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Is There White German Shepherds

Caring For A White German Shepherd

Facts About White German Shepherd You Need To Know

When caring for one of these white wonders, it helps if you have had some experience with a German Shepherd before.

They can be a little high strung, but are slightly more manageable than typical GSDs.

The elderly and sedentary will have trouble keeping up with a puppy as they need somebody to run and play along with.

Food And Diet Requirements

Like most other dogs, GSDs require a nutritionally balanced food that meets or exceeds the AAFCO guidelines. However, because of their size, German shepherds will thrive best if provided with a food that is designed specifically for large breeds.

Weve discussed a few of the best foods for german shepherds before, so be sure to check out our recommendations before you pick a specific recipe.

Note that German shepherds are susceptible to a variety of digestive ailments, so it may be helpful to select a food that contains beneficial bacteria .

Most high-quality dog foods are fortified with probiotics, but you can also purchase standalone probiotic supplements if you prefer.

Long Haired White German Shepherd

Do you think a white German Shepherd is a rare sight? A long haired white German Shepherd Dog is even rarer!

Long haired German Shepherds of every color owe their coats to a recessive gene for long hair.

Historically, long haired GSDs were considered a genetic fault. Long haired dogs lack a waterproof, insulating undercoat, so they were unsuitable for working.

But they are famously good-tempered and devoted, so modern long haired German Shepherds of every color are gaining popularity as pets and companion dogs.

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White German Shepherds Are More Expensive

Given their rarity, White German Shepherd puppies are more expensive than colored ones.

While the price for colored German Shepherd puppies can start from $1000, the White German Shepherd puppies with a good bloodline and health certifications could cost between $1250 2000.

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How Long Do White German Shepherds Live

Majestic boy

The average German Shepherd Dog lives to 11 years old.

There is no evidence that this would be any longer or shorter for a white GSD.

Overall, ensuring your White German Shepherd puppy enjoys a lifetime of good health rests on choosing a breeder who invests in health screening for their sire and dam.

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White Swiss Shepherd Dog

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a variety of the German Shepherd bred in Switzerland. It descends from the American White Shepherds the first stud dog of what became the breed was an American dog born in 1966 and imported to Switzerland. The variety was recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale as a separate breed in 2003, and it is now recognised by a number of national kennel clubs.

Size Of A White German Shepherd

White German Shepherds get to the dimensions of a standard German Shepherd which is ready 66-88 kilos for a full-grown male, and 49-seventy one kilos for a female. A WGS will double its weight within side the first week of its life, and could weigh about round 16-19 kilos on the time you get your puppy, in case you undertake him on the common age of eight weeks to two months of age.

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Can White German Shepherds Be Akc Registered

The most popular breed we call the German shepherd comes in a variety of colors like black, black and tan and also pure white. For many reasons , white dogs are not appreciated by German shepherd breeders who compete in the national breed club or dog shows. Despite their refusal, a white puppy found in the group of the German Shepherds can still register as a German shepherd at the American Kennel Club.

White German Shepherd Puppy

So if you are planning to acquire a white AKC-registered Germanshepherd, you can expect similar temperament and behavior as he is morefamiliar to the stand GSD color that is black and tan.

The White German Shepherd Is Considered As A Separate Breed Than The German Shepherd Dog

Why Try Whites (German Shepherd)

As Max von Stephanitz, the father of the German Shepherd Dog, wrote in 1908 in one of his countless theses, where he claimed that the color of the German Shepherd had no influence on the dogs ability to work.

That said, apart from the aesthetic features, theres no significant difference between the White German Shepherds and colored German Shepherds.

Unfortunately, the White German Shepherd is not recognized by the AKC. And therefore, the White German Shepherd is not allowed in competitions. However, there is very little difference between the white and tan German Shepherds, apart from their coats.

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Working Swiss White Shepherd Dog

This dog better illustrates the medium-long coat in the White Shepherd Club breed standard with plumes on backs of hindlegs and forelegs and under the tail. Also, the head is flatter than in the typical German Shepherd.

The dog is an attentive worker. Despite the differences, you can readily recognize the Swiss White Shepherd Dog as a German Shepherd type.

What Will It Cost To Own A White German Shepherd

Owning a dog is not cheap. Purchasing a White German Shepherd puppy is far from cheap. Breeders may charge between $750 and $1,500. The initial cost of supplies could be around $500. Yearly medical costs could be about $500 while yearly non-medical costs could reach $1,000.

If youre lucky enough to find a White German Shepherd in a rescue shelter or adoption organization, you could spend as little as $150 to $250 in adoption fees.

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If You Want Awhite Gsd Dog Who

  • Strong, athletic and natural-looking
  • There is a softer, mellow personality than a traditionally colored German Shepherd
  • Challenge activities and exercise can thrive
  • Exceptionally intelligent, reliable and versatile when socialized and well trained, almost anything can be learned and done
  • 100% watchdog but not a 100% guard dog like the standard GSDs
In that case, the white shepherd may be right for you.

