you are introducing a German Shepherd to younger children or adults unfamiliar with the breed as they often dont know their own strength.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionaryrate This Definition:

  • Shepherd

    sheprd, n. one who herds sheep: a swain: a pastor:fem.Shepherdess.v.t. to tend as a shepherd: to watch over, protect the interests of, or one’s own interests in.ns.Shepherdism, pastoral life; Shepherdling, a little shepherd; Shepherd’s-crook, a long staff, its upper end curved into a hook; Shepherd’s-dog, a dog specially trained to help in tending sheep, the collie or Scotch sheep-dog, &c.; Shepherd’s-flute, a flageolet or the like; Shepherd’s-needle, an annual plant, called also Venus’s comb; Shepherd’s-plaid, -tartan, a woollen cloth made with black and white checks: this form of pattern itself; Shepherd’s-pouch, -purse, an annual cruciferous plant, with compressed, somewhat heart-shaped seed-vessel; Shepherd’s-rod, -staff, a small kind of teasel.Shepherd kings .The Good Shepherd, a title of Jesus Christ ; The Shepherds, a sect of fanatical shepherds in France about 1251 A.D., eager to deliver the imprisoned Louis IX.

  • How Can I Identify The Breed Of My Dog

    Browse Breeds. If you want to try to take a guess at your dogs breed yourself, try to browse some breeds to figure it out. Ask Your Vet. As you probably already know, your veterinarian is a doggy expert! Doggy DNA Tests. If you want to know your dogs exact genetic makeup, there are tests for that! Fetch! App.

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    Dilation Of Pupils Out Of Context To Light

    Just like in humans, if a dog is in low light conditions, its natural for his pupils to be dilated.

    However, the sign to look for here is if your GSDs eyes are dilated in a brightly lit environment, such as outside on a sunny day or in a brightly lit room.

    This can be a sign of stress, anxiety, or over-arousal.

    Take note: If a GSDs eyes are very frequently dilated out of context to lighting conditions, then this can also be a sign of a medical issue that needs further inquiry.

    Caring For Your German Shepherd


    German Shepherds are fantastic dogs and its easy to see why they are such a popular breed. However their size and strength means they arent suited to all families and need a lot of space to burn off their energy. Youll need to make sure you have a lot of time to spend with these dogs and you are committed to providing for their exercise needs every day.

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    Eyes Looking Away From A Trigger

    You may notice at times that your GSD focuses his look away from, rather than towards an event that you would normally expect him to be looking at.

    This event could be another dog, person, or even an inanimate object like a loud vacuum cleaner or blender.

    In this instance, your GSD is actively avoiding the trigger or source of the action, and he is trying to remain calm and deflect it.

    What he is essentially saying in this instance is I dont want a fight.

    However, its very important to not misread this signal, as doing so could be dangerous. Do not treat a GSD that is looking away as a dog that is safe to approach.

    Any dog that is giving this signal is on the cusp of feeling overwhelmed, and a dog that feels overwhelmed can change very quickly from timid to aggressive. Its the classic fight or flight scenario.

    German Shepherds Will Explore Everything With Their Noses

    Youll find evidence of their very thorough sniffing everywhere walls, doors, windows, and more. All dogs have a better sense of smell than humans 10,000 to 100,000 times better in fact thanks to having millions more scent receptors. But compared to other breeds, the GSD ranks near the top in scenting ability. Its no wonder they make such great police and detection dogs. Among many other jobs, GSDs are known for their bomb and drug sniffing work, tracking, and Search and Rescue.

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    Are All German Shepherds The Same

    German Shepherd Show and Working Lines While these are all considered the same breed, each is its own line. These lines usually indicate the heritage of the dog, and the differences between the types of German Shepherds usually stems from how these dogs were bred and for what purpose these dogs were bred.15 Sept 2019

    About Southern Legacy German Shepherds

    Single & Medium Coat German Shepherds. KCI & Without. Showline & Straight Back GSD Puppies Available

    Thank you for considering Southern Legacy German Shepherds for your next puppy!

    My name is Michelle Brooks. I have had dogs all my life and German Shepherds most of that time. I have tried different breeds, but always come back to what I know and love. The German Shepherd Dog is the right fit for me. I breed large, old-fashioned, straight-backed,;German Shepherds with a special focus on health and temperament.

    I am a very small breeder, all my dogs live with me, in the house. They are first,;and foremost,;my beloved pets.;In my litters, I concentrate on the things that matter most to me:;Health and Temperament.

