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Husky German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

White German Shepherd Husky Mix Grooming Tips & Tricks

Gerberian Shepsky – German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix Hybrid Puppy Cubs
  • Coat grooming
  • A fluffy German Shepherd Husky mix means shedding. This means youll have to groom your pooch more often to keep the thick coat healthy and to remove dead fur. And since the coat is super fluffy, it mats and tangles easily. So, regular grooming of your dog is necessary to prevent matting.

    Brush your German Shepherd Husky mix several times a week. On top of this, take your dog to a qualified groomer every two months. Remember, start grooming your pups from an early age so they get used to the process. This will make things much easier simpler for you and your dog, especially if its a German Shepherd Husky mix.

    Getting a German Shepherd Husky mix means blankets of fur, so dont be disappointed when you see your favorite clothes and everything else to be covered in fur. This dog isnt a good choice if you or some members of your family have allergies.

    A German Shepherd Husky mix tends to smell like wet garments that havent been dried. Bathe your dog when needed. Avoid using a strong shampoo and use one that will help maintain their furs natural oils. Dont bathe your pup too often as this can wash these oils away.

    Wax may build up in the ears of German Shepherd Husky mixes fairly often. You should clean their ears carefully using a dog-friendly cleaning solution and cotton balls or cotton buds. This will keep the ear canal clean and reduce ear odors.

  • Dental hygiene
  • Nail grooming
  • German Shepherd Husky Mixes And Families

    German Shepherd Husky Mixes can be good with children and with other pets if theyre well-socialized and well-trained from an early age. However, it has a predatory nature, and without proper socialization or training, it might get inro trouble with rodent-type pets or even cats.

    They can also be extremely overprotective of children and other members of the family. If they feel that the humans they love are in danger, they may attack strangers, so watch them for this kind of behavior. We all know that every dog is unique, so you must socialize them correctly to prevent any untoward incidents.

    Known to be intelligent and extremely loyal, the German Shepherd Husky Mix is a fun loving, sweet, and pleasant dog. It is great service or companion dog for the family. However, this dog isnt suitable for families who dont live in spacious home, dont have active lifestyle, or cant take the dog out for a walk at least once daily.

    German Shepherd Husky Mix Facts Sheet

    German Shepherd Husky Mix Fact Sheet
    Appearance Long head, a strong muzzle, alert almond-shaped eyes, pointy ears
    Average weight
    Double, can be short or long, straight
    The most common: brown and black, white and black
    Personality and temperament Loyal, intelligent, friendly, active and powerful, affectionate, dignified, make for good guard dogs, family dogs
    Needs for grooming Moderate
    Major health concerns
    Other health concerns
    Needs for training and exercise Fairly high, need lots of training and exercise
    Family Not suitable for families who dont live in spacious home, dont have active lifestyle, or cant take the dog out for a walk at least once daily

    What are your thoughts about these facts? If youre looking for a new member of the family, consider getting or adopting a German Shepherd Husky mix. These dogs are highly intelligent ang very devoted as they acquire some of the best traits of their parents. Theyre also incredibly fun to be with.

    Continue reading to learn more about German Shepherd Husky mixes. I bet youll fall in love with them.

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    Tame The Hunter In Your Shepsky Puppy With A Leash

    We mentioned earlier that both the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky have a breed-related prey drive. Additionally, the Husky is known for its tendency to dig and escape.

    To tame the hunter instinct in your Gerberian Shepsky puppy, teach your pup to walk on a leash. Letting your Shepsky puppy off-leash in parks is not advised, especially if complete obedience training has not been done.

    I advocate you stick with the positive reward-based training and follow these two steps to train your Shepsky puppy to walk on a leash:

    Step 1. Start Indoors

    Start by letting your Gerberian Shepsky puppy wear a leash or harness inside the house before going outdoors.

    Using the leash during play or training time when you give treats will make the pup associate the leash with positive outcomes.

    Alternatively, use the leash for short periods during the day and reward the puppy every time he walks around for a while with the leash or comes to you when you call. Accompany the treat with a clicker sound or a verbal reward like yes! or good boy!

    If you use a harness, reward your puppys patience while putting it over his body and working the straps. Ensure to get the most comfortable harness for your young puppy because being comfortable will work in favor of your Shepsky training.

    I recommend the Walk Your Dog With Love No-PullHarness for these reasons:

    You can check out my review here, Walk Your Dog With Love Harness: An Owners Review.

    Step 2. Proceed to the Outdoors

    Husky German Shepherd Mix Temperament

    German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies For Sale

    Husky German Shepherd Mix dogs possess traits of both German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. They are the ultimate dogs!

