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Working Line German Shepherd Puppy

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THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG – Working line or Show?

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The success of Vom Banach K9 dogs out in the world, and the happiness of Vom Banach K9 owners, is due in part to the effort we make to ensure that you have the absolute right puppy for your situation, whatever it is. We literally spend hundreds of hours with our puppies from the moment they are born in our home until the time they are ready to leave for their new home with you. Whether you seek a devoted family pet, or a prospect for SAR, detection, Shutzhund, Police K9, competitive obedience and agility, or nose work, we will help select the right puppy for you.

An important part of the process is speaking to you to learn about you and the dog that will best meet your needs and expectations. In advance of that conversation, please fill out the form below and click on Submit when completed. Thanks very much.

Vom Banach K9 Working Line German Shepherds Do It All

Vom Banach K9âs beautiful German Shepherd dogs are truly doing it all! We are a successful working line German Shepherd breeder with dogs in the field excelling in all facets of work. Our dogs are working in law enforcement, Schutzhund, ring sport, search and rescue, agility, herding, detection, competitive obedience, nose work, Canine Good Citizens and many other fields of interest.

The German Shepherd dog is a truly versatile breed and it shows in the progeny produced in the Vom Banach K9 working line German Shepherd breeding program. Our puppies are personally selected for the type of work and homes they are placed in. If you are looking for an exceptional dog that can work, as well as be a loyal companion and trusted friend, we would be happy to talk to you and see if one of our dogs would be suitable for your needs.


What Is A Working Line German Shepherd

When the German Shepherd breed was in development, the intended goal was to get a big, durable dog with high stamina and intuition for work. But while that did come about in the form of the early German Shepherd, the resultant dog had the capacity for breathtaking aesthetic beauty.

Soon, GSDs were bred for their visual appeal, which branched the show line and working line Shepherd dogs.

A working line German Shepherd is a GSD bred to have improved work ethic, better discipline, and excellent physical fitness. Unlike show line GSDs, working lines have a straighter topline, better limb-length consistency due to less angulation, are more athletic, and are prone to fewer diseases.

On the other hand, show line German Shepherds are bred to utilize the breeds potential for majestic visual appeal. This includes various fur colors , limb inconsistency that produces a lion-line posture, and better eye and face contrast that makes their pupils prominent.

Beauty isnt mutually exclusive with work, though. Other varieties of German Shepherds can have some utility as private property guards, just like a working line German Shepherd can be a beautiful addition to your family.

It is just that by dog pageant standards, the three types of working line GSDs wont match the snobbish standards of dog beauty. These are:

  • East German Shepherd
  • Czech German Shepherd
  • West German Working Line

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East German Working Line German Shepherds

East German Shepherd dogs, also known as Deutsches Demokratische Republik , have experienced a growth in popularity over the last few decades. While their popularity was high after the World Wars before subsiding with time, they have since carved out a name for themselves in recent times for their capacity to learn, work and provide companionship. DDRs trace their origin from the guard dogs lines initially bred in East Germany after the Second World War, and they are known mainly for their police work. Their name originates from Germany’s official name during the period, Deutsche Demokratische Republik, translating to the Federal Republic of Germany.

The East Germany Communist Party set up a strict breeding program for German shepherd dogs utilized in the military during the cold war era. DDR German shepherds emerged from these breeding programs, gaining popularity for their high work drive and working ability. The East German shepherd breeding program was established to keep pace with the shift in the security demands of East Germany. Within the territory, the government faced an increasing need to deal with attempted defectors from the military, and the country saw the benefits availed by superior dogs in dealing with their security issue, breeding dogs that excelled in police and military work.

East German Working Lines – Ballista Vom Duttenhof CGC CGCA TKN UKC SPOT TC

Facets A Good German Shepherd Temperament

Working Line German Shepherd Puppies for Sale Arkansas from My K9 Guardian

While most working line breeders do not breed for the pet marketthey breed the true German Shepherd the way this breed was meant to be , based on the original standard and purpose of this breed. In my mind, one of the most important facets of a truly good German Shepherd temperament is the ability to make an outstanding pet. If he cannot bond heavily with his owner and family to be first and foremost a great companionthen his working ability becomes near meaningless to me as half of what he is supposed to have been missing. A dog who falls apart if not worked 24 hours a day, paces endlessly in his kennel enough to wear out the pads on his feet until he is taken out to work, goes in circles all day chasing his tail, and is missing an “off” switch may happen to be an outstanding worker in certain fields, but is not a good German Shepherd in my mindand consequently, that is not a dog that I would call a German Shepherd.