    My dogs are all larger than the breed standard but with no compromise to their health.;All my dogs are OFAd/Penn Hipped and DM tested . All my dogs are medium to low energy, making them easy to train and ideally suited for families. I do not breed: dogs that are hyper, dogs that show any signs of aggression,;working dogs, high drive dogs, or dogs with excessive angulation.

    Puppies are born and raised in my home! That means your puppy goes home with you already socialized with other dogs, with cats,;and familiar with all the sights and sounds of a normal home. All puppies are also current on vaccinations and on a set deworming schedule.

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    Why Do Gsd Breeders Have To Health Test Their Parent Dogs

    As the Canine Health Information Center points out, most purebred dog breeds today have certainly known potentially heritable health issues that occur more commonly in those dog breeds.

    This is because these dogs have been closely bred to conform to either a working or show breed standard. When this happens, the breeder is deliberately selecting parent dogs based on certain desirable traits rather than on overall health.

    When this type of breeding program is pursued, it can lead to genetic weaknesses that are passed along to the puppies.

    For the German Shepherd dog breed, the major known genetic weaknesses that responsible breeders are required to test for include these:

    • Hip and elbow dysplasia.
    • Degenerative myelopathy.
    • Eye issues.

    These are not insignificant issues, and the most concerning in terms of the sloping back many show line German Shepherds show today is hip and elbow dysplasia.

    Dysplasia is a word that is used to describe cellular malformation on a wide scale. When applied to the hip or elbow socket, it refers to a socket that doesnt fully conform to the ball joint.

    When a German Shepherd inherits hip or elbow dysplasia, what this means is that the dogs hip or elbow joints wont form properly and the dog will be lame. The condition can range from mild to crippling.

    So Which One Should I Get

    To be fair, the answer depends on your choice and lifestyle.

    Despite the straight back versus sloped back controversy, most animal rescues, vets, and dog breed experts worldwide recommend straight back German shepherds.

    The reason is pretty simple. Straight back German shepherds are more active, agile, and dont face a lot of health issues. Think about it; is it fair to breed a dog with severe health conditions just because we love the modified look?

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    Breed Details The Irish Kennel Club

    German Shepherds Are Members Of The Herding Group


    So, if you own this breed, youre no stranger to a nose nudging you. Whether its a nose in the back, a nose on your leg, or even a nose in your face, your dog is just doing what comes naturally. Although this breed isnt often used to herd anymore, that herding heritage remains. So, along with the herding traits of independent thinking and intelligence, its perfectly normal for your GSD to herd human family members. Your dog might also show following ahead behavior walking in front of you while looking back to ensure youre walking in the right direction.

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    Licking Lips And Flicking Of The Tongue

    If your GSD is licking his lips, this a stress-related sign. The licks may just be tiny and quick flicks of the tongue, or they may present as full-fledged licks along the sides of his mouth.

    If the lip-licking is stress-related, it means that your dog is trying to tell you:

    • Leave me alone.
    • Im feeling pressure from you.
    • Im feeling worried.
    • Im confused and dont know what you want from me.

    As with most other behavioral signals, context here is also very important.

    You can be sure that if you are holding a steak in front of your dogs face, then him licking his lips is far from stress-related!

    On the other hand, if there is no steak present, and you notice that your dog is either licking his lips in a very pronounced manner, or if he is just doing a succession of quicker licks continuously then its time to pay closer attention to the behavior.

    Evaluate the circumstances, and ask yourself if there is anything in the environment or if the environment itself may be the cause of your dogs stress-related lip licking. Say that ten times fast. Really try it!

    Eye Movements And Gestures

    Some of the most subtle, and sometimes not so subtle ways that a German Shepherd will communicate to other people and animals are through their eyes.

    Most cues that a German Shepherd will indicate though their eyes have to do with stress, anxiety, and precipitation to biting.

    Its important that if you have a GSD, or even come across someone elses, that you are familiar with what their eyes are indicating.

    Having this knowledge will give you the opportunity to remedy a stressful situation for the dog, or even prevent yourself or another from getting bitten.

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    East German Ddr Working Lines

    This type of German Shepherd has continued to be developed and maintained after the end of WWII.;

    The establishment of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik meant strict government-controlled pedigree registration.

    And 40 years of closed breeding.

    From this developed a distinctive looking dog.; With dark pigment, a big head, deep chest, athletic body, supreme intellect, and stamina to boot.

    This type of German Shepherd has a sound temperament and a high work drive .