    They are known for their energy. They get bored and sometimes mischievous when they lack physical and mental stimulation. As mentioned before, this hybrid is also intelligent, loyal, playful, and very trainable. A Husky German Shepherd Mix is an alpha dog and may get somewhat aggressive or do naughty things if its owner is not firm.

    This hybrids pack-leader and bossy behavior will surface given the chance. So, handling this powerful dog can be a real challenge if you dont train and socialize them properly. On the other hand, your dog may inherit the calm and gentle behavior of the Siberian Husky. A Husky German Shepherd Mix with this demeanor can be clingy with their owner.

    This hybrid loves to take part in various activities with you. Some owners let their friends engage in fieldwork, herding, and the likes, but these dogs will also have fun playing outdoors, jogging, walking, and hiking. While the Husky German Shepherd mix is friendly, warming up to other dogs and strangers may take time.

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    German Shepherd And Husky Mix Color

    Like its height and weight, the color of the German Shepherd and Husky Mix will be a combination of the color of its parents. The most common color combinations are brown-black and white-black. Youll see many other different colors, including the following: red, white, cream, blue, gray, golden brown, and light brown. The color of you German Shepherd and Husky Mix is simply a product of genetics.

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    How To Train A German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy

    Youll need to socialize, housetrain, crate train, and train your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy in obedience. How you do that is extremely important as it will affect how well your hybrid furry friend adapts to the family and how happy his life will be.

    Here are seven easy ways to train your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy.

    Skeletal Health And Supplementation

    Gerberian Shepsky – German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix Hybrid Puppy Cubs

    Musculoskeletal disorders are debilitating conditions that are often associated with genetic makeup, malnutrition, and stress-related events. Some breeds like the German shepherd, are predisposed to a variety of different skeletal disorders, including but not limited to: canine hip dysplasia, Cauda equina syndrome, and osteoarthritis. These conditions can be a result of poor breeding or induced by intense exercise and poor diet.

    Canine hip dysplasia is an orthopaedic condition resulting from abnormal development of the hip joint and surrounding tissue causing the instability and partial dislocation of the hip joint, resulting in pain, inflammation, lameness, and potentially osteoarthritis of the joint. German shepherds are genetically predisposed to CHD and the University of Veterinary Medicine in Germany found its prevalence estimated to be approximately 35% of veterinary cases associated with the disorder.

    Osteoarthritis is one of the main contributors of musculoskeletal pain and disabilities that commonly affect German shepherds. Mechanical stress, oxidative damage and inflammatory mediators combine to induce the gradual degeneration of the articular cartilage in the joint, resulting in reduced muscle mass, pain, and locomotion.

    Vitamins such as A and D also have crucial roles in bone development and maintenance by regulating bone and calcium metabolism. Adequate levels should be incorporated into a German shepherd diet to promote a healthy musculoskeletal system.

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    Carefully Assess Your Breeder

    Ive already mentioned the need to ask for the pedigree papers of your German Shepherd Husky mix puppys parents. You can also confirm the breeders registration with recognized agents like the earlier mentioned Dog Registry of America Inc.

    Assessing your breeder on a few other elements is also advised. Here are a few that you should look out for to determine the authenticity of your pets breeder:

    • The breeder has tested the crossbred dogs for common ailments associated with the breed and carried out the recommended tests Elbow evaluation for the German Shepherd, Ophthalmologist evaluation for the Siberian Husky, and Hip evaluation for both.
    • The breeder can tell you about some success stories with other Gerberian Shepsky owners that have bought puppies from them.
    • They will not sell you the puppy before it is eight weeks old.
    • They will want to know about your lifestyle and family to ensure that the Gerberian Shepsky is a good fit for you.
    • They will not sell you the dog without a contract, and they will have a clause indicating that you can return the dog if you are unable to keep it for any reason.
    • They will confirm with you that they can inquire about the well-being of the Gerberian Shepsky even after they have sold it to you.

    Socialize Your Shepsky Early With Exposure

    Its not just humans that form character in the first years of life dogs do too! Because both Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds have a strong prey drive and will readily chase smaller animals or bark at strangers, socializing them early is non-negotiable.

    As early as eight weeks of age, when you bring your Shepsky puppy home, and especially before week 12, begin to teach your puppy the difference between human and animal friends and possible threats. Also, teach the art of safe play with other pets and people without becoming aggressive.

    You can use these ways to socialize your Gerberian Shepsky:

    • Introduce your Shepsky puppy to unknown friendly persons so he can learn to be calm in novel non-threatening situations.
    • Allow your Shepsky puppy to play with other puppies, dogs, and cats and correct aggressive behavior like biting and growling by removing the puppy from the playmates when it happens. Reinforce good behavior with a verbal reward, a pat, and a treat so your puppy knows thats the way to behave with playmates.
    • Feed your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy with other dogs and cats so your pet doesnt grow to be food aggressive.
    • Allow other family members and visitors to play with your Shepsky puppy. You can have them reward good behavior with treats so your puppy learns to associate people with positive experiences.