There is no component of what makes a good German Shepherd that the pet home does not need compared to the working home. Nerves? I will settle for nothing less than exemplary, top-notch nerves to trust any dog in a household with children, people coming and going, and a bustling family lifestyle. I would not leave anything less with my own childrenwhy should anyone else?

He’s a pet!

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Working Line German Shepherd Temperament

In terms of personality, working line German shepherds are bred specifically to enhance various drives such as prey, defense, and fight.

And to bond tightly with their handlers in order to have the desire to work for them.

Also, to be exceptionally clear-headed with stable temperaments to follow orders given to them.

Working Line German Shepherd

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If youve taken even a passing interest in German Shepherds, youve already heard of the two broad categories: the working line German Shepherd and the show line GSD. Max von Stephanitz created the breed for work compatibility yet debuted the dog with such spectacle that it fascinated two different types of people.

The ones taken in by the dogs majestic visual appeal are currently interested in show line German Shepherds. So, where does that leave the working line German Shepherd?

Working line German Shepherds are dogs bred to have a stronger work ethic, better health, and improved physical capabilities. They live just as long as other varieties but remain stronger and stay healthier. You can spot such a dog by comparing the dogs physique and athleticism with an average GSD.

In this article, youll learn the origin and history of working line German Shepherds alongside everything you need to know if youre thinking of getting one, including how much exercise a working line dog needs, the pros and cons of owning one, and whether a working GSD can be a family dog.

But if youre in a hurry, here is a quick breed overview

Working Line German Shepherd

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How Long Do Working Line German Shepherds Live

Now that you know that working line German Shepherds have a lower risk of certain diseases and medical conditions, you might be getting a little too hopeful about the effects of this apparent immunity on the dogs lifespan. Youll need to keep that excitement at bay.

Working line German Shepherds live 10 to 13 years, pretty much the same as other varieties. However, they reach this age with fewer health problems and ailments. Their prime also lasts longer as most retire at 10, the age at which AKC projects the demise of most GSDs.

Training Goal #: Crate Training

Working Line German Shepherd Puppies – Shield K9

This is also a good time for crate training, which Adams recommends as well. GSD trainer and dog sports enthusiast Alexa Hagood, LVMT, agrees: Crate breaks, even when brief, can help the puppy become acclimated to going in the crate and having some alone time. She notes that this can help reduce the risk of a puppy developing separation anxiety, and recommends beginning with using the crate for feeding times , and at times when the owner needs to do daily chores.

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What To Look For When Picking A German Shepherd Puppy

When picking a puppy for a family who is wanting a pet, I look for the best-nerved puppies in the litter firstand then try to assess their drive levels to see which puppy suits the lifestyle of the family the most. Drives? Sure, the working home might demand higher drives in their puppies, but the most popular misconception seems to be that “high drive” is synonymous with “hyper.” That is simply not the case! To me, a high drive dog is not necessarily the most energetic one, but rather a dog who can go from 0 to 100 the quickest. When you want the dog in drive, whether it be to play or work or just leave the house, he/she is immediately in drive and ready to go, go, go, and right now, at that. When not in use, there should be no way to tell how high drive your dog is, but when needed, it shows instantly and is unmistakable. Hyper dogs are a different story altogether, and a type I cannot tolerate in my own home.

Working Line German Shepherd Breeding And Breeders Under A Magnifying Glass

Meanwhile, lets look, what breeders are offering. There is a great variety of combinations in where I have taken a few breedings under my magnifying glass. First of all, I have created categories to picture the differences and similarities between breeding plans. I have certain basic criteria that I need to find in each combination to find it interesting. And, accordingly, health risks that I absolutely want to avoid. Although I am critical, I look at things from many perspectives. It means that in some cases, I may consider to accept certain undesirable but mild factors. However, they are factors that must be balanced by another, very valuable factor. I said that actually very weirdly, but I will try to make my words more clear later. So, if you are interested to hear my thoughts, lets see what I have found

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West German Working Line

Of the three working line German Shepherd breeds, the West German one is the most balanced.

This breed bears the most resemblance to Max von Stephanitzs vision of the original working line German Shepherd as far as its temperament, personality, and appearance are concerned.

Although the show line German Shepherd looks little like Horand, the working line GSDs bears a far stronger resemblance to this animal.

This is because the breeding of the West German working line ensures that the animal has a robust frame, able to withstand demanding work conditions.

Unlike the show line GSD, the working line German Shepherd doesnt have the noticeably sloping back and short hind legs, compromising its health and ability to perform strenuous activities in the workplace.