Grooming Your White German Shepherd

White German Shepherd 6 months #germanshepherd

Most German Shepherds have thick, dense fur that needs to be groomed regularly. Thoroughly brush your white GSDs coat at least once a day to keep it smooth and tangle-free.

Since White German Shepherds are heavy shedders, regular brushing will also help remove dead hair from its coat and keep shedding under control.

Bathe your dog at least once every month or on an as-needed basis. Use a gentle shampoo to keep your dogs skin from becoming dry. Consult your vet if you want to bathe your dog more than once a month.

Your White Shepherds teeth should be brushed daily to ensure proper dental hygiene. His nails should be inspected and trimmed once a month. Bring the clippers out once you hear your puppys nails scraping the floor.

A White Shepherds ears need to be thoroughly inspected for any discharge or inflammation and then cleaned once weekly.

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The Ultimate Guide To The White German Shepherd

The White German Shepherd is one of the most striking dogs I have ever come across. Their thick white coats definitely make them stand out from other German Shepherds .

Dont be confused, though. This distinct-looking dog is simply a German Shepherd with an all-white coat. Theyre not a separate breed from the GSD.

Want to know what a White German Shepherd is like? Keep reading to find out more!

How Big Does A White German Shepherd Get

The White German Shepherd has an average weight of 77 to 88 lbs and can reach an average height of 24 to 26 inches .

Females tend to be smaller than their male counterparts, measuring anywhere from 22 to 24 inches tall and weighing between 60 to 70 lbs .

Check out this video to get a better idea of how big the white GSD can get:

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Recessive Gene Acts As A Mask

The only difference in the genetic structure of white and black German shepherds is in the recessive gene.

While the recessive gene of black German shepherds acts as the determinant for their black color, the case of white GSDs is different.

The very same recessive gene acts differently.

Instead of a determinant, it acts as a mask for the dogs true color , making it impossible for them to be colored black.

The same gene is present in yellow Labradors, which is the reason for their yellow color.

The bottom line is, even the purest white German shepherds have defects, not a flaw in the German shepherd breed.

White German Shepherd Puppies

Burke’s Backyard, White German Shepherd Road Test

Some people think that all white dogs are albinos. However, this is far from the truth, and a white German Shepherd is certainly not an albino puppy. A white GSD gets its white coat from a recessive gene that can be expressed in typical German Shepherds we come across every day.

All German Shepherds are classified as herding dogs, and white ones are no exception. As you might have deduced from their name, these pups were bred to help farmers tend to their sheep and other livestock. Nowadays, these workaholics are more commonly employed as service dogs for people with disabilities and as police dogs.

This particularly beautiful variant of the German Shepherd dog is mostly known for its snowy white coat. They are incredibly loyal to their families and show a strong desire to please. These loving companions are never shy when it comes to meeting a new friend.

White German Shepherds are highly intelligent and energetic dogs that need plenty of activity. They need an outlet for their high energy levels otherwise, they might become restless or destructive. Caring for one of these wonderful pooches should be a family team effort.

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White German Shepherd Health

All German Shepherds are vulnerable to a number of inheritable health concerns.

These include hip and elbow dysplasia bone malformation at the joint, which causes painful arthritis and lameness.

All breeding dogs should be screened for these conditions before they mate, and good breeders happily offer proof of their dogs hip and elbow scores.

Good breeders also keep a detailed medical history of their breeding lines, and carry out extra screening for the following conditions if theres any family history of them:

  • Heart disease
  • Eye disorders
  • Degenerative myelopathy

For more information about the overall health of German Shepherds, visit our German Shepherd Dog Breed Information Center.

Is The White Gsd Good For Families

A white German Shepherd is an excellent family dog. Because these pups are so loyal, they will want to protect you and your family from anything harmful, making them excellent watchdogs and guard dogs.

However, you will need to set aside time and effort to train them from an early age to understand that not everything they see is a threat otherwise, you are in for a barking fest that might last for hours!

As working dogs, these pups need lots of mental and physical stimulation, so they are the perfect companions for people who are outside a lot. Because it is a large dog, a white GSD needs a good amount of space.

This mostly comes down to having a backyard that it can run around in. Your white German Shepherd will not do very well in a small apartment as it will feel like it is being cooped up and may turn to destructive behaviors.

Bear in mind that these pups do come with a naturally high prey drive. This means you should be careful when introducing one to children for the first time. With that being said, when given the proper socialization, a white

German Shepherd loves children and will even take your kids under its wing.

A white German Shepherd will learn to love everybody in your family in no time. This includes other pets, children of all ages, and even elderly members of your household.