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    German Shepherd Husky Mix Trainability

    Deductively, your Gerberian Shepsky will inherit a few of its trainability qualities from each of the parent breeds and most likely a bit of the non-trainability attributes as well.

    Going by this, I created a summarized combination of the parents trainability/non-trainability qualities to help you make out if the German Shepherd Husky mix puppy is easy to train.

    ***Use slider to view on mobile

    Trainability/Non-trainability Quality
    Grand Score 17/30

    Key: Trainability qualities 5=High 3=Above Average 2.5 = Average 1= Low. Non-trainability qualities 1=High 2.5=Above Average 3 = Average 5 = Low.

    Going by this, your Gerberian Shepsky is slightly above average in trainability. According to the AKC, even though some dogs may rank higher in trainability than others, every dog is trainable.

    You only need to find out what is unique about your dog and capitalize on that by finding the most helpful training techniques for your dog.

    In this light, with the knowledge of the hybrid qualities that you have to work with for your Gerberian Shepsky training, its easier to explore how to train a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy.

    Children And Other Pets

    German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies For Sale In Michigan

    If they’re well-trained and have had plenty of exposure to kids, especially as a puppy, a Shepsky is a great companion for children. In fact, some say they’re a cross between a babysitter and a cop, both gentle with and protective of the children in their family.

    Always teach children how to approach and touch dogs, and always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children to prevent any biting or ear or tail pulling on the part of either party. Teach your child never to approach any dog while they’re eating or to try to take the dog’s food away. No dog should ever be left unsupervised with a child.

    The Shepsky is part pack dog and should be socialized early on. Introducing an adult Shepsky to a household with other pets can be more difficult if the German Shepherd parentage personality prevails and may require more work and professional trainers.

    Find out if this is the right dog for you by learning about their German Shepherd and Siberian Husky parents.

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    Husky Mixed With German Shepherd Exercise Requirements

    Do Husky and German Shepherd mix dogs need lots of training and exercise? The answer is a YES, YES, YES! Their parents are working dogs, so they have unparalleled energy and can engage in physical activities without getting tired. What they need is a regular exercise to maintain and improve their strength and endurance. Youll need to spend a great deal of time with your dog outdoors every day at the very least.

    Your dog needs some off-leash time. Dog parks and fenced yards are great places for this. A Husky mixed with German Shepherd that is free to play stays happy. Playing also mentally stimulates the dog. They get bored when they dont get enough exercise, and they tend to display undesirable behaviors. They will increasingly become frustrated and use their intelligence to do naughty things around your house: digging up, chewing on furniture and other things, non-stop howling, and trying to escape.

    Even when youre tired, you have to find time to exercise the dog. What stimulation or exercise your dogs need depends upon their motivation and temperament. If theyre more Siberian Husky than German Shepherd, they might prefer running for hours daily over learning commands. But if theyre more German Shepherd, theyre more happy with doing advanced work activities they tend to enjoy things that give them a s sense of purpose.

    White Swiss Shepherd Dog

    The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a variety of the German Shepherd bred in Switzerland. It descends from the American White Shepherds the first stud dog of what was to become the breed was an American dog born in 1966 and imported to Switzerland. The variety was recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale as a separate breed in 2003, and it is now recognised by a number of national kennel clubs.

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    Husky German Shepherd Size How Big Do They Get & How Fast

    What is the size of a typical Husky German Shepherd Mix? Expect the size to be from the smallest Siberian Husky to the biggest German Shepherd. A Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog that usually grow up to around 20 to 23 inches in height. On the other hand, a German Shepherd is categorized as a large breed and can grow up to around 22 to 26 inches tall. So expect your Husky German Shepherd Mix to be between 20 and 26 inches tall.

    When talking about weight, Siberian Huskies weigh between 35 and 60 pounds, while German Shepherds are much heavier at around 49 to 88 pounds. So perhaps the weight of a Husky German Shepherd Mix will be from 35 to 88 pounds.

    Theres a larger difference in weight than in height because of the different body types that depend on your furry friends genetic history. This can also be due the gender of the dog.

    German Shepherd Mixed With Husky Health Issues & Concerns

    Siberian Husky German Shepherd Mix Puppies

    Generally, hybrids are healthier compared to purebred dogs. This is because new genes are introduced to the existing pool, strengthening and widening it. However, even a hybrid dog like a German Shepherd mixed with Husky can inherit health conditions from one of their parents. This hybrid lives between 10 to 13 years, and during this lifespan, they can develop different health issues.

    Lets check out some of the health problems of a Husky German Shepherd Mix. These include:

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