However, the West German working line dog does have a slight slope to its back, which is different from the straighter backs of the other working line German Shepherds.

The head and shoulders of this animal are also less bold and muscular than the East German working line German Shepherd, although they are all bred for their impressive bite power.

This West German working line dog is also excellent in sporting activities as its genetic makeup focuses on speed, strength, and agility.

Training Goal #: Impulse Control

Deluca: Trained, Working Line, German Shepherd Puppy  Man

Learning to control their impulses is important for all puppies, and for the GSD, it can be one of the most important ways to curb problem behaviors to which this breed is prone if allowed to become bored: behaviors such as excessive barking, digging, aggressive chewing, and inappropriate chasing .

The key to impulse control is getting your dog to focus on you. This will have beneficial effects for all the rest of your training efforts, especially in AKC dog sports like Obedience and Rally.

Require that your puppy sit before getting food, playing with an exciting toy, going outside to play, or any other favorite activity. As your GSD puppy advances in obedience training and knows more commands, you can require more advanced commands or tricks in order to receive treats or play.

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Are Working Line German Shepherds Good Pets

Choose your breeder first, then let your breeder guide you to your puppy!

The next question always seems to be, Which type of working line should I choose as a family pet?

The answer is

Here’s what you should do instead

Choose your breeder first, then let your breeder guide you to your puppy!

Except for high-level competitors or preservation breeders, most people don’t know enough about individual bloodlines, pedigrees, and working line German Shepherds’ subsets to make a well-informed choice.

While each type of working line German Shepherd may have common traits, each individual puppy and dog is different and should be judged as such and not thrown into a specific category of traits due to his or her breed type.

Learning about the history and origin of the various working line shepherds is fascinating.

But your best bet is to speak with a breeder and let them guide you to a puppy that is the right fit for your home and needs.

Regardless of which breed type of working line shepherd, he falls into.

Working Line Gsd Breeding In Analysis

The dogs are easy to evaluate if at least some work samples are available. Health data is a little more challenging. The disadvantage is that the information may be incorrect. In some cases, there is no information available at all. Then it has to be interpreted.

At this point, I boldly rely on the experience I have acquired. At worst, I may be wrong in my conclusions, but to prove me being wrong requires evidence of health. That should be easy to do if dogs are examined and healthy. Therefore I am right until proven otherwise

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Working Line German Shepherd Origins

As we already mentioned, the German Shepherd originates from Germany, as the name implies. A breeder named Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz created it after falling in love with the sheep herding dogs he saw in the northern part of the country. These dogs were intelligent and had fast reflexes, but their numbers began to fall as modern buildings replaced land for sheepherding. Before the dogs disappeared completely, Stephanitz purchased a few dogs and some land to create the breed we know today as the Working Line German Shepherd.

Are Working Line German Shepherds Good Family Dogs


A working line German Shepherds temperament is that of a workaholic office employee who looks forward to getting a pat on the back from the boss. A strong work ethic makes the dog seem an impersonal hustler, but the reality is different because, among dogs, a strong work ethic is driven by an insatiable desire to please.

Working line German Shepherds are good family dogs such is their desire to please their family. Their hunger to be appreciated makes them fun as they can engage in different activities, such as agility or flyball. They are good with children and other pets if they are well socialized and trained.

The term work brings up connotations of labor, which is unfair to dogs who see work as a game. And game might conjure up associations of non-seriousness, but dogs take their work/games very seriously. You must detach your opinion of work or games from your personal experience to truly fathom the temperament of a working line German Shepherd.

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West German Working Line German Shepherds

The West German working line has been referred to as the most balanced in terms of appearance, temperament, and working ability.

Like its show line counterpart, it traces its origins back to West Germany, which existed when Germany was split into the East and West.

It is considered the closest representation of the types of dogs bred initially by Stephanitz.

In their breeding, greater focus is given to the correct working structure, a stable temperament, a strong working drive, and great ability.

The West German working line can be considered in contrast to the West German Show line, bred purposefully to work real jobs in service positions, but it also excels in many different sports.

Therefore, their bodies have been bred to take on a more defined working structure relative to the show line types.

Unlike the West German show lines, which were bred to conform to specific show standards, the West German working line was bred to excel in jobs such as protection and law enforcement particularly.

Nonetheless, the West German working line can also make for a great family pet with an active family.

Nevertheless, they require great attention in terms of exercise and mental stimulation due to the breed’s high working drive characteristic.

They have a lot of energy, and hence they need to be continuously occupied with high-intensity activities, lest they grow restless.

Subsequently, this build allows them to have a relatively balanced body, bred for speed, agility, and bite power.


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