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Albino German Shepherd Price

Wait, people want to buy albino German Shepherds? Actually, its more likely that people are confusing albino with white. Nevertheless, people Google albino German Shepherd prices on average 170 times a month. And, most searches relating to albino German Shepherds return results for white GSDs, which isnt at all helpful.

Also, there are many badly-run websites that still insist on referring to the white GSD as an albino. Heres a clue: look at the very first photo on the website. If the dog has dark eyes and a black nose, its not an albino! The best advice is to leave that website immediately as any advice they have to offer is likely to be worthless.

This is frustrating, but it gives us an opportunity to clear up some misunderstandings. It also raises some ethical questions.

Lets go over this again: in the overwhelming majority of cases, White German Shepherds are not albino!

However, on the rare occasion that an albino GSD is born, what happens to it? No reputable or respectable breeder deliberately sets out to produce albino dogs, and they would never include them in their breeding program. So, when an albino arrives unexpectedly, what does the breeder do?

Sadly, theres a good chance that it will be euthanized rather than sold. Would you buy one? Would you be able to give it the care it needs?

Are Panda Dogs Purebred Or Mixbred

The White German Shepherd

The breeder, Cindy took the female panda shepherd for D.N.A. testing to the veterinarian genetics laboratory, and the tests came out positive as yes, it was surely a purebred and a complete offspring of the two German shepherds.

No, they are not mix-bred as both the dogs used in the breeding had no white markings.

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How Much Does A White German Shepherd Cost

How much do White German Shepherds cost? White Shepherds usually cost between $750 to $1000. You should always make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder. If this is out of your price range, you can always take a look at your local shelter and see if there are any White German Shepherds who need a home.

Does The White German Shepherd Have Genetic Disorders

The answer is NO!

In fact, the founder of the German Shepherd as a recognized breed, Max Von Stephanitz rebuked this claim himself. In his book The German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture, published in 1923, he states: The coloring of the dog has no significance whatsoever for service.

Unfortunately, though, history has been unkind to this breed, and today people still have the idea that she is flawed genetically.

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A Protective Gentle Breed

White German Shepherds are no different from standard GSDs when it comes to temperament. You couldnt ask for a better dog when it comes to loyalty and courage.

Most white GSDs have a calm disposition, but they will react instantly when the situation calls for it. These canines are not the aggressive type and are usually aloof and observant around strangers.

The ideal guard dogs, white German Shepherds tend to be protective of children in its human pack. They wont hesitate to risk life and limb to protect their owners.

They exhibit playful behavior around people theyre familiar with. Its fun-loving, friendly nature makes the White German Shepherd excellent companions and family pets.

How To Train A White German Shepherd

Day In The Life Of A White German Shepherd – #2

When it comes to training, you are in for a treat. This is one of the most trainable breeds in the dog world because they are natural learners. You should begin a dog training program as soon as you bring it home.

Be sure to give your pooch enough time to process your commands. White German Shepherds will quickly lose interest if you raise your voice or repeat a command too much. When your white puppy learns to associate the commands you give it with a hug or a treat, it will know exactly what it needs to do to earn that cherished reward.

The best way to approach training one of these pups is to incorporate outdoor play into the training regiment. Teach your new furry friend to heel, stay, and sit while the two of you are out for a walk. You can cater to your pups intelligence with a pretend dog show.

Set up a miniature running, jumping, and walking course in your backyard. Practice giving your pooch basic commands as you teach it to maneuver through each one. Training requires a great deal of cooperation between you and your doggie. If you are unengaged and distant, your white GSD will get bored and behave obnoxiously.

Make sure you ignore nuisance barking and other types of unwanted behavior. Your new furry companion needs to understand that it is not the way to get your attention.

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Watch Out For White Gsd Breeders

Take note, however, that most breeders breed for money. So youd better be cautious when looking for a cute white German shepherd.

Some of them will breed those that even have health issues, assuming that theyre still worth every buck because of their rarity.

Keep in mind that normal white German shepherd price ranges from $750 $1000. If the price seems too low, then it is too good to be true. You better look for a reputable breeder.

White German Shepherd Personality And Temperament

If you have spent any time with a German Shepherd, you can be assured that its white counterpart will have a very similar personality.

They are very close to their roots as pack animals. Once they have identified your family as their pack, they will be loyal to everyone in it .

This is a confident, vigilant breed known to develop a protective attitude toward its family.

They can be a bit aloof around strangers .

With this pooch you have a highly focused and serious worker, but they are never too shy to show their wild side. Make sure your pup has plenty of outdoor space to run around. After a long day at work, your bedside will be their favorite place to cozy up and settle down.

A puppy might be loud and chatty, but an adult will know when its best to be quiet. They will only bark when they want to alert you to something suspicious.

They are puppy class superstars, ready and willing to get along with everyone they meet.

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