    They must have plenty of mental and physical stimulation and an experienced handler.

    Check out this infographic and learn some fun facts about the German Shepherd Breed!

    German Shepherds Are Known As A Mouthy Breed

    Black German Shepherd Double Coat Straight Back Puppies for Sale (India). Black & White GSD Puppies

    They tend to use their mouths as a hand thanks to that herding heritage. Its even right there in their name, ShepHERD. This mouthing behavior is natural, so expect your GSD to mouth you and chew anything that will fit inside your pets mouth. However, that doesnt mean you should let it go. What might be cute in your small puppy will get harder and stronger as your dog grows up. Training your dog not to chew your hand or the furniture is essential with this breed. Teach your German Shepherd to channel those instincts safely and appropriately.

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    Watch A Video Of The 2016 German Shepherd Dog Winning Best In Show

    You can watch the actual footage from the 2016 Crufts dog show where the German Shepherd contestant appeared to be lame and struggling to comply with the exhibition trainers commands during the contest.

    Viewers were very upset over the judges decision to award the dog Best in Show and even to let the dog compete at all.

    What Is The Difference Between A German Shepherd And A King German Shepherd

    The king shepherd is larger and heavier, and its coat has a different texture from the German shepherd. The German shepherd is a pure breed that is recognized by the American Kennel Club; the king shepherd is only recognized by some rare breed associations. A German shepherds coat can be plush, double or long-haired.

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    Quick German Shepherd Dog Facts

    • The German Shepherd Dog is the worlds best police, military and guard dog and is one of Americas most popular breeds.
    • He originated in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1899 as a mix of old farm and herding dogs.
    • He was the dog used in the old TV show Rin Tin Tin which improved his popularity immensely.
    • Hes an excellent show dog, guard dog and a loyal pet for families.
    • He has a muscular body and a fearless nature.
    • Hes fun-loving and full of energy.
    • He can be almost any color but the most common colours are tan and black.
    • He does need regular grooming and exercise.
    • The German Shepherd Dog comes in two coats: the normal coat and the Long Stock Coat variety.
    • This canine is 22 26 inches high.

    Do You Have A Straight Backed German Shepherd

    What do you mean we

    if so – is it healthy?if you are happy with your dogs health please tell me where you got it from…..having spent the last 2 days on google i am losing the will to live – i want an old fashioned, straight backed german shepherd – preferably long coated.having googled for days i cant find a breeder with good hip/elbow scores who has had their dogs tested for haemophillia not bothered about colours or show standards or anything like that – its to be a pet. but doing research into many breeders many use dogs which have inbred problems – and im seriously starting to wonder whether getting a GSD is a good idea at all.ive emailed the dog section of the force i work in and they breed their own and they are not for sale – i suspect this will be the same of most forces but i will try to ask you have a healthy GSD? where did you get it? is it a show line or a pet line? or a working line? thanks

    This is the dog that won Crufts this year. I just can’t understand how the sloppy back came to be preferred over a straight back.

    It’s the very slight slope that gives them they’re beautiful gait and ability to pace/trot all day.They are just such an awesome breed. It breaks my heart to see poorly bred dogs with bad conformation being held up as breed champions. Good to hear you’re making some progress on where to find the right pup.

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    Why Do German Shepherds Have A Sloping Back

    Adrienne Farricelli

    The German shepherd is a dog breed that has undergone several transformations in the past years. Many people may remember that the German shepherds of decades ago looked quite different than the ones we see today, especially those shown in the show ring. One trait of this breed that has become quite popular is a sloping back, a trait that seems to;have been exaggerated, up to a point that many people wonder whether it’s a good thing for the breed or not. In today’s trivia we will discover why this breed has a sloped back.

    So why do German shepherds have a sloped back?

    A It’s meant to;help this dog work in the field with sheep

    B It was introduced by;influential ‘breed authorities’

    C It;allows an effortless trot

    D It’s meant to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia

    The correct answer is: drum roll please….

    The correct answer is B, the sloped back feature was introduced;from influential breed authorities.

    A Look “Back”

    German dog breeder, Max von Stephanitz is credited as being “the father” of the German shepherd breed.;Von Stephanitz was fond of dogs with a wolfish appearance and sharp senses and worked hard in creating a working dog that could have been potentially used for herding and protecting sheep throughout Germany.

    Even earlier, in 1915, the book “Dogs of All Nations” described the German shepherd as having a “deep chest, straight back and strong loins”. German shepherds were recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1908.

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